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Sample Marketing Services Provided By

FinancesOnline is a free platform that lets you find the best B2B & SaaS solutions

Each year we help millions of users compare products, find customer reviews and reports from experts
to easily choose a solution that will let your company grow.

We created this example page to help you familiarize yourself with a wide range of marketing services offered by FinancesOnline and see how exactly they are put into action.

Here at FinancesOnline we realize how important it is for you as a vendor to feature your products in a way that builds trust.

We can help you sell more by driving quality traffic from our review pages directly to your landing page.

Our quality seal as well as certificates and awards can help you get your clients’ trust.

Finally, we are also here to boost your content marketing strategy with articles about your product’s unique features and achievements.


To learn more about each kind of service click on its header to read the details:

Lead Generation Services:

Product Page Buttons

With FinancesOnline marketing packages you can send quality traffic to your landing page. People browsing your review page are already interested in your product, so you can capture potential clients at their critical decision-making stage. We will add VISIT WEBSITE and FREE TRIAL buttons on your review page to guarantee optimal generation of leads. Here’s how it will look like on your product review page:

Free trial and Visit website button directing quality leads to your landing page

Product Box Examples

Product boxes featuring your product will appear across FinancesOnline website. Your product will be featured as a suggested alternative in an alternatives tab on other product pages making it stand out from your competitors. Boxes with your product will also show up on our category pages as well as in search results. Each box will display the VISIT WEBSITE and FREE TRIAL buttons allowing you to get even more leads.  Here’s how your product box will look like:

Freshbooks displayed as a suggested alternative for another product

Comparison Page Highlight

People on our website often use our comparison feature to see how well products fare when compared against one another. To increase your exposure we can highlight your product as a trusted partner in every comparison table displayed by users. Here’s how it may look like:

Freshbooks highlighted as a trusted partner on a comparison page

Freshbooks highlighted as a trusted partner on a comparison page

Brand Awareness Solutions:

Verified Quality Seal

FinancesOnline offers a unique trust building service: our Verified Quality Seal. You can get it after our experts’ evaluation. The seal will be a guarantee of your product’s quality building trust in the eyes of potential customers. It’s also an efficient solution to increase sales that can increase your sales by as much as 12%!

Quality seal is always prominently displayed on your review page contributing to increased credibility of your brand and better conversion of leads:

Verified Quality Seal displayed on a product page

You can also use the quality seal on your own website in a similar way to other trust building seals such as Verisign security seal. Marketing studies show that using such seals is an effective way to influence people’s buying decisions. Here’s how a seal on a vendor’s website can look like:

An example of how our Verified Quality Seal could be used on FreshBook's home page.

An example of how our Verified Quality Seal could be used on FreshBook’s home page.

Quality Certificates

Our experts can reward your product with a wide range of quality certificates highlighting specific aspects your product excels at. This ensures your clients know you’re a top choice as far as particular elements of your product are concerned. Here are a few examples of the awards we offer:

Examples of quality cerfiticates your product can get

Content Marketing Services:

An Article About Your Products' Achievements & Unique Features

Our team or experts will prepare for you a detailed review that will discuss not only unique features of your product but will also mention its achievements, including awards and quality certificate the product won on our website. Here’s an example of such an article written for FreshBooks:

If you have any questions about our offer feel free to contact our marketing department.

If you want to add your product to our listing or start your own lead generation campaign let us know: