How to Earn Extra Money And Keep Your Day Job

make money fast_3How to earn money, that is, extra cash, is possible even if you have a day job to keep.  Here are four short-term ways:

Start a part-time business or work

It’s part-time so it should not eat up your whole day. If it does, you may be banking on the full-time business side. So what are these types of business? From garage sales to offering computer tutorial (if you’re into I.T.), to a more capital-intensive model of putting up an espresso machine in your office or kid’s school, here are 25 great ideas shared by . It’s a long list and our bet is that you have at least one that fits your skill or background. How about be a personal chef or yoga instructor to your rich neighbor? A picture framer or handyman, maybe? The possibilities are only as limited as your willingness to earn that extra cash.

Freelance work

If you’re into writing, coding, designing or even just a plain person with a knack for chatting and posting, you can use some leads online. The Internet has lots of online sites that offer to match contractors (those looking for work) with suppliers (those looking for contractors). A Google search on freelance jobs alone will generate about 76 million results. Don’t be overwhelmed, you can try FreshBooks to find the best freelance sites. Most of them, if not all, do not charge a fee for contractors (that’s you); they charge the suppliers. One of the benefits of using a freelance site is that suppliers often trust getting contractors from these sites because the law of natural selection works here. Contractors that don’t perform well are down voted and vice-versa. The better your output is the higher your recommendation usually is; hence, you tend to get more assignments.

Crazy ideas

There are more money-making ideas that deserve your attention. Returning past purchases for cash is one, which may be a little extreme if you have an image to project. Selling your hair and breast milk (yes!) is another. What about signing up for medical tests? If that scares you, it scares us, too. For more of these quick-money ways, Daily Finance has 25 of these ideas.

Money instruments

If you’re feeling more sophisticated, it’s time you try money instruments. It will take a steep learning curve, though, to master this money-making channel, but it doesn’t mean it’s only for sophisticated finance planners. Investopedia has a good article to introduce you to the more sophisticated instruments, from discussing the purpose of money markets to the types of instruments. It is addressed to the individual investor (you) so fear not that this is not for you. Walk with caution, though, money markets like in a gamble, can make or lose you cash in a snap. But as you gain confidence, you’ll see why money markets are one of the biggest income streams of the rich.

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Making money is just a game. With enough passion and grit you’ll get your dollars. Not to say you can always lose, too, and when you do, the only thing to do is get up and try again. Do you have a money-making plan while working? Share it here.

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