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Customer relationship management is a key tool in getting leads for your company and increasing your bottom line. But there’s more to CRM than just closing deals. CRM has become a …

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Top 5 Alternatives To SurveyMonkey: List of Top Survey Software Competitors

If you are looking for SurveyMonkey alternatives then we have prepared a list of reliable solutions that you can try out instead. This article details the main features and benefits of SurveyMonkey and five good alternatives. We also compare their pricing schemes and integration options for your benefit. SurveyMonkey can […]

Law Practice Management Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Applications

Law practice management software is used by law firms to manage accounting and billing, schedules and appointments, deadlines, vital documents, and client and case records. Most law schools do not teach their students how to operate a law office. Therefore, law firms need to use this software to help new […]

How To Get L&D Results With Business-specific Personalized Learning

No individual is the same and as a result no learning plan can be the same. Yes, of course we have general traits and types we find common among our learner bases. But these can only inform our learning programs and contribute to our business goals to a degree. Personalized […]

Businesses Need Strategies for UC Tools to Feed on Strategic Digital Neuromarketing Practices in 2017

Gone are the days of traditional marketing trends for business growth. Digital revolution has globalized the entire business world. It has changed the way businesses market themselves for constant growth on a daily basis. Businesses are fast switching to strategic digital psychological marketing practices via unified communication tools. Perfect execution […]

Understanding The Rise of Personalized Products Ecommerce

It’s not more than a few years ago when personalized products were limited to a number of products which could be counted on your fingertips. It mainly comprised of gifting items, showcase products, or marketing merchandise (that too very limited). But with the rise of personalized products in the ecommerce […]

Critical Shortcuts To Manage A Project Team From A Distance

With globalization taking over the planet, competition in any employment sphere has skyrocketed. The traditional 9 to 5 working days in a closed office space are losing their weight. Companies are orienting towards remote workforce and that is slowly becoming the standard for any market. Such development, however, leads to […]

Top 15 Construction Management Software: List of Current Market Leaders

With over 100 construction management solutions (CMs) out there, the choice can be intimidating. Our top 15 list will help you digest the most important aspects of the premiere software in the market today. Our scoring system is computed based on the software’s key features, value-for-money, benefits to specific niche […]

Top 20 Accounting Software for Small Business in 2018

We have updated this article with the most recent 2018 accounting software systems that are catered towards providing solutions for small businesses. Many accounting software solutions are more similar than different in terms of features. Standard modules include general ledger management, invoicing, and payment processing. Accounting has always been an […]

Top 5 CRM Software for Small Business in 2018

This article has been updated with the most recent 2018 customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions to provide you an overview of the latest tools and systems for small businesses.   Customer Relationship Management or CRM software is a system that enables businesses to build strong customer relationships and manage all […]

Inventory Management Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Applications

Inventory management software is utilized to track inventory levels, orders, sales processes, and deliveries. It can also be used to create production-related documentation such as bill of materials and work orders. Businesses make use of this solution to avoid overstocking of products. The benefits of inventory management software include ability […]

Top 15 File Sharing Software Systems: List of Current Market Leaders

File sharing software apps help users to share and receive multiple files from outside computers through the internet or a local network. The software solution can be used to share various kinds of files such as documents, videos, and images. They are mostly used to download media files from the […]

Top 5 Vocalcom Alternatives: Leading Call Center Solutions On The Market

Choosing a solid call center system without the necessary information is so problematic for some companies that they decide to turn to third-party providers and delegate their support services. But why paying extra bucks if you have the clear picture of what you need? Do you need 24/7 support or […]

Top 5 Brightpearl Alternatives: What’s the Best ERP Software For Your Business?

Who wouldn’t use a Good-Great-Awesome scale when choosing the best sales app? With popular vendors competing all around, it has become almost impossible to give credit to supposedly reliable services, unless, of course, you’ve decided to rely on neutral expertise. What we at FinancesOnline believe to be critical for sales […]

Comparison of 15 Leading eCommerce Software Companies

Businesses can use eCommerce software to manage all elements of their online store including adding and removing products, organizing inventory, calculating taxes and other aspects required for their website’s order fulfillment. Most solutions typically have a user-friendly interface to help users easily manage their eCommerce operation.

