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20 Best Car Rental Software Solutions in 2020: Key Features to Look For

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What is the best car rental software?
The best car rental software is Rent Centric, a solution designed for all types of car rental businesses offering features for fleet management, customer service, online reservation, accounting, GPS tracking, and employee monitoring. The platform fosters a flourishing synergy between the management, distributor partners, counter staff, and the end-user.

The global car rental market is booming with growth opportunities popping up from the tourism sector, the rise in the urban population, the growing economy and the increase in disposable income. However, like other on-demand service businesses, the car rental arena is home to cutthroat competition impelled by changing customer behavior. This has piled the pressure on businesses especially those with large fleets of automobiles, compelling them to re-engineer their workflows.

Fortunately, technology has given birth to efficient car rental software that simplifies, automates, and enhances car rental management. So, in this guide, we’ll reveal the 20 best car rental software solutions you should be using in 2020. We’ve looked under the hood of these platforms to lay bare their strengths and weakness if any. The goal is to help you find software that will lower maintenance costs, cut the time spent on admin tasks, and increase efficiency.

leading car rental software

Features To Look For In A Car Rental Software

Now there are a lot of issues besetting car rental companies, problems that can only be resolved by car rental software, most of which possess the attributes of fleet management software. Many feel that these tools can help such organizations in their everyday operations. So what constitutes these problems? The following are problem scenarios and what car rental software can do about them. What things should one look for in a car rental system? The following is a guide on what features such a platform must possess:

  1. Booking Made Easy. Problems commonly associated with conventional systems affect car rental firms and their customers alike. Bookings are usually made over the counter, requiring clients to go to the company’s premises and book a ride. With car rental solutions, customers themselves can make bookings directly from the company website, making the process much easier. This results in richer customer experience and therefore repeat business. Also, proper routing ensures that every booking is responded to efficiently, taking into consideration both scheduled and custom timings. Consecutive bookings need to be managed in such a way that hassle-free travel is attained with little or no downtime at all.
  2. Car Rental Tracking. One of the biggest problems besetting the car rental sector is vehicle theft. Car rental software can track lost cars, allowing companies to monitor both incoming and outgoing units. Aside from this, users can also see if a vehicle is in use even though it is not booked. Another benefit is their ability to detect speeding, which is one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents. Users are alerted to improper use of their cars, which can result in the collection of fees from the offending party.
  3. Inventory Management. For small car rental businesses, managing fleet inventory may not be as complex as those of growing companies. As car fleets grow, so do their inventories and this could result in mix-ups concerning vehicle availability. This is highly applicable to companies that have multiple fleet locations. Imagine how a customer would react if the vehicle provided to him/her is not what was ordered? Inaccurate service results in disgruntled customers, which is never good for business.
  4. Driver Management. For customers who are renting a car, car rental software eliminates the trouble of late drivers. This is made possible through the use of GPS tracking, which locates drivers and helps customers track arrival time. It also works for drivers as they can likewise locate customers.
  5. Real-Time Reporting. Car rental firms need to know where their vehicles are at any given time. Popular car rental solutions can provide users with real-time reports, which also include bill covers and details, duty registers, vendor details, and chauffeur reports. For taxi companies, areas with high demands at specific times can also be highlighted in such reports.
  6. Driver-Passenger Communication. In the car rental business, communication between driver and passenger is critical. Lack of communication can result in passengers having to wait for their rented cars. Communication facilitates order confirmation and timely arrivals of vehicles. With car rental software, communication begins the minute a booking is made, with drivers and passengers all playing their parts.
  7. Revenue Management. Managing the income of car rental companies that operate hundreds of units can give executives undue headaches. These earnings have to be effectively managed so that accounts can be accurately balanced. It’s a good thing that car rental solutions are capable of managing all transactions, recording them in such a manner that they can be easily accessed. Transactions can likewise be tracked remotely for user convenience.
  8. e-Wallets and Security. The popularity of e-wallets as a payment method continues to grow. Most customers prefer to pay using e-wallets because they are efficient and easy to use. However, car rental companies must be certain that their solution provides ample security. E-wallets have been known to be vulnerable to attacks, resulting in customer losses.
  9. Intuitive Interface. It doesn’t matter how powerful a piece of car rental software is if it is difficult to use. Navigating a platform must be easy enough to prevent user confusion. Some of the most popular apps in the market are known for ease-of-use both for car rental companies and customers alike. A system should be able to accomplish booking, billing, and communication with just a few taps.
  10. Mobile Optimization. At a glance, this may not seem as important to car rental firms as other features. However, for customers, this is a top concern. Mobile applications are known to speed up the learning curve especially for customers, allowing them to learn the app on their own. In addition, mobile optimization allows users to access a solution from anywhere at any given time.
  11. Fleet Management
    Car rental firms can encounter difficulties when managing their fleets. Manual processes often find such companies struggling with costs, organizational disarray and unsatisfied customers. For car rental companies, fleet management does not end with making sure that their vehicles are running smoothly and have ample gas. And this is one area where car rental software can help. These tools automate fleet management and optimize the use of resources that include vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.  
  12. Paperless Transactions. Any business has to contend with clutter from manual transactions and filing systems. Car rental software can help companies become “paperless” as these tools support electronic billing, invoicing and even storage. This is especially helpful in preventing automobile damage disputes as many such systems enable users to take pictures or videos of their vehicles before renting them out. This is meant to show customers the condition that their car was in before it leaves their lot.
  13. Location Mapping. As one of the most critical areas in operating a car rental company, location mapping, most often than not, comes with any car rental platform. Location map accuracy is tantamount for better communication between drivers and clients. You have to make sure that your car rental platform has the right geocodes, postcodes and addresses integrated into its maps.

