Best 20 Mind Mapping Software of 2020

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What is the best mind mapping software?
The best mind mapping software is Freemind, given the fact that its functionalities are not limited to the creation of mind maps. It can perform many other tasks, including project tracking, brainstorming, and knowledge base creation. Mind mapping is likewise made easy with features like copy-pasting of smart data and drag-and-drop functionality.

Mapping out business strategies and conceptualizing new products can be overwhelming, even for seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. To organize their ideas, they often use mind map platforms. These systems are great for any size and kind of business that wish to improve the way they plan and collaborate. However, choosing the best one can be tricky.

If you’re looking to invest in mind mapping tools for your business, this article should be able to guide you on your search. We have listed the 20 best mind map software on the market to help you find one that can meet your needs and falls within your budget. Details of their notable features and available pricing plans are also provided so you can better compare them.

mind mapping software

Anyone has their preference when it comes to processing information. Some may retain data more effectively through reading materials, while others might respond better to auditory learning. There are also individuals who prefer visual aids. In fact, according to a study by the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners. This is why mind mapping is one of the best ways to convey information.

Mind mapping platforms can be used as an alternative to traditional presentations or even to augment learning management systems. These tools can help you create engaging and informative mind maps that you can easily share with colleagues and clients alike. Equipped with features that can create charts, diagrams, graphs, and other similar structures, these solutions offer comprehensive ways to create visual representations of your ideas.

“How is this helpful for my business?” you might ask. While originally created for teaching and learning purposes, mind maps also proved useful to entrepreneurs. In a survey conducted by Chuck Frey, results showed that business owners believe using mind mapping increased their productivity by 25%. Thus, many professionals now invest in mind map software solutions.

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Which visuals performed best according to marketers?

Which visuals performed best according to marketers?
Infographics and Illustrations: 41.5

Infographics and Illustrations

Which visuals performed best according to marketers?
Charts and Data Visualizations: 25.7

Charts and Data Visualizations

Which visuals performed best according to marketers?
Videos and Presentations: 20.2

Videos and Presentations

Which visuals performed best according to marketers?
Stock Photos: 7.6

Stock Photos

Which visuals performed best according to marketers?
GIFs and Memes: 5.0

GIFs and Memes


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Do you think you’re ready to use mind mapping to reinforce your business operations? Perhaps you already have an interface or set of features in mind? Whatever the case, take a look at the products on our list of top 20 mind map software and see which one fits the bill.

1. FreeMind

FreeMind dashboard

FreeMind is a no-fuss mind mapping software that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping track of projects, creating a knowledge base, brainstorming, and more. It offers all the essential features for mind mapping such as drag-and-drop functionalities and smart information copying and pasting free of charge.

The only downside to this software is that photo and graphic support is currently in the preliminary stage. Unlike the other mind mapping tools on this list, this platform is a one-user application. Meaning, while you can share your work with teammates, you won’t be able to collaborate on one particular mind map at the same time.

FreeMind has more to offer users as the vendor continues to give it new and even more powerful features. It can follow HTML links, be they websites or local files, as long as they are kept in the nodes. The system’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to copy node styles and even nodes. Multiple nodes can be copied at the same time. The same goes for external lists and texts. In case you want to switch to an alternate tool, the system facilitates file exports by allowing you to create a conversion program that you can use to export the system’s XML files.

Detailed FreeMind Review

Why Choose FreeMind?

  1. Easy Content Linking. To help individuals get all information regarding a topic, FreeMind supports HTML links stored in nodes, be it www links or links to local files. This way, you can quickly get to the source of data without having to add all the information on your mind map, similar to how a knowledge management software can enable you to build a functional knowledge base.
  2. Smart Drag and Drop. No one wants to spend too much time designing the aesthetics of a mind map. This is why FreeMind has a smart drag and drop functionality that lets you copy nodes and styles of nodes with ease. All you have to do is drag and drop texts, files, or nodes themselves, making it easier to keep your mind map’s design consistent.
  3. One-Click Navigation. Building and designing mind maps shouldn’t be complicated. To boost your user experience, FreeMind offers a one-click navigation system. This enables users to move segments of the map without disturbing its components.

2. Padlet

Padlet dashboard

Padlet is a collaborative mind mapping tool that lets you create boards, documents, and web pages. Known for its intuitive interface and universal reach, this platform helps businesses and individuals organize their ideas in a secure space that can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices. It is equipped with a plethora of tools that can create content ranging from sticky notes to essays.

