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12 Best CRM Platforms for Small Business in 2019

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What is the best CRM platform for small business?

The best CRM platform for small business is HubSpot CRM. This popular CRM platform provides marketers with all the tools they need. This includes tools to organize, monitor, and cultivate relationships. Small and large teams can use it or free to manage a few to a million clients.

Running a business involves two important things. First, it’s about keeping the promises you’ve made to your customers. Second, it’s about keeping your relationships strong. To maintain healthy relationships, business owners nowadays turn to powerful solutions like sales CRM platform. A good CRM application helps you with pipeline management, automated customer monitoring, real-time communication among others.

This indispensable business tool doesn’t only provide you with critical reminders of what your team must do. It helps you to take advantage of your business and client data to keep you ahead of the game. This collection of today’s best CRM platform provides some useful and actionable insights on this fastest-growing technology category.

best crm platforms for smbs

What is a CRM platform? It is a software solution that had changed sales and marketing. It helps salespeople to easily monitor and derive valuable insights from every customer interaction. This major innovation had helped in closing the most number of deals possible, including upsells and renewals.

A CRM platform can integrate with other applications for enhanced productivity. For instance, it can combine with business intelligence apps to streamline the sales cycle and help teams get more organized and efficient.

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CRM is one of the major SaaS categories today.

In 2018, the global CRM platform market is at $120 billion. Its continuous growth can be attributed to how CRM has been proven to help increase sales efficiency. Studies had been made to verify how efficient this sales tool really is.

One study result consistently emerges—a robust CRM platform can enhance productivity by 30%.

Millions of organizations worldwide had been benefitting immensely from this powerful sales tool. That, unfortunately, is only one side of the sales universe. What is happening on that “other” side? Well, even at this point in time, 22% of salespeople still have no idea what a CRM platform is. 40% continue to use traditional tools like standalone email programs and spreadsheets.

For this post, we’ve selected today’s 12 best CRM platform for small business. Knowing these, you’ll know, select, and use the right tool for your business.

12 Best CRM Platforms for Small Business 2019

1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM dashboard example

At the top of our CRM platform list is HubSpot CRM. This CRM platform is the perennial favorite among sales teams across the world. Intuitive and robust yet simple and easy-to-use, sales teams can quickly deploy it without causing much effect on current workflows. Hubspot CRM is the ideal platform for businesses that are beginning to understand the importance of CRM. It can deploy advanced CRM functions like predictive lead scoring and quote-based workflows.

HubSpot CRM features a smart and user-friendly application packed with all the basic and advanced functionalities. Its feature-packed design doesn’t come with the usual complication that many CRM systems provide. This award-winning CRM’s clean, power-loaded configuration allows even new users to easily build professional company and customer profiles.

You can actually test-drive all of its advanced features first when you sign up for HubSpot CRM free trial here.

HubSpot CRM

This award is given to the best product in our CRM Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

HubSpot CRM won our Best CRM Software Award for 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

This CRM platform offers a host of benefits that no other free CRM solution can provide. HubSpot CRM has a single, centralized dashboard that allows salespeople to easily monitor all tasks and business transactions. It can efficiently assign and monitor sales-related deals and helps better manage team performance. It supports a wide range of integrations with other HubSpot solutions and third-party applications to support increased productivity.

Why Choose HubSpot CRM?

  • It’s a robust and flexible CRM platform
  • Totally free forever
  • Runs from any location wherever your sales teams go
  • Intuitive interface and lead importing
  • Blends easily with all your ongoing sales processes

2. Salesforce CRM

salesforce dashboard example

Salesforce CRM is another popular CRM application suite in numerous sales teams across the world. This widely-used CRM tool allows users to closely monitor customer information and interactions from a single place. This enables sales reps to better follow-up more leads. It has deep integration with the powerful suite of Salesforce brand of applications—Community cloud, Service, Marketing, and Analytics.

This CRM platform helps boost sales rep productivity from any location—online, at the office, or out in the field. Its mobile app allows your team to access customer data anytime to generate reports and analytics. Salesforce CRM has a Feed First functionality that provides quick snapshots of essential business data. This CRM solution empowers sales reps with timely and optimized customer information to maximize lead generation and conversion.

You can test this multi-awarded CRM tool when you sign up for Salesforce CRM free trial here.

Salesforce CRM

An award given to products our B2B experts find especially valuable for companies

Salesforce CRM won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

Why Choose Salesforce CRM?

