Alex Hillsberg’s Reviews

Chief editor of our review team at FinancesOnline Alex Hillsberg an expert in the area of B2B and SaaS related products. He has worked for several B2B startups in the past and gathered a lot of first hand knowledge about the industry during that time. Now he leads our team of review writers making sure we thoroughly test all the apps provide our readers with useful and honest information about the pros and cons of each application. Offering you information that will let you select the best software for your company is our top priority for every review.

What aspects of a good B2B software should you be looking for?

An effective B2B software system such as CRM, project management, collaboration software and other apps can boost your employees’ productivity and improve revenue. To select a suitable B2B system use the following guidelines: The app should offer a basic set of features that can do the job effectively. It should not be buggy or sluggish, and the interface should be easy to use. The system should offer real-time insight into your company’s B2B operations to enable you to improve the overall B2B performance.

The B2B software should be cost-effective and provide good value for the investment. The vendor should provide reliable support with training materials and tutorials to ease the on-boarding process. The software should be able to last for a long time and handle the regular technological improvements to its user interface. Make sure you don’t have to invest in new hardware to support the B2B solution. It is advisable to go for a cloud-based app to avoid maintenance costs. Be clear about your requirements first, shortlist suitable B2B systems, check out their features by using the free trial or demo, and then select the best one for your work demands.

Best B2B Software Recommended By Alex:

BambooHR Reviews: used by companies in 70 countries and supports multiple currencies. The software gives insight into HR indicators like employee turnover and retention. Bamboo HR is an affordable SaaS solution and the vendor does not charge anything extra for support, enhanced features, multiple administrators, and customization.

Infusionsoft Reviews: a web-based sales and marketing solution that helps companies coordinate their business tasks. The app enables businesses to grow sales, stay organized, save time, and boost productivity. Infusionsoft allows companies to automate their sales and marketing activities, have consistent brand messaging across all their campaigns, and provide personalized customer experiences.

Decibel Insight Reviews: allows you to visualize user behavior in novel ways to gain insight into your website performance. You can view the activities of visitors on your website and use the data to improve your website. Then, you can analyze the effect of the changes you make on your website.

LeadExec Reviews: can be used to capture, add, and import internet leads instantly. You can set up and manage new lead sources quickly. Plus, you can capture and distribute internet leads into any CRM application. LeadExec’s dialing software enables users to create live call transfers.

NetSuite OneWorld Reviews: a cloud-based platform designed to address real-time the global business management requirements of mid-sized companies with multinational operations. It enables organizations with multiple subsidiaries and business units to function using a single account, dealing with different taxation, currencies, and governance requirements.

SalesforceIQ Reviews: (RelateIQ) is a relationship intelligence platform that automatically monitors and analyzes your day-to-day professional interactions. It is an ideal app for sales and business development. SalesforceIQ can create a user-friendly and unified address book for your team, and offers real-time relationship insight customized according to your workflow.

WorkflowMax Reviews: a project management software that offers useful business tools in a single compact package. It is a SaaS product that offers easy access to data anytime, anywhere. The data is real time which gives you visibility and transparency.

Zoho Invoice Reviews: can be used to create and send professional invoices online. You can monitor them and follow up the transactions effortlessly. Users can select from layout templates or do their own custom design for their business.

TradeGecko Reviews: an inventory management system that offers cloud-based inventory management services for business managers. The application allows SME wholesalers and distributors to manage the sales and supply chains of their companies in one software-as-a-service tool. You can integrate TradeGecko with point-of-sale, e-commerce, and accounting solutions.

Samanage Reviews: Service management software can be instantly deployed via a true cloud, SaaS-based model. There is no need for hardware or software installation, or maintenance on your site. Samanage is multi-tenant, which means it offers a single, always new instance of software.

Live2Support Reviews: a help desk software that helps companies provide quality responses using readymade templates and a library of predefined greetings and messages. You can bring in experienced executives to help new agents to provide prompt and helpful responses to customers. Live2Support is used by a host of big brands including Deloitte, Best Buy, BillingTree, and Montclair State University.

