20 Best Grant Management Software in 2019

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Grant management has always been a tedious but important process for most organizations. It basically involves every administrative task needed to manage grant funding, reporting and program implementation. The process management must also adhere not only to current standards but to those set by the donors as well. Albeit, some parties downplay the role of software automation in grant management, it has been an established fact that grant management software eases the burdens that come with the process.

Grant Management Software

Government agencies and many other entities are known to struggle with managing both federal and non-federal grants. The process now requires the use of technology if they are to comply with the demands and changes in federal regulations. Grant management tools have become the go to platform for those competing for federal and non-federal grants. This is due to the fact these systems help organizations in managing all the requirements all throughout the lifecycle of a grant.

Here’s a quick briefer on grant management software:

These platforms share similarities with products like those of ERP software providers, only they give users a single system by which to manage grants. They likewise track organization activities to keep financial risk at bay. Time and financial resources are conserved as grant management tools aid users in their search for funding sources through grants databases and automate tasks that need completing.

Perhaps the best benefit of such tools is that they can identify all costs that are needed to spend full grants properly.  After all, winning the grant is one thing but managing the funding is another. Being able to do so ensures that financial risks associated with failure to meet reporting and reimbursement deadlines are avoided. Grants have been fueling growth in many sectors, a specific example of which is the way they drive innovation in the healthcare industry. There are more emerging grant management software trends and technologies, all of which promise to make the process far more easier.

In this article, we will present the 20 best grant management software out in the market today. Their features, functionalities and pricing will be discussed in detail to provide you with the needed information when procuring such systems. Here are they are:

20 Best Grant Management Software

The market for grant management software has been steadily growing, with more and more such tools getting off the production line, resulting in more choices and therefore, increased adoption. But what are the best tools in the category? The following are the top 20 grant management software in the market today. Read on to learn more about them.

1. Submittable Grants Management

First in our list is Submittablean all-in-one application management software that simplifies the grants management process for different organizations (foundation, nonprofit, universities, etc.). This cloud-hosted solution allows users to create modern and intuitive forms using its simple drag-and-drop function. All forms can be easily customized using a selection of fields and response types including single and multiple responses, short and long answers, and dropdown checklist. You can also make your forms more dynamic by adding videos and images and even upload additional files as form attachments.

To see the product in action you can easily sign up for Submittable free demo here.


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Submittable streamlines the grant management process by automating administrative workflows, such as assigning tasks and moving applications to different review stages. When it comes to sending approval or rejection notices to the applicants, Submittable has response templates that you can bulk send to save time instead of responding to each application one-by-one. Other features include assigning role-based access to your team members and generating customized reports that you can either save on cloud or download to your computer.

Submittable integrates with third-party applications including Google Analytics, Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Zapier. Pricing is quote-based and you have to contact the vendor for a quote request.

2. WizeHive

Robust online software WizeHive effectively unifies grants management, CRM and online applications into a single platform. This highly-customizable tool allows users to tailor it to work with every company’s applications and grants management processes. It can likewise integrate with more than 1,000 popular email and accounting solutions without requiring users to have coding knowledge. WizeHive can make the most complex tasks simple, resulting in decreased costs and accelerated workflows. It covers just about everything, from applicant reviews, application filtering to form creation. The platform manages scholarships, grants, applications, and academic awards.

You can easily sign up for a WizeHive free demo here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

3. PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management

Next in our grant management software list is Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management, which is a web-based grant management software that is designed to handle the entire life cycle of research management, including proposal creation, converting proposals into awards, facilities and administration processing, award tracking, bill creation and financial reporting. The software offers users capabilities such as centralized budget management, flexible billing and reporting, efficient award administration and real time cost visibility. Using the platform, you can create different proposal projects, allowing you to set up flexible proposal structures. Detailed budget information can be included in proposal budgets, while projects within single awards can also be supported.

