David writes reviews and articles for our site and is our specialist on the topics related to managing customers and internal teams. His focus is primiarily on project management solutions, CRMs and customer support software. Whenever he works on a review his main objective is always to provide the reader with sound advice and clearly present the application of each tool in real-life business circumstances.

Here are some of his guidelines for purchasing a reliable CRM software:

How CRM Software can Boost Your Company’s Performance

CRM software helps companies track the relationship with their customers. It can improve all customer-oriented processes in a business such as marketing, sales, and technical support. An effective CRM strategy includes customer-centric services and the use of CRM software for tracking, automating, and organizing communication with customers. This article looks at the important features and benefits of CRM software. Browse through our CRM software list to search for specific good quality CRM solutions that our experts picked. If you need ones addressed for particular needs or industries such as CRM software for medium companies we’ve got you covered as well.

Main Features of a Good Quality CRM Software

A very good example here is Infusionsoft which offers the following vital features each CRM software should have:

Business process automation The CRM platform can help to automate vital business processes. This can help you save money and time, reduce manual data entry, and lead to better reporting.

Data reporting Besides data organization, CRM software also offers data reporting features which enable you to identify customer behavior patterns. You can export, compile, and analyze sales and marketing data to get actionable insights.

Integration with third-party apps An important feature is seamless integration with third-party applications such as your existing accounting and ERP solutions which can help to gather and maintain accurate customer data.

Billing and invoicing – A high-quality CRM platform can track the billing and invoicing status of customers. This feature can help you to organize financial info and review the frequency as well as timeliness of payments.

Tracking product support CRM software can aid in collecting info about product support. If a customer is unhappy with your service or product, you can find out the reason and ensure the issue is resolved to their satisfaction.

Flexible access permissions and security Modern CRM solutions use the latest security protocols to protect your data. Plus, you can also set role-based permissions to allow only authorized users to access the confidential data in the system.

Main Benefits of CRM Software for Your Company

In our HubSpot review you can find a more comprehensive analysis of its benefits, but it is a very good example of how CRM can transform your business. The key benefits a CRM software can offer you are:

Remote access – This is an important feature that can enable your employees to enter data into the system at all locations including partners’ premises, customer sites, trade shows etc. Plus, you can also employ home agents if they are able to access and use the CRM solution to work from home.

Mobile access – In addition to remote access, your employees should also be able to access and use the CRM software on their mobile devices. This is important because field sales reps need to look at organizational schedules, back-office data, sales collateral etc. to complete deals on the go.

Reliable multichannel support – Because your employees use mobile devices to access the CRM solution, the vendor should provide support on multiple channels to resolve issues. Besides phone support, live chat is also a good option.

Integrated analytics – As mentioned earlier, the CRM solution must provide actionable insights to enable you to make smart and effective sales and marketing decisions. The software should enable you to target customer groups, select campaigns, use engagement strategies, measure results across both online and offline channels, and finally, use the results to craft more effective campaigns.

Campaign management – The CRM app should offer robust campaign management features starting from the initial concept planning through to the building, testing, deployment and analysis of all sales and marketing campaigns.