5 reasons why Mitt Romney is not popular with women voters

Romney Binder of WomenIt has become more and more clear in the recent weeks as poll results have been coming out as we inch nearer to the election that women are tending to side with the Obama administration rather than Romney—most notably in the swing states where their votes will be especially valuable in this election. What is giving Obama this advantage? Is there any hope of Romney making a comeback among female voters? Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for Obama’s advantage and you can decide for yourself:

1. Healthcare. Obamacare has offered more services to women in terms of health and reproductive rights than we have ever seen before. His platform emphasizes a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body, whereas Romney has claimed that he would like to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Additionally, were Romney the healthcare rights of Obama’s plan that have explicitly been developed to help women would be overturned.

2. It has been widely reported throughout this election season that Mitt Romney cannot seem to connect with potential voters, in part because of his socioeconomic status and seeming lack of knowledge of how the lower classes (so, most people) live. As we have seen throughout Obama’s first term in terms of the GOP’s attacks on women’s healthcare and reproductive rights, Romney stands with his party when it comes to these issues. The social needs of women, much like the needs of American’s who are not extremely wealthy like Romney himself, seem to be just another reason why he cannot connect with voters.

3. He has left much of the campaigning efforts to get more female votes up to his wife. Like this video for example, where Ann Romney herself explains what a great family man and father Mitt was for his kids. By itself, the advertisement is a touching one that certainly does not make me think poorly of Mitt’s parenting skills, but the problem is that these are not things that we hear from Mitt himself ever. It is almost as though the task of making Mitt seem like a caring, sympathetic; human being has been left to the first-lady candidate.

4. Romney’s seeming lack of interest in connecting with or attempting to sway swing voters—something that became very clear after Mother Jones’ release of the secret tapes where he was caught telling a room full of his wealthiest supporters that 47% of American’s are going to vote for Obama no matter what because they “are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.” If we women thought before that Romney was just having some communication problems but really deep down did care deeply about women, I think that the release of this tape affirmed that if we fall into the 47% of the population who rely on the government for services (ie healthcare, student loans, social security) he’s not interested in trying to win over our hearts anyway.

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5. This advertisement. Okay, maybe its not one of the main reasons why Obama is winning the votes of more and more women, but it certainly is not helping Mitt’s case. Romney is so incredibly out of touch with women that in an attempt to win us over his campaign has made this commercial. This has been brought to my attention because it has been aired during basically every commercial break on TLC. All of the statistics in this video relate to women’s poverty rate and difficulties finding jobs under the Obama administration. What it does not mention, however, is that all of these things are true for everyone and every group in the United States because we are in an economic recession, women are not the only victims. Women are victims of many things (unequal pay for example!), and probably it would have been in Romney’s best interest to focus on one of those topics in his advertisements rather than focus his funds on making a terribly awkward commercial that does nothing but once again prove that he is out of touch with female voters.

I suppose there will be a lot of exciting media coverage in the coming days after the first presidential debate in Denver this Wednesday, a debate which will almost certainly largely focus on women’s issues. In the meantime, what do you think? Is there any hope of Romney winning back the votes of some of the women voters that he has lost in the last few weeks?

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