Top 10 Law Practice Management Software Systems

Law practice management software is used by law practices to manage case and client records, important files, schedules and appointments, deadlines, billing and accounting, and more. These solutions have many benefits, and can also be utilized to meet compliance requirements such as with the electronic filing processes of courts as well as document retention policies. Most law schools do not teach students the requisite skills to operate a law office. Therefore, many law practices use this type of software to help new lawyers learn the ropes and to reduce clerical errors. This article reviews the top law practice management software apps in the market and gives you a list of the 10 most popular ones. We are sure it can help you select a suitable solution for your law firm.

1. PracticePanther

Our review panel of SaaS experts thoroughly evaluated all the leading law practice management systems in the market and was impressed with PracticePanther’s main features, customization, integration and other elements. You can check out for yourself this app by test driving its features using the free trial. You can easily register for PracticePanther free trial here.

Why have we ranked PracticePanther as the top law practice management software solution? It is a billing and management product that is specifically designed for the needs of the legal industry. The app offers a range of a range of capabilities such as calendaring, expense management, payment processing, billing, and time tracking in a single secure system. On top of that, the product is automated and mobile friendly, and lawyers can save a lot of time each week by using it effectively.

PracticePanther stands out among the crowd because it is intuitive and user friendly. The website is fast and easy to navigate, and the learning curve is short which eliminates the need for extensive training as well as calls to the support team for assistance.

PracticePanther also offers robust CRM and case management features for legal professionals. You can easily manage contacts and track all the processes in your office. CRM features include the ability to add notes in the news feed which ensures nothing is lost or forgotten. Plus, you can improve collaboration and communicate more effectively. Finally, the retainer alert sets a minimum budget and the system stops working until your client tops up their retainer.

2. Clio

Clio is specifically designed for the needs of legal professionals and helps them manage their schedule, information, and operations. Its string of tools and features helps to streamline office processes. Numerous lawyers use this dynamic solution to manage their reporting, accounting, time tracking, appointments, office finance, client and case records, and documentation.

What are the benefits Clio brings to the table? You can easily organize case details, share documents, set schedules, and create workflows. Plus, you can fully control your company’s finances thanks to the integrations with accounting apps like QuickBooks and Xero. Other advantages are you can accurately track billable minutes, send professional-looking invoices, and get faster payments. Finally, you can access this system from anywhere using any internet-ready device as it is compatible with Mac, PC, Android and iOS.

3. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is a time tracking and invoicing app that is suitable for the needs of accountants and law practitioners. They can use this solution to boost their productivity and deliver high quality services to their clients. The product is a comprehensive management suite that enables legal professionals to effectively manage their reporting, accounting, projects, and clients.

Attorneys can utilize Bill4Time to handle their timekeeping and billing, and easily generate and deliver invoices to clients. On top of that, the software provides useful case management functionality. You can perform accounting tasks, organize documents, set schedules and do more with this popular solution.

Bill4Time seamlessly integrates with leading payment gateways and channels, including PayPal, QuickBooks, and credit card processors. This gives your clients plenty of options to pay and provides you flexibility in accepting payment.

4. MyCase

MyCase is web-based law practice management application that helps legal experts communicate more effectively with their clients. The system has been developed by appfolio, a company that offers cloud-based software products for small and medium-sized organizations. MyCase is a complete practice management app for paralegals and attorneys.

Legal professionals can use this all-in-one system to manage their calendar, time tracking, online billing and invoicing, case records, documents and files, schedules, and contacts. It is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, allowing you to do more work in less time. The vendor provides Android and iOS apps to enable you to be productive on the go. Top features of MyCase include customizable templates, client portal, online payments, time tracking and expenses, and automation of calendar and tasks.

5. Firm Central

Firm Central is a product developed by Thomson Reuters. This cloud-based system brings together all legal procedures in a single platform. Top features include email management, document customization, email monitoring, scheduling and invoicing, calendar management, document management, and matter management.

Firm Central has carved out a name for itself thanks to its seamless integrations, calendaring rules, and custom form builders. The vendor uses reliable security protocols and a highly secure database to protect your sensitive data. Plus, the pricing packages are flexible and affordable for the budgets of small and medium-sized law firms. To sum up, this tool helps legal professionals monitor and organize the daily work in their company.

6. ActionStep

ActionStep is a cloud-based practice management system that law firms can use to run their business in an integrated manner on both front and back ends. The app is very flexible and suitable for the needs of both small and large law practices.

ActionStep is a cut above the competition because it provides more extensive features that include time recording, billing, document management, and matter management. Other useful functionalities are document assembly, document storage, trust accounting, general ledger, and case management. Finally, the solution enables you to automate all important workflows and processes, so that you can save time managing business aspects and focus on your cases.

7. CosmoLex

CosmoLex is a web-based legal practice management system that enables law firms to easily control and manage the business side of their practice. You can use this software for document management, calendar and tasks, email, trust (IOLTA) accounting, business accounting, eBilling, timekeeping, and more.

CosmoLex is designed for the needs of solo practitioners and small law firms. The app is cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about hardware and updates. You can securely store your client information, case files, and documents in the cloud and access it anytime, anywhere. Main features include credit card tracking, practice dashboards, bank-grade security, secure client portal, and time and expense tracking.

8. Alt Legal

Alt Legal is an intuitive, cloud-based solution that is designed to enhance the practice of intellectual property (IP) law. The app makes it simple to prepare and manage intellectual property, instantly generate IP filings, collect important client details, and update case deadlines and statuses.

Alt Legal aims to help legal professionals practice IP law in a more productive and effective manner. It focuses on eliminating the risky, tedious, and repetitive parts of IP law practice, so that you can focus on growing your legal enterprise. Top features include acuity protect, collaboration, reporting and analytics, eBilling, and matter management.

9. LexRex

LexRex enables legal professionals to efficiently manage their cases and clients. You can deploy and operate this system using the IT device of your choice. With this product you can easily organize your client and case files, manage your calendar, generate comprehensive invoices, and accept online payments.

You can use LexRex to create a management system that is effective for you. Plus, you can customize your client and case files the way you want and sync calendars and documents. The system is cloud-based which means you can access it with any internet-ready device from anywhere, anytime. The biggest advantage is the app makes it a breeze to bill your clients and accept payments promptly.

10. LEX247

A robust, feature-complete, enterprise-grade software, LEX247 streamlines various legal management processes while granting great mobility so users can access all cases anytime, anywhere. This extends to management of all legal practice tasks, from appointment scheduling and client communication to case management and invoice management.

This cloud-based software provides users a reprieve from laborious and mundane administrative work through automation functionalities powered by intelligent AI. Automated reports, capturing of time spent on client calls, adding of invoices, pre-filing forms, and checking for conflicts of interest are effectively handled by the platform without manual effort from users. With this, lawyers are freed from time-intensive tasks so they can focus on servicing their clients.

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