PeopleSoft Enterprise Grants Management’s pricing information are not publicly disclosed. You have to contact the vendor and ask for a quote.

4. Survey Monkey Apply

Cloud-based application management platform SurveyMonkey Apply is designed to aid organizations in the selection of candidates for scholarships, grants and fellowships. It allows users to create a portal from which interactions with other staff can be managed and project updates and reports received. With its activity dashboard, applications and reviews can be viewed in real time. It comes with an activity dashboard that displays applications and reviews. Also, customized web forms can be created by which information from candidates can be collected. Incoming applications are automatically pre-screened based on criteria set by the user. They are likewise validated for compliance with 501c3 status. Using the solution, customized program workflows can be created to generate single- or multi-stage processes. To control user access to critical information, granular and role-based permissions are provided.

SurveyMonkey Apply is being sold on a price-quote basis but you can straight away avail of a whole year subscription for $4,950.

5. Workday Grants Management

Integrated with a full range of Workday applications, Workday Grants Management is a grant management system that offers users a central hub from which the full post-award process may be automated. It provides users with insights into their grant activity using advanced reports and analytics. The platform can be used by businesses of any size, offering them capabilities that include grant revenue tracking, budget awarding, award expenditures and grant award balance information.

Workday Grants Management’s pricing information is not publicly available. You need to contact the vendor and ask for a price quote.

6. Fluid Review

A software built to manage and review a variety of applications, which include scholarships, grants and awards, FluidReview helps organizations in collating and evaluating applications using file uploads and online forms. It is a very popular platform, serving users in more than 70 countries worldwide. The system is ideal for use by institutions that provide scholarships or organizations that need user feedback while boosting productivity by relieving personnel of workloads, helping them focus on more important matters. Applicants can easily file applications using the system, all that is needed is to fill out forms and provide relevant information. It supports file uploads for those who require pictures and other pertinent documents. Other key features include audit trails, applicant tracking, scalability, real time reporting and multilingual support.

Fluid review is available in three distinct pricing packages. However, you have to visit its official website and ask for pricing information.

7. CyberGrants

Cloud-based grant management software CyberGrants is designed to cater to the needs of nonprofits. It brings to the table numerous capabilities, which include tax ID checking, accounts integration with payable systems, data scanning against watch lists, reporting automation and automation of communication with grant seekers. The system comes with highly-configurable dashboard so as to observe user preference. It can integrate seamlessly with calendars, payroll solutions and social media platforms. Its main dashboard can be configured for ease of use, with each user provided with role-based permissions, allowing them to search and review grants, manage the system and access reports. CyberGrants offers different payment methods such as credit cards and automated clearinghouse.

The vendor does not publicly disclose CyberGrants’ pricing information. You will have to visit the official website and ask for a quote.

8. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based financial management tool that leverages the power of accounting applications and cloud computing. This powerful product ranks among the best accounting software (you can check our top 10 accounting solutions here if you want). It comes with modern apps that are known to be the tools of choice for AICPA business solutions and is used by different types of businesses. Using the solution allows organizations to improve performance along with their financial productivity. Proof of this is the fact that numerous accounting firms and resellers have the product as part of their offerings. Key features include purchasing, accounting, cash management, subscription billing and consolidation, among many others. As for grant management, the solution offers tracking, real time visibility and advanced reporting capabilities to make the process a lot easier for organizations. It gets rid of duplicate data entry while reducing grant reporting time and boosts grant management by tracking critical operational metrics.

Sage Intacct is available in a variety of pricing schemes starting at $400/month.

9. Fluxx

Grant management platform is known to help foundations in effectively managing charitable channels and data. Fellowships, grants, scholarships, donor-advised funds and investments can be managed using fields, workflow controls and forms that the system generates. Document, project and communication management tools also come with the software. The solution is quite flexible and configurable that it can be used in grant applications and data management. It can be configured with the use of comprehensive audit trails, session timeouts and dynamic workflows. A report builder, Excel and Word plugins come with the system, which can be used to export and collect data for better analysis. Budgeting and finance can also be managed by tracking investments and grant-by-grant analysis.