Padlet’s features and functionalities just keep on piling up with new updates contributing to its already numerous capabilities. For example, it can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world as it supports 29 languages to which more are constantly being added. Collaboration with the tool is better than ever, ensuring that no member of your team ever gets left behind. You can likewise accommodate as many contributors as you want, without them having to sign up for the service. If you’re concerned about security, no worries because the platform ensures that you and only you can assign permissions to users, which can be revoked at any time. This software has plans for schools called Padlet Backpack and for businesses called Padlet Briefcase, both starting at $12/user. They also provide a Padlet Pro version for individuals that cost a minimum of $8.25/month.

Detailed Padlet Review

Why Choose Padlet?

  1. Extensive File Support. Mind maps are more useful when you incorporate content from different sources. Padlet supports an incredible amount of file types, ranging from photos and documents to music and videos to help you do this. It can even embed content from websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, The New York Times, and 400 others.
  2. Good Privacy Options. The mind maps you create are your intellectual property, so you must take the necessary steps to protect them. With Padlet, you can control who will be able to see your work. You may choose from five options: public, secret, password-protected, totally private, and organization-wide. This way, you can publish your mind maps without worrying about unauthorized people gaining access to them.
  3. Activity Monitoring Capability. Padlet is built for collaboration. Other than letting you work with unlimited contributors, this software also allows users to manage team members and monitor their activity in real-time. This way, it will be easier to track who contributed what as well as to detect any changes in the mind map.

3. MindMeister

MindMeister dashboard

Trusted by over 7 million users, MindMeister is an award-winning mind mapping software that is entirely Web-based. It offers best-in-class features that can assist you in creating better business strategies as well as carry out more detailed research. Great for brainstorming, planning, note-taking, and meeting management, this platform can also integrate with a number of third-party applications for your convenience.

More features come with MindMeister, it has two mind map layouts–the classic and org chart mode. These make it easy for you to organize your ideas on the canvas. It also comes with map themes so that you get to create mind maps on a whim. These can be customized to your liking, allowing you to use different formats, styles, and colors. Use the system to manage your projects and improve collaboration. You can set priority tasks and due dates and monitor progress using widgets. It also doubles as a presentation app, enabling you to convert maps into beautiful presentations, from right inside the map editor.

MindMeister is available for free if you only intend to support three mind maps at a time. The vendor also offers three paid plans for individuals and businesses ranging from $4.99/month to $12.49/user/month.

Detailed MindMeister Review

Why Choose MindMeister?

  1. Project Management Functionalities. MindMeister has project management functionalities to help you lessen the time spent working across platforms. It has built-in tools that let you assign tasks to collaborators and set priorities and due dates. The platform can even be integrated with MeisterTask so you can sync the progress of your project without hassle.
  2. History Mode. Having trouble keeping track of the changes in your mind map? MindMeister has a history mode option that lets you playback the entire evolution of your work. This way, you can see who contributed what and when making it easier to undo certain actions that you think are not necessary for the task.
  3. Presentation Building Tools. Getting your point across relies on how you can present the data you have at hand. With MindMeister, translating your mind maps into comprehensible presentations is easy. It has a built-in presentation mode that can let you turn your work into slideshows within seconds. These may then be saved as pictures, embedded into your website, or broadcasted live to your collaborators online.

4. Canva

Canva dashboard

Canva is a mind map software used by millions of individuals around the globe. Equipped with ready-to-use images, photo filters, icons, shapes, and fonts, this platform allows you to organize your thoughts in a more visually appealing manner. It can be used for different purposes ranging from educational presentations and business pitches to corporate proposals and project planning. For your convenience, Canva offers a Free Forever plan that includes their basic drag-and-drop editor, 1GB storage, and access to over 8000 templates. 

Canva is equipped with more features to make the mind mapping process not only easier but enjoyable as well. Its photo straightener tool allows you to rotate tilted or angled images. Also, with but a few mouse clicks, you can crop and scale images digitally, which is ideal for framing photos. The system comes with a photo library from which re-cropped images can be used in coming up with compositions. Photos can be easily captioned with the solution’s text tool, which hosts a vast array of layouts and text holders. If you want to create a customized message, you can do so as Canva lets you select your own style, font, and even color. 

This package can support up to 10 team members. For larger groups, the Canva For Work plan is available at $12.95/team member/month. A quote-based subscription is also available for larger enterprises.

Detailed Canva Review

Why Choose Canva?