Top 10 Billing Software Systems

One of the biggest revolutions in the software industry was the appearance of cloud-hosted accounting software, which rather than replacing dysfunctional Excel charts, covered operations companies weren’t even aware could facilitate financial management. Competent systems nowadays integrate perfectly billing and invoicing, and range from modest single-entry products to sophisticated bookkeepers […]

15 Popular Payment Gateway Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

A payment gateway serves a channel between an eCommerce website and the bank that processes a customer’s credit card payment. It can also process debit card and eCheck (ACH) payments. The main function of the payment gateway is to securely transmit the consumer’s confidential credit/debit card and bank account data […]

Top 3 Sales Software Solutions: Comparison of HubSpot, Pipedrive and Freshsales

Sales management differs from one company to another, but it usually follows the same baseline structure. Managers need visibility across the sales pipeline the better to track progress and spot stumbling blocks. Sales reps need the same pipeline visibility to follow deals. Both users need drill-down access to details, mainly […]

Top 5 Smartsheet Alternatives: Best Project Management Software Systems For Your Business

If you’ve even been troubled keeping up with your to-do lists, you will probably agree that the possibility to create major project schedules for entire teams is exactly what distinguishes great project management tools from solid ones. We’d even prolong this definition by adding that the project management system ought […]

Top 5 Asana Alternatives: List of Project Management Software Market Leaders

There is no doubt that project management software is becoming imperative even in the smallest companies, but getting one tends to be more and more confusing with all those amazing solutions available on the market. For the good or the bad, companies are overcoming themselves trying to make digitized work […]

Top 5 Trello Alternatives: List of Project Management Software Market Leaders

Trello is all about seeing the big picture and drilling down to relevant details with ease. Arguably one of the most popular project management software today, Trello makes projects highly visual, collaborative, and flexible. But is it enough? If you follow kanban or demand project agility, you’ll like the software’s […]

Top 5 Bitrix24 Alternatives: Best Project Management Systems For Your Business

Bitrix24 is one of the easiest intranet collaboration systems suitable for project management, and one you can use to manage both leads and corporate documentation. As such, Bitrix24 is often selected by small and growing businesses looking to connect their teams right upon signing up for the provider’s services. Intuitive […]

Comparison of 15 Leading Shopping Cart Software Systems

Shopping cart software apps enable e-commerce transactions and help customers utilize deals and make online purchases. Consumers can add the items they wish to buy to the shopping cart, and in the checkout page the software calculates the price of the products including handling and shipping charges and taxes. Shopping […]

5 Ways to Prevent Your CRM from Killing Sales

CRMs are often thought to be a standard for business, a must-have tool in the sales and customer service functions. But a CRM is only as powerful as the people who know how to use it to their advantage. And if it is underutilized or not implemented correctly, a CRM […]

Life On The Service Desk In 2016: Infographic About Challenges, Issues and Priorities

For many service desk professionals, the procurement of an ITSM tool is one of the most important, and complex, decisions they will make. With the ITSM tool essential for effective service desk management, there are obvious areas of improvement that currently cause a great deal of frustration. While vendors have […]

How AI can improve finance app performance

People today are so busy to earn money that they don’t usually find the time to manage it. However, the task has been taken well care by the mobile application market. But is present the end, or there’s more to come? Will these finance applications get accompanied by an envisioneer […]

8 Ways MS Dynamics 365 Empowers Digital Transformation

MS Dynamics CRM 365 is the comprehensive software suite facilitating brilliant fusion of CRM and ERP cloud services focused on a specific business process. This integrated cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions offer intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office 365. MS Dynamics CRM 365 incorporates indispensable apps […]

Clients Request Financial Risk Tolerance Assessment Software

As a financial advisor, you know that risk tolerance assessment is critical to provide your clients with the results they want in a way that leaves them feeling confident about your wealth management skills. While there are dozens upon dozens of risk tolerance questionnaires available for you to use, most of […]

ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses on the Rise

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has gained popularity in recent times as it makes managing business operations easier. The ERP software allows organizations to access a system of highly integrated applications. It helps in the management of business and assists in specific back office activities. ERP technology and software is gradually […]

Comparison of 15 Leading Collaboration Software Systems

Project success is usually the result of effective interaction and communication between team members. Collaboration has become an essential part of company work. Business projects can be completed successfully if all team members freely share suggestions and ideas and take part in live meetings. Projects that need multiple team members […]

SaaS Visual Marketing Strategies for Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

At any given point of time, your consumers are scattered across four different stages of the sales funnel- Attention: This is the awareness stage where the target consumer has just got to know about your product or services. Interest: The consumer is now interested to know the benefits and value […]