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50 Best Tools & Apps To Maximize Your Marketing Team Productivity

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Conventional wisdom dictates that marketing teams need members that have the right skillset to foster team productivity. This is why failure to meet such standard, which happens more often than we’d care to admit, could result in productivity problems. Good thing marketing productivity tools were developed to suit your business’ every need. Numerous tools for just about every aspect of marketing team productivity are currently available in the market.

As you might already know, marketing is not confined to a specific task. It entails many processes, which include writing, social media management and research, among many others. For this reason, automation tools were developed to make such processes easier and more efficient. This is likewise the cause why organizations have increasingly been seeking to harness the vast potential of digital marketing. This, coupled with consumers’ growing interest in rewards and loyalty programs has pushed many digital marketers to boost spending on such strategies.

Aside from this, the ability of digital technology to effect richer customer experience has also contributed to the renewed focus on digital marketing. In fact, 89% of companies have been found to compete based on the quality of customer experience.

The use of digital technologies in marketing efforts have greatly contributed to these developments. In fact, it has been driving marketing innovations like never before. It is therefore not surprising that Global spending on advertising is forecast to reach $327.28 billion in 2018.

In this article, we will take a look at the best tools & apps to maximize your marketing team productivity. The order in which the solutions are listed does not denote ranking. Their key features and benefits will be briefly discussed. Here’s what types of tools we’ll be looking at:

  1. Research tools
  2. Organization tools
  3. Project management
  4. Asset Management
  5. Marketing Tools
  6. Graphic Design Tools
  7. Video Conferencing Tools
  8. Collaboration Tools
  9. Writing Tools
  10. Content Management Tools
  11. Social Media Management Tools
  12. Data Analysis Tools

Top 50 Marketing Productivity Tools

Research Tools

Market research is essential to business growth. You are bound to do market research in some form or another whether you are a large corporation or a small local store. There are a lot of research tools available out there. These solutions enable businesses to track customer behavior, measure the efficacy of marketing efforts and communicate with consumers. Below are some of the most popular research tools in the market.

1. Google Keyword Planner

First on our list of best tools & apps to maximize your marketing team is Google Key Word Planner. It is an easy to use search engine optimization tool designed for use by experts in the field. The solution is very useful in researching keywords and creating excellent SEO and online marketing campaigns. It has an easy to manage interface, making campaign creation an easy task, with features such as keyword suggestion and traffic estimation readily accessible to users.

With Key Word Planner, you can export data with speed and ease. You can do this by downloading the entire list of keywords or selecting specific phrases and exporting the custom list to Excel. You can store this keyword list for further perusal or future use. In addition, the platform is capable of multiplying your keyword lists, combining lists so as to create new and unique phrases, very useful in keyword discovery and testing.

2. SEMrush

Basically a keyword research tool, SEMrush can also analyze online competitors and double as a business intelligence solution. It possesses metrics that can help you better analyze your competition, the market in general and your overall industry. The software allows businesses to improve their advertising strategies while tracking the organization’s general direction.

SEMrush ranks among the best business intelligence solutions for digital marketing campaigns. Its flexible pricing and diverse packages are designed to reduce business risk while maximizing your ROI. It has search engine optimization, pay per click, link sources, site audits, among other functionalities. Using the tool, you can easily compare competitor domain and keyword data and exploit vulnerabilities.

3. SEOQuake

SEOQuake is a search engine optimization tool that is also capable of promoting your website. The software enables users to quickly capture and examine vital SEO parameters, all from a single browser.

With SEOQuake, you can collect all sorts of SEO data on the fly from any website. This is very useful for specialists researching SEO strategies. It likewise allows users to track the activities of competing websites. Using the tool, one can capture website information such as Google page rank, Google index and Google Cache Data, among many others.

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is a website conversion solution that is trusted by a vast number of large corporations. It offers robust features that will enable you to monitor the behavior of customers visiting your website. The software’s analysis tools gives an insight on the strengths and weaknesses of your site. It is likewise able to gather customer feedback using forms and surveys.

