What is IT Asset Management Software?

IT asset management software is a type of inventory monitoring software that is designed for the needs of IT managers. It can track from one to millions of pieces of hard and soft technology assets. Plus, the platform can integrate seamlessly with your service desk, networks, and servers to help you troubleshoot issues efficiently. Most IT asset management software solutions are created for inventory oversight and can track an enterprise’s entire networking inventory and technology services. Advanced programs can automate these and other processes, enable tighter information management and asset control required for reporting and service desk resolution, and integrate with other IT requirements such as client management. Start by checking our leader Samanage, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Top 10 Most Popular IT Asset Management Software

Salesforce Service Cloud reviews
Salesforce Service Cloud

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 97%

Service Cloud customer service software gives you faster, smarter customer support. Read Reviews

ManageEngine AssetExplorer reviews
ManageEngine AssetExplorer

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is a web-based IT Asset Management software that helps you monitor and manage assets from Planning to Disposal. Read Reviews

ManageEngine ServiceDesk reviews
ManageEngine ServiceDesk

Our Score 8.7

User Satisfaction 100%

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is an integrated help desk solution offering asset and project management built on the ITIL framework. Read Reviews

Freshservice reviews

Our Score 9.4

User Satisfaction 97%

Freshservice is the winner of our Best Customer Service Software Award for 2016. It allows IT admins to effectively track and manage the assets owned by their organizations. Read Reviews

Samanage reviews

Our Score 9.6

User Satisfaction 98%

Samanage is the winner of our 2017 Supreme Software Award. It is a cloud-based IT service desk and asset management service that helps you to keep a tighter tab on things. Read Reviews

EZOfficeInventory reviews

Our Score 7.6

User Satisfaction 100%

Fully-featured and powerful asset tracking and maintenance solution that enhances productivity and cuts losses, Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile apps. Read Reviews

Miradore Management Suite reviews
Miradore Management Suite

Our Score 8.3

User Satisfaction N/A

Miradore Management suite is a reliable tool designed to help IT departments optimize and manage software and hardware assets. Read Reviews

HarmonyPSA reviews

Our Score 7.4

User Satisfaction 100%

The most complete professional services automation package on the market. Specifically designed for technology businesses. Read Reviews

SysAid reviews

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 98%

SysAid is the winner of our Expert's Choice Award. It is a feature rich, easily configurable and highly scalable help desk solution targeted at large businesses. Read Reviews

Jira Service Desk reviews
Jira Service Desk

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 96%

Jira Service Desk is a hosted service desk platform developed by Atlassian. It is a popular help desk solution widely used by many leading open source projects. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best IT Asset Management Software

A quality IT asset management (ITAM) software solution can help you to track your company’s IT inventory and troubleshoot service desk issues efficiently, among other tasks. There are numerous good ITAM platforms out there. So how do you do educated comparisons to find the best IT asset management software tool for your needs? To make your task easy, we have prepared this buyer’s guide that details the main features and factors that mark out the best IT asset management software from the average.

Get to know each product with free trial

A great way to start your quest would be sign up for the free trial or demo of leading ITAM tools. Top IT asset management software providers offer this facility to help you test drive their application’s features, do a general comparison with other programs, and select an apt one for your needs. You can start by checking out whether the following solutions offer a free trial: FreshserviceMiradore Management SuiteManageEngine ServiceDeskJIRA Service Desk, and Agiloft. These platforms have received commendable ratings and rankings in our detailed IT asset management software reviews.

Targeted Businesses

  • Internal purchaser. Enterprises that manage their own IT unit need a solution to protect their server usage, VoIP, and networking from malware. These companies can utilize a low-cost or free option such as Spiceworks.
  • Customer-focused purchaser. Enterprises that offer outsourced IT services need a solution that can delegate assets to clients and integrate with accounting and billing. The platform should also be able to integrate with customers’ systems. Good options are NetSuite Online, Zendesk, and Samanage.
  • Enterprise suite purchaser. These are businesses such as telecommunications companies that lease, loan, or mange hardware for a high number of clients. These enterprises support their clients using a service desk, therefore the ITAM software should be able to seamlessly integrate with the help desk platform. Two recommended products are Power2Assets for Sage SalesLogix and FrontRange.

What are Examples of IT Asset Management Software?

