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20 Best Fundraising Software Solutions of 2020

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Managing a nonprofit organization entails a lot of hard work, a major part of which is fundraising. This process involves a multitude of other tasks that can be quite difficult to manage, especially for institutions with limited manpower. From setting up campaigns to managing donors, you may end up rummaging through document after document just to keep everything in order.

Fundraising Software

When faced with such challenges, fundraising software solutions can be of help. These platforms provide you with the tools you need to automate these tasks and more. To help you out, we have compiled the 20 best fundraising software available on the market to date. This way, you can narrow down your options and choose which ones offer the functionalities that you require for your operations.

Fundraising efforts have changed drastically over the past years. Gone are the days of using spreadsheets and making volunteers go door-to-door to spread awareness about your cause. Nowadays, nonprofits and other institutions rely on emails, social media, and most importantly, fundraising platforms.

These tools provide organizations with a means to expedite the launching of new campaigns, measure the progress of their efforts in real-time, and give more convenient payment options for their supporters. Moreover, it is equipped with automation options that can reduce workload as well as the overhead costs associated with running campaigns.

While the use of these platforms are undoubtedly beneficial to all sorts of organizations, a national study of challenges facing nonprofit fundraising reveals that many institutions lack basic fundraising systems. As you can see on the table below, plenty of institutions still prefer using manual fundraising methods (70%) and online fundraising tools (30%). Only 10% of campaigns are executed using a full-fledged fundraising system.


Don’t make the same mistake by investing in a fundraising software for your operations. By doing so, you can save yourself from wasting time on mundane administrative tasks and focus more on improving your campaigns and interacting with donors.

In our list of 20 best fundraising software, we will be discussing some of the most versatile products available on the market based on their price, scalability, flexibility, and usability. This way, you will be able to determine which platform would be a good fit for your operations.

20 Best Fundraising Software of 2020

1. ActBlue

ActBlue is a flexible and free digital fundraising tool designed to help nonprofit organizations and other similar institutions harness the power of grassroots marketing. It is equipped with a full suite of solutions for campaign planning, payment processing, targeted campaigns, A/B testing, and other fundraising management tasks. This mobile-optimized platform also offers compliance and data integration which makes it easy for organizations to stay up-to-date on regulations in the industry. On top of that, ActBlue is a PCI Level 1 certified merchant so you can be sure that each transaction you facilitate using their software is secure. What sets this platform apart from the rest is its straightforward pricing scheme. The vendor charges a 3/95% transaction fee on each contribution you receive to cover the processing cost. Other than that, you can use all the functionalities of this platform completely for free.

Why Choose ActBlue?

  1. Innovative Fundraising Tools. Aside from its comprehensive set of fundraising features, ActBlue offers provides innovative tools that will help you change the way you manage your campaigns. One such example is their tandem fundraising option that lets organizations team up and raise money together through joint contribution forms. They also offer an express lane function which is essentially a single-click payment system that makes donating more convenient for your supporters.
  2. Compliant and Secure Interface. You and your volunteers are already busy enough planning campaigns and keeping track of donations. This is why ActBlue is equipped with built-in compliance tools so that you can easily stay on top of any industry regulations without the time-consuming paperwork. On top of that, this platform also takes care of any security issues for you by providing options that will help you safeguard confidential donor information from prying eyes.
  3. Hands-On Customer Support. Ideal for first-time fundraising platform users, ActBlue understands how much work you are putting in for your cause. This is why they make sure you don’t experience any delays in your operations by keeping their platform up and running at all times and by giving you the technical support you require as quickly as possible. On top of that, they extend the same level of support for your donors.

2. Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM is a powerful donation management tool used by nonprofits to tackle fundraising campaigns, marketing outreach, and donor relationships. Fully web-based and mobile-ready, this software provides tools ranging from campaign management and donation tracking to event management and volunteer management to help you keep your organization up and running. On top of that, this is also equipped with CRM and marketing options as well as analytics solutions in order to further reinforce your operations. For pricing, Salsa CRM is only available by quote, so be sure to get in touch with the vendor for more information.

Why Choose Salsa CRM?