With Hotjar, you can take a snapshot of how your site is performing, enabling you to get an idea on what’s hot and what’s not for your customers. This capability can really improve your business’ online presence. The platform’s numerous tools allow you to see what site visitors are doing such as their clicking and scrolling habits, a very useful feature for marketing your products and services.

5. Content Insight

Content analysis tool Content Insight gives users information on page performance with the use of analytics and SEO advice. The tool helps businesses decide on how to best modify pages or learn the impact of implemented changes on performance. You can use the software to analyze pages that you create.

The platform’s Content Analysis Tool, meanwhile, enables users to come up with summaries of content and their corresponding analytics data. This effectively provides an inventory on which to base content curation or repurposing.

6. Qualaroo

Website conversion improvement tool Qualaroo is aimed at boosting a site’s conversion rate. It essentially generates more leads, ensuring that prospects become paying customers. The software supports both desktop and mobile devices and showcases powerful features.

Qualaroo basically analyzes client behavior, allowing businesses to give them what they need. This enables businesses to understand what customers want and what potential issues could hinder a sale. Such is achieved by providing customers with personalized web experiences, which almost guarantee sales. This target marketing feature is done through the software’s target questions and advanced analytics.

7. Ahrefs

Research and SEO tool Ahrefs is one of the most popular solutions of its kind in the world. It is known to have the largest backlink index in the market. What makes the software unique is its ability to allow users to look into competitor’s SEO strategies, backlinks, among other things.

The platform is packed with excellent features, including ranking, URL ratings and domain ratings. It likewise has a backlinks graph, which displays the number of backlinks and improvement in referring domains, very useful in observing link velocity guidelines. Ahrefs likewise has an organic keywords graph that lets users know if their websites have gained organic traffic.

Organization Tools

Time management and organization are important business attributes that could make or break an organization. Failure to diligently practice these two could results in huge losses for a company. New technologies that could automate these processes can help avoid errors, work hours and redundancies. The following are organization solutions that can greatly improve the way you use time and organize your affairs.

8. CoSchedule

Marketing calendar tool CoSchedule is targeted at content marketers who want to boost productivity while being able to monitor their projects and teams. Signing up for an account is quick and hassle-free, requiring only contact information, business details and a password. A customizable calendar tool helps users create timelines and monitor task deadlines, helping you identify priorities.

CoSchedule helps marketing teams in organizing articles, blog and social media posts and email marketing letters, among other content. It also has a native text editor, which allows users to write content in the task page. If you choose to, you can attach files using Google Docs. What’s even better is that the platform enables users to come up with social media posts from within the solution.

9. Calendly

A powerful scheduling solution, Calendly’s primary function is to save time, boost sales and upgrade the quality of your product or service. As a marketing tool, the platform enables prospects to connect to your organization quickly, ensuring that they stay in your sight. This is done by doing away with the use of email or phone tags in setting up appointments, interviews and calls, among other marketing activities.

Using Calendly is easy, all it takes is to set availability preferences, share links with customers, colleagues and others, and let them pick out their preferred time. Schedules are then added to your calendar automatically, making it really a lot simpler than what other solutions offer. What makes it even better is that the system seamlessly integrates with Google, Office 365 and Outlook.

10. Fantastical 2.2

Fantastical 2.2 is a calendar application designed to run on iOS devices and Mac OS X machines. This calendar app displays upcoming events on a list, keeping the window active even if you are looking at a day, week, month or year graphical layout. This allows for an organized flow of reminders, to-do-lists and appointments, which can greatly help with deadlines.

Fantastical 2.2 enables users to find meeting and event times that are mutually agreeable to all parties. You can also view the availability of attendees and send or respond to invites. The product has advanced time-zone support, which is capable of simultaneous display and printing. It likewise allows users to parse out event information simply by typing in descriptive sentences.

11. Todoist

A popular to-do software, Todoist helps boost productivity while better organizing tasks, setting schedules and deadlines. This basically freemium software has great features that can greatly benefit marketing teams. It likewise has a vast array of apps and plugins for desktops, laptops, mobile devices and browsers, supporting platforms such as Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Mac.

