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Here at FinancesOnline our goal is to help you choose a B2B or financial solution that will fit all your business needs. To achieve that goal our team of dedicated SaaS and finance experts is constantly reviewing all major solutions and services from a rich SaaS list of categories. With our list of SaaS reviews you should be able to quickly discover the most promising options for your company and easily compare their key components to make an informed decision about a service that’s after all a long term investment for most businesses.

For easier comparison our SaaS list uses SmartScore system that judges software based on a wide range components and gives you a neat total score that summarizes how well each solution fares in comparison to its competitors. We also use a proprietary Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that shows how well the service is perceived by actual users. Armed with these tools finding a solid service for your company should be a breeze. Below you can find a complete list of B2B and SaaS software categories currently available in our review base.

List Of All Available Categories

Accounting Software

Accounting software is a suite of computer applications and programs that automate financial management in the corporate environment and help managers handle their accounting activities. Accounting software systems are designed for freelance accountants and accounting teams, based on which they vary from simple single-entry apps to enterprise-grade, double-entry solutions. The software helps reduce expenses and report accurately on your financial activities, and improves the quality of your accounting decisions. It can be deployed locally, or in cloud, depending on whether you intend to manage your own updates and security. Start by checking our leader FreshBooks, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software (or BI software) is a class of computer applications that process and analyze corporate data to produce quality insights, and help understand the health of your business. BI software uses a variety of formulas and metrics to measure, compare, and relate business indicators, and makes it possible to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of every company. The main functions of these systems are data discovery, data management, and reporting, but some of them also evaluate functionality and employees’ performance. If you are looking for the perfect BI system for your company, we recommend you to consider our leader Sisense, and other programs discussed in this category.


Business Process Management Software

Business Process Management Software (or BPM Software) is the common name for computer systems designed to review corporate performance, and to distinguish the best practices for a company to reach its goals. Thanks to these systems, companies can efficiently aggregate, organize, and analyze data, and automate business operations to save time and to improve productivity. Common features include: business activity tracking, email integration, document management, visual workflow maps, and many more. BPM apps also foster collaboration between IT teams and business users so that they can make integrated decisions. Start your search for the ideal BPM product by looking at our leader bpm'online studio enterprise, and other prominent providers in this category.

Collaboration Software

Collaboration Software is a suite of business applications that enable team members to work together on different activities and projects. Collaboration packages generally consist of tools for effective communication, document exchange, conferencing, and real time assistance which diminish collaboration obstacles in remote and decentralized teams. Thanks to these applications, companies can keep all of their employees on the same page, save time and money, and identify problems at an early stage. In order to discover the best collaboration system on the market, check our frontrunner and similar products listed in this category.

Communications Software

Communications Software is a set of web applications that make it possible for team members to exchange data and discuss corporate operations in real time. You can use it to transmit information from one system to another, exchange files in various formats, or simply discuss sensitive corporate data in a protected, internal environment. Popular communication software types are messaging apps, live chat systems, FTPs (file transfer protocols), VoIP, and email providers which make it possible to communicate at low to no cost. If looking for the best communication system on the market, consider our leader RingCentral, and other popular performers we listed in this category.

Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software is the shared name of computerized systems developed for contractors and construction companies to successfully complete their projects. Interested users can choose between 200 different applications offered on the market, specializing in planning, field service management, project estimating, or design. Ideally, construction systems are accompanied by project management and customer management functionality, and offer services such as accounting, scheduling, and portfolio management. Our expert SaaS team distinguished CoConstruct as the best rated construction management app at the moment, but also invited readers to look at other apps suggested in this category to find one that will cater to their needs and size.

CRM Software

CRM Software (or Customer Relationship Management Software) is a software category that includes applications which help businesses build strong relationships with their customers, boost conversations, and improve revenue rates based on customer data coming from multiple interaction channels (phone calls, website visits, social interactions, and so on). Companies use them to process and analyze customer information, make use of disconnected data to depict opportunities, create sales funnels, and carry out loyalty campaigns. The biggest benefit of CRM software is that it allows you to categorize customers according to their expectations, and devote attention to prospective buyers. The highest performing solution in this category is HubSpot CRM.


