What is Visitor Management Software?

Visitor management software (VMS) helps companies track and manage visitors, allows careful access to facilities, and enhances the overall visitor experience. On arrival, visitors can self-register for an event or meeting at a kiosk that has a VMS. Their identification can be checked against a watch list to enhance security. In addition, administrative staff can use the software to manage assets like access cards and keys given to visitors. They can tag each item to minimize the risk of theft or loss. VMS can also notify a staff member that a guest has arrived and provide directions to the meeting place to the guest. Another advantage is the system can collect visitor data for reporting purposes and return visits. Start by checking our leader Envoy, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Top 7 Most Popular Visitor Management Software

Proxyclick reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Fully customizable visitor management solution that helps create positive and long-lasting connections with the visitors and contractors. Read Reviews

SwipedOn reviews

Our Score 6.9

User Satisfaction 100%

A visitor management software that offers an iPad app with an interface that can be customized to promote brands and to streamline visitors' experience. Read Reviews

Teem reviews

Our Score 8.2

User Satisfaction N/A

Teem is a leading meeting and conference room manager. Read Reviews

TheReceptionist reviews

Our Score 7.5

User Satisfaction 100%

TheReceptionist is acloud-based visitor management solution that works exclusively with iPad devices. Read Reviews

WhosOnLocation reviews

Our Score 7.2

User Satisfaction N/A

WhosOnLocation is a visitor, contractor, and employee sign-in system with a supplementary evacuation management module. Read Reviews

Greetly reviews

Our Score 6.5

User Satisfaction 100%

Greetly is a receptionist kiosk built specifically for the iPad platform that helps businesses save money by utilizing an intelligent kiosk for faster and more efficient visitor reception management. Read Reviews

Envoy reviews

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

Use Envoy to collect guest's information, capture their photos and have them sign legal documents—all on your iPad! Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software (VMS) helps businesses to securely manage the visitor flow to their premises. There are tons of good quality VMS solutions out there. So how do you do effective comparisons to select the best visitor management software for your company? We make your task easier with this buyer’s guide that details the main features and factors you should look for in each shortlisted solution.

Get to know each product with free trial

Start your search for the best visitor management software by registering for the free trial or demo of leading programs. Top visitor management software providers offer this facility to help users like you test drive the software’s features and do an informed comparison with other platforms. We recommend you check the possibility of a free trial for the following tools: ProxyclickSwipedOnTeemTheReceptionistWhosOnLocationGreetly, and Envoy. These applications have received commendable rankings and ratings in our visitor management software reviews.

Targeted Businesses

  • Government and corporate. Government organizations as well as businesses can keep hardware and data safe with access control. Plus, they can utilize a VMS to provide directions and other details to help visitors reach the correct meeting place on time.
  • University campuses. Educational institutions can use a VMS to secure their facilities and allow only administrators and professors to access sensitive areas.
  • K-12 education. Schools can provide name badges to students and ID cards with the institution’s logo to faculty. This enhances transparency among faculty and students and ensures strangers and unauthorized people do not trespass into the school premises.

Examples of Visitor Management Software

  1. Proxyclick: A fully customizable VMS that helps you get rid of sign-in books. Enables you to create long-lasting connections with your contractors and visitors, and provide them a positive impression about your company. Makes the visitor management process more efficient. Key features include: watch lists, user permissions, safety checks, custom reports, and VIP alerts.
  2. SwipedOn: Ideal VMS for organizations and businesses of all sizes. It has a professional look and can help your company innovate and transform your reception, streamline your visitor check-in/out process, track the movement and time of your employees, and enhance communication among your staff. Employees can just swipe a finger to check in and out of work. The evacuation feature enables you to perform roll calls during emergencies.
  3. Teem: A popular conference room and meeting management tool. Enables you to schedule and track gatherings in campuses, buildings, and floors. Plus, it gives you the ability to manage and control aspects like individual room displays. Teem secures your data and ensures it is protected from system vulnerabilities and threats.
  4. TheReceptionist: A cloud-based VMS designed exclusively for iPad devices. It enables companies to import their staff members’ contacts and manage visitor logs. Provides an automated guest log-in interface that visitors can use to pre-register their details. You can identify the visitor’s purpose of visit, the employees they meet, and their check-in and check-out time.
  5. WhosOnLocation: An employee, contractor, and visitor sign-in platform that comes with an evacuation management module. This cloud-based software enables businesses to oversee visitors who enter and exit both outdoor and indoor facilities. It is ideal software for schools, remote offices, construction sites, and manufacturing plants. Top features include: identity management, asset management, and VIP management.
  6. Greetly: A receptionist kiosk designed for iPads. It makes visitor management quicker and more efficient by directing guests to the right department, office, and person. The host is informed of the guest’s arrival via text, email, or phone. Your company can save the cost employing a live receptionist as Greetly can receive any visitor type including professional visits, food delivery, mail, and more.
  7. Envoy: A visitor sign software for iPad devices. Enables you to welcome your guests warmly and give them a good impression about your company. All signing processes are paperless. Envoy provides a mobile app for Android and iOS named Envoy Passport that provides all the info you need and helps you share it with your team members. Finally, you can customize the sign-up screen with your branding elements.