  1. Donor Management Made Easy. Salsa CRM can accommodate an unlimited number of records for your donors. This allows you to keep track of donation history and associate donations to specific funds and campaigns. Moreover, it helps you monitor interactions with your supporters and facilitate more personalized conversations in the future. By doing so, you can cultivate lifelong donor relationships with ease.
  2. Extensive Set of Features. Among the software solutions mentioned on this list, Salsa CRm offers one of the most extensive set of features. Aside from the basic campaign management and donation tracking tools, it can also support A/B testing, online petition creation, task management solutions, and marketing capabilities. With this, you can perform a wide number of tasks without the need for other business systems.
  3. Perfectly Timed Interactions. While financial support is important for nonprofit organizations, it is also important to engage donors and potential supporters by being proactive in interacting with them. Using Salsa CRM, you can create targeted lists and contacts that you can track at each stage of the fundraising process. In turn, you can facilitate perfectly timed interactions that will ensure maximum engagement of members, donors, and potential supporters.

3. EveryAction

EveryAction is a unified, digital CRM system that combines donor management and fundraising management into one convenient interface. Equipped with powerful tools that modernize workflow organization, simplify real-time analytics, optimize volunteer management, and boost donor interactions, this platform can allow users to streamline how they raise money for their cause. It even offers targeted emailing and social media integration to help you build highly engaged supporter bases. Moreover, EveryAction has one-click advocacy actions and use secondary asks to turn advocates into donors. For pricing, an EveryAction subscription plan starts at $49/month. To get a quote for your organization, simply contact the vendor.

Why Choose EveryAction?

  1. Modernized Fundraising Workflows. The beauty of using EveryAction is that users can get access to modernized workflows that can identify prospective funders, track deadlines, and view results. Its interface is also lined with robust tools for grants management, action planning tools, and social media integrations to reinforce your workflow organization. To top it all off, EveryAction has a direct response plan wizard that lets you plan, implement, and track all efforts in one location.
  2. Simplified Performance Reporting. Improving your fundraising campaigns and designing them to yield more members, supporters, and donations lies in effective performance reporting. EveryAction offers instant reporting for the different aspects of your operations to help you get a bird’s eye view of your operations. It keeps details of donors in one place for easy engagement measuring. It even offers custom data visualization so you can communicate the results of short term fundraising efforts more effectively.
  3. Highly Configurable Interface. If you have existing business systems, EveryAction is probably a good option for you as it has powerful APIs and smart integrations with industry leading platforms. This way, you can retain the platforms you are already using without having to worry about whether or not it will be compatible with EveryAction’s interface.

4. FundRazr

FundRazr is a next generation online fundraising tool created for nonprofits, individuals, private companies, as well as educational institutions. It is designed to make the entire fundraising process easier and faster through the use of best-in-class tools. Among these features include instant campaign creation, donor management, and sponsorship enhancement. The platform also supports advanced social media integration, automated milestone updates, as well as enterprise crowdfunding for your convenience. As for pricing, you can start using FundRazr completely for free. The vendor only charges you for the standard third-party payment processing fees charged by PayPal, Stripe and WePay. These are usually 2.9% + $0.30 depending on your country.

Why Choose FundRazr?

  1. Easy Campaign Setups. The most time-consuming part of running a fundraising campaign is the planning stage. To help you cut down the time you spend on setting up your campaigns, FundRazr offers tools that let you launch your campaigns as quickly as possible. It offers beautiful templates for fundraising pages, hands-on support and onboarding, as well as great step-by-step guides that will make it easier for you to start your campaigns.
  2. Better Donor Management. Without supporters, it is difficult to get donations for your cause. This is why FundRazr offers tools that let you build strong, active, and engaged supporter bases. Using these tools, users can offer perks to incentivize donors, utilize wish list options, as well as the set up recurring donation options for supporters.
  3. Sponsorship Enhancement Made Easy. In addition to the donor management capability of FundRazr, this platform also has a sponsorship enhancement tool that lets you create win-win fundraising strategies. With this feature, you can create dollar matching and sponsored incentives as well as set up sponsor-branded campaigns.