Todoist’s user-friendly interface is also worth noting as it comes with embedded productivity charts. It has classification tools that are of great help to improving productivity. With the solution, you can staff can communicate and work on tasks with ease, which are bound to increase productivity and improve output. In addition, you can work on assignments even if you do not have an Internet connection, thanks to the platform’s offline functionality.

Project Management

Designed to help both teams and individuals in organizing work, managing projects and tasks, project management software can greatly help businesses in ensuring projects are properly implemented and completed on time. These tools are readily available for purchase online with some even offered for free. The succeeding section outlines some of the best project management solutions around.

12. Wrike

Online project management tool Wrike is designed to boost work speed and efficiency. It allows collaboration among multifunctional teams from a single platform. It gives users the capability to schedule, discuss and monitor both work and progress, all in real time. Users can navigate the software with ease, making project management a lot easier. The solution supports mobile devices, enabling users to track project progress anytime, anywhere. Aside from this, the vendor has put in security measures so that only authorized persons can access your online database.

13. Trello

Popular project management software Trello is capable of tracking project status using a simple system of boards and cards. The solution allows team members to communicate in real time to discuss projects or tasks. Task assignments, activity logs and email notifications can likewise be generated using the software, keeping every team member in the know at all times. It is user-friendly, featuring a drag-and-drop and an in-line editing capability.

You can access the tool from any mobile, web-based, smartphone or tablet computer. With Trello, you can easily organize projects and tasks, enabling you to track projects and assign categories. It has all the tools that users need to implement just about any project. Aside from this, you can add comments, create checklists, labels and due dates, and add attachments to cards.

14. Asana

Popular project management platform Asana provides users with opportunities for communication and collaboration. It can be utilized in the creation of projects/tasks within projects, while allowing you to monitor such tasks’ progress from any browser and device. One can even add team members to projects and files aside from being able to share files.

With Asana, you no longer need to utilize email and third-party applications for your communications. You can likewise share notes, upload attachments in various formats and organize tasks. These result in streamlined workflows and timely delivery. It also sends out email notifications, which you can follow, like or comment on. It can effectively manage employee’s working space, allowing them to prioritize tasks on their own.

15. Omnifocus

A unique task management software, Omnifocus is designed to run on Mac machines and mobile devices running on iOS. It allows you to organize, manage and delegate tasks and individual projects. Notable features include locations, context, notes and due dates, among many others. Using the software, you can view tasks relative to location or schedule.

With Omnifocus, your project leaders and team members can structure projects on a specific order or in accordance with a timeline. Using its calendar, you can view schedules and appointments, along with upcoming and pending tasks. You can use the app even on the go as the software integrates easily with Siri.

Asset Management

Asset management software are essentially solutions that are capable of recording and monitoring IT assets from the day they are purchased to the day they are retired. These tools can provide your business with data such as asset location, users and details. Prominent features include vendor performance measurement, supplier portfolio optimization and compliance with vendor audit and policy. The following are examples of popular asset management platforms currently available.

16. Widen

A digital asset management software, Widen enables users to simplify the process of creating, managing and distributing web content. It can serve as a cloud-based central hub for content. The solution is easy to navigate and comes with a powerful search engine. With Widen, you can access photos, videos and other media in your preferred format with ease. The software facilitates collaboration among teams, keeping them abreast of the status of projects at all times. Workflow is also streamlined with media accurately delivered.

Marketing Tools

Marketing software tools were developed with one goal in mind–to provide mostly online businesses with growth opportunities. When used in conjunction with a unique brand, excellent support and marketing and communication efforts, these solutions will lead you to the big bucks. Here, we list the most sought after marketing tools around.

17. Prezly

Marketing solution Prezly is designed to enable businesses to boost communication with stakeholders by providing users with newsrooms, contact management and outreach capabilities. With the software, public relations workflow can be speeded up while using multimedia emails to quickly reach stakeholders.

Prezly provides users with fully functional online newsrooms, allowing organizations to efficiently get their message across. The tool can be used to share brand stories with social and traditional media influencers and helps teams get a better understanding of stakeholder, journalist and influencer interest through engagement tracking. It provides users with the convenience of importing Excel lists and data support for other PR protocols like Cision and Gorkana.

