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scoreHere at FinancesOnline our goal is to help you choose a B2B or financial solution that will fit all your business needs. To achieve that goal our team of dedicated SaaS and finance experts is constantly reviewing all major solutions and services from a wide range of SaaS software categories. With our reviews you should be able to quickly discover the most promising options for your company and easily compare their key components to make an informed decision about a service that’s after all a long term investment for most businesses.

For easier comparison our team uses SmartScore system that judges software based on a wide range components and gives you a neat total score that summarizes how well each solution fares in comparison to its competitors. We also use a proprietary Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that shows how well the service is perceived by actual users. Armed with these tools finding a solid service for your company should be a breeze. Below you can find a complete list of B2B and SaaS software categories currently available in our review base.

List Of All Available Categories

Accounting & Finance Software

FreshBooks won our Best Accounting Software Award for 2016

How it can help you: This category includes various business applications designed used to perform accounting and financial processes. The services can vary from single-entry systems such as check writing or bookkeeping to double-entry systems like  general ledger, accounts receivables, and accounts payable. Other useful services are focused on aspects such as inventory, invoicing, fixed assets, and more unique functions. All key players from this category have been thoroughly analyzed in our top 10 accounting software article.

Available subcategories:

You may also check out our top 15 accounting solutions list.

Business Intelligence Software

Sisense won our Best Business Intelligence Software Award for 2016

The best product in this category is Sisense with a total score of 9.7/10

How it can help you: This category includes services and tools that designed to convert raw business data into meaningful, and more useful, information that is used for business analysis. These applications are created to be able to deal with large quantities of unstructured, raw business data to enable companies to identify, expand, and even create new strategies and opportunities. More info about the popular products from this category can be found in out top 10 business intelligence software article. For those in need of more variety there is also a top 15 business intelligence solutions list available.

Business Process Management Software

The best product in this category is bpm’online with a total score of 9.3/10

How it can help you: The category includes numerous apps that can help you model, automate, organize, and control your business activities, and make your workflows more profitable. Modern BPM tools are supposed to provide SOA methodologies for business process modeling, design tools and personalized interfaces, analytics, and data access and transparency, and are therefore welcomed in all industries. Explore our Business Process Management Software category, and learn more about the top 10 business process management software where we’ve acknowledged the most successful productivity solutions for your business. If you need our options there is also an extended top 15 business process management solutions list at your disposal.

Available subcategories:

Collaboration Software

Wrike won our Best Project Management Software for 2016

How it can help you: This software will help your teams in working more closely on specific projects or tasks. It’s designed ot keep all team members in the loop and keep track of all deadlines. It will also allow you to keep all relevant records, files, messages, and other data in a single space that can be accessed by specific members. It also enables communication between members and helps teams to work together in real time even in separate geographies. You can learn more about the leaders in this category from our top 10 collaboration software article. A more detailed list of top 15 collaboration solutions is also available.

Available subcategories:

Communications Software

RingCentral won our Best Phone System Award for 2016

How it can help you: This category lists software created to help you exchange data and information. It includes communication services focused on email, live chat and messaging software as well as various VoIP solutions that you make phone calls over the Internet at an affordable rate. Leaders of this category are described in more detail in our top 10 communications software article. There is also a more detailed top 15 communications solutions list available.

Available subcategories:

CRM Software

Pipedrive won our Best CRM Software Award for 2016

How it can help you: This category includes services designed to help you to establish and maintain relationships with client at different levels. It can assist you in sorting customers into groups, track their social media and buying histories and previous feedback. CRM software can pull such information from your client records and engagements and processes the data into insights for a clear image of your market. Those interested in finding out top 10 CRM software products should visit the proper category page on our site. For more possibilities you can also explore our top 15 CRM solutions listing. If you run a small company there is also a great top 5 CRM software small businesses 2017 ranking that you can browse through.

Available subcategories:

Construction Management Software

How it can help you: Construction management software can help companies boost project accountability and efficiency by mobilizing and streamlining project documentation and communication to improve profits. It enables construction professionals to collaborate on projects by giving them access to all project documents, drawings, schedules, RFIs, submittals, contracts and more. The solutions also give contractors and owners project-wide control and visibility between the different parties collaborating on their projects. A detailed list of top 15 construction management software solutions is available for those who need a short selection of current market leaders.

Content Management Software

How it can help you: Content management software can be used by companies and teams to centralize and share their brand assets. It is typically a flexible system that allows you to publish content easily across multiple platforms. You can use it to create content once and publish it anywhere. Editors can use the editing interface to manage content interactively, while developers can deliver the content with the template framework and programming language of their choice. In short, a good content management system offers stability and flexibility in content modeling and delivery.

Available subcategories:

Customer Support Software

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2017

How it can help you: This category includes a broad range of solutions offering customer service. Customer support software helps companies deal with customer complaints, queries, and other problems in a quick and effective manner. Features provided by these services include help desk tools, such as ticketing and points-of-contact, and CRM functionalities like lead extraction and account & contact management. Some products also have unique features such as case management, tutorial builder and registry mechanism. More information about top 10 customer support software services on our category page. For a list of top 15 gamification solutions you can check out our detailed ranking. There is also a detailed overview of top 15 customer support systems that you can check for more information.