HouseCall Pro Reviews: an app that helps service professionals operate their business on their smartphone and a web portal. The solution offers access to the HouseCall consumer booking app. HouseCall Pro offers small businesses useful features at an affordable cost.

DeskRoll Reviews: a remote desktop platform that offers flexibility and simplicity. You can access and control computers regardless of location. DeskRoll makes it simple for users to resolve issues over distance, as if they are personally working on the computer.

ShareFile Reviews: the service gives its customers an efficient and secure method to store and share their files and documents. Both large enterprises, small companies and personal users can benefit from its wide range of useful features.

eMaint Reviews: a flexible computerized maintenance and management software (CMMS) that allows users to control all aspects of maintenance and facilities management. This web-based platform helps users control important management processes including reporting, purchase tracking, inventory control, preventive maintenance, and work orders and requests. You can access eMaint via any desktop or mobile device.

KiteDesk FIND Reviews: a sales prospecting software that helps sales professionals boost lead generation. The app is designed to generate the right lead information – phone, email, social profiles – at the right time. KiteDesk FIND can generate more qualified meetings and closed deals. The application makes use of Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) to make prospect research highly efficient.

Freshdesk Reviews: a help desk application that offers game mechanics and automations to boost engagement and productivity. More than 50,000 customers use Freshdesk including top brands like Honda, 3M, Petronas, and Toshiba. The vendor offers a 30-day free trial with unlimited agents.

Zoho Support Reviews: a help desk solution that offers an integrated suite of features including reporting tools, automation, and ticket management. Businesses can use the application to interact with their clients via multiple channels like chat and email, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You can use Zoho Support to handle large influxes of ticket requests.  

Zoho Docs Reviews: helps you store and manage all your files from one single location. Nested folders and tagging make it easy to locate even among hundreds of files. Zoho Docs is cloud-hosted, so you can access your files from anywhere, on any device.

Zendesk Reviews: a cloud-hosted help desk solution that is suitable for both small businesses as well as large multinational enterprises. The software is easy to deploy and implement, and helps to reduce costs, and boost productivity and customer satisfaction. From five to 500 agents, Zendesk can manage thousands of tickets daily.

Workable Reviews: a cloud-based recruitment platform for companies. Workable helps you evaluate promising prospects and select the right candidate from a shortlist. The application is used by leading companies like Babbel, Invision, Tile, and Declara.

TribeHR Reviews: combines HR information management tools with innovative social features such as an engaging social interface, interactive corporate news feed, shared goals, and peer and public recognition. Employees can use TribeHR for iOS to view the company new feed, search their company directory, and recognize other employees.

Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews: helps you get deep insight into your customers’ behavior to enable you to personalize service. You can support customers through multiple channels such as phone, social media, email, and apps. You can also use video and social media channels to engage and interact with your customers.

New Relic Reviews: a software analytics platform that helps companies analyze and glean vital information from their metrics and apps and turn these data into sophisticated software. It is an ideal app for both startups and large corporations. New Relic offers features and support to help businesses develop better-performing software faster.

LogicMonitor Reviews: can be deployed faster as it offers SaaS architecture and there is no hardware and automated device discovery. You can monitor more as the application is pre-configured for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid IT infrastructure. Plus, you can empower your operations with LogicMonitor’s consolidated tools. IT teams can access the same data and troubleshoot more quickly.

LiquidPlanner Reviews: a project management software that is used by thousands of companies in more than 50 countries to complete complex projects. It offers secure and fully hosted technology. LiquidPlanner boasts features such as up-to-date dashboards and analytics reports as well as customizable views to drive deep insights.

Insightly Reviews: a cloud-based CRM software that is simple enough for small businesses and yet offers enterprise-level solutions for large companies. Main features include task management, pipeline management, and contact management. Companies can use Insightly to get a clear overview of their business and sales visibility, track deliverables to customers, and boost business efficiency and productivity.

FinancialForce PSA Reviews: provides a single, cloud-based environment to enable sales and service teams to work together. It offers an all-round view of their customers, projects, and receivables. The platform allows processes to flow smoothly from sales into service, and gives full visibility into the entire project life cycle.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Reviews: is a robust digital marketing platform that helps to optimize customer interactions. You can use the Predictive Intelligence function to deliver personalized offers. The Customer Data Platform offers filtering tools and customized reports to help you effectively utilize your data.