Examples of Best Car Rental Software

There is quite a lot of car rental software out in the market today, making shopping for one a bit difficult at times. For this reason, we have compiled this best 20 car rental software solutions list, taking into account tool features, price, and highly-beneficial integrations.

1. Rent Centric

Rent Centric dashboard

Car rental solution Rent Centric is designed to manage car rental employees, customers, and revenue. It is mobile optimized and is equipped with web apps, allowing users to access the software from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Notable functionalities include financial management, a maintenance record system, fleet reporting, and vehicle tracking. Using the software, customers can book their reservations with the system’s Internet reservation service. What’s more, it has an Apple integration capability that allows users to book vehicle reservations. The app supports all devices running on Android and iOS.

Rent Centric enterprise pricing is not publicly disclosed. You have to contact the vendor to get a quote.

Detailed Rent Centric Review

2. Limo Anywhere

Limo Anywhere dashboard

Transport service management platform Limo Anywhere is designed to manage limousine rental. It aids rental companies in all aspects of their operations, from booking to customer drop-offs. Drivers also benefit from the software, ensuring that they are properly compensated while customers get to have the service quality that they deserve. Another benefit of the software is that it provides companies with the opportunity to widen their network as it can integrate with numerous booking systems, enabling car rental businesses to market their service around the world. Prominent features include ride management, a powerful dispatch grid, mobile support, and a customer information window, among many others.

Limo Anywhere is available in several SMB and enterprise pricing schemes starting at $79 per month.

Detailed Limo Anywhere Review

Navotar Dashboard

A car rental management platform that is known for its ease-of-use, Navotar is popular among car rental companies as it helps them simplify everyday tasks and decreases workload. It also enables operators to manage bookings and reservations, among other activities. The solution’s interface is quite intuitive and can reduce the learning curve for any user. As it is cloud-based, it can be accessed through any computer or device. Its capability to improve processes, on the other hand, reduces waiting time for customers, bringing with it customer satisfaction.

Navotar’s pricing information is only available upon request. You have to contact the vendor to get a quote.

Detailed Navotar Review

4. Rental Car Manager

Rental Car Manager dashboardCloud-based transport management solution Rental Car Manager is designed to help car rental companies manage bookings and reservations online. The software has a myriad of benefits that result in decreased overhead costs. With the platform, customer satisfaction is ensured as it improves service quality. What’s good about the system is that it offers an intuitive portal where customers can book rides, get quotes and confirm reservations. And because it is cloud-based, Rental Car Manager can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection, whether by computer or mobile device.