  • It lets you close more deals and get more leads
  • Partner Management app
  • It lets you get more insights
  • Feed First feature
  • It will accelerate productivity

3. Freshsales

freshsales dashboard example

Freshsales is a widely-used CRM platform for enabling dynamic sales teams to efficiently monitor customer transactions while addressing their concerns. Sales teams commend this CRM solution for being a robust unified contact management hub. It enables businesses to optimize each sales lead. Freshsales has a clean, easy-to-use UI that even sales newbies can readily use.

Central to its popular efficiency is its innovative system design. Freshsales is able to seamlessly combine the strengths of legacy CRM applications with today’s innovative solutions. As such, it can empower teams to prioritize lead opportunities and maximize follow-up sales transactions. Some of its advanced features include affiliate management, call routing, auto-dialers, and robust analytics. Freshsales is a regular entry in numerous top CRM tool reviews.

Want to try this powerful CRM tool? You only need to sign up for Freshsales free trial here.

Why Choose Freshsales?

  • Robust email + event tracking
  • Reliable lead management
  • Powerful Analytics and Reporting
  • Smooth integrations with third-party apps
  • World-class customer support

4. Pipedrive

pipedrive dashboard example

Pipedrive is a CRM and personal sales manager for SMBs to help in boosting sales by closing more deals. This platform takes care of your sales leads by providing you with a powerful overview of your entire sales activities. This way you and your team can identify deals that require more attention and action.

Pipedrive offers an efficient approach to better manage your sales pipeline, which increases efficiency. This CRM can identify priority deals and promising leads. As such you can better deploy your team by providing a personalized approach for every transaction. This enables time and resource savings.

You can test-drive this CRM platform when you sign up for Pipedrive free trial here.

Why Choose Pipedrive CRM?

  • Well-organized lead collection
  • Fast deal closure
  • Effective sales management
  • Complete mobile optimization
  • Broad customization

5. bpm’online CRM

bpm'online crm dashboard example

bpm’online CRM is a popular platform for CRM and business process automation. With a complete suite of out-of-the-box apps, this online CRM platform can help you simplify your company processes and drive staff efficiency. It helps marketers gain workable insights from CRM data for enhanced and more consistent customer service.

Three core modules make up this CRM: Bpm’online service, Bpm’online sales, and Bpm’online marketing. Every module has specialized features for the various business units that typically collaborate in sales and marketing activities. This unique configuration provides users with enhanced capability to better their CRM initiatives without the need to add other third-party solutions.

You can test-drive this CRM platform when you sign up for bpm’online CRM free trial here.

Why Choose bpm’online CRM?

  • More efficient data-driven CRM techniques
  • A 360-degree perspective of your business
  • Optimized CRM processes
  • More efficient and simplified workflow
  • Quicker, trouble-free configurations

6. Zoho CRM

zoho crm dashboard example

Another award-winning web-solution, Zoho CRM helps businesses in attracting, retaining, and satisfying clients to drive business growth. This platform allows you to closely monitor opportunities, better predict sales, effectively manage contacts, etc. It addresses the CRM requirements of businesses of any size.

Zoho CRM functions in three core modules. These are purchase control, sales pipeline management, and lead and contact management. This solution assists businesses to easily automate everyday business tasks, monitor sales, and better engage clients in various channels. Its mobile platform allows sales reps to take CRM wherever they go. Reps can quickly access real-time data and close more deals from anywhere.

You can test this popular CRM solution when you sign up for Zoho CRM free trial here.

Why Choose Zoho CRM?

  • It automates key sales and business activities
  • Provides easy access to core business data in real-time
  • Enables sales teams to operate in-house or mobile
  • Allows optimal use of social networks
  • Integrated with business-critical apps like Google Apps and Zoho suite

7. vCita

vcita dashboard example

A cloud-based CRM software suite, vCita is packed with many business tools for sales and customer service management. This full-suite platform caters to services firms like freelancers and small businesses. As such, it provides sales teams of one or several members to conduct CRM processes and run advertising campaigns.

This convenient cloud CRM integrates all the necessary features to help businesses better perform their daily tasks and business processes. These include features like email and SMS marketing, lead generation, invoicing and billing, client management, and calendar/online scheduling.

You can test this solution to see if it’s the right one for you. Just sign up for vCita free trial here.

Why Choose vCita?

  • Calendar management & client communication
  • Self-service client portal
  • Convenient online payments
  • Online scheduling & booking
  • Customized billing and invoicing

8. PipelineDeals

pipelinedeals dashboard example

PipelineDeals is an easy-to-use sales CRM software designed for sales teams in SMB firms in any industry. It provides businesses a wide selection of sales tools to help teams build engaging customer experience. You can automate multiple recurring productivity tasks with this CRM. What’s more, it’s easy to integrate PipelineDeals with today’s top sales management software.