Atlassian Confluence Reviews: makes it easy to find, use, and update business data. You can avoid losing knowledge in shared network drives and email boxes. You can give your teams and units their own online space with their own theme and permissions.

8×8 Virtual Contact Center Reviews: combines a cloud contact center with business phone systems to offer an integrated communications solution. It is a web-based platform that provides cost-effective communication facilities. 8×8 Virtual Contact Center offers a full set of communication tools to enable companies to engage in virtual meetings and business phone services.

FreshBooks Reviews: a simple and intuitive invoicing software. You can use it to invoice clients, track time, and log expenses. FreshBooks helps customers save valuable time spent on everyday accounting tasks. You can spend less time on paperwork and focus more on key business tasks.

KashFlow Reviews: a cloud-based accounting software that helps small businesses maintain their accounts easily.  It removes the stress of accounting and bookkeeping, and gives small businesses more time to focus on their main tasks. KashFlow offers automated features and fully integrated add-ons with DropBox, PayPal and more.

NetSuite ERP Reviews: offers personalized dashboards and real-time data and reporting capabilities for better decision-making. You can accelerate the order-to cash process by more than 50% and reduce financial close by over 50%. The application delivers automatic product upgrades and reduces IT expenditures.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Reviews: a CRM application that you can use to automate complex business processes to drive business productivity. The application stores information in one place to make it easy to prioritize and make quick decisions based on up-to-date information. You can do all this from your laptop or mobile device.

When I Work Reviews: a time clock application that is simple to set up and use on any PC and mobile device. The app helps users manage attendance with ease. You can set up a dedicated terminal inside your office building, and also allow employees in the field to clock-in from their mobile device.

Zoho Campaigns Reviews: an email marketing software that helps small to mid-sized businesses automate their entire marketing process. You can use the tool to engage your clients anywhere, anytime with your social campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Zoho Campaigns allows you to focus more on your target audience and message, while it manages the marketing process.

Zoho Projects Reviews: a project management software that offers in-depth insights with charts and reports. You can collaborate seamlessly with your employees and clients using the application’s collaboration tools. All project employees can easily log their hours using timesheets.

eXo Platform Reviews: an out-of-the-box social intranet application. Collaboration tools such as documents, calendars, forums, and wikis are integrated around workspaces, social networking, and activity streams. eXo Platform can be used to build an online community of customers and fans.

Sisense Reviews: helps you analyze complex data with agility. It offers easy data preparation, beautiful dashboards, and interactive analytics features to help users analyze and visualize business data. Sisense’s Single-Stack architecture is a single tool that facilitates all business intelligence aspects from data integration to visualization.

ClickDesk Reviews: an efficient combination of helpdesk, live chat, voice, and video solutions for your website. You can use the application to engage and interact with your website visitors and potential customers. More than 100,000 companies around the world use ClickDesk to improve customer support and the increase the sales of their web-based business.

BookSteam Reviews: a cloud-based online appointment scheduling app. It can be used to schedule and manage appointments, classes, workshops, services and more online anytime. The app is used by thousands of companies worldwide to eliminate the hassle of conventional paper booking.

CRMdesk Reviews: a helpdesk app that can support an unlimited number of customers and can be effortlessly integrated into a company’s website. It can help to boost the quality and reduce the costs of web-based customer support. CRMdesk combines an elegant user interface with robust features.

Azeus Convene Reviews: designed as a board meeting app that helps users achieve both face-to face and remote collaboration. The application enables the hosting of board meetings with colleagues who are based in other locations. Azeus Convene is particularly suitable for companies that need to conduct constant meetings between team members across borders and in different time zones. Reviews: an accounting and finance application that allows your team to get approval for purchases right away, instead of waiting for the manager to get back to the office. Your accounting team can obtain an accurate record of purchases. The information can be downloaded any time, and is compatible with your accounting application.

3dcart Reviews: an all-in-one online store builder. It offers hundreds of features to develop and grow your online store. You can create an online store quickly and easily. Leave the technical stuff to the vendor and focus on your business. 3dcart makes use of Visa PCI certified security to make online transactions safe.