18. IBM Watson Marketing

Cloud-based marketing solution IBM Watson Marketing has numerous tools that allow professionals to come up with excellent digital marketing campaigns. The software supports Mac, Windows and Linux machines, along with mobile devices.

Prominent features include the ability to implement campaigns using email, web and social media while providing lead scoring and lead management capabilities. With the solution, all marketing content and resources can be managed. Aside from this, the product’s analytic tools allow users to analyze and boost marketing performance via role-based dashboards, analytics and session replay functionalities.

19. MailChimp

Popular email marketing service MailChimp is designed for small businesses and budding enterprises. However, the service is also capable of handling large email volumes for large businesses. Small businesses can greatly benefit from the platform as it offers low-cost plans for startups. With the service, you get to enjoy analytics and tools that are bound to boost your organization.

MailChimp is intuitive, and can be used almost immediately upon sign up. The software enables users to utilize email to communicate with clients and prospects while easily marketing products and services. It likewise offers numerous sources to help you plan and execute email marketing campaigns. With the service, you can create your own newsletter, customize your mailing list and automatically send out newsletters when you update your blog.

20. Keynote

Keynote is a presentation software designed for devices running on iOS and Mac. This robust application allows users to choose templates, make and edit slides, add transitions and animations and use charts and graphs, among others. Navigation from slide to slide is easy, with the current slide located in the main viewing area. The same can be said for slide creation as the solution comes with pre-fabricated themes, along with pre-made slides.

Using Keynote, users can create visually pleasant motion with objects using animation and transition. There are a variety of animations available with each one producing great effect. Zoom animation is also possible with the platform, helping presentation audience stay focused on your slides. Unlike other software of its kind, Keynote lets you include gradual changes in your chart or graph data. You can also add a background track from your own music library.

21. CloudApp

Cloud-based CloudApp is a software that captures and shares GIFs, images, videos and annotated screenshots. It is very useful for businesses who seek to explain their products’ features through the use of GIFs. It likewise demonstrates workflows with the use of videos, effectively reducing hours of work for marketing teams.

CloudApp can also be used in receiving and sending feedback through annotated images. Through this feature, emojis and quick drawings can be added to marketing content. With the solution, one can easily capture images and paste them onto the app of their choice. As for collaboration, team members can work jointly and efficiently, report bugs and foster better communication with clients.

22. Curata

Content marketing tool Curata is designed to help marketing teams generate leads and increase sales using content. It can quickly start and sustain content engines while an editorial calendar can remarkably improve content planning and creation. The solution’s analytics, on the other hand, determine effective marketing practices.

The software’s content marketing platform not only boosts your content supply chain. It is also capable of providing insights into content ROI. With the product, you can readily access content metrics, which include generated leads and sales opportunities. Content engagement can be tracked by account along a customer’s journey. You can streamline content production using Curata as its editorial calendar can be used to keep marketing teams informed at all times.

23. Office365

Office 365 are subscription plans that offer access to Office apps, along with cloud-based productivity services such as Lync web conferencing and Exchange Online hosted email for business. The basic form of the solution provides access to full Office desktop apps, mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

With Office 365, users can co-author using Microsoft Word in real time, with an integrated sidebar allowing you to share it from within the solution. Communicating with your teammates is also no problem with the software as its Skype in-app integration can be used to chat, share screens or make audio or video calls. Also, instead of sending an entire file, you may opt to insert links to a file in the cloud into your work with permissions automatically given to your email recipients.

24. Optimizely

Marketing software Optimizely can help users come up with customized websites and streamline visitor experience. It offers easy to use tools for businesses of any type and size, helping them create only the best services to improve customers’ digital experience on their sites.

With Optimizely, you can monitor subtle and sudden changes in customer behavior, which will enable you to design platforms to be more interactive. The platform monitors visitor experience with its analytics, giving you an idea of what’s good or bad for your website. Using the software, you can cut the bounce rate, boost site traffic, increase time spent on your website, and so much more.

25. Pony Express HQ


Text messaging application Pony Express HQ is an easy to use and convenient solution for communicating with customers on the platforms of your choice. With Express HQ, users are able to effortlessly send messages by bulk, or even to all of their contact groups. Because of this, you are able to deliver important information, product deals, alerts, reminders, and other pertinent information with ease. Individual replies can also be sent to address specific client requests and concerns.

