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The report and trend analysis below was prepared by Sebastian Lambert, CEO of FinancesOnline and our company’s guru on SaaS growth hacking and lead generation strategies. All trends are based …

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Sebastian Lambert

Sebastian Lambert Sebastian Lambert is the CEO and founder of FinancesOnline. He is also our main expert on the B2B & SaaS software market and has years of experience in strategizing successful lead generation solutions for various companies and institutions. Keeping his ear close to the ground when it comes […]

Top 10 Alternatives To Fellowship One: Popular Church Management Software

Churches being organizations involve not only spiritual order but organizational management as well. Maintaining these entities require a lot of work, which most of the time take up too much time on the part of pastors and clergy. Church management software was developed specifically to automate church management, administrative and […]

Top Features of Wrike Creative Project Management Software

Marketing agency VOCO Creative was having a hard time using email to communicate effectively with their internal team members as well as external clients. They worked out of two locations and had a number of clients in other cities. Plus, they were working on multiple projects simultaneously, which made it […]

Top 10 Alternatives To Tibco: Comparison Of BPM Software Tools

Businesses need to stay afloat, compete in an ever-changing market, deliver results and keep updated on changes in regulations. These needs vary from business to business as not all formed from the same mold. It was stated that even the most basic commitment to BPM can improve efficiency across a […]

Unomy Competitors: Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Alternatives of 2018

Unomy Hoovers Avention Lead411 Our Score: 9.6 Our Score: 9.1 Our Score: 8.7 Our Score: 9.0 User Satisfaction: 100% User Satisfaction: 95% User Satisfaction: 100% User Satisfaction: 100% Free trial: demo Free trial: yes Free trial: yes Free trial: 7-days No awards in 2016 No awards in 2016 No awards in 2016 Ease of use: 95/100 Ease of use: 85/100 […]

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Learning Management System?

There are still some people invovled in staff training and teaching who whave not heard about the benefits of web-based learning management system. Using these services is a way for many companies and institutions to save some time and money and to easily train large groups of employees. eLearning is […]

Benefits of Online Project Management Software: 9 Reasons Why You Should Go Cloud

If you are not a big and complex company that deals with advanced project focused on industries like science or engineering that call for a dedicated project management solution, you should consider using an online project management software instead. In this article we’ll share nice key benefits of online project […]



5 Sales Software Solutions for Small Businesses

Cloud-hosted and hassle-free to maintain, sales systems and applications are now more accessible to small businesses than ever before. Unfortunately, a common downside of being offered a variety of options is the inability to make a good decision without time-consuming research. On the positive side, that’s not exactly impossible.

How To Choose Best Help Desk Software: 5 Strategies That Guarantee A Solid Purchase

Now that you’re convinced about the value of help desk software, you’re ready to buy one. Before you do based on technical specifications alone, consider the following areas that can help you shortlist the best or top help desk software for your company. Here are 5 steps on how to […]

Enterprise CRM Software: How Does It Differ From Small Business CRM?

Andrew wants to know if his mid-sized business should have enterprise CRM or small business CRM. “I’m a bit confused about the difference between enterprise CRM software and small business CRM. Are the terms interchangeable?  I know enterprise means more features, but today’s small business CRM has robust tools that […]

10 Celebrities Who Got Scammed For Huge Money: Billy Joel & Robert de Niro Lost Millions

Many people look up to their favorite celebrities for inspiration, hope, and direction. However, celebrities are human and like us ordinary people, are vulnerable one way or another. Celebrities are not at stupid, at least not all of them. But sometimes, they can be too trusting and that often opens […]

Landlord Security Deposit: How To Make Sure You Get Your Money Back

Some of my friends recently moved out of their apartment and were shocked when a month later their landlord refused to give them any of their $2000 security deposit back. True, they had lived in the apartment for several years, but according to them it was only “a little bit […]

Garage Sale Tips: 9 Ways to Make More Money

Late July and early August is one of the most popular times for people to move out of rented houses and apartments and into new ones. Whether you’re a recent college graduate moving to a new city to start your new life, or like me who recently moved a family […]

Woman Sole Breawinners: 6 Tips You Should Know To Get Back On Your Feet

More women are becoming sole breadwinners as the male-dominated manufacturing sector is hit by outsourcing and the recent recession. With women making half of the working population according to recent U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, more women are also finding themselves the lone income earner in the family. It is […]

Web Standards Project (WaSP): Buzzing for Small Businesses in the Wild Web

In the World Wide Web, the battle for survival and supremacy can be reduced to two basic strategies. First, you want people to find you. Then, you want people to like what they see. Owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) know they need to be online to grow. Most […]

