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20 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2019

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What is the best knowledge management software?

The best knowledge management software is Zendesk. From content management and SEO to intelligent search and AI-powered bots, this platform has the essential tools you need in order to leverage company data to build your FAQ and product information base and improve your customer support and strategic planning significantly. Moreover, it supports hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations so you can further streamline your processes.

There’s not one right reason to get a knowledge management software solution. There are the right reasons. An excellent solution will help you at once on three fronts: self-service customer support, employee knowledge empowerment and, critically, information asset management.

Some solutions are excellent at one aspect, others on another aspect, while most of our top choices here are great on all fronts. Whatever your pick, knowledge management software is key to allowing a business to make better decisions, projecting its awesome customer service and delivering results that are reflected in better ROI.

In this article, our experts did a thorough survey of the industry so you don’t have to. Shortlisting the myriad application down to 20 gives you a better window to pick one that is nearly guaranteed to meet your needs. If the application has a free trial offer and you went for it, you should have a better grasp of what to purchase at the end of the day. Notice that some of the applications offer other functionalities outside of the core knowledge management solution. Note them down and see if one provides a better set, and consider other issues too, like how future-proof is the application, how reasonable its pricing structure is, and the kind of support it provides to possible clients like you.

For those looking for a refresher or background on the software category, we also included sections on the features and benefits of knowledge management software.

When studies on information search tell you that  an average knowledge organization employing a thousand knowledge workers “wastes over $5.7 million annually searching for but not finding information” and that “36% of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent looking for and consolidation information spread across a variety of systems – with those workers only finding information required to do their jobs only 56% of the time” – you have a compelling reason to look at how information and knowledge is handled and distributed throughout your organization. When those pieces of information are critical to the performance of essential work and affect the overall reputation of your company, the stakes involved in acquiring a modern KMS (knowledge management software) couldn’t get any higher.

KMS tools exist to make business information readily accessible to those who need them, from customer service reps to clients who are trying to avoid the lines and help themselves find the information they need right on your own website. When support people find the help they need in less time, they are able to work with less flayed nerves and report to work and leave company premises looking forward to another day, rather than wishing for a weekend tomorrow.

Another troubling figure indicates that “40% of employees are poor at transferring knowledge and employees spend 7-20% of their time replicating existing solutions by others.” When any of modern KMS tools like Bitrix24 or KnowledgeOwl is readily available with reasonable prices, it is time to apprehend such annoying numbers that could be costing your own company without you being aware of it.

Knowledge Management Software

Features of Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge management software is designed to centralize and organize knowledge, helping eliminate information silos spread across departments and units of an organization. It provides a single information repository where content can be created, managed, and redistributed through search tools and similar features, making it easy for employees to consume corporate knowledge and users to find answers quickly. Standard features usually include:

  1. Integrations
  2. Search engine/search tools
  3. Content aggregation from internal and external sources
  4. Information sharing/collaboration
  5. Taxonomy for content classification
  6. Expertise location
  7. Views/dashboards/reports
  8. Accessibility/access permissions
  9. Scalability

As a knowledge base software, some vendors equip their products with extras such as online self-service, contact center, and help desk features. Multi-lingual support is often included which is especially helpful for global organizations. Likewise, gamification is sometimes added to help companies find and recognize top knowledge workers.

Knowledge and information boils down to content, and knowledge management software can handle or aggregate any type of content like documents and/or pdf, images, video, audio, graphics, emails, website links, unstructured notes, and other information bearing collections. Our top 20 knowledge management software will introduce you to these features and make it easier for you to find the solution that meets your needs.

Difference Between Data, Information & Knowledge


Why is Knowledge Management Important?

Today’s industries and economies run on knowledge, making it one of the most important assets for companies and organizations. Failure in knowledge management can result in huge financial losses for businesses. Consider this: Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year because of failure to share knowledge. Furthermore, an average worker spends almost 20% of the workweek searching for internal information or tracking down co-workers who can help with specific tasks.

The value of a knowledge management system comes to fore in the light of the level of efficiency and productivity as well as savings it can produce. The gears that drive operations, processes and workflows run more smoothly when undertaken by personnel who have immediate access to comprehensive and updated information to guide them in their tasks. You can learn more about knowledge management solutions with this list of top 20 knowledge management software.

