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Top 10 Alternatives to Wix: Analysis of eCommerce Tools

Are you looking for an alternative software to Wix for building your website? Wix is known as an easy-to-use website builder with a robust eCommerce solution. It is used by entrepreneurs and small business owners for building an online presence and selling online. If you are interested to explore other […]

15 Popular Payment Gateway Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

What is the best payment gateway solution? The best payment gateway solution is 2CheckOut for its comprehensive approach to transactions. It offers end-to-end capabilities and a no-fuss interface that makes it easy to accommodate online and mobile payments. Moreover, it comes with localization options so that you can process multiple […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Stripe: Analysis of Best Payment Gateway Providers

What is the top alternative to Stripe? The top alternative to Stripe is 2CheckOut because this payment gateway can process online and mobile payments as well as accommodate various payment methods. Moreover, it offers extensive localization options to help you personalize transactions for each customer. Stripe is perhaps one of […]

10 Best CRM Software for Small Business in 2020

This article has been updated with the most recent CURRENT_YEAR customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions to provide you an overview of the latest tools and systems for small businesses. What is the best CRM for small business? The best CRM for small business is Hubspot CRM, a free cloud-hosted […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Infusionsoft: Other Popular SMB Marketing Tools

If you wish to know what are the alternatives and competitors to Infusionsoft, this article will help you. To start, Infusionsoft is a leading sales, CRM, and marketing automation software solution that is designed for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. But if you want a wider choice, check […]

7 Great Help Desk Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

In this article we take a look at two new help desk apps and some older ones that tend to be under the radar of industry observers. The tie that binds them? They do offer unique and clear value propositions, one that may just match your needs.

Top 10 Alternatives to PayPal Payments Pro: Comparison of Leading Payment Gateways

Online sellers’ ability to market products and services online has been around since the Internet first appeared and these businesses have grown since then. However, this capability did not effect the big boom as early Internet marketers initially thought it would. It was not until a technology called payment gateway […]

10 Best Payment Gateway Systems

In their essence, payment gateways are specific eCommerce services dedicated to securing and processing credit/debit card transactions using the power of the Internet. Due to the huge popularity of these tools, small and large businesses are overwhelmed by promising solutions to choose from. Prior to doing so, however, they need […]

Best Payment Gateway Providers In Europe In 2020

What are the best European payment gateways? Regardless of the vast amount of popular processing services, European companies still have a hard time finding a system that caters to their needs.

20 Best Data Analytics Software for 2020

What is the best data analytics software for CURRENT_YEAR? The best data analytics software for CURRENT_YEAR is Sisense because of its simple yet powerful functionalities that let you aggregate, visualize, and analyze data quickly. Moreover, this platform has a scalable architecture that allows it to handle a wide range of […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Basecamp: Analysis of Best Project Management Tools

What are the top 10 alternatives to Basecamp? We surveyed alternative project management solutions and came out with the following, which could very well be the platforms that suit you better than Basecamp: What are the top 10 alternatives to Basecamp? Wrike Smartsheet Clarizen Asana ProjectManager Zenkit ConnectWise Manage […]

Top 10 Alternatives to WooCommerce: Top Shopping Cart Software Providers

Shopping cart software platforms also known as eCommerce solutions, are designed to help merchants sell their products online. Basically, it is shopping cart software that creates online stores. They, however, come in different forms but most allow users to build their own websites from scratch or simply add a store tab […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Jira Service Desk: Leading Customer Support Software Solutions

Customer support software has become a critical tool for just about any business. They have earned a reputation for resolving client inquiries, engaging customers and increasing bottom lines. This is undoubtedly the reason for their popularity among many companies. Shopping for such a tool should pose no problem for any […]

A Complete Guide to Customer Success in SaaS: 7 Ways to Provide Proactive Customer Service

In this complete guide to customer success we’ll walk you through the various aspects of this emerging business strategy, including: What is customer success? Do you need a customer success department? Customer success vs. customer support How to provide proactive customer service Is resolving customers’ questions fast your definition of […]

20 Best Data Visualization Software Solutions of 2020

What is the best data visualization software? The best data visualization software is Sisense. It’s an agile business intelligence solution that offers a data visualization suite. With an intuitive interface and drag-and-drop operations, Sisense leads our list of the top 20 best data visualization platforms you can try today. Businesses and […]