Customer Support Software

Customer Support Software is a web category that covers all applications and bulletin board systems companies use to answer questions and deal with queries and complaints timely and effectively. Common features include help desk functionality, ticketing & points of contact, CRM, and contact management, while advanced systems also offer lead extraction, registration mechanisms, and tutorial builders. In order to find the perfect customer support app for your business, check our leader Freshdesk and other products mentioned in this category.

Learning Management System - LMS

Learning Management Systems are systems designed to enable and facilitate education via Internet, i.e. deliberately designed and network-enabled transfer applications for web-based learning. LMSs are intended for educational institutions and corporations that train large and decentralized teams, and offer training and workshop courses, evaluation metrics, and skill gap analytics. In order to discover the best LMS for your needs, check our leader TalentLMS, and other apps in this category.

Marketing Software

Marketing Software is a collection of web systems and applications that help businesses expand their outreach with profitable and engaging campaigns. There are many types of marketing programs, but most of them are designed for campaign management and resource optimization, and offer features such as data collection, branding, event scheduling, content distribution, and lead nurturing and converting. The most advanced marketing products will also come with a handy analytical suite for you to generate accurate reports. To see how marketing systems work, check our frontrunner HubSpot Marketing and other popular apps in this category.

Project Management Software

Project Management Software refers to applications that were designed to facilitate project delivery and make it more efficient. Using a project management system, you can set more realistic milestones and deadlines, tie up and automate interdependent assignments, and keep all of your team’s members focused on your deliverables. Project management software usually offers visual ticklers such as Gantt Charts and time & resource tracking tools. The best performing apps in this category is You can also learn more about what is project management software from our detailed guide.

Help Desk Software

Help Desk Software is the common name for systems and applications used to respond to customers’ questions and technical inquiries. Help desk software helps support team track and address issues in reasonable time, but also record customer conversations, messages, transactions, and other information that could be relevant in future. The best help desk systems act as centralized portals for inquiries coming from all communication channels, including your email addresses, phone numbers, live chat programs, and social networks. Some of them even include metrics and insights that help you evaluate customers’ and agents’ performance. We suggest you to check our current help desk leader Zendesk, but also other popular solutions listed in this category.

HR Software

HR Software is a group of systems designed to streamline human resource management, in particular operations like recruitment, screening, hiring, and evaluation. HR Software is used by HR agencies and departments looking for talented and reliable performers, and offers an array of specific modules such as payroll management, time and expense tracking, attendance, and benefits management. There are also specialized programs that offer features such as fingerprint ID, self-service learning portals, and smart reporting. The leader in this category is BambooHR, but you should definitely check all of the systems listed next to it.

IT Management Software

IT Management Software is a suite of systems that help companies utilize technology resources, optimize staff and enforce best practices, secure their data, and improve the quality of their services. Rather than simply installing and maintaining a program, IT management helps companies use technology to achieve their business goals, build and transform their own applications, and tweak software until it meets their most specific needs. For quality suggestions, look at our current leader Norton Security and other apps discussed in this category.

Sales Software

Sales Software is a suite of eCommerce applications used to standardize companies’ retail processes and retail-specific activities, in particular lead-to-quote and lead-to-conversion processes. Most sales applications can also be used to process sales data, evaluate performance, manage inventory, or run an online store. Sales software makes it easy to measure key metrics, including conversion and bounce rates, win-loss ratios, and lead times. To try out sales software’s functionality, check our leader HubSpot Sales, and other products ranked in this category.

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software are systems developed to serve as order catalogues for order stores. In most cases, shopping carts act as the interface between the store’s front end and back end, making it possible for customers to choose products/services, read the description and reviews of what they’ve chosen, add/edit settings, and make a purchase. Shopping cart systems are either independent or parts of a larger eCommerce suite, but for most of them can easily be connected to third-party apps and systems. If looking to enrich your online store with a solid shopping cart system, check our leader Wix and other apps discussed in this category.