Benefits of Knowledge Management Software

The age of big data has spawned challenges in data acquisition, backup, and storage. However, cloud solutions have effectively addressed these. The real problem is how to organize and search across all that immense data and knowledge. This is where knowledge management software comes in.

Having a comprehensive and organized knowledge hub through knowledge management tools enhances employee and team efficiency and productivity. Organizations that utilize effective knowledge management systems get the means to capture and share corporate knowledge among their workforce no matter where they are.

Some of the tangible benefits of knowledge management software include:

  1. Increased employee satisfaction – knowledge management software with gamification features enable companies to distinguish and commend workers who are leading knowledge contributors.
  2. Greater information accuracy and consistency – Information quality is drastically improved when everyone in an organization can access and contribute to an exhaustive internal knowledge base.
  3. Easy updating of knowledge base – You get to easily upload and update data on a regular basis and in real-time.
  4. Facilitates data discovery – You’ll be able to quickly find data that you need through “enterprise search” that harnesses AI, machine learning, and smart filters.
  5. Improved distribution of knowledge – Knowledge erstwhile residing in one department or individual is now made available on-demand for benefit of the whole organization.
  6. Less time searching for answers – A broad and exhaustive internal knowledge base with robust search functions saves time for employees looking for answers to their queries.
  7. Accelerated on-boarding – With a wealth of readily accessible information, new employees can immediately search answers and learn everything they need to about their organization.

No doubt knowledge management is key to more informed decisions that can put your business on the right direction, and here are the tools to get you up to speed.

20 Best Knowledge Management Software

1. Zendesk

Zendesk dashboard example

Zendesk is a comprehensive support suite that aims to improve overall customer service efforts for businesses of all sizes. It landed at the top spot on our list for its robust knowledge management module that lets users build help centers, online communities, FAQs, and customer portals. It also comes with a content management system where you can easily structure the information in your database and organize them according to your preferences.

The platform also leverages an AI-powered bot that can answer common queries by directing customers to relevant articles in your base. This way, you can lessen your agents’ workload without compromising the quality of your service.

As a full-fledged customer support management platform, Zendesk also goes beyond knowledge management. It has the capability to centralize your customer interactions, simplify ticket management, and provide you with in-depth insights regarding the efficiency of your customer support services and customer self-service efforts.

If you’d like to test out this platform for yourself, you can sign up for a Zendesk free trial here.


An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Zendesk won our Expert's Choice Award for 2019

Our score
User satisfaction


  • AI-powered knowledge management
  • Specific permission roles for viewing and publishing
  • Full CSS rebranding available
  • Unlimited capacity – no restriction on the size of any data field, data record, or database
  • Intuitive & precise knowledgebase searching
  • REST API and open API capabilities

2. Bloomfire

Bloomfire is one of the top knowledge management platforms out there. It enables you to centralize all knowledge in a secure and easily searchable solution. As a result, you can banish information silos and give your teams access to knowledge that can help them perform. You can use this to improve the performance of your customer support teams. With Bloomfire, they can access relevant information quicker to dish out exceptional customer service.  Furthermore, by having your organizational knowledge efficiently managed, you can amplify your insights. You can manage and distribute research and development facts and ideas to stakeholders and decision-makers more effectively.

The platform runs on a powerful AI search engine. Also, it is fitted with a Q&A module where users can ask and answer pertinent questions. Every information and communication is ensured to never be lost. They can easily be pulled up by anyone, anytime provided they have permission. Moreover, its collaboration module features a familiar social media type of an interface. Users can post, like, follow, share, and comment. You can also use a variety of media like pictures and videos to create content with more impact.

Moreover, you can customize how you manage your knowledge community. You can make groups and classify content with your very own categories. It also features a drag-and-drop editor for creating newsletters that can be sent to groups.

The platform integrates well with other services such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Slack among others. It uses an open API architecture so it is easy to make custom integrations as you go. Lastly, it has native applications on mobile for both Apple and Android devices. You can easily sign up for Bloomfire free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment


  • Community-powered Q&A to organically generate and store knowledge
  • Intelligent search for all questions and answers posted including other contents as well
  • Rich content management features enabling users to schedule publications, set reminders for time-sensitive posts
  • Many options to brand your Bloomfire community
  • Drag-and-drop editor to create engaging newsletters
  • Advanced analytics to help optimize content

3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk dashboard example

Zoho Desk is an online customer support platform from the Zoho Company, the renowned maker of over 40 integrated business and productivity apps. In line with its support function, the software brings you all the essential tools you need to efficiently address customer queries, improve agent productivity, and enhance decision-making for managers. Features and capabilities include help desk, ticketing system, call center, agent productivity, social support, organization-wide collaboration, insights and reporting, and forums and knowledge base. The last one is even included in Zoho Desk’s free edition.