5. Anedot

Anedot is fundraising management solution designed to optimize the donation experience for your supporters. Trusted by multiple nonprofits, ministries, schools, and foundations since 2010, this platform can provide you with landing page creation tools, form customization options, as well as advanced fundraising features and detailed reporting solutions. On top of that, the entire platform is optimized to run on any device, making it a good option for users who are always on-the-go. What makes this a great option is that the vendor offers a no commitment pricing scheme that only costs 30¢ per transaction. This is inclusive of all the tools that the platform has to offer as well as support from their technical staff.

Why Choose Anedot?

  1. Donation Collection Made Easy. Aside from launching effective campaigns, it is also important that you have a fast, secure, and accountable means of collecting your supporters’ donations. Using Anedot, you can process payments online and even automate the process according to your specific requirements. Other than being equipped with robust security options, this platform is also built for finance and compliance so keeping tabs on where the money came from and how it is being spent is easy.
  2. Comprehensive Features. Anedot offers simple yet powerful tools that can help you plan and execute fundraising campaigns with ease. With this, novice users of this type of software won’t have any problem navigating the platform while professionals who are familiar with the software can appreciate how flexible its interface can be.
  3. Smart Integration Options. Other than providing its users with a great set of fundraising tools, Anedot’s interface is also completely configurable and scalable. You may choose to extend its capabilities by integrating it with third-party applications such as Aristotle, Google Analytics, Facebook, NationBuilder, ISP, and more. This way, you don’t have to jump from platform to platform in order to accomplish your tasks.

6. CauseVox

CauseVox is a community-drive fundraising platform that is easy-to-use. Equipped with tools for launching fundraisers, growing online donations, and tracking supporters, this software is built to help you grow your community of supporters and boost donations. With this, it is easier for nonprofit organizations, charitable institutions, and similar companies to reduce the burden of administrative tasks while boosting the donating experience and optimizing campaign planning. The best part about this platform is that the vendor offers plans depending on the needs of your organization. You may opt for their free plan for simple one-time campaigns or their subscription plan that costs $49/month. These have their respective platform and processing fees.  

Why Choose CauseVox?

  1. Centralized Campaign Management. CauseVox offers a number of administrative tools for reporting, data exporting, campaign creation, and donation processing. These are all combined in one convenient interface to provide you with a centralized user experience that cuts down the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. By bringing all the functions you need in a single place, CauseVox allows users to plan campaigns, measure progress, and track donations more efficiently.  
  2. Community-Driven Approach. Your supporters long to help your cause not only through financial backing. This is why CauseVox offers a community-driven approach that allows your donors to share their stories in relation to your cause. By doing so, you can foster stronger relationships with supporters while shedding more light on your cause so that potential donors may understand it better.
  3. Uncomplicated Design Functionalities. Creating landing pages for your nonprofit organization or for a specific fundraising campaign does not need to be complicated. With CauseVox, you can create beautiful fundraiser pages that stand out from the rest without having to hire programmers or tech staff. This platform is equipped with hundreds of custom templates as well as simple yet powerful design tools that let you build landing pages from scratch without coding knowledge.

7. Bloomerang

Bloomerang is a donor management software designed to help nonprofit organizations retain and engage potential supporters. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this system enables you to expedite transactions, improve interactions, and manage funds in one convenient platform. It also offers an easy-to-use interface that takes almost no time to set up and customize for your operations. For pricing, Bloomerang is available in different SMB and enterprise pricing plans depending on the number of records and monthly emails you need it to support. Prices range from $99/month to $499/month with additional charges for personal support.

Why Choose Bloomerang?

  1. Best-in-Class Dashboard. The Bloomerang dashboard is perhaps the best feature that this platform has to offer. Other than consolidating all the insights on your organization’s activities, it can also support other variables such as suggestions, incoming donations, campaign, progress, and donor retention in a single window. This way, you don’t have to waste time moving from one tab to another to check your performance.
  2. Efficient Activity Timeline. One of the most difficult tasks nonprofit organizations need to do is streamline their workflow. To help you out, Bloomerang has an activity timeline tool that lets you map out your tasks, track your progress, and make all the documents needed for the task accessible. Through this, it is easier for volunteers and organizers to collaborate and finish the project at hand efficiently.
  3. Open API Capabilities. While Bloomerang offers all the essential tools for donor management and fundraising campaign monitoring, it is possible that it doesn’t have some of the specific functionalities you are looking for. As a resolve, this software is equipped with open API capabilities. This way, you can easily integrate it with some of your favorite business systems without hassle.  