Rental Car Manager’s prices are not provided on its website. You must contact the vendor and request a quote.

Detailed Rental Car Manager Review


Provab dashboardComplete car rental and booking management solution PROVAB was developed to provide managers with the ability to manage driver bookings and track travel progress, ensuring passenger safety. Using the software, clients have the option to use their preferred payment methods owing to the system’s integration with a variety of payment gateways. Payment status can also be viewed using the platform’s mobile apps. They can likewise book rides online, which users can manage all from a single console. This prevents double bookings from occurring, along with inconvenience and confusion. Other features include fare splitting, location tracking, and fleet management.

PROVAB’s pricing information is not publicly provided. You can contact the vendor for a price quote.

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6. AFG Rent A Car

AFG Rent-A-Car dashboard

Vehicle rental platform AFG Rent A Car is known for supporting multiple languages and currencies. It utilizes Access and SQL servers to perform car rental tasks such as bookings, vehicle tracking, accounting, analytics and generation of customized forms and reports. Using the software, car rental services can streamline all tasks relevant to vehicle rentals, including accounting, tracking, maintenance, reporting, and analytics. It has excellent security features, boosting efficiencies and productivity. Aside from these, the solution allows collaboration from remote locations, enabling users to work together online.

AFG Rent A Car can be purchased in different pricing schemes starting at a one-time payment of $450.

Detailed AFG Rent A Car Review

7. MobileAPPtelligence

MobileAPPtelligence dashboard

Modern car rental reservation and management solution MobileAPPtelligence is designed to help car rental services turn their websites into booking portals. It also provides customers with the option to pay online and even avail of ride-sharing. Using the software, businesses can streamline their day-to-day operations as it links all relevant workflows like transport scheduling, dispatch and reservation management. Available cars and their running conditions can also be viewed readily, ensuring customer and driver safety while on the road. Vehicle locations are easily identified allowing for accurate passenger drop-offs.

MobileAPPtelligence’s pricing information is not publicly disclosed. You will have to contact the vendor for a customized quote.

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8. TSD Rental

TSD Rental dashboard

Web-based car rental management solution TSD Rental is designed for use by franchise car rental services, independent providers and dealers. It provides car rental companies with streamlined operations and detailed reports that can improve operations. Professional-looking contracts can also be created using the system, minimizing liability and boosting CSI. The platform comes with an arsenal of tools that can by itself identify expired licenses and underage drivers before agreements are printed. And because it is web-based, users can access the solution from anywhere.

TSD Rental’s pricing plans are not publicly disclosed. You will have to contact the vendor to get a quote.

Detailed TSD RENTAL Review

9. Smart Car

Smart Car dashboard

Web-based car rental management solution Smart Car can help car rental companies modernize the way they operate. It manages operations with the aid of robust management tools and applications. The system sports a tool that is similar to Uber, which allows car rental companies to streamline their operations to fit the needs of today’s customers. Using the platform, unnecessary calls are kept to a minimum as it can track both customers and vehicles in real-time. It runs well with driverless cars and has integrations with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe. More notable functionalities include payment processing, income management, support for multiple languages and native Android and iOS apps.

Smart Car can be purchased on quote-based pricing plans. You may contact the vendor for pricing information.

Detailed Smart Car Review

10. Record360

Record360 dashboard

A popular property inspection and documentation platform, Record360 is ideal for businesses who lease, rent or move tangible assets, making it highly-suitable for car rental companies. It effectively gets rid of paper documents, streamlines asset condition review and increases revenue. With the system, damage disputes and associated costs are minimized as it can create asset condition reports that are supported by videos and pictures. Finally, employee productivity is improved as they are provided with the needed tools to review their assets’ condition.

Record360 comes in a variety of SMB and enterprise plans. However, pricing information is not publicly disclosed. You have to contact the vendor for a quote.

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11. Easy Rent Pro

Easy Rent Pro dashboard

An inexpensive car rental solution, Easy Rent Pro is unique for its support of multiple languages. It is designed to cater to any type and size of car rental companies. It is a market leader that is known for aiding businesses in operations management while boosting productivity and efficiency. The platform is also ideal for companies that operate from a single location as it has a Windows desktop version, which can manage an unlimited number of cars. This edition is loaded with tools and features like quick search, fleet and rate management and integration with QuickBooks.