For corporations and businesses with dedicated customer support and service teams, a knowledge management system is often contained in a knowledge base or centralized knowledge hub that can be accessed by both customers (for self-service queries and answers) and agents (for quick comprehensive reference). Zoho Desk shines in this area with an online, multi-brand portal that you can customize and fill with various knowledge base articles, information, FAQs, and resources. It comes with features such as secure access, auto-suggest, smart search filters, SEO tools, and built-in reports. It also allows you to set up forums and communities, enabling customers to engage and interact with other users as well as with your company personnel.

You can also try the full features without cost when you sign up for a Zoho Desk free trial here.


  • Designed for customer self-service to help unburden your agents and support team
  • Multi-brand capable – can support different knowledge base articles for each brand you carry
  • Customize your portal to match your website
  • Integrates with Google Analytics so you can understand customer engagement levels
  • Allow customers to submit tickets right from the knowledge base help center
  • Enable customers to rate your knowledge base articles so you’ll know where to make improvements

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 dashboard example

Bitrix24 is a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for your team. It offers over 35 tools to shape the way how your work and collaborate. Among its features are company drive, task and project management, CRM, chat and video, telephony, social network, document management, calendars, mail server, HR tools, and mobile. The software is a cloud platform but you have the option to use the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 to run on your server where you get full control over data, source code access, and have additional tools such as helpdesk and e-learning.

Bitrix24’s “My Drive” feature is the centralized access point for all files that you want to work with. It is the single repository of all your personal files, any Group Drives that you’ve chosen to connect, as well as shared folders and documents that you’ve been given access. My Drive is where you can upload new files or delete existing ones, create new folders, grant permissions to access and sync to coworkers, and search for documents using various filters. Bitrix24 comes with a full-featured free plan for up to 12 users and 5GB online storage. Three premiums plans are also available.


  • Activity stream for a unified, interactive update feed
  • Dozens of tools for management, collaboration & communication
  • Multi-user online editing, file syncing, document sharing & multi-device online/offline access
  • Cloud – PC integration/cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Secure file & folder sharing
  • Social intranet for enterprise social networking

5. ProProfs KnowledgeBase

ProProfs KnowledgeBase dashboard example

ProProfs KnowledgeBase is from an American company that provides smart tools and platforms for online training and assessment. It boasts of Fortune 500 customers such as Sony, Dell, and Cisco. The knowledge base software allows you to create wikis, online FAQ, user guides, and documentation for your customers and employees to improve customer support, reduce customer support tickets, and increase employee access to knowledge. It allows anytime, anywhere access to information through public or private knowledge base.

With ProProfs KnowledgeBase, you can capture, share and apply knowledge in several ways. You can create a knowledge base and use context-sensitive help tools to create on-site and task-based help. You can design, create, publish and manage help files, manuals and documentation with advanced authoring options. Moreover, the software allows you to collaborate with team members to build public and private wikis. The software offers several SMB and enterprise plans with prices ranging from $9/month to $1.300/month.


  • Analytics & security
  • Collaborate to create & share knowledge
  • Automatic resizing of documentation to fit screen size of multiple devices
  • Design FAQs using branding features and pre-made templates, or customize fully with CSS and HTML.
  • Roles & permissions to control access to knowledge base
  • 100+ settings & integrations

6. Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Confluence dashboard example

Atlassian Confluence, a leading provider of widely-used business solutions such as Jira and Trello, is a cloud content collaboration software that lets you create, share, and work together on projects all in one place. It comes with a knowledge base where you can easily publish, organize, and access company information in one central location so that customers can help themselves. You can capture, store, and grow your team’s knowledge so you can stay up to date and on the same page.