8. Double the Donation

Double the Donation is an industry-leading matching gift solution trusted by Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Southern Poverty Law Center, ASPCA, and other reputable foundations. Desktop-friendly and mobile-optimized, this platform allows users to raise awareness about their cause and enable donors to find out if their employers will match their donations. This way, you can get double the funding effortlessly. Other than setting up your campaigns, this can also simplify the matching process using matching gift forms, streamlined guidelines, and instructions for donors. For pricing, the vendor offers plans that are priced according to your organization’s size and operational requirements. Users may opt for the Basic plan that costs $299/year, the Premium plan that is available at $499/year, or the 360MatchPro package that starts at $3,000/year.

Why Choose Double the Donation?

  1. Comprehensive Donor Database. Double the Donation has one of the largest databases of matching gift and volunteer grant information in the nonprofit industry. With access to this, your organization can easily find other companies who are willing to help you with your cause and expand the number of match opportunities for your potential donors.
  2. Efficient Matching Gift Automation. While it is easy for small nonprofits to manually match donors with companies, this can be challenging for large enterprises and big charitable institutions. This is why Double the Donation offers a 360MatchPro edition that can automatically identify matching gift eligibility for their donors and drive matches to completion. With this, all they need to do is input the details of their supporters and the platform will do the rest.
  3. Easy Integrations. Similar to a number of products on this list, Double the Donation is also created for flexibility and scalability. This is why it can easily be integrated with your organization’s existing software systems. All you have to do is add their matching gift tools to your donation form, donation confirmation page, or fundraising page.

9. Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge is an all-in-one cloud-based fundraising platform built for nonprofit organizations. It offers a comprehensive set of features that lets you accept online donations, perform peer-to-peer fundraising, as well as work with your community to boost donations. It even has donor management and event management functionalities via Salesforce and a GiveBig®: Giving Day Platform capability that brings multiple organizations together under one customizable social platform. To top it all off, Click & Pledge offers Merchant Accounts completely for free. The vendor only charges a processing fee of 3.75%+ $0.37 per transaction.

Why Choose Click & Pledge?

  1. Complete Suite of Fundraising Tools. Click & Pledge offers a plethora of capabilities that aim to streamline your fundraising campaigns. On top of workflow creation, volunteer management, and donation tracking, it also offers peer-to-peer fundraising, social media advertising, and other integrated tools. This way you have access to all the features you require to plan, launch, and monitor your campaigns.
  2. Highly Scalable Interface. Online fundraising platforms should grow alongside your nonprofit organization. This is why Click & Pledge is designed with a highly scalable interface that users can configure according to the changing needs of their organization. With this, you can be sure that they offer fundraising tools that can support different functions for small organizations, large charities, and everything in between.
  3. Secure Donation Processing. Donor information and transaction records are sensitive data that must be protected at all times. With Click & Pledge, you can ensure that these are safe from unauthorized personnel as their software is certified Level 1 by the Payment Card Industry Data Standard. This is the highest security standard in the payment industry.

10. NeonCRM

NeonCRM is a donation management software equipped with fundraising campaign tools and CRM capabilities. It aims to help nonprofit organizations attract more potential supporters using proactive donor management as and relationship tracking. The platform also offers robust volunteer management, grant management, audience segmentation, and email marketing tools for a fully integrated user experience. You may even choose to extend the capabilities of the program using API tools. As for pricing, NeonCRM offers three options depending on the size of your organization and the kinds of features you will be needing. You may choose from their Essentials package which starts at $50/month, Impact package which starts at $110/month, and Empower package which starts at $200/month.

Why Choose NeonCRM?