PipelineDeals combines sales engagement tools and CRM into a single solution to allow businesses to create customized systems. This approach helps increase sales efficiency, boost profits, and drive revenues. Its clean and intuitive sales dashboard is easy to use and provides a 360-degree perspective of sales team performance.

You can check out its features when you sign up for PipelineDeals free trial here.

Why Choose PipelineDeals CRM?

  • Build and efficiently nurture lasting customer relationships
  • Easily import and assign leads to the right team member
  • Quickly monitor team activities in real-time
  • Better explore your data to generate actionable insights
  • Effortlessly organize your manpower and resources

9. Lucrativ

lucrativ dashboard example

Lucrativ is an all-in-one cloud-based CRM and sales management solution for nurturing prospects and boosting sales. It helps businesses automate workflows, simplify campaigns, and generate actionable insights. The platform offers a unique collection of features for cultivating relationships, efficient collaboration, and optimizing team performance.

Business users can readily access live snapshots on key areas of growth and where your business needs extra attention. Lucrative powerful email marketing and management features allow you to readily create and sustain successful marketing campaigns. This solution automates most of the entire sales process, which allows you to focus more on your growth initiatives.

You can test this CRM tool’s features when you sign up for Lucrativ free trial here.

Why Choose Lucrativ?

  • Provides smooth communications
  • Effortlessly determine and convert prospects
  • Execute successful email marketing campaigns
  • Leverage on Big Data
  • Customize to specific business/brand activities

10. Avochato

avochato dashboard example

Avochato is a reliable cloud-based CRM and text messaging platform designed for sales, marketing, and support teams. This application helps sales teams to boost their productivity and allow them to provide quality support experience. With its one-to-many messaging, it empowers marketing teams to share ads and other marketing campaigns.

This solution helps simplify business operations. Avochato allows customers to instantly interact with businesses via an innovative channel. Integrated into a business toolkit, this customer channel facilitates the creation of memorable and personalized experiences. Avochato delivers a seamless experience throughout the sales cycle through powerful communication.

Want to try out this cool solution? It’s easy, just sign up for Avochato free trial here.

Why Choose Avochato?

  • Track all communications from one dashboard
  • Provide seamless support experience
  • Boost sales teams efficiency
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Easy contact uploading and syncing

11. Zengine by WizeHive

zengine by wizehive dashboard example

Zengine by WizeHive integrates CRM, online applications, and grant management into a centralized platform. Extensively scalable and customizable, this solution helps businesses simplify and enhance tasks and processes. For one, its personalization capability is extensive. You can customize this application to fit smoothly with most existing applications and processes.

With this cloud-based CRM, you can effortlessly build and design core business components. This includes reports, customer lists, dashboards, forms, etc. Zengine by WizeHive provides a unique plugin configuration that allows you to easily personalize your user interfaces. You can build totally new ones from scratch, too.

You can test this all-in-one CRM and grant management tool when you sign up for Zengine by WizeHive free demo here.

Why Choose Zengine by WizeHive?

  • Secure user portals and hubs
  • Online application collection
  • Branded/personalized online application forms
  • Has over 1000 integrations
  • Secure AWS cloud hosting

12. InfoFlo

infoflo dashboard example

InfoFlo is a CRM platform that allows you to comprehensively manage your customers and contacts. This all-in-one CRM solution helps businesses enhance their customer relationships through effective leads tracking and close sales. Small businesses and freelancers will love this smart and user-friendly tool.

InfoFlo provides a comprehensive contact management platform that allows users to track, manage, and automatically link related information. It provides a quick snapshot of how your business relationships, too. You can conveniently perform most of its functions with only a single click.

You can try out this CRM tool when you sign up for InfoFlofree trial here.

Why Choose InfoFlo CRM?

  • Robust Outlook sync feature
  • Appointments and meeting tracking
  • Central data backup recovery
  • Broad knowledge base
  • Robust 512-bit encryption security

What to look for in a CRM platform?

That’s our top 12 list of today’s best CRM platform examples for 2019. If you’re planning to use a CRM for the first time, you must have a shortlist of the top and most recurring features. First of all, the CRM you’ll choose must help you efficiently gather and monitor all your customer interactions. This should cover existing and prospective clients. Next, your CRM should be simple enough to allow every team member to use it on his/her own, yet powerful enough to deliver your needs.

The prospective CRM must be able to integrate with your existing apps and can be customized. Don’t forget to look for the other advanced features that you might require. This may include robust communication tools, high security, powerful analytics, etc. We highly suggest you follow expert tips on selecting the right CRM platform for your business in case these pointers are not enough. 

Before you go, in case searching for a new solution, why not sign up for HubSpot CRM free trial here? You can’t go wrong if you first try out the best one on our list. 


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