Atlassian Confluence gives you a central place – a single source of truth – to keep your team’s work organized and accessible, making it easier to find the information needed to keep work moving forward. It promotes transparency and organization, letting your teams work together to maximize productivity. It makes it easy to create documents as a team, provide feedback in context and quickly iterate until your work is finalized. Atlassian Confluence is available in two plans – one is for small teams that go for a monthly flat rate of $10 for up to 1o users for one server, and the other for enterprise teams of up to 500 users implementing a data center.


  • Document management
  • Connects to Jira to get insights on your development work
  • Create anything – project notes, plans, etc. with multimedia, dynamic content
  • Feedback in context through inline, page, and file commenting
  • Structured hierarchy and search engine to quickly find work information
  • Sync between mobile & desktop

7. ServiceNow Knowledge Management

ServiceNow Knowledge Management dashboard example

ServiceNow Knowledge Management provides an easy‑to‑use and efficient knowledge management solution that lets you incorporate knowledge creation and ongoing improvements into everyday work. It offers an out‑of‑the‑box knowledge experience for customers, employees, and agents who serve them. Its workflow and publishing tools let agents search for and create knowledge content while resolving issues, and its service portal lets customers and employees quickly find solutions that boost satisfaction and reduce service costs.

The software is meant to boost productivity by resolving cases and incorporating new knowledge to address business issues as well as increase user satisfaction by documenting answers to provide consistent answers for customers and employees. It promotes knowledge sharing and encourages company-wide knowledge crowd-sourcing to eliminate information gaps. You can expose available knowledge through its service portal and allow customers and employees to search, browse, and view articles from their desktop or mobile device. Pricing for ServiceNow is quote-based.


  • Customized search with multiple methods of filtering & sorting
  • Contextual search by matching text entered by customers & employees
  • Extended search capabilities with external/internal knowledge displayed in a single results list
  • SEO to permit popular search engine to index knowledge articles
  • Allow customers & employees to subscribe to knowledge articles and entire knowledgebases
  • Create multiple versions of knowledge articles & track changes to updated articles

8. Inkling Knowledge

Inkling Knowledge dashboard example

Inkling Knowledge lets you cover the whole spectrum of knowledge from content creation, storage, distribution to measurement, all-in-one, easy to use platform. It modernizes the way work gets done and places the right information into the hands of your workforce when they need it most. Inkling Knowledge applies a smart content system that delivers mission-critical information and together with its collaboration tool offers a mobile platform that connects your employees to the people and resources they need.

Inkling streamlines the way you create and manage critical training and reference assets all in a single, easy-to-use tool. You get to equip your team with the training and information they need when they need it most to ensure consistent performance. It provides dashboards to give you insight into how your content is driving business results and where it can be improved. With its intelligent search, you can find information quickly and easily in a library that is personalized for each user. Inkling offers custom pricing.


  • Customized content repository for each user
  • Create engaging, interactive content with its authoring tool
  • Content is built responsive for any device, and can be accessed offline
  • Track user interactions to understand content effectiveness
  • Drag and drop pre-built, dynamic content widgets
  • Integrate with existing Learning Management Systems

9. Remedy Knowledge Management

Remedy Knowledge Management dashboard example

Remedy Knowledge Management is from BMC, a foremost provider of IT solutions. Its knowledge management software puts knowledge at the fingertips of your users, and harnesses knowledge as soon as you find it with powerful knowledge authoring made for mobile. You can create articles from scratch, use templates, identify similar articles or import knowledge from external sources. It provides a complete framework to give your digital workforce the information they need, when they need it, and wherever they need it.

With Remedy Knowledge Management, you can solve problems faster by putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time, reducing the burden on your IT team and significantly improving customer satisfaction. You can collate and curate knowledge from multiple, disparate sources and make it available to anyone. This knowledge management software is offered through custom pricing.


  • Customized content repository for each user
  • Fix issues faster & deliver true self-service to reduce calls to the service desk
  • Create template-based articles from your desktop browser or the native mobile app
  • Embedded social allows users to comment, flag, and like your favorite articles
  • Natural language search capability lets you find what you need quickly
  • Source data from third parties, historical incidents, problems, and known errors using ITIL KM best practices
  • News flashes and watch lists keep users up to date

10. Guru

Guru dashboard example

Guru is a knowledge management solution meant to keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident with trusted knowledge that’s accessible in every application they use. It provides unified support knowledge for omnichannel teams by consolidating your organization’s internal and external knowledge and automatically keeping it updated. With Guru, you can bring all of your collective knowledge into one solution and maintain all of it, filtering by attribute or category and performing bulk actions when necessary.