Fairtrade Coffee Campaign 30 Sept – 13 Oct 2013

Independent Business? Selling Fairtrade Coffee? Want to sell more Fairtrade Coffee? Read on to find out how…

Big Mistakes People Do in Reviving Their Life Savings

How To Lose A Life Savings In A Few Days This article is Part 5 of 5 of Your Total Guide to Managing Life Savings: Exposing The Best-Kept Secrets   So you have dipped into your life savings account, a big chunk has been shaved off and you want to […]

How To Deal With Money Emergencies

Dipping Into Your Life Savings This article is Part 4 of 5 of Your Total Guide to Managing Life Savings: Exposing The Best-Kept Secrets   Money emergencies are a fact of life. When  faced with such a situation, the practical and immediate solution outweigh other options, especially in life-threatening moments […]

Simple and Easy Steps To Take Control of Your Life Savings

How to Commit to a Life Savings Goals: Checking Your Money Views This article is Part 3 of 5 of Your Total Guide to Managing Life Savings: Exposing The Best-Kept Secrets   Money problems and issues can be better resolved by informed decision-making, and this can only be done when […]

How to Build and Grow Your Life Savings

Laying the Foundation for a Well-Managed Life Savings Fund This article is Part 2 of 5 of Your Total Guide to Managing Life Savings: Exposing The Best-Kept Secrets   Building a life savings need not be the turf of the rich. Everyone, regardless of income status and personal economics can […]

Life Savings 101: Taking Control of Your Money, Your Life

How to Plan, Prepare and Choose the Best Way To Grow Your Life Savings This article is Part 1 of 5 of Your Total Guide to Managing Life Savings: Exposing The Best-Kept Secrets   Making and managing your own money do not only give you sense of security, it is […]

Money and Relationship Survival Tips For The Sole Breadwinner Household

The mistake most sole financial providers make is excluding the “personal” life in the work-life balance. Looking after this department is crucial if one is to overcome the pressures, demands and fears  in providing solely yet adequately for loved ones. Taking care of personal aspects in work and living ensures […]

How to Really Save on Your DIY Project

DIY PROJECTS:  ARE YOU SAVING OR JUST KIDDING? This article is Part 1 of 6 of How to DIY:  Your Total Guide for DIY Directions that Really Work Have you ever tried your hands on a Do-It-Yourself or DIY project before?  If yes, chances are you have some memorable stories that other DIYers can […]

How to Plan and Prepare for your DIY Project

CREATING THE BEST LAID DIY PROJECT BLUEPRINT This article is Part 2 of 6 of How to DIY:  Your Total Guide for DIY Directions that Really Work   As the saying goes, good planning equals good stewardship.  With good and sensible planning, you can protect your Do-It-Yourself goals since you are […]

How to Manage and Take Control of your DIY Budget

TREAT A DIY PROJECT AS AN INVESTMENT   This article is Part 3 of 6 of How to DIY:  Your Total Guide for DIY Directions that Really Work   “But my Do-It-Yourself stuff are only a hobby.” “It doesn’t cost that much money so why bother with serious budgeting?” “I don’t […]

How to Get Ahead with your DIY Project

GEARING UP FOR PROJECT DIY:  THE FIRST RIGHT MOVES This article is Part 4 of 6 of How to DIY:  Your Total Guide for DIY Directions that Really Work   You’ve checked your skills if they match your Do-It-Yourself project requirements.  The same goes for your budget and backup help.  You […]

How Not To DIY – Hiring Vs Working On It

Just DIY It? What You Should Know Before Taking the DIY Challenge   This article is Part 5 of 6 of How to DIY:  Your Total Guide for DIY Directions that Really Work   DIY Services Careful  and sensible “shopping” goes beyond materials procurement in Do-It-Yourself projects.  The same discipline applies […]

How to Get and Stay Motivated – Keeping the DIY Spirit High

DIY is Not For You?  There’s no such thing!     This article is Part 6 of 6 of How to DIY:  Your Total Guide for DIY Directions that Really Work   After some failed attempts and experiences that would add up to the Do-It-Yourself horror story vault, you may say that […]

5 Ways to Solve Money Problems for Couples

If you ever disagree with your spouse or partner about money, don’t stress too much about it – 65% of all couples do, according to research conducted by Manilla, a financial organization website. When we’re just establishing ourselves financially we tend to get even more stressed, so it’s not too surprising that […]