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2019 SaaS Industry Market Report: Key Global Trends & Growth Forecasts

The report and trend analysis below was prepared by Sebastian Lambert, CEO of FinancesOnline and our company’s guru on SaaS growth hacking and lead generation strategies. All trends are based on both extensive research of external sources as well as Sebastian’s analysis of SaaS-related data from FinancesOnline users and clients. […]

Payment Gateway Services Implementation: A Complete Guide

What is payment gateway software? The umbrella term covers a variety of transaction services that help businesses trade goods and receive payments on the web. In a fashion similar to in-store cashiers, online payment systems approve and gather payments on your checkout page, and set up channels for these payments […]

20 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019

What is the best payment gateway provider? The best payment gateway provider is 2CheckOut for its comprehensive capabilities. This robust and flexible platform can localize transactions and support a wide variety of payment methods. So, it comes as no surprise that it is trusted by thousands of companies in almost […]

7 Great Help Desk Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

In this article we take a look at two new help desk apps and some older ones that tend to be under the radar of industry observers. The tie that binds them? They do offer unique and clear value propositions, one that may just match your needs.

5 Customer Experience Best Practices: Is Your Team Following Them?

What are the best customer experience practices in 2019? In this article we’ll show you five strategic steps that’ll take your CX management to the next level:

How to Improve Customer Experience Using A Helpdesk Software

How to improve CX using a helpdesk? Although only comprising part of the customer experience management spectrum, helpdesk is central to the former’s successful implementation. There are three main aspects where helpdesk software adds value to CX, namely: Operational cost reduction Resolution time Agent performance. In this article we’ll explore […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Live Chat Software for Marketing

Did you know that live chat can be utilized for marketing, especially inbound marketing? If you have an established online marketing strategy and live chat isn’t part of that mix, you need to read this post on how live chat can help marketing. But first, let’s define the tasks of […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Live Chat Software for Sales

Even as you scour your CRM database spanking clean for potential deals, and still fall short of your revenue target, prospects may be right in front of you, ignored, their interest allowed to wither away. Ironic, yes, but that what happens when you fail to use live chat as a […]

How Live Chat Software Can Help You Get More Leads And Increase Sales

Do you want to know how live chat software can help you get more leads and increase sales? Your help desk solution automates the major aspects of your customer service. But beyond that, it provides you with more benefits in improving your bottom line through live chat.

7 Best Practices To Optimize Your Conversion Forms And Get More Leads

How do you optimize conversion forms? Here are 7 best practices to do it. These are proven techniques and are distinct from creating an intuitive website conversion path, which, as should be pointed out, is your broader lead generation goal.

7 Free Forms Automation Tools to Collect Quality Leads For Your Business

Imagine your web form acting like a threshing machine that separates kernels from husks with ease. Forms are your gateway between you and quality leads. Placed on a strategic landing page, forms can be automated to churn out leads after leads and, ultimately, the seeds to grow your business.

5 Common Mistakes When Choosing CRM Software

What are the common mistakes you can make when choosing CRM software? It’s important to know what the pitfalls are, because if you end up with a wrong CRM or one that frustrates you or your team, you probably are guilty of one or more of the following common missteps […]

Which CRM Should I Choose? Tips On How To Pick The Right Solution For Your Business

Which CRM should I choose? Agility is key to sales and can put your business ahead of the competition. And the most agile CRM solutions today tend to be SaaS or cloud-based and they can adapt to both small business and enterprise needs. That’s why these solutions are also often a […]

Salesforce or HubSpot CRM? Comparison of Two Leading CRM Software Solutions

Customer relationship management is a key tool in getting leads for your company and increasing your bottom line. But there’s more to CRM than just closing deals. CRM has become a management strategy that very often will ensure a steady growth of your business. It allows you to consolidate sales data […]

20 Best Affiliate Marketing Software Solutions of 2019

What is the best affiliate marketing software solution of 2019? The best affiliate marketing software solution of 2019 is Everflow for its comprehensive features and unified management interface. Equipped with tools for campaign optimization, affiliate tracking, and fraud detection, this system makes it simpler for companies to roll out profitable […]

A Breakdown of HubSpot CRM Free Features & Limitations

One of the typical problems with sales is the abundance of disparate data. Campaign feedback, customer conversations, lead profiles, performance indicators of sales reps and other important customer data reside in different databases and devices. Without proper visibility on such data you’re missing out on potential opportunities and glossing over […]