  1. Easy Download Feature. Mind mapping solutions are created to help you simplify the way you plan and optimize the way you relay information. This is why other than providing you with the tools to create informative designs, Canva enables users to make sending your work easier. You may choose to download your presentation or infographic into any file type and post it on social media platforms or email it to your colleagues without having to leave the system.
  2. Photo Editing Tools. Canva is not one of your regular mind mapping tools. This platform offers robust photo editing tools that can help you elevate the quality of your presentations. From straightening photos and cropping pictures to adding texts to images and textures, you can do it all using this application. This enables users to turn ideas into eye-catching collages, infographics, or even a web mockup.
  3. Customizable Graphs. Canva has thousands of templates for organization charts, Venn diagrams, bar graphs, seating charts, and many other visual presentation tools. These may be customized using the powerful suite of design tools that the platform offers. This should allow you to toggle the colors, font styles, and sizes, and images of each template to make your data stand out more or to brand your report.

5. GoConqr

GoConqr dashboard

GoConqr is a software solution offering a suite of content creation tools for varying purposes. Among its modules is a mind map creator that helps users leverage the power of visual learning for their operations. It is used by learners, educators, institutions, and private companies, so you can be confident that they can meet your industry requirements.

Improvements to GoCongqr are continually being made to serve users better. New features, developed based on customer feedback, are regularly added to the platform. Its Hints and Tips section makes sure that you do not lose your way when navigating the system or using its numerous functionalities. The software also has Flashcards that can assist you in creating mind maps while offering ideas on how to make groups to improve learning.

MindMeister is available for free if you only intend to support three mind maps at a time. The vendor also offers three paid plans for individuals and businesses ranging from $4.99/month to $12.49/user/month.

Detailed GoConqr Review

Why Choose GoConqr?

  1. Easy Content Distribution. Similar to other options on this list, GoConqr makes your content easily accessible to your team members. You may choose to share your work securely with whoever you wish, and whenever you need, making it easy to distribute content within your organization.
  2. Simple Reporting Tools. Tracking the progress of each project your company handles is difficult. This is why GoConqr has simple and easy-to-use reporting tools to help you check on the performance of your team members on a singular dashboard.
  3. Multiple Content Creation Options. Other than mind mapping, GoConqr also offers tools to help you create flashcards, flowcharts, slides, quizzes, courses, and notes. Meaning, this platform can come up with a wide variety of visual aids for different uses. Whether you are a student finding ways to study more efficiently or an employee who wants to prepare better presentations, this software is a great option for you.

6. Edraw Mind Map

Edraw Mind Map dashboard

Edraw Mind Map is a freeware that aims to help users create professional-looking diagrams, project timelines, life planners, and sketch maps. Supporting multi-page mind maps and hyperlinks, this system makes it easy for users to build, save, and share their thoughts in a visually appealing manner without spending a fortune. Aside from those mentioned, Edraw Mind Map can automatically organize mind map shapes using its smart drawing guide. Mind mapping is made even easier, with the system providing ready-made templates and examples. You can likewise add multiple topics and automatically align the same, resulting in improved productivity. Its variety of automatic mind map layout themes allows you to clearly present mind maps, making drawing easier than ever.

Should you be willing to allot funds for a software solution like this, the vendor also offers more advanced mind mapping tools such as Edraw Max and MindMaster.

Detailed Edraw MindMaster Review

Why Choose Edraw Mind Map?

  1. Ready-Made Symbols. Mind maps are more easily digested when you use colorful symbols in place of certain words. These icons may pertain to certain events, activities, or project statuses. By using this technique, you can down the wordiness of your mind maps and make it easier to highlight any important information within the mind map.
  2. Seamless Integrations. Edraw Mind Map can seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office applications. This makes your work easier to share with your staff members or even clients who don’t have this platform at their disposal.
  3. Smart Drawing Guide. Connecting topics on your mind maps has never been easier with Edraw Mind Map. This platform has a smart mind mapping guide that automatically connects topics as you drag them from the shapes library. This way, you can cut down the time spent on formatting your work and focus more on the content.

7. Creately

Creately dashboard

Trusted by organizations such as NASA, the National Geographic, PayPal, and Amazon, Creately is an online diagram creator for businesses. It can be integrated with a number of tools such as JIRA and Google applications so that you can easily incorporate it into your operations. Creately has been making strides in mind mapping technology, making diagramming easier than ever. Its Diagrams Anywhere functionality makes it possible for you to sync all your work into the tool’s offline and online versions, making them accessible at all times. When needed, you can allow editors to alter diagrams by setting permissions. Editor selection and deletion are also supported, while invitations to edit can also be sent through email. Finally, not only are you able to publish your diagrams to any Webpage, but you can also use social media platforms to push them.

If you intend to purchase this software for personal use, you may do so for $5/month. They also have team plans, ranging from $25/month to $75/month, depending on the number of users you intend to enroll in the system. Creately also has a free plan that can support up to 5 diagrams and 3 collaborators.

