Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe eSign Services: Analysis of Leading e-Signature Software Solutions

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e-Signature software helps you to electronically sign and send business documents. Digital signatures are very secure and used commonly in e-commerce and regulatory filings. Take a look at these stats and facts to understand the benefits of e-signatures: The US army saves $1.3 billion with e-signatures annually. A leading bank in the US has reduced processing errors by 90%, decreased document handling costs by 80%, and decreased future risk by 50% by using e-signature software.

Here are more stats on the usefulness of e-signatures: A mortgage company named Signature mortgage is able to complete 90% of loans online using e-signature software. With e-signatures, applications are processed in 1-2 days compared to 7-10 days without them. In addition, with e-signatures, loans are closed in less than 20 days compared to 45-60 days without them. Using e-signature software has led to a 35% rise in loan volume and 85% reduction in administrative and mailing costs. Because of these benefits, the global e-signature market is predicted to grow at a compound rate of 39% from 2016 to 2020 and top more than $2 billion by 2020.

Now that you have learnt the importance of e-signatures, it is time to select a suitable e-signature software solution for your needs. We’ll help you in this task by detailing the main tools offered by Adobe eSign Services as well as the top 10 alternatives to Adobe eSign Services.

What is Adobe eSign Services?

Adobe eSign Services helps businesses to speed up signature-based procedures. You can sign, send, manage, and track documents from your business apps and website browser. The application seamlessly integrates with a variety of deployment methodologies and leading software systems. For these reasons, it is used by numerous Fortune 1000 behemoths as well as healthcare organizations and financial institutions. Key features include: sign in bulk, reuse templates and documents, fax back globally, e-sign documents anywhere, and collect signatures on your website. The vendor offers affordable pricing packages as well as reliable support over phone.

Benefits of Adobe eSign Services

  1. You can customize document workflows to fit your business process.
  2. Customize the platform by adding your company’s key messages, logo, and tagline.
  3. Utilize the Shared Document Library to store and share frequently used files.
  4. Use the Mega Sign Tool to send a file to a large number of receivers.
  5. You can sign using a stylus or mouse and even make a signature using a finger in the iOS app.
  6. Deliver a fax cover sheet in local language to global signers.

If you wish to scout for more solutions, we will not disappoint you. Read on to learn the main features of the top 10 alternatives to Adobe eSign Services. We provide you with good reasons to consider the alternative app instead of eSign Services and vice versa.

Top 10 Alternatives to Adobe eSign Services

1. SignRequest

SignRequest enables you to sign digital documents utilizing your legally valid electronic signature. This helps you to save money and time while speeding up approvals, enhancing your processes, and improving your sales. The solution is affordable and suitable for needs of businesses of all sizes. Plus, the tool is flexible and scalable, and can be tailored to fit different business needs. The system is easy to learn and even novices can master it without much training. In addition, the solution uses SSL 256-bit encrypted technology to keep your documents safe and secure. Try comparing this solution with SignRequest alternatives to appreciate better the app’s features. You can also sign up for SignRequest free trial here.

Why use SignRequest instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can quickly integrate it with your business workflows.
  2. It makes the signing process fast and easy.
  3. It is a secure storage hub for all your digitally signed documents.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of SignRequest?

  1. You can use passwords and permissions to control document access.
  2. Create signable web forms and embed them in your website to provide multiple users effortless access to files for signature.
  3. You can work on the platform from your business app, browser, or mobile device.

2. DocuSign

DocuSign enables users to sign, send, and approve transactions, materials, and documents from anywhere, anytime, using any device. It accelerates workflow and approval with its secure technology. Businesses benefit from quicker ROI as they don’t need to wait for a paper contract. They can achieve targets faster and improve productivity by speeding up their processes while ensuring data security. Top features include: dynamic forms, mobile compatibility, biometric phone authentication, collaboration/markup, and email to signature. If you wish to scout for other systems, browse these excellent DocuSign alternatives here.

Why use DocuSign instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can organize and store digital documents easily and reduce paperwork.
  2. It automates entire workflows and empowers you to conduct business securely from any location.
  3. It utilizes high level security and adheres to stringent data protection protocols.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of DocuSign?

  1. You can archive documents securely.
  2. Collect signatures on your website.
  3. Customize configuration and workflows.

3. e-SignLive

e-SignLive is a popular e-signature product that is used by insurers, government agencies, banks, and other organizations. This company processes over 1 billion documents per year. The platform provides a complete, accessible, and secure audit trail. It has completed the prestigious SOC 2 security attestation. You can deploy it on premise or in the cloud. Businesses can get started easily and scale to meet their growing needs. In addition, you can quickly integrate e-signing with your web portal and core systems for end-to-end processing. You can also consider these viable e-SignLive alternatives for a wider choice.

Why use e-SignLive instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can e-sign on any device – mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Automate simple transactions as well as complex ones.
  3. Customize the e-signature GUI to promote your brand.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of e-SignLive?

  1. You and your clients can e-sign documents anywhere.
  2. You can track and manage signed documents.
  3. Reuse templates and documents.

4. RightSignature

RightSignature offers a fast and easy way to get documents signed. You can customize the data collection fields and send emails to all concerned parties. They can also provide their e-signatures on your website. Signers are provided guidance on how to sign and they can use their iPad or iPhone for e-signing. With their e-signature on the document you can generate a legally binding contact and store it securely. Main features include: signer guidance tools, robust API, performance statistics, detailed audit logs, and administrative dashboard. For more good choices, take a look at these RightSignature alternatives.

