Top 10 HR Management Software Systems

hrmHR management software helps to streamline human resources activities from screening and hiring to performance assessment. These tools help HR managers to locate, retain, and promote the right candidates. Typically, HR applications offer modules such as performance record, benefits management, time and attendance, and payroll. Some tools can be a part of an ERP suite while others are standalone tools. More specialized HR management solutions can offer functions such as smart reporting, fingerprint ID, and employee self-service, and include features such as dashboard overview and drill-down details to enable executives to make smart decisions. Choosing a HR solution with a right set of features for your company can be quite challenging. In this article, we have prepared a list of the top HR management software systems as selected by our SaaS experts to help you select a suitable solution for your needs.

1. BambooHR – Score 9.8/10


BambooHR won our Best HR Management Software award.

Our B2B software experts performed a thorough evaluation of all the best HR management software solutions and selected BambooHR as the best product out there, offering superior features at an affordable price. In our test of the top HR management software solutions, this app got the highest total SmartScore of 9.8/10 and its user satisfaction rating is currently at 98%. It also won our Best HR Management Software Award for 2016 as well as the 2016 Expert’s Choice Award. There is a great 7-day free trial available that you can check first. You can easily sign up for BambooHR free trial here.

BambooHR a is a popular online HR software solution created for small and mid-sized businesses. The software enables users to transition from spreadsheets to a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that fits their business requirements. HR professionals can maximize their efforts by using BambooHR’s HRIS and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage all aspects of the employee life cycle. The system offers HR managers clear visibility into strategic indicators like employee retention and turnover.

You can use BambooHR to consolidate all employee information and place them in a single view. Users can quickly retrieve the data they need, and analyze and take action on that information instantly. They can also easily export data and turn them into insightful reports. In short, BambooHR is a simple and easy-to-use HR Software that adapts quickly to your business needs.

According to our experts, BambooHR should be a prioritized human resources management solution despite of its current vice-leading position on this list. The software works with a variety of strategic indicators critical for personnel management, and that it will gather and consolidate all relevant HR information without requiring businesses to run more than one employee management platforms. What can be an incentive to purchase this system is the company’s quote-based pricing, thanks to which you can get a price tailored specifically for the needs of your small team.

2. Zoho People – Score 9.6/10


In our test Zoho People got the highest score of  9.6/10 and its current user satisfaction rating is an impressive 99%. The vendor offers flexible pricing packages that are reasonable for the needs and budgets of both small and large companies. Plus, there is a great free trial that lets you try out the app’s key features at no cost.

Zoho People is a simple and flexible HR app that helps users to cover employee management operations, including time/attendance, leave, and records. It works out of the box and has been created for companies that want a product that can be implemented easily without having to customize the entire system. The software helps to virtually organize HR processes and make HR workflows simple and fast. Users can manage all aspects of employee management in a centralized hub. Employees can access relevant information through the employee self-service portal. The app simplifies time management operations and makes it easy to track and analyze attendance, time rendered, holidays, absenteeism, and leaves.

What is really important to consider in the case of Zoho People is that this platform belongs to a popular and more than successful productivity suite that can be trusted. The company started from point zero when exploring HR management, but still developed one of the most successful employee self-service portals where all critical HR data can be accessed and modified from any device or location. At the same time, this system can handle expense management just as good as employee onboarding, which eliminates the need to run whatever other human resources management related program. Still, had you decided to blend the product without necessarily modifying your current software infrastructure, the Zoho company will provide you with a long chain of flawless integrations to import/export data painlessly.

3. Workday – Score 9.5/10


Workday got a SmartScore of 9.5/10 and customer satisfaction rating of 96%. It is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise-class solution that can be used to manage global businesses. The platform offers human capital management, financial, and payroll solutions that are designed for modern businesses. It is deployed in the cloud and is a viable alternative to legacy ERP. More than 280 companies including Fortune 50 businesses use this app for their operations.

Workday is a simple and intuitive app that you can learn to use easily and accomplish your tasks without IT expertise. It unifies finance and HR to give you predictive analytics, global visibility, and real-time insights. A single version of the tool is offered to all customers. The vendor ensures there are no disruptive upgrades and always provides you with the most recent version. Data security is assured as the vendor uses rigorous safeguards for its solutions.

While Workday may not be an equally powerful feature robust as Zoho People and Bamboo HR are, it is still a smart choice for recruiting and succession planning. At the same time, Workday is an enterprise-grade app which should be considered when in need of long term career planning, and performance management suitable for large teams. A proof of the fact that Workday is enterprise-friendly is the plethora of unique features, such as revenue recognition, purchase orders, real time spend analytics, strategic workforce planning, benefits administration, and many more.

4. SuccessFactors (SAP) – Score 9.1/10


SuccessFactors has been given a SmartScore of 9.1/10 in our test and its customer satisfaction rating is 9%. It is a leading enterprise application software that offers new opportunities for innovation and development, and helps companies stay ahead of the competition. The software is cloud-based and offers rich and flexible features to optimize your workflows and workforce.