Easy Rent Pro is available in different SMB and enterprise pricing models starting at $299 (one-time payment) or $99 per year (billed annually).

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12. Ibexrentacar

Ibexrentacar dashboard

A web-based, smart car rental management platform, Ibexrentacar comes with a central coordination system, which is automatically updated with every entry of new data. This way, users can access only updated data, paving the way for smart decisions. The solution comes with powerful tools and features, which allow car rental services to streamline their operations. Such is done by linking vehicle management, transactions, and processes resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Ibexrentacar allows businesses to come up with affiliates as it connects them to agencies and brokers.

Ibexrentacar is priced on a quote basis. You have to contact the company and request a quote.

Detailed Ibexrentacar Review

13. CARS+

Cars+ dashboard

A total car rental platform, CARS+ is highly-suitable for car rental services of any size. It essentially brings brokers, customers, and partners together, helping them boost sales and increase revenue. The software is loaded with tools that provide frontline personnel with much-needed flexibility in dealing with bookings and reservations from different locations and sources. What’s great is that the product offers powerful integrations, allowing users to connect their operations to third-party selling platforms and brokers. The system is capable of managing accounting, reservations, fleet management and planning, and reservations.

CARS+ pricing information is not available on the vendor’s website. You have to contact the company for a quote.

Detailed CARS+ Review

14. HQ Car Rental Software

HQ Car Rental Software dashboard

A complete vehicle rental management platform, HQ Car Rental Software is an easy-to-use and cost-effective software as it is cloud-based. It can streamline all the business processes of car rental companies. Robust management tools come with the system, enabling operators to effectively manage their bookings while providing customers with total control over their reservations. It has integrations with a variety of online payment gateways and accounting tools. An open API likewise allows it to work seamlessly with third-party applications.

HQ Car Rental Software comes in three pricing plans starting with a Basic plan at $49.99/month.

Detailed HQ Car Rental Software Review

15. Schedulebull

Schedulebull dashboard

Web-based rental management solution Schedulebull is an ideal tool for companies that rent out tangible assets, including hotels, car service stations, hostels, and transfer services, to name a few. It was originally designed to be a car rental platform but was incorporated with additional features to suit other types of rental businesses. The product uses HTML5 and JavaScript technologies, allowing it to synchronize data across different computers. Data security is quite impeccable as it uses RAID, enabling it to store the same information on different hard disks.

Schedulebull can be purchased in a variety of pricing plans starting at 50 EURO/month. For those who want to take the software for a spin first, a free version is also available.

Detailed Schedulebull Review

16. Ecalypse Car Rental Software

Ecalypse Car Rental Software dashboard

Car rental workflow automation platform Ecalypse provides businesses with responsive websites, a reporting suite or a WordPress plugin to improve their services and customer satisfaction. It likewise helps car rental services boost their understanding of their customers and make themselves known to their target clientele. The solution is quite easy to set up and retains existing web designs. Key features include a booking engine, fleet management, and payment processing. It also offers business analytics to better identify and interpret customer behavior.

Ecalypse Car Rental software’s pricing information is not publicly available. You can contact the vendor directly to request a price quote.

Detailed Ecalypse Review

17. SpotnRides

SpotnRides dashboard

A feature-packed pre-built taxi rental app, SpotnRides comes equipped with all the essential features for running a successful taxi rental enterprise. It functions similarly to Uber right out of the box, which means users no longer need to spend time and resources in building their very own mobile app. It provides full branding and customization control as well for easy brand recognition on the mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android devices, SpotnRides brings passengers easy access for booking rides. It has a dedicated admin interface as well for managing the app’s features.

SpotnRides offers its Uber-clone taxi app script on a by-quote basis. Contact the vendor for information on its pricing options.

Detailed SpotnRides Review

18. HireMate

HireMate dashboard

Windows-based car rental solution HireMate is targeted at small and medium-size rental businesses with fleets of less than 200 cars. Its Windows-style design is written in Visual C++ language, giving it a user-friendly dashboard, which offers ease-of-use to any user. Using a unified system, the software can streamline all car rental management processes. Prominent capabilities include automatic vehicle checking, web bookings, monthly booking charts, reminders and damage reports

HireMate is being offered in four enterprise pricing plans starting at $195/month for companies with up to 25 vehicles.