Detailed Creately Review

Why Choose Creately?

  1. Thousands of Templates. Are you looking for a way to create mind maps as quickly as possible? Creately has over 40 types of diagrams with specialized shape sets. Their database also has a vast number of examples that you can use as a model for your own mind maps. This way, you won’t have to start entirely from scratch each time you work on a new project or topic.
  2. Comprehensive Collaboration Options. On top of having smart connectors and shapes, the Creately interface also supports comprehensive collaboration options, as you would expect from full-fledged collaboration software. It has secure sharing capabilities that enable all collaborators to communicate within the platform. The system also records all revisions to your work for easier viewing later on.
  3. Mobile-Ready Interface. If you have a hectic work schedule that requires you to travel a lot, then Creately is a boon for you. This diagramming and collaboration application is completely mobile-ready. Meaning, you can work on any mind map wherever and whenever you want without having to carry around a bulky laptop. Just turn on your Android or iOS device, download their mobile app, and you’re good to go.  

8. Cacoo

Cacoo dashboard

Cacoo is a cloud-based diagram software for companies, small teams, and individuals. It enables users to create different professional kinds of mind maps, such as diagrams, flowcharts, and wireframes. Features include multi-user editing, in-app commenting, social media sharing, and revision history tracking, among others. Cacoo has been getting major upgrades, making mind mapping not only easier but an enjoyable task. Its dashboard now sports that modern look and feel, with colors designed to keep users focused on their work. Icons have been redesigned to be both simple yet more understandable. Its user interface has been modified as all the tools you need are now conveniently scattered across the canvas. Its support for collaboration has also been enhanced with in-app commenting now an available option. Diagrams can be presented directly from the editor; all you have to do is enable “Play” mode.

Cacoo offers three plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises costing $4.95/month, $18/month, and $600/year, respectively.

Detailed Cacoo Review

Why Choose Cacoo?

  1. Reliable Integrations. Cacoo seamlessly integrates with a wide number of third-party applications. This way, you can use it alongside some of the tools that you already use for your operations. Among the integrations they support are Google Drive, Google Docs, Typetalk, Slack, and Atlassian Confluence.
  2. Organized Project Folders. Storing mind maps in a database that all of your employees can access can become confusing. To keep your team assets organized, Cacoo has shared project folders. You can assign team members to certain tasks so that they won’t end up tinkering with mind maps that are not part of their project.
  3. Multi-User Editing. Conducting brainstorming sessions can be difficult if you and your employees have tight schedules. Using the multi-user editing tool of Cacoo, you can engage in proactive collaborations without having to physically be together to discuss your projects. All you have to do is access your mind map, throw in your input, and coordinate with your coworkers through group chat.

9. Coggle

Coggle dashboard

Coggle is an online application built to support collaborative mind map making. Great for taking notes, brainstorming, and planning, this platform can streamline workflows, facilitate faster learning, and promote overall productivity.

Should you be interested in using this application, you’ll be happy to know that Coggle supports collaboration. You can ask your team members to work with you on diagrams. You get to view previous versions of diagrams you are working on, making it easy for you to make changes when needed by creating copies. Easily put images on your diagrams with the tool’s drag-and-drop functionality. Add all the images that you want as the system does not limit the number of images that can be added.

Aside from images, you can also add text to your diagrams, which is very useful for annotating portions of your diagram. The system allows you to make as many diagrams as you can, which can be accessed even after you discontinue your subscription. However, the best attribute of the software is the fact that it has a free plan, making it possible to use its basic features free of charge.

Coggle is completely free for those who will be handling a maximum of 3 private diagrams at a time. If you’re ready to invest, you may opt for their paid plans that range from $5/month to $8/month. For larger companies, quote-based pricing is available.

Detailed Coggle Review

Why Choose Coggle?

  1. Multiple Central Items. As entrepreneurs, you know that some projects aim to address multiple focus points. To help you accommodate all these points, Coggle supports multiple central items in a single workspace. With this, you can easily navigate through your mind map without the risk of overlooking any major details.
  2. Loop and Branch Function. Mind maps often tackle specific aspects of a business. Because of this, it is inevitable for some topics to be closely related to other mind maps you have worked on. To help you see the bigger picture through your current and previous work, Coggle can create loops and branches to connect similar mind maps. This makes it easier to connect intertwining ideas.
  3. Floating Texts and Images. Do you wish to annotate your mind maps, but couldn’t because your system keeps on registering them as new connections to a particular topic? Coggle can help you add text labels and images without disturbing your mind map, making it easier to take note of the important parts of the mind map.  

