Top 5 B2B Directories to Add Your SaaS Software To

saasBefore you head out for dinner, purchase an app, or get an item on Amazon, what is one of the very first things you do? Why, checking out the reviews and user ratings online of course. Before you spend money on a product or service you want to know what other customers have to say about it.

Thanks to various popular SaaS directories platforms available online customers can make better buying decisions, and companies with higher ratings and better user reviews from their customers do experience better sales. Usually, high ratings increase the popularity of a product and take it to the top of online search results.

Consumer businesses are not the only ones that are affected by user ratings and reviews. In recent years we have seen the launch of a number of review platforms focused on B2B and SaaS solutions. Top B2B directories also provide customers and companies with the chance to inform other potential clients about their experience with a product they bought. Such review platforms can be an amazing resource for people looking for effective B2B technology solutions for their company.

If you are a B2B vendor that offers SaaS solutions to other companies, you should seriously consider making sure your products are included in the listings of these top B2B directories, most desirably with lots of positive user reviews and stellar ratings.

Estabilishing social proof is key to increasing your sales

The key to convince your customers to buy your product is to make them trust your business. This is especially important for the B2B market, where prospective buyers can and will research your products online, checking out reviews, reading testimonials, looking up social media posts, verifying customer rants, and more. In fact, a survey made by Google/CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council showed that B2B buyers will only contact suppliers or vendors after 57% of the buying process has already been completed.

In the past, establishing social proof took businesses a very long time and often required a lot of money. Today, there’s a simpler and more affordable way to immediately gain both expert and user social proof: getting published in a SaaS directory. These third-party websites can collate products in a specific category, where the programs are assessed by either in-house experts and/or customers who post user reviews and share their experience with a given product. More often than not, your product is objectively assessed (some B2B directories offer this as a free service) and will be quickly visible to hundreds of people that visit such sites daily.

Review directories are the main source of information for clients

Executives and department managers are busy people. At the same time however, they are pressured to search for the best tool to purchase for their company. Visiting all the product websites is inefficient and ineffectual because many of the best programs are unheard of, new, or simply do not land in top Google or Yahoo search results. Instead, a survey made by BrightLocal showed that about 85% of users read up to as many as 10 product reviews before they actually trust a business, and among these sources of valuable insights third-party B2B directories are quite often the most popular ones.

In addition, since review sites are rich in relevant content (and are seen as more objective in comparison to pitches published on vendors’ official websites) and many users visit them, they usually rank high in Google and other search engines. It is not surprising to see, for example, a review site to even rank higher than the official website of a product when you search for the product’s name and review. According to the State of Demand Generation study made by Pardot, many B2B buyers start their product discovery using online search, allowing these third-party review sites to easily grab these online leads and send them directly to your landing page.

If you are still unsure where to add your SaaS software product, begin with these top 5 B2B directories.

1. is currently the best review directory and the fastest growing review platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to measure a product’s quality based on a wide range of metrics to help prospective buyers quickly see if a product is worth buying. It uses a SmartScore System, aggregating a score based on analyzing the product’s main functionalities and features as well as other critical factors, including collaboration features, customization, customer support, integration with other apps, and mobility. It also provides a wide range of services aimed at SaaS vendors, inclduing effective lead genereation campaigns, brand awareness improvement and content marketing.

The main advantage of getting your product listed on FinancesOnlne is that it provides one of the most effective lead generation campaigns for SaaS and B2B products. Vendors using the lead generation campaigns have reported very high conversion rates and ROI. For a typical B2B directory you can count on an average conversion for your campaign at a 7%, but FinancesOnline offers much better results. Typical conversion rate here is at least 10% for less-known brands and more than 20% for well-known vendors. That significantly higher than what many competitors offer. These results are created thanks to a very high quality of traffic visiting FinancesOnline, as they are mostly users already interested in B2B & SaaS solutions, so many of them eagerly subscribe to free trial plans and then convert into actual customers. If you want to learn more about the lead generation possibilities for your product you can easily request a review of your product here.

With minimum effort, your business can gain a solid online presence on that will support the credibility of your product with an unbiased, independent review from experts. You can easily check if your product has been already featured on by using the search tool on the site.

The site also offers industry-specific trust marks, quality awards and certificates that can vouch for the high quality of your product, significantly improving the trust for your product and increasing sales. offers a unique Verified Quality Seal that can be featured both on your product’s review page and your own website. The seal is a solid guarantee that your product provides high-quality services and has in fact been positively evaluated by credible and independent experts. Marketing research shows that using such seals can lead to a 14% increase in product sales.

Your product can also be rewarded with one (or several) quality certificates from the in-house experts of the site. These quality badges highlight your product’s unique features, including such elements as great user experience or useful free trial. When potential clients see these badges they immediately know your product is trustworthy and it stands out from the competition.

This B2B directory is also unique because of its Customer Satisfaction Algorithm, which looks at user reviews, social media mentions, as well as other comments about the product and then calculates a score that ideally represents the overall customer satisfaction with it. Many customers find this score a very practical way to gauge the user social proof for a product.

2. IT Central StationIT Central Station boast 77,000 active members reviewing software on their platform

IT Central Station is a crowdsourced review directory that gathers independent, user-generated reviews of B2B & SaaS solutions for the enterprise tech community. The site employs a community manager that verifies the identity of each reviewer who wrote a user review.

The vetting process of each review involves accepting the review via an interview, and posting the review on the site with the reviewer’s approval.

IT Central Station is a real-time, dynamic platform that can provide user information and other relevant data for enterprise technology decision makers. With the diverse experience of the site’s founders working in startups as well as enterprise IT, the site operates much like a TripAdvisor or Yelp for enterprise technology.

Designed for enterprise technology buyers, this dynamic community website offers reviews, recommendations, as well as other expert advice and tips for potential clients. It offers user information that is objective, relevant, and current. They also offer marketing solutions for vendors including lead generation services and advertising.

In addition, the site protects your business, prohibiting users to post anonymously and encouraging the use of real names to promote expertise. The site enables knowledgeable experts, including independent consultants and real users, to share their expertise or feedback in a top-quality community of decision makers.

3. CapterraSample product review on Capterra

Another quality SaaS directory, Capterra can help customers who are looking for the right B2B SaaS software for their business by allowing them to compare the solutions that match their needs, and connecting them with the right vendors.

The site, which has at least 300 software categories listed, offers helpful buyer’s guides, relevant blog posts, as well as instructive user reviews to help you evaluate various choices by means of a credible third-party source.

It helps people find the perfect software solution for their organization by enabling the users to identify and easily navigate all of their choices. Capterra also helps software companies engage these buyers more efficiently. An overview of services offered to vendors shows a variety of lead generation possibilities.

The site is among the most comprehensive online lists of business software solutions, helping millions of people look for their right software solutions from over 300 software categories listed there. The site’s software experts are also available to help you along the way and even recommend a shortlist of programs matched to your specific needs.

4. G2 CrowdG2 Crowd's unique scoring grid in action

G2 Crowd looks for the best business software solutions and examines them with their reviews. Enterprise technology buyers, analysts, and investors, can also use this resource to compare and choose the perfect software solution for them based on user reviews and synthesized social data.

G2 Crowd is one of the best Capterra alternatives. It’s a place where people can share their reviews or feedback in real-time. It has quickly become one of the very popular platforms for business software reviews. G2 Crowd currently has over 25,000 authentic user reviews.

It has also created a motivated community of at least 30,000 software users who are sharing their reviews in real time. These new insights based on user-generated, authentic reviews encourage better-informed decisions and collective knowledge so businesses all over the world can buy the right software solution in much the same manner that consumers buy products and services based on peer reviews posted on sites such as Yelp and Amazon. G2 Crowd also utilizes Grid Scoring a unique way of score presentation that allows clients to quickly find a good match for their needs.

The site allows you to browse peer reviews and find the best solutions for your company. You can write your own reviews to bolster your expertise, earn online recognition as an expert, and get rewards if you are a top contributor.

5. GetAppSample product review on

Another good G2crowd alternative is GetApp. This website helps businesses, especially the small and medium-sized ones, to look for, compare and select the best business software tools available in the market right now. It has at least 3,000 apps posted in its review directory.

According to the company’s CEO “Only 10% of online visitors find what they are looking for when interacting online“. That’s why businesses all over the world have used GetApp to look for and purchase business applications. It lists online software solutions categorized by pricing model, devices supported, industry, customer types, platforms, and geographies.

The site enables users to search for business applications, check out software recommendations, read user-generated reviews, and even ask questions. also claims to be vendor-independent as well as platform-neutral.

Its most popular categories include Collaboration Tools, CRM, Business Intelligence, HR & Employee Management, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Integration Solutions, and Project Management.

Business app developers are using the site to gain more visibility and expand their business. With GetApp services, business providers can get more leads, build their app store, get integration partners, and conduct co-marketing programs. If you’re looking for a GetApp alternative there are many services available, but GetApp it is certainly one of the top players on the market.

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  • Gilbert Evans says:

    Thanks for the great analysis of the B2B directories. Now, since seem to have a list of websites where I’d want to feature my company’s product I need some arguments to convince my bosses to do that? Can you suggest some main advantages and benefits of listing our software product on these B2B review websites that I could pitch to a CEO?

    • Alex Hillsberg says:

      Hello Gilbert, I am glad you like our article and found it useful. There are many advantages your company can obtain by featuring your product on popular B2B review platforms. The reviews can help customers make more informed buying decisions. Plus, your company can increase sales if your product has high ratings and good user reviews. A favorable review can increase consumers’ trust in your offering. Your product will also rank higher on search engines. If your product wins any awards from a review site, it will increase its popularity even further. Your company can also tie up with the review sites and use them to direct customers to your landing pages to increase product sales. Hope this helps 🙂

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