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Trello Pricing Packages: What’s Included in the Free Plan?

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How much does Trello cost?
Trello costs nothing for the Free-Forever Plan and $9.99 per user annually for the Business Class Plan. The Enterprise Plan has user-based pricing, where the costs are lower with more users. The free plan offers unlimited personal boards. Both Business Class and Enterprise plans have unlimited team boards, but the Enterprise plan has more robust security and admin features.

For mission-critical software like collaboration or project management solutions, pricing is just as important as features. At the very least, the right solution should have scalable pricing plans, which give you the freedom to switch plans as your needs change. Moreover, those who have freemium offerings allow you to try the software even before you shell out the big bucks. However, not all the top project management software in the market today offer a free version.   

Trello is one of the top names that come to mind when you talk about collaboration software. The platform offers flexible pricing plans that range from the free version to usage-based enterprise pricing. With intuitive features that take little or no time to learn, it has managed to amass a vast user base. 

But just because a product is popular does not mean it’s right for you. In this article, you’ll know what you can expect from the different Trello pricing packages, from the free plans to the paid versions.

trello pricing plans

Nobody wants to see a project fail. Unfortunately, this happens in organizations more often than people would like to think. While there are ways to avoid project failure, 70% of projects still end up being unsuccessful.

What factors cause this to happen? A few of the top 10 reasons for project failures are insufficient documentation, poor communication, and ignoring red flags. To counter these, project managers must be diligent in tracking milestones, aside from practicing transparency in communicating project updates. They must be able to spot warning signs like unrealistic expectations and project members doing a considerable amount of overtime.

Source: Project Management Institute, 2020

As an organization gains maturity, project failure tends to decrease. PMI’s Pulse of the Profession 2020 survey reveals that project failures are only at 11% for high maturity companies. In contrast, project failure rates are at 21% or almost double in low maturity companies. In addition, high maturity organizations are more likely to meet goals within budget and on time compared to low maturity ones.

Trello has a slew of user-friendly features that make project documentation and communication visible to everyone. This makes it a viable tool for individuals and businesses looking to simplify their processes and keep everyone productive.

Trello Overview

Trello dashboard

Trello is a collaboration tool that lets users visually organize projects into boards. It uses the kanban concept, which allows users to see how their work progress in stages. The interface is easy to use with drag-and-drop functionalities, which makes moving things around a breeze.

The tool is flexible enough for a diverse set of users. Anyone can use the free version for personal use. Small businesses with less than 20 team members can use Trello to stay organized or drive growth. On the other hand, enterprises can leverage Trello to automate paper-based systems or manage complex workflows.

One of the main benefits of Trello is that team members can coordinate with each other in one central place. They can access files, add members, upload files, and see all activity on the board. 



Try out Trello with their free trial


Visual project management software like Trello takes the confusion out of assigning and managing tasks. Users can organize projects into boards and create tasks using cards under the board. You can add a description to the card so the task is crystal-clear to the assignee. Reminder notifications and due date and time fields ensure you don’t miss deadlines.

It’s also easy to stay on top of tasks. You can watch a board to get email or push notifications for project updates.

Trello offers integrations to over 100 apps so the tool fits seamlessly into any workflow. There are power-ups that Trello developers created as well as third-party apps. You can also build your own power-ups on the Trello platform. And with Trello for iOS and Android, you can work on your boards while on the go, even when you’re offline.

Detailed Trello Review

The following are key features of Trello:

  • Unlimited Personal Boards
  • No Limits on Cards
  • Lists Without Limits
  • File Attachments
  • Power-Ups
  • Notifications
  • Team Boards
  • Default and custom reports
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Trello Free Plan & Pricing Packages

Trello pricing packages are simple and easy to understand. It has a forever-free plan that comes with a couple of standard features for managing projects on a small scale. On the other hand, there is also a Business Class plan packed with more collaboration tools and modest automation features. This plan is ideal for small businesses. For businesses that need more powerful automation tools, organization-wide controls, and security features, Trello offers the Enterprise plan.

Free Plan

The free Trello plan includes unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists. You can attach files within 10 MB. For collaborating with others, you can create up to 10 team boards. 

Users on the free plan are limited to one power-up per board. However, there’s a wide variety of apps to choose from. You can pick from IT and project management apps to marketing and social media solutions.

What’s great about Trello is that free users get a glimpse of more powerful tools. Even with the free plan, you get access to Butler, Trello’s automation tool. Butler analyzes your board activity and gives you suggestions for automating your workflows. You can also create your own workflows even without writing a line of code. All you have to do is create a card and type your command in plain English.

However, free users can only create commands for one rule, card, or board button. Also, you’re also limited to 50 commands per month. 

As for account security, free users can enjoy two-factor authentication. With this feature, you get a text message with an authentication code in your mobile number when you log in. 