10. Mindjet MindManager

Mindjet MindManager dashboard

Mind mapping solution Mindjet MindManager is a world-renowned mind mapping software offering powerful content building tools. It is used by corporations such as Ekso Bionics, P&G, conEdison, and EDC for their project planning requirements. Through this software’s myriad best-in-class features, you can turn free-floating information into actionable plans in just a few clicks. For pricing, MindManager’s perpetual license costs $349. Upgrades cost an extra $179.

Detailed Mindjet Review

Why Choose Mindjet MindManager?

  1. Data Consolidation Tools. Information can be collected from all sorts of places, making it difficult to consolidate data into one mind map. To help you compile all of the files you used as sources, Mindjet MindManager can support different types of documents and media from multiple sites, apps, and platforms.
  2. View Customization. Everyone has a different way of understanding concepts. To make sure your maps communicate exactly what you need, Mindjet MindManager has view customization tools. Using these, you can make your mind maps more comprehensible for a larger number of individuals.
  3. Smart Project Planning Feature. Don’t let irrelevant tasks put a damper on your productivity. Using Mindjet MindManager, you can show tasks, ideas, and other data in a shared context. This way, you can see the impact of actions before you take them, helping you and your team prioritize tasks more effectively.

11. Lucidchart

Lucidchart dashboard

Lucidchart is an online diagram creation application created for all business sizes. Preferred by companies like Amazon, Adobe, and DocuSign, this platform lets users create a wide range of data presentations. From simple flowcharts to complex technical diagrams, it has all the tools you need to build visually pleasing content without hassle. It can even integrate with various tools to make your user experience more convenient.

Lucidchart has features that resulted from its integration with a variety of third-party apps. These include real-time communication and collaboration, brought about by the platform’s integration with Microsoft Teams. This makes Lucidchart act like a business process management software, allowing you to share data in the form of diagrams and flowcharts, processes and ideas–all from a single solution, 

Lucidchart offers a free plan that includes the collaboration tools of the software. For those who want advanced features, they also have a paid subscription package that costs $9.95/user/month.

Detailed Lucidchart Review

Why Choose Lucidchart?

  1. Completely Secure Platform. Because Lucidchart is an online platform, its developers made sure to follow the industry’s best practices to keep your data protected. They have multiple data centers that are secured using data encryption. Also, they have robust backup options, so you don’t have to fret about any misplaced files.
  2. Communication Tools. Whether you are trying to plan a new project or brainstorm for a new product, communication is important. This is why other than letting you monitor changes in your mind maps, Lucidchart has group chat capabilities and comment functionalities so that you can collaborate in real-time.
  3. Scalable Interface. Ideal for fast-growing businesses, Lucidchart has a scalable interface that can support a team of two or even an organization of 200,000. Engineered to provide you with your company’s changing needs, it has several tools that you can adjust according to what you require at the moment. On top of this, the platform is completely accessible via the Internet only, so you don’t have to worry about complicated installations.

12. Mindomo

Mindomo dashboard

Mindomo is an application that aims to turn information into knowledge for teachers, students, businesses, and corporate agencies. It is an all-in-one platform that enables users to create mind maps, concept maps, and outlines to enhance the way they absorb and retain new data. Offering a complete suite of mind mapping tools, this software also integrates with a number of third-party business and education applications. 

Another thing to like about Mindomo is that it is perfect for teachers and students, offering them the ability to customize assignments, access to student maps, and set up student groups, among many others. The app can also be utilized for brainstorming sessions by making use of concept maps. Students can easily convert maps into presentations, allowing them to demonstrate how they are developed. You can create and edit your mind maps from any Android device and iPad even while offline. It lets you monitor all changes in student maps, including new connections, additional topics, videos, and images.

 Available via free plan, Mindomo also has paid subscriptions costing $40.63/ 6 months to $160.27/ 6 months, depending on the number of people who will be using the software.

Detailed Mindomo Review

Why Choose Mindomo?

  1. Native Mobile Apps. Got ideas during your commute? Perhaps you experienced a light bulb moment while waiting for a flight? With Mindomo, you can jot those down in a jiffy using their native mobile apps. You won’t even need to open a laptop to access their interface.
  2. Video and Audio Notes. Who says mind maps are only meant for your eyes? Mindomo supports video and audio notes so that users can explain certain topics better. All you have to do is find the videos and recordings you need from the web or create your own and embed it directly on the map. 
  3. “Presenter” Feature. Mind maps can serve as a window to your thought process. However, it can sometimes be challenging to explain to coworkers or employees. To help you show your audience how you developed your mind map, Mindomo has a “presenter” feature that lets users turn their maps into slide-by-slide presentations. This way, you don’t have to spend extra time creating an additional slide show to supplement your mind maps.