Why use RightSignature instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can save the environment and also make your business more efficient.
  2. Embed interactive signature forms on your website.
  3. Monitor your signers’ progress in real time.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of RightSignature?

  1. You can add form fields and signatures to a PDF.
  2. Send an unlimited number of files for signature.
  3. Get signatures and monitor responses in real time.

5. EchoSign

EchoSign is a solution by Adobe. The product helps to speed up signature-based processes by up to 80%. You can sign, send, manage, and track documents easily from your business app or web browser. Plus, the software can easily integrate with your existing systems and processes. For these reasons, this platform is used by thousands of financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and companies. Main features include: collect handwritten signatures, customize with your branding, customize configuration and workflows, collect signatures on your website, and securely archive documents. You can also consider these EchoSign alternatives here.

Why use EchoSign instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can define the document workflow that is personalized for particular business processes.
  2. Reuse templates and documents.
  3. Select from a range of predefined signature options when signing a document.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of EchoSign?

  1. You can work from a web browser to manage and track documents securely.
  2. Embed forms with signing capabilities in your website.
  3. Create a branded signing experience for customers.

6. eSign+

We have included eSign+ in this list of top 10 alternatives to Adobe eSign Services because it is a robust tool that is suitable for small and medium-sized companies. The platform can apply legally binding e-signatures while enabling businesses to comply with the regulations of different countries. The best part is the system simplifies even difficult document management tasks. This is achieved because eSign+ has the capability to keep signatures in motion and enable users to track transactions in real time. In addition, document safety is assured as the vendor uses password protection feature and advanced encryption measures. They also provide a disaster recovery plan. For a wider choice, peruse these viable eSign+ alternatives here.

Why use eSign+ instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. It allows you to edit documents in real time.
  2. It uses two-factor authentication access code to protect confidential documents.
  3. You can customize documents by adding your company logo.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of eSign+?

  1. You can easily manage user preferences and settings.
  2. Work with certificate-based digital signatures.
  3. Utilize turn-key integrations for quick deployment with enterprise apps.

7. Sertifi

Sertifi is an e-signature system that enables businesses to close more deals and make more sales. The platform’s automation features accelerate business workflows including complex processes that involve multiple signers and collaboration with multiple parties. With Sertifi, you can improve communication and streamline workflow processes. Plus, you get real-time updates on contracts sent through Yammer/Chatter. Finally you get a full audit trail on details such as when a contract was sent, opened, partially signed, and fully signed. For more good options, browse these Sertifi alternatives here.

Why use Sertifi instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can set up notifiers to get updates at every step.
  2. Manage and track all deal activities as they unfold.
  3. It makes the signing process convenient and simple.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Sertifi?

  1. You can utilize APIs to build signing into custom applications.
  2. Manage languages, settings, and preferences for users and groups.
  3. Implement and manage signature workflows with professional administration features.

8. HelloSign

HelloSign enables you to sign documents with legally binding e-signatures. This web-based platform provides a drag-and-drop interface to help you upload documents easily. You can affix signatures on documents retrieved from emails as well as from third-party programs such as SkyDrive, Evernote,, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The best part is the software is easy to use and does not contain any complexities. All you need to do is create or upload a signature, place it in a document, select the recipient, and send it to them. Here are viable HelloSign alternatives for you to consider.

Why use HelloSign instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. You can onboard new hires more quickly.
  2. Get orders approved faster.
  3. Accelerate the implementation of agreements.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of HelloSign?

  1. You can customize signing workflows.
  2. Create a branded signing experience for customers.
  3. Add form fields and signature to a PDF.

9. Signable

With Signable, you don’t need to email or snail mail documents to signers. You can use the platform to send documents electronically and get signatures quickly. The tool is simple to use and you don’t need extensive training to master it. Everything is intuitive and you simply need to follow easy steps. Signable adheres to all the recent digital signature laws enforced in the UK and EU including eIDAS. All the documents signed using Signable are legally binding as they are subject to these regulations. If you think it is too basic for your needs, browse these excellent Signable alternatives here.

Why use Signable instead of Adobe eSign Services?

  1. The platform is totally secure and safe.
  2. It speeds up the entire document signing process as it works well with both PC and Mac.
  3. Keep track of your document status.

Why use Adobe eSign Services instead of Signable?

  1. You can e-sign on mobile devices using the mobile app.
  2. Improve security with two-factor identity verification.
  3. Embed forms with signing capabilities on your website.

10. ZorroSign

ZorroSign is the pioneer of electronic signature technology and the developer of the ZorroSign DTM, a complete eSignature and Digital Transaction Management software.  ZorroSign software offers bank-grade security and consists of real and highly secure electronic signature technology, advanced workflow engine, Document 4n6 (forensic) Token, ZorroFill intelligent forms, biometrics, audit trail, and a built-in Document Management System (DMS). With ZorroSign you can eSign your documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

ZorroSign helps you convert all your paper-based business transactions into digital, comprehensively validate and authenticate both electronic and paper versions of electronically signed documents. It is highly secure, encrypted, and robust eSignature solution with flexibility around its usage, security, and application. When challenged or investigated it can be used as evidence without repudiation in a court of law.

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