Fluxx can be purchased on a price-quote basis. You have to contact the vendor and ask for pricing information.

10. Versaic

Versaic is a powerful grant management system that provides organizations everything they need to handle all areas of grant management. It is capable of managing grant requests, allowing applicants to submit proposals with its fully branded portals. All necessary data for review and reporting can be captured with the system. The product automates, configures and streamlines processes ranging from vetting, review to approval and payment processing. This cut down manual data entry and gets rid of unneeded steps. With the platform, you can be sure that all budgets are current and activities are reported in real time across teams, programs and different areas of focus.

Versaic’s pricing information is not publicly available. You have to contact the vendor and ask or a quote.

11. NeonCRM

Designed to help non-profits on their path to growth, NeonCRM offers such organizations a donor database that is focused on people. Using the solution, organizations can effectively engage donors, plan events, manage memberships and track volunteers with its cloud-based features. It automatically processes and updates all transactions with its unlimited online forms. Non-profits are able to design and build their own websites at a minimal cost, resulting in improved online donations. It offers personalized consulting and training conducted by experts in the field. The platform comes with social media, mass communication and segmentation apps that enable users to tell their stories to massive audiences.

NeonCRM is available in different pricing models starting at $50.

12. Altum Grants Management

Grant management software Altum Grants Management is a robust grant management suite that has all the tools that organizations need to handle every area of their grant management efforts. It is known to automate processes, making them simple, transparent and far more consistent while reducing cycle times by up to 50 percent. The system has business processes and rules that are bound to preserve all knowledge that an organization collects, minimize staff turnover impact and ensure compliance. This flexible piece of software works two-way, fulfilling the requirements of both grantmakers and grantseekers. It allows grantmakers to make quick accurate decisions, reduce environmental impact and IT costs and easily share data. For grantseekers, the platform streamlines processes–from fund research to final progress report.

The vendor does not give out pricing information. You have to visit the official website and ask for a quote.

13. ZoomGrants

Online application management platform ZoomGrants is designed to simplify and streamline the application process for scholarship providers and grantmakers, among others. It is popular for its ease-of-use and impeccable customer service. The solution requires but an Internet browser and connection so that it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Users can customize the system according to their needs and data needed can be collected to make funding decisions much easier, which can be used for managing scholarships, grants, fellowships, award nominations and even call-for-speakers. Other prominent features include pre-application screening, program budget, activity log, voting recommendations and private notes.

ZoomGrant pricing is based on the number of unique grant and scholarship programs offered each year. This includes unlimited users, unlimited applications received and unlimited technical support. The vendor’s website has a price calculator you can use to get a quote.

14. Flexi-Grant

Another grant management platform worth looking into is Flexi-Grant. This robust piece of software is designed to make grant application far easier through the use of application and monitoring forms. Its central dashboard offers users a complete view into the status of their grants while a reviewer portal can set up reviews with minimal effort. It allows users to set reminders to reviewers both individually and in bulk. Statistics on how many reviews individual reviewers are working on and those that allocated to them can also be viewed. To better handle large volumes of applications, the system’s bulk eligibility feature enables it to handle hundreds of applications at a time. Custom score sheets also come with the system and eligibility checks are supported when needed. A workflow builder, meantime, lets user customize workflows with copy and template tools available for use in the creation of new schemes.

Flexi-Grant can be purchased in different pricing models starting at £1,500. If you require custom features, you can visit the website and ask for a customized quote.

15. Grantium

Leading grant management software Grantium is an enterprise-grade solution that is designed to automate any organization’s grants management program. It It is popular for its cost-efficiency, flexibility and cloud-based features. The system comes with tools that can take care of processes such as building, delivery and administration of all grant program phases. Risk is effectively reduced as the system ensures accountability and transparency. The tool likewise has robust reporting capabilities and can be implemented with ease. Grantium helps organizations comply with existing rules and regulations while ensuring that all programs can be accessed anywhere at any given time. Other key features include application and approval automation, provision of a common language and approach to grant management projects and automated reminders of team members of their grant assignments.