  1. Top-Notch Relationship Management. NeonCRM allows you to build stronger relationships with your donors and members using its robust relationship management options. This feature allows you to interact with them through live events as well as online conversations. Moreover, this tool can help you set up portals through which your members and donors can connect with you easily.
  2. Consolidated Fundraising Insights. Staying in-the-loop about the status of your fundraising campaigns is a crucial aspect of managing a nonprofit organization. In order to get instant insights about your organization’s activities, NeonCRM has an intuitive and customizable dashboard that serves as a central hub where you can monitor your performance and growth. With this, you can have all the details you need about your fundraising campaigns right at your fingertips.
  3. Intuitive Fundraising Management. Other than having great analytics options, NeonCRM offers plenty of solutions to simplify the arduous process of managing fundraising campaigns. Using their automation options, bespoke donation forms, and donation monitoring tools, your workflow can be more efficient and more accountable every step of the way.

11. Charity Auctions Today

For users looking to create online and mobile auctions, Charity Auctions Today is a prime option. With this easy and affordable charity auction software, you can have your auction up and ready in minutes. All you have to do is set up your auction, set parameters on payout processing, and create custom email strategies that let you stay in touch with all participants of your auction. For pricing, you can choose from their Online Auction plan which is available for free, Standard plan which costs $297/auction, Pro plan which is available at $497/auction, and Ultra plan which is priced at $597/auction. There is also a Live Auction package which you can get by quote.

Why Choose Charity Auctions Today?

  1. Simplified Sponsorship Generation. The Auction Profit BlueprintTM is a unique feature included in this platform that uses pre-designed templates to solicit local businesses. With their support, you can generate extra sponsorship for your event. Also, users that employ this feature can see an extra $2500 or more in auction revenue.
  2. Exciting Bidder Experience. Bidders are more willing to engage in your auction if it’s accessible through their computer or mobile phone. This is why Charity Auctions Today was made to run on all types of devices and browsers. This way, you allow prospective bidders to participate wherever they are and whenever they want.
  3. Dedicated Auction Success Manager. Charity Auctions Today does not stop at providing you with a platform through which you can host auctions. They also pair each nonprofit organization and each event with its dedicated auction success manager. This way, you can ensure that all aspects of your auction runs smoothly. The best part is that this comes at absolutely no extra cost.

12. Qgiv

Primarily an online event management tool, Qgiv also serves as a fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations, faith-based establishments, political parties, as well as government agencies. It offers a customizable interface with robust tools that can track donors, process online donations, grow your donor base, and improve interactions with supporters. It also offers campaign management features that let you monitor pledges and volunteers. For pricing, Qgiv offers different plans that are tiered to meet the different requirements of your operations. There is a Start plan at $0 per month with 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction, a Grow plan at $49 per month with 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction, and an Engage plan at $149 per month with 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction. The vendor also offers an Impact package that is available by quote.

Why Choose Qgiv?

  1. Easier Fundraising Campaign Management. Fundraising campaigns can become complicated because of all the tasks involved in it. Using Qgiv, you can create multiple mobile-friendly and responsive fundraising pages that are managed alongside other aspects of your nonprofit organization for a more streamlined workflow. With this, you can monitor volunteers while tracking the activities of donors on your site without having to leave the platform.
  2. Secure, Centralized Donor Database. Consolidating contact information and making sure they are updated at all times can be one of the most time-consuming aspects for any industry. Using Qgiv, you can centralize your donor database by importing previous collections of contact information and utilizing them for future campaigns. Moreover, the platform allows you to give donors access to an online portal where they can see their contribution history as well as update their information.
  3. Scalable, Configurable Interface. Another great thing about Qgiv is that it has a scalable and highly configurable interface. This allows users to customize the application to suit their specific needs. Simply customize its dashboards, reporting tools, and other features, and you’re good to go. You may even integrate it with business systems and applications such as Campaign Monitor, Church Community Builder, Constant Contact, or MailChimp.

13. GiveGab

GiveGab is a nonprofit giving platform that tackles online fundraising, supporter engagement, marketing, event fundraising, and volunteer management. With its user-friendly, customizable interface, you can launch outstanding campaigns that will surely help you build awareness for your missions and engage with donors. The vendor also offers reasonably priced SMB and enterprise packages that are bundled depending on the types of of features you require for your operations. They offer a Launch plan, Boost plan, and Enterprise plan. These are priced at $79/month, $149/month, and by quote respectively. Moreover, each package has their respective platform fees.