Guru comes with a verification workflow to automatically remind you when to update your knowledge, letting your agents see the trust status of each piece of knowledge. Its analytics allows you to get insights into how your knowledge base is performing and see what knowledge is being used the most and by whom, as well as identify trends in high volume searches. This way you can determine what searches aren’t producing results and fill the gaps in your knowledge strategy. Guru offers three low-cost plans starting at $6/user per month.


  • Contextually surface knowledge directly in apps you use such as CRMs like Salesforce, or support solutions like Zendesk
  • Place documentation & product knowledge directly in agent’s workflow
  • Maintain one single source of truth instead of multiple knowledge management systems
  • Publish via Guru’s API or through turn-key help center to create your branded external site
  • Access & create knowledge directly in Slack
  • Manage user permissions & logically organize users into groups

11. Inbenta Knowledge Management

Inbenta Knowledge Management dashboard example

Inbenta knowledge management system makes it easy to have all the information you need in one place. It allows you to control your information and make sure that your customers can ask questions and get the right answer. The software applies natural language programming technology to truly understand information tagging, classifying and grouping, and produce automatic content and answers. With easy access to structured data, your organization becomes better informed and more agile.

The software enables you to capture every conversation into your corporate memory, ensuring information consistency across your organization. Its intuitive content creation tools allow your agents to start creating support articles quickly. You can import all your existing content, create new content in HTML or text formats, and organize everything using customizable category trees. You can create a different profile to limit content to certain users, and track the performance of every FAQ using analytics tools to let users find what they want. The platform is available via custom pricing.


  • Flexible CMS for your help center
  • Easy uploading of any existing content and assets into the system
  • Automatic classification, semantic clustering & discovery tools
  • Federated reporting and knowledge center search
  • Versioning of data to easily see changes & progression
  • Workflows and structure management tools

12. Tettra

Tettra dashboard example

Tettra is a knowledge and content management tool for modern teams to help them make better decisions in less time. It is designed for Slack teams to help your organization share knowledge, set goals, and create alignment to facilitate faster decision-making. Tettra makes it easy for anyone to contribute knowledge with a simple editor and clean reading experience. It comes with a smart suggestions engine that can tell you what content should be added or updated and what is no longer relevant. It can connect to your existing tools to make your knowledge base easily accessible in your normal workflows.

Tettra aggregates everything in one place for smooth onboarding of new employees and finding documents. It lets everyone contribute to documentation and sharing through a simple and intuitive page editor. It allows you to set permissions so that only the right people have editing rights. You can answer repetitive questions quickly in Slack, privately search for answers, and share them publicly to any Slack channel. Tettra offers three paid plans starting at $50/month.


  • Integration & connection with hundreds of tools through Zapier
  • Tight integration with Slack
  • Allow team members to suggest pages & edit existing information
  • Get daily updates on how your pages are performing
  • See how many people view, react & comment on your pages
  • Keep documents up-to-date automatically

13. KnowledgeOwl

KnowledgeOwl dashboard example

KnowledgeOwl is a fully customizable knowledge base and customer support software designed to help you build sites, knowledge bases, manuals, software documentation, and more. It lets you create your own secure, robust, easy-to-navigate resource to ensure that everyone stays on the same page. You can write, manage, and publish your FAQs for your website or application to help drive sales. It also allows you to set up self-service help sites with a powerful knowledge base search engine and a clean, easy interface so you can provide your customers the ability to help themselves.

KnowledgeOwl offers an open API to let you build your own integrations, pushing information into and pulling information out of the system. You can choose from one of six publishing statuses – draft, ready to publish, rejected draft, published, needs review, and deleted – to control visibility and workflow. Its full-featured WYSIWYG editor helps you create content just like in a word processor, and you can even embed videos from third-party video hosting tools like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. A base plan goes for $49/month with extra cost for additional knowldge base and user.