Available subcategories:

File Sharing Software

How it can help you: File sharing software programs allow you to send and receive files from other devices. It is usually employed in office networks to share various files in collaborative projects. If you need more details about the available solutions from this category please take a look at our top 10 file sharing software list and analysis. A more comprehensible list including top 15 file sharing solutions is also available.

Help Desk Software

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2017

How it can help you: Help desk software is designed to facilitate the smooth delivery of customer service at various stages. It will help you during escalation by tracking issues and addressing them in a reasonable time period. You will also be able to record customer conversations, email messages, transactions, and other information for reporting or reference. Other features include r as reference for knowledge base or best practice case studies. A good solution creates a centralized portal for your communication channels, such as, hotline numbers, email addresses, live chat, and social networks, to ensure no query falls into the crack. Similarly, you can also gauge agent performance more accurately using the software’s metrics and insights. If you need a list of top 10 help desk software services check out our detailed articles on this category. If you need a more detailed breakdown you can also take a l0ok at our top 15 help desk solutions list.

Available subcategories:

Hosting Services

How it can help you: Ths category lists a wide range of hosting services. If you want to host a website, online store or just data and files these services will have you covered. You will be able to choose a service with technical parametres, bandwidth and storage adjusted to your needs. Offered services can be provided as cloud hosting, VPN or a dedicated hosting solutions.

HR Management Software

BambooHR won our Best HR Management Software award.

How it can help you: This category includes software designed to streamlines human resource processes such as recruitment, screening, hiring and performance evaluation. With hese sevices HR departaments will have an easier life finding, keeping and promoting stadd. Some products feature specific modules, while others provide a wide range of tools such as payroll, performance record, time and attendance, and benefits management. More specialized HR management solutions may also include features such as employee self-service, fingerprint ID, and smart reporting. Take a look at our top 10 HR management software list to see what are the current market leaders and if you need a wider choice there is also a top 15 HR management solutions list avaialble.

Available subcategories:

IT Management Software

How it can help you: IT management software helps companies to properly utilize their technology resources and maximize their value. You can use the software to optimize staffing and resources, enforce best practices, and improve communication and business processes. IT management is more than installing and maintaining hardware and software. It is about using technology to support and transform the organization to enable it to achieve business goals. You can read our top 15 IT management solutions comparison to learn more about the most popular solutions out there.

Available subcategories:

Learning Management Software

TalentLMS won our Best Learning Management Software Award for 2016

How it can help you: Software listed in this category will help you manage the delivery of online educational courses and is very useful in employee training and workshop courses. With this software you will be able to gather various learning metrics per student to help you process the best learning environment for every participant. You can also use to carry out skill gap analysis, do pre-testing, or measure individual learning curves. To get more information about top 10 learning management systems you should try reading our detailed article on the subject. For an even wider selection of available systems there’s also a top 15 learning management software list available.

Available subcategories:

Marketing Software

The best product in this category is currently Infusionsoft with a total score of 9.4/10

How it can help you: Marketing software offers many benefits: You can save time creating multiple campaigns and schedule them for the future. It allows you to effectively reach all your unique customers. It helps to optimize your staff resources. Marketing software provides detailed reports that provide deep insight into your campaigns. It can help you save money as less number of employees are needed to collect data, and create and distribute messages. You can create a consistent brand image on multiple web channels. The software can be easily used even by those without technical skills. Finally, it makes lead nurturing and converting easier. In our top 10 marketing software analysis you will learn more about the options currently available on the market and for a more detailed overview there is also a top 15 marketing solutions list that you can use.

Available subcategories:

Project Management Software

Wrike won our Best Project Management Software for 2016

How it can help you: Project management software was created to facilitate running advanced project efficiently and on time. It can help you create realistic milestones and deadlines as well as tie up interdependent assignments to make sure the teams complement their deliverables. A visual tickler like Gantt Chart is a frequently used project management tool. You can also anticipate problems or opportunities by changing or re-arranging aspects such as time, resources, or processes used, to predict the best and worst scenarios. In our top 10 project management software article you will find more details about each vendor and the feature it offers. If you want a more extended look at the market there is also a detailed top 15 project management solutions list that is worth checking.

Available subcategories:

Sales Software

Pipedrive won our Best Sales Software Award for 2016

How it can help you: Sales software listed in this category will help you standardize your sales process and specific activities, such as lead to quote and to conversion processes. It also has useful performance evaluation and reporting features. Sales software services are designed to piece together large amounts of sales data in just minutes saving you from doing things manually in a spreadsheet. You can easily measure key metrics, such as, conversion rates, win-loss ratio, and lead time. Learn more about top 10 sales software solutions from our detailed article on the leaders from that category. There is also a top 15 sales solutions listing where you can find even more information about popular options. For a separate list focused on eCommerce solutions check out our top 15 eCommerce software ranking. If you run a small company and need a reliable solution there is also our list of top 5 sales software small business 2017 suggestions prepared by our team.

Available subcategories:

Shopping Cart Software

Shopify won our Best Shopping Cart Award for 2015

How it can help you: Shopping cart software solutions are designed to support online stores and e-commerce sites. You can use shopping cart software tools to facilitate purchasing for your clients and present them with details such as total order cost, shipping and handling charges as well as the associated taxes. There is also a wide array of customized designs, style, and utility features for these services. Major vendors from this category are described more thoroughly in our top 10 shopping cart software article. There is also a more exhaustive list of top 15 shopping cart solutions if you want even more information.

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