13. MindMup

MindMup dashboard

MindMup is a free mind mapping software that is completely web-based. Offering a frictionless interface for structure writing, this platform is great for note-taking and collaborative planning. It facilitates collaboration as well as boosts productivity for students, entrepreneurs, and other individuals. It has more functionalities that are bound to benefit your mind mapping efforts. You have the option to customize your maps as the solution comes with a number of pre-built visual themes, which work pretty well on screen. These can be exported to other formats like images, MindMup atlas, and PDFs, to name a few.

You can attach both Google drive files and those with textual content. Its interface is as intuitive as ever, allowing you to accelerate workflows. A single top toolbar hosts all key functionalities, which can be easily accessed when needed. If you are fond of using devices, you’ll be pleased to know that icons can be added to the toolbar, making them easier to utilize in such devices.

Available for free, MindMup also has paid plans for personal use at $2.99/month and business use at $100/year.

Detailed MindMup Review

Why Choose MindMup?

  1. Controlled Sharing Settings. Are you planning on using mind maps to conceptualize confidential projects? With MindMup, you can protect your data using their controlled sharing settings. This allows you to provide select people with limited or full access to your project.
  2. Budget Measurement Tools. MindMup has measurement tools built into its system to allow you to budget, plan, and track progress on your mind map. It can control a hierarchical breakdown of budgets or tasks, making it easy for you to see how much your project will cost. You may even download these measurements as a spreadsheet for record-keeping.
  3. Storyboard Creation. Mind maps are only the beginning of thought organization. To turn your mind map into a more cohesive and comprehensive hierarchy of ideas, MindMup has powerful storyboard creation tools that let you put your organized data into a sequence of slides.

14. XMind

XMind dashboard

XMind is a brainstorming application specializing in mind mapping. Used by startups and fortune 500 companies alike, this platform is accessible across all devices for your idea organization needs. Whether you need to make a standard mind map, a timeline, a venn diagram, or any other type of visual learning structure, this program can give you the tools to do them. This system even supports different types of formats, making it easy to share on multiple platforms.

Another nifty thing about XMind is its Outliner feature, which presents a clear view of document topics/titles by dissecting their structure lists. This way, you get to have outlines that you can read, edit, and analyze, resulting in logical content. To make you better focus on mind mapping, the vendor has introduced Dark Mode, making work a lot easier on your eyes. You can also avoid confusion from large volumes of content through the app’s Show Branch Only functionality, which can display content that you need to attend to. Inputs can be easily converted into mind maps with the tool’s Quick Entry feature. This enables you to capture every idea that pops into your mind as capturing and visualizing them becomes easy.

XMind currently offers two products with different pricing plans: XMind: ZEN and iOS, which ranges from $9.99 to $27.99 and XMind 8 Pro, which costs $129.

Detailed XMind Review

Why Choose XMind?

  1. Complete Customization Options. Presenting your data not only requires clarity and brevity of information; it also needs to catch the attention of your audience at a glance. XMind offers over 60,000 icons and nearly a hundred originally designed stickers to help you customize your mind maps to your heart’s content. There are also plenty of free templates to help you speed up formatting without compromising aesthetics.
  2. Project Management Capabilities. Accomplish projects quickly and more smoothly using XMind. Built for collaboration, XMind has features such as Gantt view and a brainstorming mode to make it easier for teams to plan projects and tackle tasks. This way, all of your team members can stay updated about the progress of your ongoing activities and determine what needs to be done next.
  3. Ready-Made Mind Map Structures. Visually organizing causal relationships among different thoughts is not an easy feat. To shorten the time you spend on formatting your map, XMind has ready-made mind map structures available in its database. For your convenience, you may even use a combination of structures to make your data easier to understand.

15. ConceptDraw MINDMAP

ConceptDraw MINDMAP dashboard

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a professional-grade mind map application designed to help users plan smarter and more effectively. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for designing and building mind maps that can illustrate your thought process. ConceptDraw MINDMAP has more features to offer, many of which have been added to make the tool serve you better. For instance, the software now can import files that are in SVG format on both PC and Mac, while being able to organize task lists better. Speaking of tasks, the solution makes the creation of split and recurring tasks quickly, making project management a breeze. Lastly, hyperlinks can be edited with the system, which can also export data to MS Project and import Calendar app events.