The software is designed for non-tech savvy individuals. This allows businesses to quickly take advantage of its capabilities and save resources on training.

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic design software solutions allow users to manipulate images/models. They may come as individual programs or a suite of tools to choose from. More advanced systems can not only edit images but create and edit animations and videos as well. Majority of these solutions are able to import files in a variety of formats, which is very useful for working across different platforms. The following are some of the most popular graphic design software in the market today.

26. Snappa

Graphic design solution Snappa is designed to help users to easily create online graphics. The software is intuitive, requiring absolutely no training to use. Whether you are a beginner or have no prior knowledge of graphics design, you can use the tool with ease. A short tutorial is available upon sign up, guiding first time users on the basic operation of the platform.

Notable features include a graphics editor, a collection of visuals and templates, easy upload and social media support, among others. These and more ensure that all you need to make quality graphics are in a single product. What makes it even better is that the photos and graphics that come along with the tool are royalty free. With Snappa, editing image dimensions is a snap, enabling users to immediately use them in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

27. Sketch

Graphic design software Sketch has become a popular tool among marketing teams. It is ideal for creating excellent user interfaces. The vendor’s implementation of shared libraries has been found to help keep business assets updated at all times. Sketch utilizes several plugins, which include Craft, InVision and is capable of importing custom icon font libraries.

Using the solution, online templates can be downloaded, a real opportunity to learn a thing or two about graphic design. If this isn’t enough, there are tons of online tutorials that can teach you how to exploit the great many features of Sketch. The product is likewise capable of syncing with InVision accounts so users could easily share prototypes with team members.

28. Placeit

Web app tool Placeit allows users to create visually pleasant mockups and videos in a breeze. It is most suitable for use by app vendors who would like to produce quality images of their products in action. The solution supports screenshots of some Microsoft, iOS and Android apps. Placeit is not only easy to use, it can also be easily downloaded with prices depending on mockup or video quality.

Mockup or video creation is relatively simple, taking but seconds to accomplish. Once you’re happy with your mockups or videos, you can pay and immediately download them to your device. These can be shared without restrictions and you can even add texts or effects if you wish to do so. The platform is ideal for marketing and advertising campaigns as having your app seen in action is known to increase download and usage.


A basic diagram solution, allows users to create projects using volumes of equally basic images. The program uses drag-and-drag methods, making design an easy task. What’s good about the platform is that you can use it immediately upon visiting its website. It does not ask you to log in or register so that you can quickly start using the app.

With, you can easily save and load diagrams as if you are working from your own computer. Files are saved in .xml format, making them accessible from any program that read such language. What’s more is that you can export diagrams as .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf and .svg, which can all be used online or distributed via email.

30. Piktochart

Infographic design software Piktochart is ideal for users who want to come up with great designs yet spend less. The tool’s editor is easy to use, allowing you to edit background colors and images and insert texts and banners. Its drag-and-drop capability eliminates the need for complex design tools and the costly services of graphic designers.

Piktochart has over 600 templates, which include infographic, report, banner and presentation formats, making it a breeze to choose a template to your liking. You can likewise import needed data from Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheets. Best of all, your infographics can be downloaded in high definition JPEG, PNG or PDF formats.

31. Pixlr

Image editor Pixlr is suitable for putting finishing touches on image and graphic projects. The software is easy to use, making it ideal for non-professionals who wish to engage in graphic design. It has a simple interface that is reminiscent of those that can be found in mobile graphic apps, allowing users to give different effects a try. Its simplicity also enables users to save time on creating projects.

With Pixlr, you can access over 2 million effects and add personal touch to photos using over 340 overlays and 200 borders. You also have absolute control over how effects are used on your images, enhancing creativity and originality. With Pixlr’s Double Exposure tools, you can add images to your project using 11 different blend modes. Fine tuning images is no problem as you can apply features such as crop, straighten and resize, among other functionalities.

