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The report and trend analysis below was prepared by Sebastian Lambert, CEO of FinancesOnline and our company’s guru on SaaS growth hacking and lead generation strategies. All trends are based …

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7 Email Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020 – A Look into What Lies Ahead

Not many people know that email is older than the internet. The very first email was sent by its inventor—in 1971. The internet did not do it until 12 years later. Almost half a century later, snooping around for the latest email marketing trends has become a discipline in its […]

7 Top Virtual Reality Trends & Predictions for 2020 According to Experts

Virtual reality (VR) has gone beyond its gaming and entertainment roots. The most current virtual reality trends show the technology being applied across various industries, including healthcare, education, entertainment, tourism, and business institutions. But more importantly, key players in the industry, especially in the marketing sector, are still exploring ways […]

11 Accounting Trends for 2020: New Forecasts & What Lies Beyond?

Technology has many stories to tell. The word itself is synonymous with development and, in much of today’s business landscape, it continues to reshape industries and businesses. It transforms systems and processes, converting manual tasks into automated functions. With technology, businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. And this is where […]

14 Supply Chain Trends for 2020: New Predictions To Watch Out For

Supply chains are the lifeblood of most, if not all, businesses today. Keeping all supply chain components running as smoothly as possible ensures that your business can provide on-time delivery of products and services. Aside from reading up on the latest supply chain statistics, it’s always helpful to stay updated […]

6 New Online Shopping Trends & Forecasts for 2020 to Watch Out For

Competitive pricing, ultimate convenience and fast delivery are fueling the blistering growth of online shopping. For this, many well-known brands paid the price. Yet the signs show that these new breed of businesses are just starting. Hence it pays to know where these online shopping trends are heading. This is […]

11 New Elearning Trends & Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Elearning first sprung to life in the 1990s as a method to augment face-to-face learning. Over the decades, elearning has metamorphosed into a trendy approach that outshines the method it was initially designed to support. Numerous technology, workplace, and elearning trends have driven profound changes, ultimately aggravating the waning fortunes […]

11 Business Intelligence Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

There is no doubt, business intelligence (BI) has become an indispensable asset to organizations, big and small. Everyone wants to leverage every bit of available information and extrapolate possible future results to make on-the-spot decisions that increase revenue, improve productivity, and accelerate growth. But, with so many business intelligence trends […]

11 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020: Current Predictions You Should Know

We’re past the point where utilizing the latest technology is confined to big businesses with budgets to spare. The changes in the demands and requirements of customers and markets are forcing companies to adapt to digital transformation. Therefore, those who want to outperform their competition must always keep up with […]

10 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2020: Current Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

Customers spending more time on their smartphones are fueling the latest round of mobile marketing trends. And because customers and marketers flock to different channels, these channels get saturated as time goes by. It’s hard to get attention and even harder to get more engagement. Competition gets steeper and harder. […]

11 CRM Trends for 2020: Top Predictions to Watch Out For

These days, having the best products and services isn’t enough to ensure business profitability. Building relationships with customers to foster loyalty and retention, for instance, can significantly influence your bottom line. Customer relationship management remains a huge part of the game, and staying ahead of CRM trends can help give […]

13 Video Marketing Trends for 2020: Latest Forecasts You Should Be Thinking About

Over the years, we’ve seen video marketing trends evolve from 30-second ads and viral videos to vlogs and live videos. Moreover, new technologies have paved the way for more engaging video formats such as 360-degree experiences, ephemeral videos, and shoppable videos. The only question now is, how do you incorporate […]

7 Generation Z Trends & Predictions for 2020 – A Look Into What’s Next

As everyone gets older, each picks up insights and lessons enough to arm and guide them in life decisions. They also pick up consumption behavior. The latest Generation Z trends show that members of this age group are quickly gaining ground and making their presence felt in today’s economy. They’re […]

10 Recruitment Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

Recent technological advancements had forced the modern workplace to evolve. From shifts in recruiting expectations to AI-powered hiring, disruptive recruitments trends continue to emerge. Are you prepared to succeed in competing for today’s best talent? Below are ten global recruitment trends businesses and HR professionals should be aware of in […]

15 Latest Blog Trends & Predictions for 2020 – A Look Into What’s Next Ahead

The latest blog trends are still closely tied to how search engines are helping readers find useful content. In short, content creators and business bloggers have to develop an editorial plan and integrate SEO into that plan. Nothing new there… except: now, you have plenty of analytics tools to make […]

10 New ERP Trends & Forecasts for 2020 – A Look Into What’s Next

In the modern age, people won’t let inflexible system solutions get in the way of holistic digital transformation. This is true for most of them, including enterprise resource planning or ERP software. In this light, keeping up with the latest ERP trends is beneficial to consumers and service providers alike. […]