  1. Freshservice: A leading cloud-based customer support solution that enables businesses to offer top notch customer support. It presents plug-and-play ITIL that is in compliance with best practices and you don’t expensive consultations to implement it. Key features include CMDB, asset discovery, knowledge base, and powerful ticketing system. Other capabilities are release management, change management, problem management, incident management, and vendor management.
  2. Miradore Management Suite: A reliable product that IT units can utilize to manage and optimize their hardware and software assets. The solution helps them in proactive maintenance to facilitate instant remote support and enhanced business security. Main features include endpoint backup, patch management, software/configuration deployment, operating system deployment, software asset management, and hardware asset management.
  3. ManageEngine ServiceDesk: A top IT asset management solution that offers unique and useful capabilities. It combines your help desk assets and requests to empower you to easily manage your clients’ requirements and make your performance more efficient. You can utilize it to reduce the time needed to resolve IT service requests. The vendor provides both on premise and cloud deployment options.
  4. JIRA Service Desk: A full-featured service desk solution that IT teams can use to provide end-to-end customer services. It offers out-of-the-box as well as customizable templates for ITIL-certified service request, change, problem, and incident management. Machine learning enables smart self-service that enables your employees to use a customizable portal to find answers to customer queries. This software is ideal for agile virtual teams as it is designed to enhance collaboration.
  5. Agiloft: This platform provides control as well as agility to your task workflows and business processes. You can use it to improve efficiency, communication, and performance across your enterprise’s teams. Agiloft’s configurable and versatile framework allows you to automate and manage your operations effortlessly. In fact, it can automate even complex processes that other vendors find difficult to achieve.

Types of IT Asset Management Software

IT asset management software is typically used for hardware and software asset management:

  • Hardware asset management involves managing the components of computers and networks from purchase to disposal. The main business practices include request and approval, procurement handling, life cycle handling, redeployment, and disposal handling.
  • Software asset management focuses on software assets such as versions, licenses, and installed endpoints.

Key Features of IT Asset Management Software

  • Hardware monitoring. Displays the status of linked hardware including info on its uptime and downtime. This feature helps you to track the status and health of your company’s servers and enables you to avoid sudden malfunctions.
  • Support ticketing. Helps you to resolve customer queries, find solutions to issues, track resolution speed etc. This feature is offered by larger ITAM solutions.
  • License management. Helps businesses use the software more effectively after they buy the licenses. These licenses typically have limitations on the number of concurrent users and permitted installations.
  • Device discovery. This feature saves effort and time by scanning your firm’s networks for connected devices. After they are discovered, the devices are automatically included in the inventory management module.
  • Inventory management. A core feature of ITAM software. It’s a centralized database that displays vital data on IT assets to the company management.

Benefits of IT Asset Management Software

  • Control expenses. In many companies IT budgets are getting stretched which makes it essential to consider methods to reduce costs. ITAM software can help you with this as it enables you to understand how and where your software is being used. It assists you to proactively utilize your software licenses, defer new buys, and reclaim and reallocate existing licenses for unused software.
  • Avoid penalties. A software compliance audit can cause damage if you are not properly prepared. ITAM software helps you to stay on top of your licensing needs as you can track the renewal dates of the software solutions you use.
  • Improve efficiency. Many companies end up paying for things they don’t use.  ITAM software enables you to understand how your hardware and software are being utilized by your staff members. You can thus save money and also save the planet as you can get reports on energy usage costs and identify opportunities to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Enhance security. ITAM software assists you to manage software and hardware risks. Software risks include compliance and you can also identify issues with info access and permissions, and allow access to data to only authorized employees. Plus, ITAM software helps to avoid hardware problems as you can identify issues with software computability, dispose hardware properly, and understand the complete picture of your company’s IT assets.
  • Proper use of knowledge. ITAM software helps you to make software purchases based on sound knowledge. You can track how your company utilizes software solutions over time, empowering you to make purchase decisions based on solid strategy as well as operational need.

Latest Trends

Integration of asset tracking with service desk. A recent study reveals that IT analysts spend about 17 minutes on average on a support call. 42% of this time is used to find out the location and configuration of the customer’s product. Therefore, ITAM software vendors such as Web+Center and SysAid are offering solutions that integrate asset tracking with service desk. This single system maintains relevant data on customer assets and provides it to analysts on all service calls. Thus, this integrated platform helps to save time and money, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Free software. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become an important sector and companies looking to break into this arena are adopting strategies such as offering free IT asset management software products. They support their free offerings with ads or “pro” upgrades. These solutions are usually of good quality and are a great option for smaller firms that operate on limited budgets.

Potential Issues

Lack of order. Many small companies lack a good asset inventory. As a result, they miss vital info on who owns what assets, what exists on your network and where, etc. A quality ITAM software help can help to avoid management disarray as it can empower you to manage your asset info in an organized manner.

Changing IT equipment scenarios. IT equipment such as hardware and licensed software have expiry dates. Hardware can become dysfunctional over time, or you need to replace your existing system and tools with an improved and upgraded version after some time. A good ITAM software product can help you to track changes required in asset equipment and assignment, and thus manage your IT assets more efficiently.

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