SuccessFactors offers features such as onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system (LMS), HR analytics, succession planning, talent management, an applicant tracking platform, recruiting tools, and performance solutions. The app can be used by companies of all sizes in more than 60 industries. Businesses can utilize its full suite of talent solutions, as well as workforce analytics, core HR, and collaboration features to improve productivity and engage and motivate their employees.

5. iCIMS Talent Acquisition – Score 9.0/10


iCIMS Talent Acquisition is a popular talent acquisition and onboarding solution that offers a rich collection of features, including a branded career portal. This customizable portal helps candidates to look for career opportunities. The iCIMS platform provides companies the tools they need to simplify and accelerate the talent acquisition process by selecting the right candidates for specific jobs. The app helps businesses to engage the right candidates, improve the hiring process, make quality hires, and follow key metrics within one robust tool.

Other notable features include job board posting, career site search engine optimization (SEO), and social media distribution. This powerful app helps HR recruiters to reach and attract qualified candidates. The iCIMS Social Distribution feature extends the reach of your HR professionals beyond popular social media sites to more than 300 other social media outlets, including specialty and niche websites.

6. Recruitee – Score 9.0/10


Recruitee has been awarded a SmartScore of 9.0/10 and its user satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. It is a popular collaborative hiring application. The software offers an intuitive design and can help to streamline your hiring efforts and manage your employees more efficiently. The platform is used by more than 600 companies including top brands like Red Bull, Vodafone, Peerby, and Evbox.

Recruitee provides a drag-and-drop user interface that is fully customizable and brandable. It allows users to create custom pages for each job opening. You don’t have to create job descriptions from scratch as the software offers a library of more than 200 job description templates for different positions. Candidates can apply by providing information in the online application form and uploading their resumes. Or, they can link their LinkedIn or Indeed profile with Recruitee. Website visitors can share open jobs on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

What is really specific about Recruitee is its capacity to help companies attract potentially culture-fit candidates, as it enables recruitment managers to dedicate separate websites for every job opening, pushing through the identity of their brand to help potential team members familiarize with the position, and inspire them to make the most of their talent when applying for it. If you’re a small team in need of creative onboarding solutions, Recruitee may be an attractive option to consider.

7. Planday – Score 8.9/10


Planday has been given a SmartScore of 8.9/10 and it has a perfect customer satisfaction rating of 100%. It is an employee scheduling software that gives HR managers the tools they need to better manage their employees. The software empowers both managers and employees to work smarter. It connects employees and managers across all devices through a shared overview of work schedules as well as punch clock, absences, shift swaps and more. The app also offers payroll export feature.

Planday simplifies employee schedule management with automation, mobile connectivity, and modern templates, and there are no spreadsheets involved. The system can help to reduce time spent on employee scheduling tasks by up to 75%. This is because business owners and managers do not need to spend significant amount of time on tracking down employees, correcting schedules, and changing spreadsheets. This means they get more time to focus on important work and deal directly with their customers.

8. Quikhiring – Our Score: 8.0/10

QuikHiring is a simple to use mobile application designed to bridge recruiters and candidates, enabling them recruiters meet candidates and quickly and effortlessly conduct face to face interviews via their smartphones or tablets. The platform provides recruiters with pre-defined templates for Questions and Answers for each Role and Functional Areas, speeding up the setup process so they can invite candidates for a quick interview almost instantly.

QuikHiring is a game changer in terms of finding the right people for the job within the fastest possible time. More than just a quick face-to-face video interview solution, QuikHiring expedites the selection process as video introductions effectively replace resumes and videos of potential candidates can be shared instantly to top management for approval and processing.

9. Omnicontext Personal Analytics – Our Score: 8.0/10

Omnicontext Personal Analytics is a tool that helps users collect and analyze meaningful information, and enables them to fully understand how they perform and interact, analyze their habits and lifestyle so they can address problematic areas of their life and work on them as they tread the path to self-improvement. From various sources, you are able to derive information, comments, and other details about how you work, communicate with friends and colleagues, places you frequent, and more, enabling you to create a clear picture of yourself based on other people’s points of view.

Omnicontext Personal Analytics is a great application to help you improve your time management skills, communication skills, socialization skills, and other capabilities and talents that you need to help you forward your professional career as well as strengthen personal relationships and make professional partnerships fruitful and rewarding.

10. Clobbi.Recruitment – Our Score: 8.0/10

Clobbi.Recruitment helps small and medium businesses fast track their recruitment processes by automating tasks and helping you qualify the best candidates faster and with greater accuracy. The software is available as cloud-hosted or on-premise.
The HR management software helps you collate and manage candidates’ information and match them with your vacancies and job requirements. It can easily be integrated with the corporate website and automate job offers for posting on your social networks, recruitment portals.
You can set rules to attract applicants based on your preferences, including by skills level, education or location. Parsing resumes based on your rules is automated, leaving you with only the most qualified candidates for processing.
Furthermore, Clobbi.Recruitment closely integrates with Facebook, TWitter and VK to quickly spread the word about your job openings. Candidates can easily fill out online forms and enter submit.
The software has tight security in place to safeguard data, care of Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud platform. Likewise, as part of the Clobbi ERP, the HR management software can scale to perform other key business processes.

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