Video Conferencing Tools

Used primarily for remote live conferences between two or more individuals, video conferencing software utilizes computer networks in sending and receiving video, audio and text. These tool is popular among companies that are of global scale as they can effectively reduce costs while boosting productivity. It fosters collaboration by enabling users to communicate and share information. What follows is a list of the top video conferencing tools to date.

32. Zoom

Designed for use in webinars, online teaching and video demos, cloud-based video-conferencing tool Zoom combines video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging in a single hub. The platform is ideal for use by small to medium businesses, enterprises and healthcare institutions.

The software can also be used in hosting and broadcasting online meetings, catering to up to 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 viewers. It boasts of capabilities such as video, audio and screen sharing. What is amazing about Zoom is that it facilitates collaboration among marketing teams, field staff and participants, allowing them to quickly start or join meetings.

33. is a video calling solution that is easy and fast to set up and offers crystal clear video calls and even works on slow connections. It has all the potential benefits of WebRTC and few of the optional features that come with most video calling apps.

Setup is a breeze with, all you need to do is provide an email address or phone number, after which you will be given a special code and off you go. The software is customizable, enabling users to create their own room, change the background and lock the room for security. It can share screens and allows people to view people in your chat. It has a messaging functionality, which are encrypted on’s servers, along with all other communication.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration software allows teams to communicate, coordinate, share and solve problems, among other activities in order to complete a task. It also enables users to manage and process data from different platforms at any given time or place. It enhances both individual and team productivity, which helps them achieve organizational goals. Listed below are some of the most popular collaboration tools available today.

34. Evernote

Collaboration software Evernote is designed to help marketing teams share information and jointly work on projects. It is capable of coming up with business workflow to boost processes, digitize files and capture brainstorms, among others. The platform remarkably boosts productivity. This is done by collecting and organizing material for your work. These include transforming notes into presentations which can be displayed in a screen-friendly format.

With Evernote, you can access all your notes, files and web clips/images from any device or machine. Whatever you are writing, the solution will help you focus on such tasks from beginning to end. The software’s browser extensions enable you to save entire webpages, including text, images and links. In addition, Evernote can save itineraries, scanned travel docs, maps and plans, which can be accessed at any given time.

35. Canva

Canva is a collaboration software that allows professionals, businesses and other organizations to come up with excellent graphic designs. The solution has a myriad of features such as a drag-and-drag tool and a collection of graphics, fonts and photographs. It is user-friendly, making it easy for users to transform ideas into design, be they online or in print.

The product is very useful in undertakings requiring graphic design such as presentations, marketing campaigns and creating charts for blogs. It has tools that help marketing teams to make relevant content in an easy manner. Using Canva, you can create custom designs/templates that reflect you brand. It also ensures that themes are kept consistent across documents.

36. Dropbox Paper


Collaboration tool Dropbox Paper is designed to enable corporate teams to create documents, assign tasks, share and edit files simultaneously. This platform is fully loaded with functionalities needed for tasks that require teamwork. The software has a simple interface, making it easy to use. If you need to format your document, Dropbox Paper offers a basic formatting feature, that allows users to embed images and put in code.

If ever you need to call someone’s attention, the solution will do it for you. All you need to do is to use “@username” mentions. The software automatically sends an email, desktop or mobile notification to the party whose attention you called. Dropbox Paper comes in two versions, a browser-based web app and a mobile app. This lightweight piece of software is ideal for businesses who work in a cloud-based environment.

Writing Tools

Commonly used to make the creation of documents a far easier undertaking, writing software offers different functionalities to suit users’ needs. Normally, people use word processors in creating a variety of documents. However, new writing tools have been developed to further improve the writing process. These platforms support sharing, collaboration and even communication among team members. The following are examples of known writing tools in the market.

37. Grammarly

Online grammar checker Grammarly is one of the most popular software of its kind in the world. It can easily be embedded on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as an add-on. It is designed to automatically make grammatical corrections across a myriad of websites and applications, including emails and social media posts.

The solution corrects not only grammar but punctuation and spelling errors as well. It also helps boost users’ vocabulary as it accurately points out and fixes contextual mistakes. Grammarly is also capable of suggesting ideas to enhance writing style, enabling you to come up with effective messages.