List of Best Service Desk Software Solutions for 2019

What is the best service desk software for 2019? The best service desk software for 2019 is Freshservice for its robust ticket management, asset discovery, and knowledge base functionalities. This cloud-based solution also offers a plethora of productivity features to help you ensure agent productivity and quality customer service. What’s […]

What is Employee Monitoring Software? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

What is employee monitoring software? Employee monitoring software boosts the employee oversight capabilities of companies, ensuring that employees are following best practices when it comes to work-related tasks, access to sensitive company data, resources, and security. It ensures that all employee activities are tracked, providing total visibility and traceability into […]

5 Techniques to Automate Prospecting and Improve Quality of Your Leads and Marketing

Below, we’re sharing this insider-look to help you automate your prospecting and increase the quality of leads. These strategies will allow you to build a tested framework that qualifies leads from marketing to sales and promises a higher conversion rate. We’ll be discussing the following strategies:

Guía de las Mejores Soluciones de Software CRM Gratis para Considerar en 2019

Este artículo está actualizado con las soluciones del software leading customer relationship management (CRM) de 2019 para proporcionar a su equipo los últimos sistemas para administrar sus relaciones comerciales de forma gratuita. Los sistemas de software Customer relationship management pueden ayudarle a mantener una relación de calidad con sus clientes. […]

¿Qué es el Software CRM? Análisis de las Funciones, Tipos y Precios

¿Qué es el software CRM? La definición corta es que el software CRM es un sistema que le permite fomentar relaciones con clientes y proyecciones para impulsar las ventas o mantener la rentabilidad a largo plazo. También agrega flujos de datos de clientes para aflorar conocimientos que te ayudan a […]

How to Leverage User Reviews for B2B & SaaS Lead Generation

The following article was prepared by Sebastian Lambert, CEO of FinancesOnline and an expert in the field of SaaS & B2B lead generation and growth hacking. All strategies are based on Sebastian’s personal experience, extensive research and opinions and data gathered from FinancesOnline users and clients.   If you’re like […]

Best Sales Tools For Salespeople That Will Help Your Team Succeed

What are the best sales tools to drive your team to more success? In this article, we focus on five essential tools that leverage technology to spur more won deals. They help increase sales velocity, identify promising leads, turns sales pitches into personalized conversations and, generally, shorten the sales cycle. […]

20 Best Grammar Checker Software Solutions for 2019

What is the best grammar checker software solution for 2019? The best grammar checker software solution is Grammarly. This language tool allows you to avoid errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar, and to project a more professional prose tone and style while helping you out of embarrassing composition mistakes. Powered […]

20 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners and Professionals in 2019

What is the best freelance website? The best freelance website is Fiverr, an online marketplace that aids individuals searching for freelance jobs and projects. It is the ideal platform for professionals such as graphic artists, writers and programmers as it does not only help them search for work but also […]

20 Best eCommerce Platforms

What is the best eCommerce platform for 2019? The best eCommerce platform of 2019 is Wix for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. While primarily a website builder, this platform for SMBs and individuals offer a robust eCommerce module. This allows users to create attractive online stores where they can […]

20 Best Legal Case Management Software Programs for Small and Medium Law Firms

Legal case management software programs are designed to assist lawyers or law firms manage their cases including client records, schedules and appointments, deadlines, billing and bookkeeping, computer files, and documents. It also facilitates compliance to policies and requirements laid down by judicial and legal authorities.

How to Build a Sales Forecast with Templates, Examples and Formulas

How to build a reliable sales forecast for your company? If you want an accurate prediction, this involves intuition, predictive analysis, and a really good CRM tool. In this guide we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to take to be successful at sales forecasting:

20 Best Digital Asset Management Software

What are the best digital asset management software products in the market today? In this article, we have gathered the leading DAM solutions with robust tools and features to match your business environment and needs. These are: What are the best digital asset management software? Adobe Experience Manager Cloudinary Bandicam […]

What Are Freelance Platforms? Analysis of Features, Benefits and Pricing

What are freelance platforms? Freelance platforms are a meeting place where qualified and skilled freelancers from anywhere in the world can find work and get payment. In this regard, online freelance platforms can be compared to eBay and Airbnb which have totally transformed the way we shop and travel respectively. […]