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Sebastian Lambert

As the founder and CEO of FinancesOnline Sebastian is our platform’s chief expert on the SaaS and B2B & software market. He has vast experience in developing efficient lead generation campaigns for a wide range of businesses and institutions.

He pays close attention to the latest trends on the SaaS market and he frequently shares his knowledge and predictions on which way the market will go forward and what users and companies should be prepared for in the future. A lot of his detailed data analyses are also published as verious trend and market reports on our site. READ ARTICLES BY SEBASTIAN


Alex started writing freelance for various local papers covering politics, business and features, before specializing on the financial software beat during his internship at a popular Denver news outlet. He has a keen interest in modern technologies, SaaS software and cloud solutions, pursuing news, stories and issues around these topics for nearly ten years now. He has written for financial and tech websites and hosted a number of blogs dedicated to explaining how cloud-based technology can help modern companies and startups. Currently he is an editor-in-chief at READ ARTICLES BY ALEX


Julia has been covering SaaS software topics for four years now. She started writing professionally as a freelance talent for the LA tech news sites. She later moved to Washington, where she covered news on technology and business for two years. Julia is now part of the editorial team at, where she writes features and tips to promote the adoption of cloud-based services. She also oversees the talent pool over at FinancesOnline, using her network of journalists and consultants as a valuable resource. READ ARTICLES BY JULIA


Robin is one of the SaaS adoption consultants and resident writers for He talks about a wide range of technology related topics, from popular startups to tools and solutions facilitating the development of online B2B market. He has been writing about money and business since his early days in journalism when he also covered the tech industry. Today, Robin focuses on providing SaaS and tech advice to his readers as part of the FinancesOnline team. He is also working on a book about the future of cloud-based solutions and what it means for online businesses using his more than a decade of experience with and exposure to the business sector as inspiration. READ ARTICLES BY ROBIN


Martin brings to an in-depth knowledge and experience about the modern software market. His journalistic and industry background is backed by an IT degree and experience as a programmer and project manager. Martin’s core competencies project management software solutions, CRMs and accounting apps. His goal is to share his experience and insights related to the SaaS market to help customers make more sound business decisions. READ ARTICLES BY MARTIN


David is a deputy business and technology editor at covering mainly the eLearning related issues, providing all sorts of learning guides and product reviews as well as savvy advice for his readers. He is also responsible for content quality assurance of the site. David leads coverage on various social media news and has years of experience reporting on startups, digital brand campaigns and marketing trends.


Chris is a smart, innovative and detail-oriented author and writer with almost ten years of professional experience. Along with his present position as a writer for, his background includes 5 years of work as a freelance writer and editor focused on content related to help desk software and various types of reviews. He specializes in carrying out market research on brands, companies and products. Chris also contributed substantially to the development and improving of more than twenty publications distributed worldwide.


Emily is a reviews writer, market research addict, an accomplished journalist and social media enthusiast. She’s been writing ever since she graduated as a journalist. Before she became a writer for she frequently contributed to other tech-focused publications where she covered topics such as startups, IT trends and modern software solutions. She specializes in writing compelling content, such as various learning articles, buying guides, and other stuff that sparks interest and improves traffic.