38. Ulysses

Writing app Ulysses is specifically designed for iPad users. It sports nifty features such as being able to add attachments, split and merge documents and markdown support, among others. This solution is bound to benefit students, authors and any user who does a lot of writing. The software supports all devices running on iOS, including a Mac machines.

The application is capable of providing a realtime preview of any written text, very useful for writers who want a glimpse of what they have written. Ulysses has a myriad of powerful features, which include inline images, footnotes and text annotation, all powered by Markdown-XL language.

39. Marked 2

Online writing platform Marked 2 is designed to help writers and non-writers alike improve their craft. The application offers a plethora of features that can remarkably improve your writing. An example of this is its keyword-highlighting functionalities, which can detect overused phrases that might need changing. A Keyword Drawer allows you to add temporary keywords to your text, which may be changed as needed.

Also, you can easily find words that you may have used superfluously with the solution’s Visualize Word Repetitions functionality. Marked 2 is capable of looking out for the use of passive voice as well as present document statistics like number of paragraphs, sentences and characters. These functionalities will not make a Hemingway out of just anyone, but it can definitely help those who take writing seriously.

40. TypeForm

A survey software solution, TypeForm makes forms and surveys more appealing and fun to people. As surveys plays an important role in businesses, organizations and institutions, the app can be a very beneficial tool by making forms less boring and easy to create. The product uses interactive media in making forms, which more often than not, catches the eye of customers.

The app is easy to use and offers a myriad of features, which you will find very useful. A drag and drop feature and the availability of many items provide users with flexibility and ease when creating forms. In creating your forms, you can include multiple choice questions, picture choices and rating and opinion scales. This capability allows you to cater to your target audience.

Content Management Tools

Web content management software tools allow users to create and manage web content. They mostly come as a suite of tools that help programmers in designing and customizing web templates as well as creating publishing workflows. Such solutions can make webpages, create, distribute media and manage sites. They can be purchased or used for free. Some of these may include themes, which add things like modules, plugins and widgets. Listed below are some of the most popular web content management tools currently available.


Content management software WordPress is the most popular solution of its kind in the world. The platform enhances sites by incorporating advanced features. It helps users save on site maintenance as it does the job for them. The platform  has a lot of features that can greatly benefit users who seek to possess quality websites.

One great advantage of Wordpress is that it is really free. It does not charge hidden fees and all of its code are made available to users. It is also known to keep open source programming safe, counter spam and host affordable conferences. The solution has a wide variety of plugins for all your needs, such as photo galleries, shopping carts, forums and maps. However, what the software is most known for is its ability to easily add a blog to a website, which is seen as still the best out there.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media management software helps businesses monitor and manage social media conversations. Such conversations can come through social media platforms and blogs such as Twitter and Facebook. Listening technologies that come with such tool enable organizations to learn how they are viewed by audiences. The following is a list of the most popular social media management tools that you can choose from.

42. Storify

Social media management tool Storify is capable of catching media from all over the Internet. Embedding just about everywhere is supported, with collected media published. It is ideal for use by popular brands, media organizations, publishers and even individuals who require media collection from many websites and tell them as stories.

Storify is capable of looking through social media such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to find media elements, curate and redistribute them via social networks. Notable features include real time updates, support for custom sources and PDF export. Customer support is quite effective, which comes in the form of email and phone support.

43. BuzzSumo

Top social media analytics solution BuzzSumo comes with a robust social media search engine that helps users discover and examine highly-performing content relative to a niche. The search engine rummages the Internet for needed content, listing sources based on success rate.

With BuzzSumo, you gain insights into factors responsible for successful content. This makes it easier to plan and come up with effective content for target audiences. The solution makes sure that you don’t miss a single trending post. Aside from this, it aids content makers and curators in producing content in accordance to content marketers’ requirements, saving a lot of time and money.

44. Sprout Social

Cloud-based marketing solution Sprout Social is designed to improve communication between businesses and their customers. The software has three principal functions–publishing, engagement and analytics, which can help an organization improve social communication. It allows users to build and maintain communities by making it a lot easier to start join and track social conversations.

