Chris is one of our journalists with extensive experience in the SaaS and B2B market. He’s been covering and reviewing various SaaS solutions basically since the inception of this type of software. His area of specialty are advanced CRM systems, sales software and eCommerce solutions. He always makes sure that each product is thoroughly researched and tested in a wide range of use scenarios.

Here’s some great CRM-related advice from Chris that can help you in your hunt for a perfect solution:

Features and Benefits of CRM Software

CRM software helps businesses to form and maintain profitable customer relationships. This is essential to thrive in any type of industry and enjoy long-term success. CRM software offers many useful features as well as tangible benefits for companies. For a good look at top quality CRM software you can read our detailed reviews.

Top Features of CRM Software

Check out our Salesforce review for a good example that shows key CRM features or take a look at the list below:


You should take into account your company’s predicted long-term growth and demands. For this reason, best CRM software solutions should be adequately scalable to meet future requirements. We recommend a cloud-based system as you can increase data storage and the number of contacts as needed. Plus, you can easily buy upgrades if necessary.

Integration with existing solutions

The CRM software should be easy to integrate with your existing programs such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook. This can minimize your learning curve and you would be able to effectively use the software more quickly.

Mobile features

Many companies use tablets and smartphones for business purposes. To help these users be productive on the go, the CRM software should be accessible on mobile devices.

Support system

Leading CRM software vendors offer round the clock support via phone, live chat, and email to help resolve customer issues promptly.

Vendor stability

Another important aspect about the vendor is they should have a good reputation for offering a quality software as well as reliable support. Do your homework and zero in on one such vendor so that you can enjoy a beneficial long-term relationship with them instead of having to jump ship midway which can happen if you select a fly-by-night operator.

Top Benefits of CRM Software

In our HubSpot review you will find a detailed overview of the most common CRM benefits. Below we mention the most important ones you should pay attention to:

Task tracking

It is important to meet project deadlines. You can input info such as scheduled appointments and critical tasks into the CRM system to get predictable milestones and deadlines. Leading platforms sync this data with a calendar to notify you about upcoming deadlines and tasks. The solution can also remember customer birthdays and inform your sales reps to wish them which can help you build more valuable relationships.

Evaluation of the performance of sales reps

The CRM software can help you evaluate how your sales reps perform by providing useful stats such as their conversion rate, task completion time, average lead contact time, and more. This can help you to recognize your top performers and reward them, as well as identify laggards to whom you can provide extra coaching. Thus, the software can help to enhance teamwork and maximize sales.

Improved organization

If you are dealing with thousands of customers, your data maintenance can easily become disorganized. You can use a good CRM solution to keep customer data neatly organized and easily retrievable. For example, you can maintain a contact list with useful info such as their birthday, phone number, email address, and buying history. Plus, you can easily search the system using general keywords to find what you need quickly.

Greater selling opportunities

The CRM software can provide you actionable insights based on customer buying patterns. You can easily learn the type of products your most valuable customers are interested in. If you launch a similar product, you can inform these customers about it. Thus, you can sell more without having to advertise to new clients by capitalizing on your existing customers and making repeat sales to them.

Enhanced social media marketing

The latest CRM software can help you make the most of your presence on popular social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. You can learn what followers are saying about your brand, which networks are sending the most traffic to your website, and the overall experience of your customers. Thus, CRM software can help you track and improve your social media campaigns.