Perfect for brainstorming, project planning, and meeting management, this software is available for $199 on both Windows and Mac devices. It is also available in some of the bundles that ConceptDraw offers.

Detailed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Review

Why Choose ConceptDraw MINDMAP?

  1. Hypernote Tool. ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows users to make extensive mind maps that hold an impressive amount of information through Hypernotes. These notes support multiple links at a time. Meaning, you can add as much data as you want in a single note without crowding your mind map.
  2. Easy Data Exchange. Do you want to share your mind maps with individuals who are not part of your company? If so, then you probably know how difficult it is to find a file format that works on different mind mapping software. Luckily, ConceptDraw MINDMAP can exchange data with other platforms such as Microsoft Project, MindManager, XMind, and FreeMind.
  3. One-Click Brainstorm Mode. Idea generation should be fast. This is why ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a one-click brainstorm mode that simplifies the initial parts of mind map creation. It even has a built-in timer to help you keep track of how much time you’re using up for the brainstorming session.

16. Scapple

Scapple dashboard

Scapple is a basic mind map creator that is great for taking notes and grouping thoughts together. Whether you want to jot down your late-night musings or organize your business ideas with colleagues, this system can provide you with all the tools you need. Another thing to like about Scapple is its ability to allow you to assign connections to your notes, making it possible to toy with ideas more freely. Making such connections is easy as the tool comes with drag-and-drop functionality. Note creation is likewise made easy by the app; all it takes is a couple of clicks. You can place your notes anywhere in the canvass or move them around when needed. Other notable features include note grouping, background shape creation, note customization, and full-screen mode, among many others.

The standard license for Scapple costs $14.99. For students and academic professionals, educational license costs only $12. This is available for both Mac and Windows products.

Detailed Scapple Review

Why Choose Scapple?

  1. Works Well With Scrivener. As a product of the software company Literature & Latte, Scapple is designed to work seamlessly with the other solutions of the company. You can start your write-ups or projects using Scapple and export your work to Scrivener, the company’s application for long writing projects.
  2. Fast Document Exporting. You already spent time and effort on creating your mind map, so why should you exert the same amount of energy to disseminate the information? Using Scapple’s fast document exporting options, you can save your mind map in different file formats and send them through whatever communication channel you prefer.
  3. Easy Drag-And-Drop Function. Unlike real paper, Scapple provides you with an endless space to contain all your thoughts. All you have to do is drag and drop your notes wherever you want on the space and connect them to other notes on your map. This makes arranging your ideas easier than ever.

17. dashboard is a web-based mind mapping tool perfect for individuals who are always on-the-go. Featured on news agencies such as The New York Times,, Lifehacker, and Mashable, this system makes it easy for students and professionals to create a graphical representation of certain ideas and concepts. Its Web-based deployment makes the ideal mind mapping tool, requiring no download or complex installation procedures. Mindmaps can be saved as image files, making them easy to share and access. Collaboration is also not a problem as the software allows you to work with colleagues, share files, and even brainstorm on ideas. Mind maps can easily be turned into presentations; all it takes is a single click of a mouse. Also, you need not be in the office to be able to create and edit your mind maps as the system can be accessed from virtually anywhere, supporting both desktops and mobile devices.

While the features of this software are limited to basic mind mapping, the great part about is that they offer a forever free plan. For those who want a more comprehensive application, the full version of this platform is available for $4.91/month.

Detailed Review

Why Choose

  1. Real-Time Teamwork. Collaborate with your team members without having to work around your schedules through Using this tool, all of your collaborators can make changes to the mind map at the same time, leave comments, as well as review the changes made by other team members in real-time.
  2. White Label Option. Do you want to make your mind mapping platform more professional? premium has no branding on its interface. You can easily integrate your company’s aesthetics and customize the look of its interface to match your brand.
  3. Accessible on All Devices. allows you to create mind maps anywhere you may be. Whether you’re in the office, on the road, on a flight, or simply lounging around at home, you can use without having to download or install any application. Just log in to your account using any browser, and you’re good to go.  

18. Mind42

Mind42 dashboard

Mind mapping software Mind42 is an online mind mapping application that you can use completely free of charge. Often used to create to-do lists, brainstorm ideas, or organize events, this software is handy in helping you build, publish, and share mind maps with ease. However, while Mind42 offers simple and easy-to-use tools for mind mapping, it doesn’t allow users to edit their work offline, and only creators of mind maps can view and restore previous versions of the project. You also get added security as mind maps generated by the platform are inherently private. However, if you choose to do so, you may share your mind maps with colleagues.

Detailed Mind42 Review

Why Choose Mind42?