Grantium is being marketed on a price quote basis. You have to contact the vendor and ask for pricing information.

16. OpenWater

Cloud-based OpenWater is a total solution designed to manage  the entire life cycle of any organization’s grant processes. The system can handle pretty much everything, ranging from application collection, review, to follow up. It comes with customized tools that enable staff to boost non-dues revenue, improve membership value and focus on core processes. What’s good about the program is that it directs applicants to a specified submission page and not a third-party site, keeping users focused on missions. Messaging is  customized, resulting in the reduction of frequently asked questions. Application for a grant is made easy by the system, saving administrators valuable time by making communication with applicants and coordinating with reviewers a lot easier. Application review is likewise a breeze, all that is needed is to log in and you’re good to go. Other key features include online forms, letter of reference compatibility, email confirmations and branded website.

OpenWater Grant Management Software’s pricing details are not displayed on its website. You must contact the vendor and ask for a quote.

17. Instrumentl

Instrumentl is a research grant search and automated application solution, which makes it easy for organizations to apply for research grants. All that is needed to apply is to upload researcher details and grant applications are immediately submitted. Grant provision is also accelerated as application submissions are automatically made once a matching grant is found. Grants, both federal and private are tracked by the system eliminating the need for applicants to search the Internet for announcements. What makes it even better is the fact that the application doesn’t stop when a matching grant is found but continuously searches for new matching grants. With Instrumentl, users can track and organize funding and constantly pull together all kinds of grants.

Instrumentl can be purchased in a variety of pricing models, starting at $45/month (billed annually). For those interested in trying out the platform’s features first, a free trial is also available.

18. Benevity

A popular workplace giving, matching, volunteering and grant management solution, Benevity is designed to build giving programs or improve existing ones with its volunteer tracking, donation processing and reporting functionalities. Its easy-to-use online dashboards, coupled with WCAG 2.0 AA standards are bound to provide richer user experience. Giving and volunteering are internationalized as the system supports 17 languages and seven currencies, allowing organizations to expand their programs worldwide. Other prominent features include time tracking, integrated rewards and event promotion.

The vendor does not publicly disclose Benevity’s pricing information. You have to visit its official website and request for a quote.

19. EGrAMS

Web-based EGrAMS (Electronic Grants Administration and Management System) is a comprehensive grants administration platform. It can manage all aspects of the grant life cycle, ranging from planning to final close-out. It enables grant providers to easily implement their grant programs due to its vast configuration features. Providing users with standard and consistent user interfaces, the system can quickly find, configure, apply and handle grant applications. The platform utilizes a robust security framework for authenticating and authorizing users. EGrAMS is known for its ease-of-use and can be used even by novices with minimal training.

EGrAMS pricing information is not available on its website. You need to contact the vendor as ask for a quote.

20. Grants Manager Plus

Grants Manager Plus is a comprehensive grant management solution that is ideal for various types of startup businesses, institutions, and organizations that are seeking funding. It features a number of functionalities that can simplify tasks and processes related to your grants management. For example, it makes grant discovery effortless by automatically detecting grants that fit your specifications. It can also identify qualified grant applicants, centralize all records and information,  send notifications on upcoming events and deadlines, and more.

Grants Manager Plus pricing is only available by quote. Contact the vendor directly to find out how much this all-in-one grant management software costs based on your specific requirements.

So there you have it, our top 20 grant management software list. You should now be able to decide for yourself if any one product suits your needs. However, if you feel that you need to know more similar tools, check out our article on the top 20 ERP software tools. It will guide you on how best to choose grant management solutions. But make sure that you consider everything that you need in such a system before committing to one.

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