Detailed HireMate Review

19. ASAP Rent

ASAP Rent dashboard

A cloud-based car rental management solution, ASAP Rent is capable of managing all aspects of car rental businesses. It is laden with functionalities such as car and motorcycle rental, recreational vehicle and motorhome rental, dealership loan services, and long-term leasing. The software utilizes artificial intelligence and automation technologies to improve efficiency and ultimately boost bottom lines. For car rental services that operate from different locations, the product offers fleet optimization while keeping operating costs at a minimum. Key features include business-specific navigation, accelerated training, booking engine, maintenance, and repair tracking, and fleet management.

ASAP Rent Software is being sold on subscription-based enterprise pricing, starting at $95/month. Contact the vendor for product details and plan options.

Detailed ASAP Rent Software Review

20. ExpressGo

ExpressGo dashboard

Car rental management platform ExpressGo is known for being user-friendly and has all the necessary tools to ensure that your car rental business keeps on running smoothly. The solution is capable of computing rented out vehicles on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with all taxes, discounts and surcharges factored in. It can also check-in and check-out rented vehicles and manage invoices and agreements. In addition, the system provides users with valuable feedback.

50 EUR/month is available in two pricing plans. Its Regular license comes for a one-time payment of $29 while its Extended license is sold at a one-time payment of $120.

Detailed ExpressGo Review

Other Recommended Car Rental Solutions

  1. CarOn – A highly secure car rental management system using a Tier 4 data center and backed by security certifications. It features a reservation engine, fleet scheduler, technical inspection module, and contract management, among others.
  2. RentWorks – A Windows-based system ideal for service loaner departments, car rentals, and global dealerships. It can adapt to a range of transaction volume and fleet size, making it suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises.
  3. MyRent – It features a robust resource management module and designed with a task-oriented user interface, enabling a more streamlined day-to-day process. An admirable feature is its customization tool that ensures the system adapts to your needs.
  4. Proactive Car Rental System – An end-to-end vehicle rental management system that aims to cover all aspects of your operations. These include an integrated accounting and CRM, on top of standard features like maintenance management, reservations and leasing management.
  5. FleetMaster Rental – Offers an optimized CRM and smart cost management as unique features. It also includes driver management and driving behavior monitoring on top of standard car rental functions.
  6. Reservationengine – Simplifies daily car rental tasks and processes, boosting productivity. It is ideal for a fast-growing service, enabling you to manage different locations from a single interface.
  7. CRBMS – A car rental broker management system built on open-source technologies. It has tailored online reservation engine, secure online payment processing, and complete supplier management.
  8. CarPro Systems – An ERP-based car rental management system that gives you a unified business outlook of key processes. It features lease & contract management, fleet management, chauffeur management, garage & inventory management, built-in CRM and self-service reservation portal.
  9. Carcloud – Ideal for a wide range of car rental service types and sizes including online car rental brokers, digital agencies and car rental companies. It features online booking, secure online payment, and vehicle management. 

Pick the Ideal Car Rental Software

So there you have it, our top 20 car rental software solutions list. Each platform possesses its own strengths and weaknesses. However, knowing what your business needs are is the best way to find out which platform is right for you. You should also bear in mind that car rental management is a multifaceted business that requires a solution with proper management tools. Besides, remember that automation is the primary purpose of fleet management tools.

Ideally, your software of choice should come with the core features like GPS tracking, online reservation system, fleet management, customer service tools, and billing and invoicing module. Having read our guide, it should be easy to find a solution that matches this profile. If you have yet to make the final decision, we highly suggest using Rent Centric.

Rent Centric is a feature-rich software that streamlines car rental operations. It automates all administrative tasks, cutting the time spent on redundant tasks. It facilitates easy carsharing, online reservation, and provides advanced GPS tracking systems for monitoring each car in your fleet. Most importantly, it provides a reliable accounting module designed to simplify billing and invoicing.

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