  1. Limitless Mind Map Size. Mind42 is equipped with large map size. No matter how extensive your mind map may get, you can count on this platform to hold all of your information for you. The only thing that can limit it is your device’s RAM and processing power. Other than that, you shouldn’t worry about taking up too much space on your mind map.
  2. Simplified Image Insertion. Keeping copies of images that you use for mind mapping can add clutter to your digital workspace. With Mind42, you won’t need to go through the hassle of downloading photos from the net to add to your platform. Just attach the URL of the image, and the system will embed the picture straight to your mind map.
  3. Import and Export Options to and from Various Platforms. Do you utilize multiple platforms for mind mapping? If you do, then you probably know how difficult it is to merge your mind maps. Using Mind42, you can easily export and import from a number of other mind mapping platforms. Among the software they can support are Freemind and Mindmanager.

19. iMindMap

iMindMap dashboard

iMindMap is a mind mapping, brainstorming, and project planning software. Utilized by BBC, NASA, the University of Oxford, Disney, and other organizations, this system is a boon for individuals who work best through visual thinking. It is equipped with an easy-to-use side panel, extensive icon and image libraries, basic integrations with third-party applications, as well as comprehensive map editing tools. For pricing, the iMindMap offers three plans, costing $100 to $310.

Detailed iMindMap Review

Why Choose iMindMap?

  1. Email Integration. Whatever the reason you are creating a mind map, there’s a good chance that you are going to share it with your colleagues. To simplify the file-sharing process, iMindMap has an email integration so that you can send brainstorms directly as .imx files or image files without leaving the software.
  2. Split Screen Mode. Other than having an intuitive side panel and a wide map size, iMindMap also has a split-screen mode. This allows users to work across multiple views so that you can transfer data quickly without losing track of your thoughts.
  3. Better Map Views. Whether you simply want to organize random thoughts, create a project timeline, or streamline your workflow, iMindMap has a structure that will work for you. They can support radial map views, brainstorm views, time map views, and other formats so you can convey your message in the most comprehensible way possible.

20. Popplet

Popplet dashboard

Popplet is a visual organization tool that is built for iPads and the Internet. Handy for work, for school, and for personal use, this software can help you take class notes, brainstorm, process charts, organize travel plans, make portfolios, and many more. This system has a free version called Popplet Lite, but it can only support one board. For those who want unlimited boards as well as more advanced features, the vendor also offers a paid plan that costs $3/month.

Detailed Popplet Review

Why Choose Popplet?

  1. Multi-Language Support. Do you use different languages for certain projects? Popplet’s interface can work in a plethora of languages. Whether you need to use Chinese characters, Arabic abjad, or other writing systems, this feature will employ styles and fonts that correspond to the language you have selected.
  2. Simplified URL Additions. Popplet believes that to keep your mind map simple, texts should not be able to support hyperlinks. Instead of letting users add URLs to certain words or sentences, they created a function that facilitates immediate access to a link’s destination. This way, you can visually enhance your boards.
  3. Drawing Feature. Sometimes, there are no words or pictures that will be able to describe certain ideas, so we draw them ourselves. With Popplet, you can incorporate those drawings into your mind map. By doing so, you won’t have to waste time finding similar images or going round in circles to explain your concept.

Mapping Your Mind for Better Business

Transforming your business ideas into reality is not as complicated as it seems when you have mind mapping applications at your disposal. Whether you opt for one with basic chart creation options or one with integrated content organization solutions, these software solutions can help you create actionable plans that can drive the success of your company.

Hopefully, through our list of top 20 mind map software, you were able to find options that fit well with your preferences and business requirements. Freemind is obviously the top choice, but you should first evaluate the tool and see if it fits you.

If you are looking for other productivity solutions for your company, be sure to check out our list of top project management platforms as well as our compilation of the best collaboration software. These should give you a better idea of what kinds of systems you need in your business’ arsenal of tech tools.

Louie Andre

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. From pitch deck to exit strategy, he is no stranger to project business hiccups and essentials. He has been involved in a few internet startups including a digital route planner for a triple A affiliate. His advice to vendors and users alike? "Think of benefits, not features."

AlsoThis says:

Users should definitely begin with trying Freemind, which is free and surprisingly efficient to work with compared to some of the alternatives. Luckily it does not have the overdesigned UIs that steal so much screen real estate.
Chances are Freemind will fill all your needs. The one thing I wish was better was it printing capability. Mindmapping software should be able to fit mindmaps to a limited number of pages, but this is hard to achieve with Freemind.

There is a fork of Freemind called Freeplane. It has the same UI but more features and a faster development cycle.

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