Types of Visitor Management Software

  • Computer visitor management system. Utilizes a computer network to record and monitor visitor info. It eliminates the drawbacks of a pen and paper system. You can check visitor ID against local, national, and in-house databases for potential security issues.
  • Visitor management software as a service (SaaS). SaaS VMS for the real estate sector allows managers and landlords to remotely monitor and control access rights. They don’t need to give physical keycards and keys to new tenants. SaaS VMS for business offices enables building managers to automate the reception area and save costs and improve security. The latest SaaS VMS solutions are tablet-based.

Key Features of Visitor Management Software

  • Embedded database. A VMS stores all visitor data locally in an embedded database. This means you don’t need to set up pre-registration tools or make connections with third-party database systems.
  • Notifications. After a guest checks in, the solution notifies the staff member they have come to meet.
  • Visitor tracking and reporting. The software retains info about visitors such as arrival and exit time, and duration of visit. This data can be used to identify the location of a visitor and to generate reports on attendance, among other purposes.
  • Electronic documents. Your company can ask guests to digitally sign documents during check-in such as a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard confidential corporate info.
  • ID scanning and badging. Guests can can their business card or other photo ID during check in. A VMS can quickly print a name tag to give visitors access to the right place in a building.
  • Self check-in. Visitors can self-register by utilizing a smartphone or tablet kiosk when they enter the building. These interfaces can be customized with special instructions and company logos.
  • Pre-registration. You can use a VMS for pre-registration and email guests before their visit. These emails can provide the date, time, parking info, directions, and other useful details to help guests reach their meetings quickly.
  • Visitor screening. A VMS screens guests against online or local watch lists. For instance, day care centers and schools utilize a VMS to alert security agents if a registered sex offender tries to enter the premises.

Benefits of Visitor Management Software

  • Enhances security. VMS is used to complement access control and building security systems. Companies can improve their security while saving costs as they don’t need to invest in added physical security units or install CCTVs.
  • Boosts productivity. You can utilize a VMS to pre-register a large group of visitors using an online module. This means they don’t have to line up in your lobbies for registration which saves a lot of time for your employees. .
  • It is fast and accurate. Scanning of visitors’ driver’s license, business card, or other ID auto-populates your company’s VMS database accurately and quickly.
  • It is dependable. In case of hazards or emergencies inside the premises, a VMS can inform your security officials about visitors and guests who are within the building.
  • It saves money. A VMS automates and streamlines visitor registration which reduces the cost of processing each visitor. In addition, security breaches are eliminated which also saves expenses.
  • It is flexible and scalable. A quality VMS is scalable and flexible allowing you to easily customize the solution for your growing needs. The vendor will be able to service and update the system to meet your growing business demands.

Latest Trends

More self-service. VMS is enabling businesses use modern methods like QR codes on a smartphone, tablets, and kiosk in the lobby which are similar to airport check-ins. Now, the receptionist does not have to do work such as taking pictures, scanning driver’s license, etc. Visitor self-service allows businesses to save costs as a single receptionist can manage multiple buildings via video displays and network links.

Wider range of IDs. VMS enables you to provision a wider range of IDs such as mobile credentials, emailing QR codes, or a standard temporary badge. This speeds up the process and when the guest arrives they have been pre-vetted and their credential is ready.

Potential Issues

Time vs data. Companies that use a pen and paper system for visitor registration and management end up spending a lot of time on this process especially if there is a big group of guests. The security officials may not be able to record visitor details accurately given the lack of time. The solution is to invest in a good VMS that enables your security team to quickly capture visitor credentials and record them for future use.

Not verifying credentials. Your company’s receptionist or security official may not able to detect outdated or invalid IDs presented by visitors. A VMS solves this issue as it checks guest credentials against an embedded database as well as local and online watch lists to ensure potentially dangerous people are prevented from entering your company’s premises.

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