To enjoy more features, free users can sign up for Trello Gold. With this add-on, you get more backgrounds, stickers, and custom emojis. More importantly, you can upload files of up to 250 MB. Trello Gold costs $5 monthly or $45 yearly.

Who is this plan good for?

The free plan is a good way for individual users to create a structure for work or personal projects. For example, you can use Trello to plan weddings or birthday parties, look for a job, or plan website content.

Butler Automation

The Butler feature allows you to automate tasks even without coding skills.

Business Class Plan

Trello Business Class lets users enjoy more features compared to the free plan. Aside from unlimited personal boards, cards, and lists, users can attach files of up to 250 MB.

Trello gives business users unlimited power-ups or additional features. You can use these to deploy an agile project management approach in your organization.

One of the power-ups included is support for custom fields. You can create fields for text, numbers, and checkboxes, to meet your unique business needs. 

On the other hand, List Limits allows you to see bottlenecks in your processes. Once the limit is reached, Trello will highlight it so you can avoid overloading your team with work. 

There’s also Card Repeater that automatically copies cards for regularly recurring tasks. For managing deadlines, the Calendar Power-Up lets you see a weekly or monthly view of projects. 

Collecting team feedback is easier on Trello, too. You can ask team members to vote on cards, see the breakdown of votes, and know which team members voted on the card.

Unlike the free plan, automation features are more robust with the business plan. You can set 1,000 command runs per team or 200 runs per user. All teams have a pooled quota of 6,000 command runs per month.

Trello Business Class costs $12.50 per user per month or $9.99 per user per month if paid annually. 

Who is this plan good for?

Small businesses can leverage Trello to get visibility into core areas of their trade. With real-time updates available from the desktop or the mobile app, users know important developments wherever they are.

Trello Power-ups

The Business Class plan includes unlimited power-ups, including voting, card aging, and calendar features.

Enterprise Plan

The Trello Enterprise Plan lets you enjoy business plan features plus a whole lot more. Similar to business users, enterprise customers get priority support. The Trello team will respond to their queries within a guaranteed SLA of one business day. In addition, they enjoy unlimited command runs with Butlerbot.

The enterprise plan offers more robust security features than the business plan. You can enable single sign-on to enhance security and minimize password fatigue. Data encryption at rest and in transit keeps your data safe from hackers. Moreover, Trello does hourly automatic data backups at an offsite location.

With the enterprise package, administrators get various tools for managing organization-wide controls. They can determine what power-ups team members can use on a board and allow attachments only from approved file-sharing platforms. Moreover, they can limit what kinds of boards users can create or prevent them from adding members with certain email domains.

The enterprise plan is available for a minimum of 20 users. Enterprise customers get a lower annual price per subscriber, the more users you have. For example, if you have 20 users, you will be paying $5,000 per year or an average price of $250 per user. In contrast, you will be paying $355,000 per year for 5,000 users or an average price of $71 per user.

Who is this plan good for?

Enterprise customers can use Trello’s intuitive interface to shift from paper-based to digital workflows. With a cloud-based central hub for projects, users gain visibility into work processes.  This eliminates time wasted on emails and phone calls. 

Trello Admin Features

The Trello Enterprise plan allows admins to easily manage organization-wide settings.

Non-Profits and Education

Non-profit organizations can enjoy 75% off Trello Business Class and Enterprise plans. To qualify for the discount, you have to be a registered non-profit charitable organization or charity doing non-academic, non-commercial, or non-government work. In addition, non-profits should also not have any religious affiliation. Be ready to attach proof of your non-profit status before or after you sign up for a plan. 

On the other hand, educational institutions get a 30% discount off Trello Business Class and Enterprise plans. To claim this, you have to contact Trello Support from an email address with a .edu domain. You can do this before or after signing up for the plan.

Which Trello Plan Is Right for You?

While looking for the right solution, you might be bedazzled by all the bells and whistles of project management tools. But don’t be too quick to buy into all that product marketing. Take a look first at your processes. Identify challenges in your workflow and find out how a software can address these. Know the types of collaboration software and figure out the degree of coordination that your team needs.

Before committing, take the software for a test-drive. Work on a project from start to finish with your team and see how well it fits into your workflow. Aside from price, other factors in deciding what project management plan to use include administration and security.

Although there are only three main plans, Trello pricing packages are varied enough to accommodate different user needs. People new to project management can start with the free plan. It’s a handy tool for knocking out small projects or personal goals.

When you’re ready to unlock more features, you can try out the Business Class plan. It comes with a free 14-day trial and does not require a credit card, which eliminates barriers to upgrading.

Similarly, when your team grows, you can switch to the Enterprise plan. Unlike the Business Class plan, there’s no free trial for the Enterprise plan. However, you get all the features of the Business Class plan, plus unlimited automation and admin features. Thus, you can easily envision most of the features you will get if you’re already on the Business plan. At any rate, you can contact the Trello sales team for more information about certain features.

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