TeamDesk Reviews: a web-based database that makes it easy to work with data. It organizes and stores information used in your routine work, and creates an easily accessible data source for your team. The application is fully customizable to fit the details of your business.

MyOwnConference Reviews: a robust webinar platform. The company uses reliable servers to eliminate system crashes and failures almost completely. Plus, MyOwnConference guarantees 100% data security as it uses the latest encryption technologies to protect your files and presentations.

Nutcache Reviews: a popular project management tool that adds efficiency to your quote to collection process. Features include billing, expenses report, task and member assignments, and time-tracking logs specific to each project. Nutcache offers a centralized location for all project activities to make it easier and faster to monitor and complete projects.

Corporate Digital Messenger Reviews: from Live2Support helps users communicate in a secure and stable environment. Any number of users can use this tool. CDMessenger offers a chat interface and productivity tools like to-do lists (task management), event alerts, and sticky notes.

Teamgate Reviews: an advanced CRM toolkit for sales professionals. You can use it to boost your sales and overall business performance. Teamgate is used by a host of top brands including Avis, Bauer, Franklin Covey, and Eurocash.

Zoho Reports Reviews: offers an easy drag-and-drop interface to help users visually analyze and create insightful dashboards and reports. You can push data from databases and business applications for reporting and analysis. Zoho Reports is highly secure as it uses an encrypted connection.

Zoho Meeting Reviews: enables you to conduct online meetings efficiently and minimize travel costs. Companies with multiple teams in different places can use the app to collaborate in real time. Zoho Meeting offers integrated audio conferencing to allow you to share your desktop and conduct online meetings with customers.

Zoho Creator Reviews: an online builder that helps users to build business apps. It offers an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and a range of customization tools. Users can create workflows, develop custom applications for their data collection, and set up unique rules to boost their business.

LiveAgent Reviews: a web-based helpdesk support application that enables companies to offer customer support via multiple channels including live chat, email, and social media (Twitter and Facebook). It is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. LiveAgent offers useful helpdesk features such as file sharing, contact forms, gamification, statuses, and POP3 accounts.

Vocalcom Reviews: this cloud contact center platform is user-focused, built with web technologies, and smoothly scalable. You can design IVRs, customize reports, and add agents easily. The application supports voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter – all from one place.

Procore Reviews: fulfills the unique requirements of the construction industry to manage projects. It is an ideal application for engineering firms, specialist contractors, construction managers, and general contractors. Procore offers excellent drawing management, document management, and photo archiving capabilities.  

Oktopost Reviews: a social media management platform that enables users to control large-scale content dissemination across their social media profiles and company pages. You can use it to quickly create and manage social campaigns to market social content. Plus, you can follow business leads and use the app’s analytics to gauge which posts, profiles, and networks are most effective.

LivePlan Reviews: a business plan application used by more than 350,000 customers. You can use the software to collaborate securely with your team and share ideas with investors, board members and advisors in any location. Plus, you can easily create and handle forecasts and budgets to see if your business can become profitable.

Jobber Reviews: an online application that provides business management elements to companies that offer field services. It is a suitable software for companies in industries such as HVAC, landscaping, lawn care, snow removal, general contractors, and residential cleaning. Jobber offers feature sets and workflows to enable companies to organize their calendars, manage quotes, and assign and track work effectively.

Intacct Reviews: an accounting software that enables finance professionals to make better decisions based on key statistics and figures. Fast-growing industries that need active financial monitoring such as retail, wholesale distribution, and healthcare can benefit from this application. Intacct offers a mobile-based browser for Android and iOS devices.

HasOffers Reviews: a performance marketing app that helps users create their own mobile and desktop ad network. It provides a customizable product to help users manage their direct publisher relationships. Customers can use the app to manage campaigns, create invoices, calculate payouts and more.

PipelineDeals Reviews: a simple yet effective online CRM application. It offers a robust CRM platform that enables users to carry out even complex CRM processes. Top features of PipelineDeals include data importing, mobile access, activity tracking, contact and lead management, deal management, and sales pipeline visibility.