Why Choose GiveGab?

  1. Comprehensive Fundraising Tools. To make your campaign generate the highest possible revenue, GiveGab has different features at your disposal such as the easy-to-use campaign editor and management dashboard. It also has a mobile-friendly design that supports social sharing capabilities, peer-to-peer pages, and team fundraising pages.
  2. Automated Donation Management. Transitioning the entire auction process into a digital workflow reduces paper clutter and ensures the security of your bidders’ data. GiveGab utilizes an automated donation receipt which includes the EIN and total donation amount, and you can even create custom thank you messages for your generous bidders.
  3. Extensive Volunteer Management Features. Any campaign would not be as successful without its volunteers, and GiveGab offers unlimited volunteer opportunities. When using this platform, you can also easily assign tasks, automate reminder emails, send messages and comments, log support hours, upload photos, and more.

14. DonorSearch Online Tools

DonorSearch Online Tools is a fundraising platform designed to help nonprofit organizations. Focused primarily on data consolidation and integrated search, this software allows you to get accurate information that can elevate the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns. With it, you get access to comprehensive reporting solutions that help you connect with new donors and nurture your relationships with existing supporters. Moreover, DonorSearch Online Tools provides a portfolio for each organization so you can pinpoint the info you need in a snap. Please note that the vendor doesn’t display the pricing plans publicly, so be sure to contact them to get a quote for your organization.

Why Choose DonorSearch Online Tools?

  1. Integrated Search. Knowing your target audience and existing supporters is always advantageous during a fundraising campaign. Using integrated search options, you get data-rich reports displaying your prospects’ important information pertaining to their wealth and philanthropy. This way, it is easy to set up targeted mailing campaigns that yield more donations.
  2. Innovative ProspectView Function. It can be difficult to find supporters if you are looking in all the wrong places. To narrow down your options, DonorSearch Online Tools offers a ProspectView function. This feature lets you check donor data across your databases and execute a prospect research on your terms. You simply have to filter the data depending on the parameters you want to get a clearer view of the information that you need on your search for new prospects.
  3. Organization Portfolio Management. Do you find it difficult to keep track of fundraising campaign performance? If so, DonorSearch Online Tools’ My Portfolio function will be a boon for you. This is a powerful screening and reporting tool that allows you to sort and filter your information, making it easy to get insights on your campaigns’ performance as well as monitor your incoming donations.

15. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect is a comprehensive data management solution that is built to help organizations grow their missions and strengthen donor relationships. Equipped with donor management tools, personalized communication options, volunteer tracking solutions, social networking integrations, and information management features, this can cut down hundreds of administrative hours for organizations. Another great thing about this software is that it is available in different pricing plans that are bundled according to the features you require. You may choose from their Lite plan at $89/month, Express plan at $159/month, Essentials plan at $269/month, Premier at $459/month, and Enterprise at $799/month.

Why Choose DonorPerfect?

  1. Effortless Fundraising Management. DonorPerfect offers simple yet intuitive features for fundraising management, reports and analysis, information management, and payment processing. On top of that, the platform can support personalized communication, to-do lists, appointment scheduling, as well as grant tracking. With these features, it is easier for users to manage the different aspects of their campaign without needing multiple applications.  
  2. Built-In Event Management Tools. In addition to its full suite of fundraising management tools, DonorPerfect also has built-in event management capabilities. This allows you to plan galas, auctions, golf outings, and other events as well as manage online registrations. Moreover, it can help you handle these events in line with your volunteer tracking, alumni information, and social network fundraising.
  3. PCI Compliant Software. Your donors and members entrust your nonprofit organization with their information. This is why you need to make sure that all their contact details are kept confidential. To help you out, DonorPerfect is a PCI compliant software. This will help you ensure that no account information is stored, offering donors the security and safety they need when they use e-check payments or credit cards to provide you with the financial support you require.

16. Donately

Donately is a donation management software for nonprofits, churches, religious organizations, charitable institutions, and individuals. It is equipped with tools that let you create online donation forms and fundraising pages, so you can raise more money for your cause in the most efficient manner possible. Moreover, it simplifies all the tasks involved in managing donations through automation. You can take advantage of Donately completely for free if you use their startup plan. This is inclusive of the basic tools needed for donation management. If you require more advanced capabilities, they have paid packages such as the Team plan which costs $69/month and the Enterprise plan which is available by quote.