10 Future Business Travel Trends & Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Corporate travel remains a crucial aspect of a business. Despite advancements in technology, business travel trends indicate that there’s no substitute for face-to-face interactions. Travel can also support business initiatives for networking, skills development, and recruitment. In this business travel forecast, you can read all about the direction the industry […]

11 SaaS Trends for 2020: New Forecasts You Should Know

Today, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are part of nearly every business workflow. It’s logical given the agility, accessibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness of these offerings. But, with SaaS trends taking the lead in disrupting the industry, a lot is set to change. Already, there is an unbundling of SaaS, pricing policies are […]

8 Latest Project Management Trends & Forecasts for 2020 You Should Know

Like most other fields, project management must dance to the tune of the massive digital transformations happening everywhere. Old approaches are no longer enough. Nowadays, holding on to old systems could instead prove to be fatal. Those who have learned their lessons move on and blaze the trail of new […]

Ecommerce Marketing Guide: 30 Tips & Strategies on How to Increase Sales

How can I promote my ecommerce business? You can promote your ecommerce business by utilizing SEO, practicing content marketing, building a brand, engaging in social media, and offering user value. Each category has specific, case-to-case techniques, though in general following these five major pillars of ecommerce marketing can make a […]

12 VoIP Trends for 2020: Latest Predictions To Watch Out For

The global VoIP market has seen exponential growth over the last 20 years. With continued technological enhancements, government support, and business adoption, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it seems to be moving faster than ever in terms of usage, market share, and revenues. This is […]

8 New Voice Search Trends & Predictions for 2020 You Should Be Thinking About

People have been typing text to search online over the past several decades. But since it’s natural for people to talk than to type or click, voice search trends are becoming significant. With the expanding dominance of smartphones, voice search has been steadily growing. Voice is practically changing how people […]

12 Experiential Marketing Trends for 2020: Top Predictions You Should Know

Brands are like people. They have stories, histories, “personalities,” and (customer) relationships. These relationships are based on experiences that a consumer has with a brand. Thus, experts emphasize that companies should make all touchpoints conducive to building a profitable relationship with their target audience. One way to do this is […]

16 Latest Cybercrime Trends & Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

There’s perhaps nothing more cumbersome than having your website hacked or your personal data stolen online. It takes hours to restore a compromised website to its normal operation, and that could mean financial loss for you if your business relies heavily on the web. Hacking, phishing, malware attacks–all these cybercrime […]

What is CPQ? Configure, Price, Quote Process Flow Explained

What does CPQ mean? CPQ means Configure, Price, Quote. This is an integrated process for accurately generating sales quotes fast, which enhances the purchasing experience. CPQ helps advance the selling process by removing cumbersome manual processes. It helps in streamlining the entire process, as well. In the past, everything must […]

7 Future Collaboration Trends & Forecasts for 2020 – A Look into What’s Next

There are many ways by which you can achieve effective collaboration. For instance, you can promote open communication, nurture creativity, and create an atmosphere where teamwork comes first. However, as the modern workplace evolves, so should your collaboration strategies. This is why knowing the latest collaboration trends is a must […]

8 Gamification Trends for 2020: Current Forecasts You Should Be Thinking About

Gamification is not a new technique but recently, the buzzword has gained overwhelming prominence. With engagement and retention rates dwindling, and consumer attention span taking a downhill trend, gamification is posing as a timely antidote to these cases. However, today, replicating game mechanics in business scenarios is a hard nut […]

What is Digital Transformation? Introduction to an Effective Business Strategy

What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is how companies use technologies to create or change organizational culture, processes, and offerings to meet the requirements of customers and markets. It is the process of transforming a business to become more relevant in the digital age. So, what is digital transformation? It […]

10 Current Small Business Trends & Forecasts for 2020 To Watch Out For

People’s outlook towards starting a small business seems to be on a high. Now even Millennials and Generation Zers are trying to get into the action. There are many reasons for this and there are many implications as well. This is why, in this article, we will discuss small business […]

What Is Gamification? Benefits, Examples & Techniques

What is gamification? Gamification is the process of introducing game mechanics into anything that results in better engagement and participation. In short, it’s making something more fun to do. There are many benefits to gamification. For businesses, it improves customer experience and promotes loyalty, to name a few. If you […]

Detailed Brand Marketing Guide: Strategy, Types & Advice From Marketers

What is brand marketing? Brand marketing is the process of promoting products or services, to market a company’s overall brand. It is done by connecting corporate values, identity and personality and communicating them to audiences. Modern business is about a flurry of brand marketing activities. Contrary to what many believe, […]