FinancialForce ERP Reviews: a suitable application for mid-market organizations. It offers deep visibility into a company’s processes and data which provides useful answers and one-stop resolutions. FinancialForce ERP leverages mobile and social technologies to make user experiences more enjoyable.

e-SignLive Reviews: allows you to fully customize its GUI to reinforce your brand for a smooth signing experience. You can automate simple as well as complex transactions. E-SignLive adapts easily and is scalable to match your growth.

Chargebee Reviews: offers a customer portal, responsive payment pages, plugins, and flexible APIs that are easy to implement. You can automate your billing mechanisms including invoicing and payments. Make use of SaaS metrics to track your growth and dedicated dashboards to monitor churn rate, conversion, and monthly recurring revenue.

FinancialForce Accounting Reviews: it’s a platform for Salesforce that’s easy to use and maintain. It is a simple but robust cloud accounting platform that is ideal for small and large sales and service-oriented companies.  They can use the software to make their operations more efficient and productive at less cost.

JIRA Reviews: designed to help users set and assign work priorities. It allows them to manage the whole process of application development from concept to launch. JIRA offers a simple and intuitive interface, as well as excellent collaboration features to enable team members to work effectively.

MozyPro Reviews: a secure and scalable cloud backup service that keeps your important files safe and easily accessible. Mozy backs up data for more than 100,000 companies and six million customers. It complies with widely used international security standards including the European Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

TalentLMS Reviews: a learning management system that lets you educate users and improve their skills. It offers features such as email communications, web conferencing, statistics and reporting, and e-commerce aspect. TalentLMS simplifies the training process by allowing you to easily develop courses and organize educational materials.

Zoho CRM Reviews: it can boost your productivity by automating your daily business activities to allow you to focus on selling. You can track your sales activities by gaining full visibility of your sales cycle. Plus, you can communicate with your customers via phone, chat, email, and social media from within the Zoho CRM account.

Zoho Recruit Reviews: minimizes resume processing time and maximizes efficiency. You can parse resumes, do powerful searches, trace candidate status, and link candidates with jobs. Plus, you can combine multiple communication channels into a single system to avoid logging into individual clients.

Wrike Reviews: a web-based project management tool that offers a single hub for all of your work. It provides user-friendly navigation as well as excellent security measures to ensure only authorized employees access files and information. Wrike offers mobile apps to enable users to easily track and monitor work progress from their mobile phones anywhere, anytime.

Freshservice Reviews: cloud-based customer support platform that helps companies provide excellent customer service. It offers plug and play ITIL that complies with best practices without needing expert opinions or expensive consultations. Key features include a powerful ticketing system, asset discovery, accessible knowledge base, and CMDB (configuration management database).

Sandglaz Reviews: a lean project management application for agile teams. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that helps users plan fast and adapt as they go. Sandglaz bridges the gap between simple task lists and rigid and complicated Gantt charts.

Last10K Reviews: enables users to view a company’s balance sheets, cash flows, accounting policies, fair value measurements, legal proceedings, statements, schedules and more. Other financial information that can be looked up are EBITDA, price ratios, volume, market cap, trading price, book value, and stock market health. Features include 10 years of 10-K annual reports and the most recent quarterly 10-Q company reports.

ShopSite Reviews: a shopping cart software that has built-in features such as mobile commerce, gift certificates, coupons, Facebook stores and more. You can host your online store anywhere as merchants are not tied to specific hosts and hosting fees. You can advertise your products by adding order buttons in places like affiliate sites, blog posts, and email newsletters.

Zoho Books Reviews: a smart accounting software for small companies. You can use it to track, categorize, and bill expenses to your clients from one place. Zoho Books also connects to your bank account to give you real-time updates on your cash flow.

Stitch Labs Reviews: an inventory control application that can streamline your manual inventory tasks to save you time. It provides access to actionable insights to enable you to make better business decisions. Plus, Stitch offers inventory best practices and automation to boost your productivity.

ProWorkflow Reviews: allows you to reduce your workload by managing projects online. The application focuses on control and visibility to help you collaborate smoothly with your teams. Its tools and features are scalable to match the requirements of small companies as well as large enterprises.