Best Productivity Tools of 2020: How To Increase Employee & Work Productivity At Your Office

Disengaged employees, disorganized teams, and cluttered file systems are among the many problems that modern workplaces face. This is why each year, we witness the launch of new applications looking to eliminate procrastination, streamline collaboration, and improve overall operations. The only question is, which ones are the best productivity tools […]

Top 10 Alternatives to Moodle: Popular LMS Solutions To Consider

What is the top alternative to Moodle? The top alternative to Moodle is TalentLMS because of its intuitive course builders, robust gamification capabilities, and mobile-responsive interface. What’s more, this highly customizable software offers a course marketplace where you can get access to ready-made training materials. Moodle is a popular LMS […]

Pros and Cons of Vend: A Leading POS Software

What are the pros and cons of Vend? Vend is a robust POS solution built for the retail industry. As there’s no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution, we explored the offerings of Vend based on the most crucial features of a POS platform to determine where it excels and where it needs […]

20 Best eCommerce Analytics Software of 2020

Are you looking for a solution to improve your customer’s shopping experience? With today’s merchants facing the challenge of building a website that matches the current consumer standards, an ecommerce analytics software is vital to understand, analyze, and act upon data. Since there are plenty of products available, we compiled […]

4 Key Questions to Ask Before You Buy Business Intelligence Software

How to choose business intelligence software? Even before you start examining the key features of different BI solutions, you need to ask 4 fundamental questions on the role of business intelligence in your organization. Who is going to be using the data? How will people in the business use the […]

10 Sales Techniques Your Teams Can Enhance With A CRM System

What are the CRM sales techniques to increase revenues? You can start with these 10 techniques your sales teams can enhance with a CRM system as a foundation, each one discussed in detail below.

Top 10 Alternatives To Intercom: Leading Live Chat Software Solutions

Are you looking for a live chat software that similar to Intercom? With the plethora of live chat software solutions available in the market, we thought we’d help you do this by compiling the 10 leading live chat software products with robust features for real-time messaging and sales and marketing […]

CRM Hacks Every Startup Should be Focusing in 2020

This article has been updated with the latest smart techniques and approaches to boost your campaigns and level up your CRM implementation in CURRENT_YEAR. If you’re a startup looking for ways to boost your revenues, CRM hacks don’t just help you improve sales: they can also help your teams turn […]

Software for Small Business: A Comprehensive Guide to the Most Useful SaaS Solutions

SaaS software is a cloud-hosted, online version of an application that you access through a connected device and which you pay for based on its usage. Financial advantages of SaaS for small business can be substantial especially for startups or companies with lean cash flow.

20 Best Knowledge Management Software for 2020

What is the best knowledge management software? The best knowledge management software is Zendesk. From content management and SEO to intelligent search and AI-powered bots, this platform has all the essential tools you need to leverage company data to build your FAQ and product information database and improve your customer […]

20 Best Marketing Analytics Software for 2020

What is the best marketing analytics software for 2020? The best marketing analytics software for 2020 is Looker. Looker is a data discovery platform that makes it easier for users to build customized reports and drill down into specific data points without complicated coding. The platform also comes with data […]

Top 20 Most Affordable LMS Software for 2020

What is the most affordable LMS software? The most affordable LMS software is TalentLMS. This popular cloud-based solution offers one of the fastest, most efficient approach to training. It is also user-friendly and can be used for training customers, business partners, and employees. It’s true that money can’t buy everything. […]

20 Best Sales Analytics Software Solutions of 2020

What is the best sales analytics software for CURRENT_YEAR? The best sales analytics software for CURRENT_YEAR is Sisense given its intuitive information gathering options and intelligent data visualization. With its innovative In-Chip engine and single-stack architecture, this tool allows users to perform real-time business analytics without any restrictions on data […]

5 Customer Experience Best Practices: Is Your Team Following Them?

What are the best customer experience practices in CURRENT_YEAR? In this article we’ll show you five strategic steps that’ll take your CX management to the next level:

Pros & Cons of ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer: Analysis of a Leading IT Security Software

Conducting business transactions online has become the norm over the years because of its speed and convenience. However, this has put businesses more at risk of external threats. In a Symantec’s 2018 Threat Report, results showed that malware attacks are up by 200% in the previous years and according to the FBI, […]