  • Set up remote authentication to automatically log in readers from your own website or application
  • Auto-save every 30 seconds in case you left an article without saving
  • Create categories that also act as articles
  • Create as many levels & hierarchies to organize your content
  • Create a PDF of your entire knowledge base, with option to include or exclude private articles & video content
  • Set rules to determine who has access to see, modify, and delete files in your library

14. Helpjuice

Helpjuice dashboard example

Helpjuice is a best in class customer support and knowledge base software built from the ground up to give you all the essentials to manage content while keeping it fast and easy to use. It offers customization and styling tools that let you come up with answers effectively and immediately. You can show questions and answers in multiple categories and set tags for easy search. Multiple authors can work on a single question and each revision is recorded. You also get to choose different levels of access including public, URL-based, specific users, and internal users.

Helpjuice provides analytics to help you track what matters by showing you insightful and actionable data. You get an overview of how helpful your knowledge base is at any selected period; learn what people are searching; and what results they get. You’ll also see how many times your questions were read and how many they helped. In addition, you get to track the performance of authors so you can award your top performers. The software is offered in three plans including one with enterprise custom pricing.


  • Set permissions & track activity
  • Centralized knowledge for your team
  • Personalized and custom branding for your knowledge base
  • Instant & intelligent search automatically suggests answers as you’re typing your question
  • Group questions in categories & set the order from them to be shown.
  • Enable visitor to open each question and rate its value

15. RightAnswers

RightAnswers dashboard example

RightAnswers provides smart features and intuitive functionality to help organizations easily create, manage, and share knowledge among their employees, agents, and customers. It empowers your IT team to know what they need to know and share what they need to share. RightAnswers makes your IT help desk and customer service agents more productive, improving both employee and customer experiences with a centralized knowledge hub to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly in order to deliver reliable IT support and customer service experiences.

The software’s Enterprise Knowledge Creation and Management feature allows authors to create and modify knowledge articles, and personalize solutions for agents, customers, and employees. Its pre-built templates address multiple problem types and enable the creation of many solution formats including interactive solutions (decision trees, step-by-step checklists, multi-step solutions), multimedia solutions (video, webinars), and multi-lingual solutions for supporting customers across the globe. Pricing for the solution is quote-based.


  • Personalize solutions for different audiences such as agents, customers, and employees
  • Dashboards for a quick summary of key knowledge management indicators across your organization
  • More than 40 standard reports & unlimited customizable options
  • Agent Portal enhances efficiency with everything they need on one screen
  • Integration with CRM, ITSM or other enterprise systems like ServiceNow and Salesforce
  • Web and mobile self-service to give customers instant knowledge access

16. ComAround Knowledge

ComAround Knowledge dashboard example

ComAround specializes in knowledge management and self-service to help organizations achieve world-class support using intelligent knowledge powered by Microsoft technology. As part of your digital transformation strategy, it provides a cloud-based platform where you can create, search, and access valuable knowledge across multiple cloud data sources as well as receive business intelligent reports. This ensures that your customers get valuable knowledge when they need it on any device.

With clearly defined functions and structured article templates, ComAround allows your knowledge workers to publish, edit, and import knowledge articles quickly and easily. You can import an unlimited number of articles from MS Word documents with an integrated multi-import or with MS Office App. It lets you find and remove duplicates of knowledge articles to make sure that you get only healthy and accurate content. It offers a library with thousands of pre-populated knowledge articles for standard applications including Windows & Mac O/S, Outlook, Office 365, Adobe, etc. The software is offered through quote-based pricing.


  • Integration with Service Management tools and business applications
  • Customizable self-service portal
  • Create or add videos to knowledge articles through a video recorder
  • Automatic translation into any language to reduce publishing time & translation costs
  • Automatic knowledge creator based on customers’ needs
  • Full advanced reporting suite with quick dashboards for KPIs

17. MyHub

MyHub dashboard example

MyHub is a fully customizable and easy to manage intranet that comes equipped with rich features. The cloud-hosted platform is delivered via Amazon’s managed network and can be customized with your branding. You get a wide range of modules to choose from including banners, forums, blogs, calendars, file storage and more. It provides a powerful site-wide search tool that returns results from pages, modules, and files stored in the document exchange including text within documents. You can easily create simple forms or advance workflow approvals including IT tickets, leave requests, onboarding and offboarding processes.

MyHub lets you access your full intranet from mobile devices so you can take your intranet with you. It has a simple 5-step site builder process and you get access to a dedicated setup and design expert at no extra cost. You can seamlessly add modules to pages, and allow authorized users to edit individual pages. You can also add and manage single or multiple users and set access permissions using administrative tools. The software allows for an unlimited number of pages and sub-pages with flexible design options using a drag and drop builder. A pricing plan of $99/month is available as well as an annual plan pegged at $1,010.