Why Choose Donately?

  1. Modern Fundraising Dashboard. Don’t settle for clunky systems that further delay your operations. With Donately’s modern dashboard, you can get more done faster. It is created with efficiency in mind so you can be sure that it has all the tools you need to manage your campaigns from workflow creation to data reporting. Plus, you can quickly integrate Donately with other the top web apps out there to further streamline your workflow.
  2. Custom Donation Pages. Donations forms and fundraising pages provide you with an avenue to collect donations digitally, but it can be a hassle to make a landing page from scratch. This is why Donately offers donation form and page creation options that does not require extensive coding knowledge or programming know-how in order to customize. Just choose from their templates, set it up according to your organization’s aesthetic, and then launch it. It can even support one-time and recurring donations.
  3. Easily Accessible Donor Portal. Transparency is an important aspect of fundraising. Your supporters want to be able to access and view their previous contributions and check recurring donations to see how much they’ve helped your cause as well as to get updates on how their money was used. With Donately’s database options, they can do just that. This also lets your supporters be more accountable for their own money.

17. Givelify

Givelify is a mobile donation management application that is created for nonprofit organizations, religious institutions, private agencies, and individuals. It primarily facilitates the processing and recording of your supporters’ contributions using innovative fundraising tools such as pledge management, fund accounting, donation tracking, and campaign segmentation. The system also supports a convenient three-tap donation method that makes it easy for your donors to contribute to your cause. Givelify offers two simple pricing packages, one for donors and another for organizations. If you are a donor hoping to use Givelify, getting this application is completely free. However, the only downside to this is that your donors need to install this application too. Meanwhile, organizations are charged 2.9% + $0.30 per donation.

Why Choose Givelify?

  1. Three-Tap Service. Your supporters are already giving you the financial backing you need, so why make payments complicated for them? With Givelify’s three-tap service, donating is as easy as one, two three. All your supporters need to do is choose a pre-configured donation amount, select the campaign to fund, and tap “Give Now.”
  2. Intuitive Donation Management Dashboard. Having complete visibility of your fundraising operations will help you manage donations more effectively and interact with members more closely. You can do that using Givelify’s intuitive donation management dashboard. This serves as a hub of information where you can track campaigns, get real-time insights, and monitor progress. The best part about this feature is that you can configure it depending on how you visualize your data.
  3. Financial Management Integration. Fundraising primarily deals with collecting money, so it’s only natural for you to need financial management platforms to help you keep tabs on your incoming donations. With Givelify, you can get access to third-party accounting and financial management applications. This way, you don’t have to switch between programs to track money as it comes and goes and store the data for future reference.

18. Kindful

Kindful is a fully featured online fundraising service and donor management solution. Designed to help nonprofits focus on raising more money for their cause, this software is equipped with CRM tools, reporting and analytics features, and a full range of fundraising management capabilities. With this, you can track donations, create custom web pages for your organizations, organize crowdfunding, and curate an in-depth donor database. This software is also available in different pricing plans that are billed on a yearly basis depending on the number of contacts you need the platform to accommodate. There is a Starter package at $100/month, a Launch package at $200/month, a Growing package at $300/month, and a Pro package at $400/month. The vendor also offers an Enterprise plan that is available by quote.

Why Choose Kindful?

  1. Seamless Integrations. Kindful offers a full suite of fundraising management offers that you can easily use to your advantage. However, to help you get the most out of your investment, this software’s capabilities may be extended using integrations with third-party applications. It may be used alongside programs such as QuickBooks, PayPal, and MailChimp so you can easily manage all of your data in a single hub.
  2. Advanced CRM Options. Other than helping you track your donations, Kindful also allows you to keep tabs on your donors through its CRM capabilities. This way, you can build stronger relationships with your members and contributors with ease. It offers tools that let you get real-time records of your donor information including interactions, pledge amounts, and recurring donations. Moreover, it has options for custom receipts and thank you emails for a more personalized interaction.
  3. Easier Progress Tracking. Kindful also offers accurate analytics solutions on top of its robust set of fundraising management tools. Using this, you can real-time insights on your campaigns and even format them into custom reports for easier analysis. This way, you can easily track how your campaigns are making an impact on different demographics.