The solution enables users to build improved relationships with people by promptly responding to their inquiries and concerns. SproutSocial’s myriad of tools can help optimize your social marketing plans. Aside from this, it can also boost consumers’ return on social media and manage your entire social media portfolio from a single interface.

45. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a content marketing tool that ensures business growth at record times.  The solution does this by helping organizations and individuals widen their audience reach. It supports web, Android and iOS applications and is capable of attracting target audiences on Twitter and Instagram.

The new version of this solution likewise helps users realize their social media goals such as brand recognition and popularity, improved sales and increased fanbase. It comes with many advanced features like Smart Posts, RSS feeds, and integrations with many new social networks like Pinterest, Twitch, Vimeo, and 500Px. Crowdfire currently has over 19 million users, which include businesses of any type and size, entrepreneurs and individuals. The platform’s user base is composed of over 3 million active users and 350,000 daily users.

46. Hootsuite

Social relationship solution Hootsuite allows organizations to implement excellent social media strategies and activities. It is designed to empower users to convert their social media messages into meaningful relationships. This popular piece of software boasts at least 10 million users in over 175 countries.

With Hootsuite, you can manage multiple social media accounts, from a single interface. This eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and go to individual sites. You can post updates, easily communicate with clients and examine responses from the most popular social media networks, including LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook and Google+, among many others. The platform seamlessly integrates with third-party applications such as Vimeo, Instagram and Evernote.

Data Analysis Tools

Enabling users to sort business information, data analysis software is capable of identifying trends, patterns, relationships and even anomalies that can be hard to detect. With such solution, you can retrieve, combine and visualize data, giving you better insights into your business, which can greatly enhance its performance. Below is a list of the most popular data analysis tools that you can use.

47. Landing Page Grader

Landing Page Grader is a data analysis tool that is very useful in evaluating businesses’ landing pages. It analyzes landing pages based on keyword relevance, spend, conversions, form length and other factors. The software also gives users an idea how their organization is doing against their competition, aiding them in coming up with improvements.

Landing Page Grader uses data to provide businesses with an idea on how their landing pages are performing compared to the average of other advertisers in their sector. The platform is capable of providing monthly breakdowns of your site’s conversion rate in comparison with your competitors, giving you an idea on how you are performing.

48. Simply Measured

Social media analytics solution Simply Measured is designed to make simple the analysis of users’ social network activities. The tool collects information from which insights are based and sent in users’ preferred formats. It is popular among just about any size and type of company as it provides them with social media analytics that can measure social media performance.

Simply Measured can track online mentions of specific keywords and is able to set triggers for these instances. This leads to better business decisions and ultimately improved sales. The reports that the tool generates enable businesses to identify the importance of brand activities, business opportunities and improve them if need be. However, the product is not limited to measuring your social media performance, it likewise helps users identify social media influencers who could positively impact your brand.

49. Outreach

Sales automation solution Outreach is designed to cater to businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. It provides sales generators, personnel and managers with a sales communication solution so that they can better secure prospects and identify opportunities. The tool can boost sales team productivity by giving them the ability to monitor and manage prospects.

The system integrates seamlessly with other marketing and CRM platforms, enabling users to personalize email campaigns and implement only the best strategies. With Outreach, sales reps can track and analyze the status of their campaigns regardless if they use email or phone calls as sales medium. Also, the solution can show the progress, content and details of campaigns, along with responses and reactions from audiences.

50. KISSmetrics

A robust business intelligence solution, KISSmetrics allows users to identify, track and improve metrics that are relevant to their organization’s success. These metrics can be translated into actionable insights that can remarkably improve marketing strategies. The software can also serve as a conversion rate optimizer with its customer tracking and analyzing feature.

What makes things even better is that KISSmetrics has custom data and an easy to connect API. The platform focuses on consumers, monitoring customer trends and shifts while giving businesses an idea as to how their organization is doing. These capabilities help them come up with sound business decisions and benefit from market opportunities.

So there you have it, our top 50 marketing productivity tools as compiled by our experts. Although sporting different functionalities, these solutions serves a single purpose, which is to boost your marketing productivity. Whichever one you choose will surely benefit your organization where it needs it most.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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