Mavenlink Reviews: a cloud-based application for managing the entire project delivery lifecycle. You can utilize the user-friendly platform to plan resources, track time, monitor financial performance, and complete projects on schedule. You can seamlessly integrate Mavenlink with the other business tools you use to reduce manual data entry and synchronize information.  

ServiceDesk Plus Reviews: offered in three editions and is available in 29 languages. It is used by more than 100,000 organizations in 185 countries to improve their IT service desk performance. Features include incident management, problem management, change management, service catalog, and CMDB (configuration management database). Reviews: offers an intuitive web interface that lets you manage your account from anywhere. You can bring your number or get a new one to get started in minutes. Services include local and long-distance calling, texting, and conferencing.

Pipedrive Reviews: allows users to view all deals in a visual sales pipeline. You can organize contacts and follow up all leads. The application is easy to set up and no training is required to use it. The vendor offers Android and iOS apps to allow mobile access anywhere.

RingCentral Reviews: a cloud phone system that makes it easy to set up and manage business communications. You can use it for voice communications, online meetings, and business conferences. You can save on the costs of a physical communication setup and make use of RingCentral’s quality features and services.

Hippo Reviews: a robust, web-based maintenance management system. The software can be used by companies in many types of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, hospitality and more. Hippo boasts more than 10,000 customers and a 90% client retention rate.

Vision Helpdesk Reviews: a customer support ticketing help desk, satellite and ITIL/ITSM service desk software. The help desk software enables support desk agents to receive and respond to incident and service requests. Vision Helpdesk offers a robust multi-channel ticket management software that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations via phone, chat, email, web portal, Facebook, and Twitter.

Zoho People Reviews: an HR software that can boost your company’s productivity by enabling your employees to share ideas and knowledge in one location. You can automate all your HR activities to improve accuracy and eliminate redundancy. Plus, you can integrate Zoho People with third-party apps using APIs and webhooks to create a customizable and fully scalable HR solution.

LiveChat Reviews: offers a sleek and clean interface that is easy to use. You can use the LiveChat platform to talk with your website visitors and potential clients in real time. Plus, you can use the application for your live support, web analytics, and online marketing activities. Reviews: a help desk solution that is simple enough for small businesses yet offers robust features for large companies. It gathers customer conversations in one channel and helps companies resolve customer issues via phone, chat, email, and social media. You can use fully integrated social media features to engage your customers on social networks.

Campaign Monitor Reviews: an email marketing solution that offers a drag-and-drop email builder to help create branded emails. You can use its list management tools to build segmented lists based on your criteria. You can also automate campaigns to deliver the right messages to the right customers.

Paymo Reviews: a web-based project management software that offers useful features for your team. You can split projects into task lists and tasks, and assign them to your team members. Paymo also offers online collaboration tools to keep everyone updated through discussions.

Hatchbuck Reviews: a simple sales and marketing application for small and medium-sized organizations. Companies can use it to get nurture their prospects and close more deals by automating their sales and marketing activities. Plus, the vendor offers prompt and reliable support to help businesses use the app effectively.

Autodesk PLM 360 Reviews: cloud-based software, which enables users to access data anytime, anywhere. It is a sophisticated platform that tracks and documents project changes in real time. You can use it to define and automate processes for a seamless and smooth workflow.

8×8 VoIP Reviews: a phone service that offers voicemail, local, and long distance service. This helps to save costs as you get all the services from a single vendor. Prominent 8×8 customers include McDonalds,, Shutterstock, and Allstate. The application is suitable both for small companies with about five employees to large enterprises that employ thousands of people.

ActiveCampaign Reviews: a user-friendly CRM and marketing application for global businesses. It offers a range of tools and features to help businesses acquire and engage customers effectively. ActiveCampaign integrates with more than 150 business apps, and the vendor offers prompt and helpful customer support.

Workfront Reviews: an effective and scalable solution for project management and work management. It offers a 360-degree view of operations to help businesses spot trends and issues, and optimize projects. Plus, users can customize the application for their requirements.

FinancialForce HCM Reviews: offers dashboards and reporting features that help users visualize and monitor key HR metrics. Employees can use social tools like Chatter to exchange information. They can access data anywhere, anytime using a browser, tablet, or mobile device.