19. Fundly CRM

Fundly CRM is a web-based fundraising program that is easy-to-use, accessible on all devices, and provides versatile and scalable functionalities that can be configured to a company’s unique requirements. It aims to serve the different needs of nonprofits, charity organizations, and clubs by giving users a means to track donations, improve memberships, and make communication between them and donors easier. On top of that, it can be fully integrated with your website for easier data entry. The vendor offers multiple pricing plans depending on the number of users and contacts you need the platform to support. There is an Easy Launch plan at $55/month, Easy Start plan at $110/month, Easy Grow plan at $220/month, Easy Go at $360/month, and Easy Pro at $550/month.

Why Choose Fundly CRM?

  1. Proactive Donor Management. Fundly CRM offers a robust donor and membership management option as part of its CRM capabilities. Using this feature, nonprofits can keep a detailed record of donor information and their participation in campaigns. It also simplifies online registrations by integrating with websites and allowing visitors to donate or sign up for activities on the spot.
  2. Social Media Integration. Other than website integration, Fundly CRM also allows its users to merge the platform with their social media accounts. Using this, you can share information about your campaign to raise more awareness through networks with ease. It even allows you to create campaign posts for activity feeds to update supporters on your progress or broadcast important messages online without having to leave your fundraising platform.
  3. Custom Web Pages. Using Fundly CRM, campaign managers can also create customized web pages in order to reach their target audience. These are all mobile-friendly and is integrated with your event calendar and donation management tool so it is easier to track donor, their participation in your activities, as well as their contributions to your cause.

20. Giveffect

Giveffect is a cloud-hosted software accessible to 501(c) 3 non-profits in America and CRA-approved non-profits in Canada. A fully integrated fundraising system, this combines four functions in one convenient interface. It can tackle online giving and offline gift tracking; events, fundraising, and friends asking friends management, volunteer scheduling and management, as well as full relationship database creation. With this, users can easily set up campaigns, monitor interactions with donors, handle administrative tasks, as well as cultivate their community without having to rely on multiple systems. For pricing, Giveffect offers three SMB and enterprise pricing plans to meet the needs of different users. You may choose from their Professional plan at $499/month, Enterprise plan at  $799/month, and Ultimate plan at $1299/month.

Why Choose Giveffect?

  1. Fully Integrated Interface. Giveffect is a fuss-free system ideal for organizations who want an all-in-one platform that can handle all aspects of their fundraising campaigns. With its fully integrated interface, users can do everything from tracking donations and setting up events to managing volunteers and curating a donor database. Moreover, this system may also be customized according to the changing needs of your nonprofit organization.
  2. Proactive Donor Interactions. Similar to the other programs on this list, Giveffect allows users to interact with donors with ease. It can be merged with your landing pages and social networking accounts. This way, you can keep track of the activities of your visitors and automatically log the amount of donations you are receiving.  
  3. Regularly Updated Features. Another nifty thing about Giveffect is that the vendor makes sure to update their features regularly. Every two weeks, users can expect new integrated features that will help them improve and empower their fundraising tasks. With this, you can be sure that you are getting innovative features that are always up-to-date.


Getting financial support for your cause is difficult enough with all the effort you have to put into raising awareness about it. So, why should you allot extra time and energy in managing donations manually and facilitating interactions with donors, when you can simplify and expedite the process using a fundraising platform? With this program at your disposal, you can free up your schedule to focus more on the attention-demanding tasks of managing your nonprofit organization.

Hopefully, using our list of the 20 best fundraising software, you were able to find one that suits your operations best. Just remember to take advantage of any free trial plans that these vendors offer and make sure to carefully assess the capabilities of each platform before investing in it. On top of that, you might want to consider the other software that you might need as you handle fundraising campaigns. You can check out these great accounting platforms to help you better manage the financial requirements of your campaigns or these notable project management solutions that will help you streamline how you plan your fundraising efforts.

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