  • Fully configurable forms and workflows
  • Unlimited users, unlimited data storage, unlimited folders & files & unlimited support
  • Social intranet – follow/add me, notifications, messaging, user profiles, individual/site activity wall
  • Collaboration tools – feedback, comments, team forums & project pages
  • Several modules and business tools
  • Embed your favorite Google applications

18. eXo Platform

eXo Platform dashboard example

eXo Platform is an open source, full-featured digital collaboration platform intended to engage and empower your workforce, transform your employee experience, and harness your company knowledge. Designed for growing teams and large enterprises, it supplants traditional intranets by connecting employees, tools, and information. It provides employees with tools they need to work together, unifies business applications into one modern user-centered hub, streamlines communications, and centralizes company knowledge.

Among its features and capabilities are knowledge management, collaboration spaces, content management, project management, document storage and collaboration, activity streams, social engagement, single access point, and mobile. You have the option to install the software on-premise or have the vendor host and manage the platform for you. It comes in three editions: Professional that starts at $6/user per month for up to 200 users, Enterprise for up to 1,000 users, and Enterprise Plus for unlimited users.


  • Pre-built connectors & administration tools
  • Capture, share, and centralize company knowledge
  • Manage projects through collaboration & sharing tools
  • Open standards-based for easy integration with IT environment & existing applications
  • Extensible & customizable for quick changes in branding, layout & user experience
  • Enterprise-ready/secure & scalable

19. IntelligenceBank

IntelligenceBank dashboard example

IntelligenceBank provides an easy way to securely share, manage, approve and access your data, according to your business processes. With a robust workflow and approval system, you can easily share and collaborate on documents and data with your team, all in one place. It offers granular permissions, watermarks and a detailed audit trail provide for added assurance when you share sensitive information. Likewise, it lets you create a client portal to keep track of customer contacts, proposals, work products, invoices and contracts.

This software enables you to manage, share and measure your customer insights, automatically alerting your team when new data is available. You can also create custom pages to showcase customer segments and key themes. It is most beneficial to legal and sales. It allows legal teams to track each case where actions can be assigned and linked to related documentation. For sales teams, it allows them to have the latest sales and marketing collateral, customize proposals, and get alerts and instant access when new items are available. It also integrates with several CRMs. Three quote-based plans are offered.


  • iPad app for offline access
  • Plugins & universal connector allows integration with dozen of apps
  • Online document management
  • Workflows, approvals & granular permissions
  • Internal news, email alerts & email links
  • Customizable databases

20. Astute Knowledge

Astute Knowledge software is smart enough to build itself. It utilizes a patented natural language processing technology that understands what your customers are asking, searches your business systems for an answer, and interprets raw data into an intelligent, human-friendly response. It puts the right answers at your fingertips, giving your customers and service staff intelligent and accurate answers without needing to author a knowledge base from scratch.

As such, you can get your software up and running quickly using existing content from approved internal and external sources. With every customer query, the intelligent learner tool automatically identifies and alerts you to opportunities to improve your answers, benefiting customers, store associates, and agents alike from a single optimized knowledge base. Smarter knowledge management allows each customer to receive personalized, relevant responses tailored to their intent, behavior, history, and device. This system is available through custom pricing.


  • Versioning & history to retain a record of each piece of KMS content as it evolves
  • Natural language processing that understands the true intent of customer’s question
  • Implement self-service across web, mobile & messengers to provide optimized answers
  • Personalized responses that leverage user input, product data & other context
  • Index existing internal & external content to auto-generate topics
  • Federated search from multiple knowledgebases

Is it the right time to purchase, or migrate to, a new knowledge management software?

With pricing for KMS provided for more than ten users free, you cannot go wrong purchasing a new KMS software now. With Zendesk offering such unbeatable treasure chest of features, you cannot go wrong with the decision. Again, you can easily sign up for a Zendesk free trial here if you want to test drive the software and see if it fits your business requirement.

After all, what company does not want to become leaner, more efficient, and more productive? KMS saves time, money, and resources by optimizing the way organizations and their employees handle, organize and manage data and information. What all these translate to is an agile organization and a knowledgeable workforce that can weather business challenges and achieve better profitability.

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