How To Boost Conversions From Your Website

If your website is currently suffering low conversion rates, then you need to look at what you can do to boost them. Lucky for you, it’s not actually too hard to get the conversion rates up and really start bringing the customers in. Here’s some tips for optimizing your website that won’t take long to implement, but you’ll start seeing results almost instantly.

Give your visitors an exciting offer

You need to give your visitors a good reason why they should buy with you as soon as they land on your site. Some companies do this by having a pop up appear after a few seconds, offering some kind of deal or discount. This makes the reader want to act now, as they feel they miss out on the offer if they leave the page.

Keep your content contained

If you look at your analytics, you may see that readers just aren’t spending very long on your site. that’s because they’ve stopped, can’t see what they’re looking for, and gone off again. You need them to find what they need n a hurry. That’s why your content needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. Long content is never as valuable as a shorter blog that says exactly what it needs to, and no more. Try using Easy Word Count to keep track of how much you’re writing.

Localize your domain name

The internet is a widespread place, and you don’t know who’s coming in to look at your site. They don’t know where you’re based, so many may leave without even knowing that they could buy from you. Avoid this issue by putting your location in your domain name. For example, if your company is named Rowland Tyres, buying the domain name shows customers exactly where you are., and UK Writings are good examples of this.
< class=”bg-title”>Localize your URL

In the same vein as the above tip, localize your URLS, too. If you can offer your services to more than one country, you can set up several pages, each one dedicated to selling to that area. For example, if your domain is, you can have is a good example of how this is done.

Have your content proofread

Proofreading your content is much more important than you may think. If a reader finds typos or errors in your website, their trust in you will diminish. Proofreading shows an attention to detail that customers want. If you can’t proofread your content yourself, then it’s worth hiring a company to do it for you. Companies such as SlickWrite and Essay Writing Service will proofread and edit your content for you, for a reasonable fee.

Don’t be pushy

Of course, you know that the content you write should be friendly and not pushy, like a salesperson on your front door. However, think about your website design. Some of that could be seen as pushy. For example, a live chat window that pops open every time you visit can be seen as annoying and intrusive. Just keep the live chat button ready and visible, so the customer can get in touch easily if they want to.

Put the call to action in the URL

A great way to convince readers to buy is to put that all important call to action right in the URL. Good examples are ‘order pizza online’ and ‘buy essay’, call to actions are right there in the URL when you look them up. It’s important as customers will be searching online for the product or service they want. If you put it in the URL, they’ll find you much more easily, and you’ll be relevant to their interests.

Limit the choices on offer

This tip is especially useful for your landing page. When a customer is faced with too much choice, they may just give up and go someplace else, as they can’t decide. Only give a limited choice on the landing page. They can get an idea of what they can have, and they won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Show your real time sales

While shopping online yourself, you may have noticed that some sites have a pop up or ticker that tracks who’s buying what from their site. That’s because it gives the customer a sense of community. they can see that other people think it’s a great idea to buy from you, and that they’re not the only person on the website. It can also promote a sense of scarcity. If they don’t buy now, that product may be gone as everyone’s buying it right now.

There you have it. It doesn’t take much to make these changes to your site, but you’ll be amazed at how your conversions will rise. Take the time to update your site and you’ll see just how many more customers you’ll be bringing in.

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