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Top 10 Alternatives to eFileCabinet: Leading Document Management Software Solutions

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While eFileCabinet is one of the market-leading solutions for document management tools and probably stands a reasonable chance of making a good match for your business requirements, nothing precludes the other possibility that you might be better off using another platform instead. There are many factors to consider in choosing any solution, and shopping for a document management software is no exception.

If you have already compiled a shopping list of features for your new or next software, you will perhaps want to review it to include some of the shortcomings of document management software that users have discovered while being stuck with their initial product of choice. This will help you avoid the same pitfalls that have befallen these previous shoppers.

If you have been looking at how things work in the software industry in general and the document management sector in particular, you will be surprised how embracing simple ideas can have far-reaching effects in the way you approach the selection of application solutions to work for you. In many instances, it all amounts to sticking to the fundamental ideas of simplicity, ease of use, security, and actual functionality. In the governance, risk, compliance technology (GRC) space, for example, ease of use tops the most important criteria organizations look for purchasing GRC solutions. It’s not difficult to assume the same factor applies to most SaaS categories, document management included.

And speaking of functionality, the infographics below may help guide you identify the key features of document management software you should be looking at during your shopping:

So hold to your wish list of features and other assessment yardsticks that you have come up with and proceed to what our team of experts can add to your metrics so your next document management software is as close to being the perfect choice for your organization as it could be.

What is eFileCabinet?

eFileCabinet is a one-stop-shop document management solution that covers a number of delivery modules, allows for easy and fast upload, and simplifies data migration thanks to its numerous integrations. It seeks to drive manual labor to the lowest possible level, in order to minimize the risk of human error and of losing valuable corporate data.

Sporting a friendly interface, eFileCabinet offers out-of-the-box security coverage, meaning that files are encrypted and permissions are managed according to your own rules. eFileCabinet is among the most secure document management systems in the market. It has an impressive capability to help companies minimize paperwork and provide customers with faster and more reliable service.

eFileCabinet is best suited for small and developing businesses, though big enterprises can still make great use of its special enterprise plan, which gives them 1 TB data storage and a wide range of other useful features. Because of its flexible pricing model and excellent management capabilities, eFileCabinet remains a great choice for most businesses to handle their daily document processing needs.

Benefits of eFileCabinet

  1. Advanced features at reasonable prices. eFileCabinet not only lets you share and manage existent files, it also allows you to create your own using templates with all the necessary company information. The Zonal OCR tool can recognize recently used files, route them to the recipient, and than save them into the most appropriate cabinet/drawer without requiring any human interaction. The SideKick feature lets you create an icon for every particular drawer, folder, or operation, and access them immediately without browsing the system.
  2. Fully optimized for mobile devices.  eFileCabinet is a mobile-friendly system, designed to let you access your data from virtually any device you’re using. eFileCabinet keeps an impeccable uptime record, with documents showing no difference in quality between desktop and mobile versions. An HTML 5 view ensures the system fits every screen it is being displayed.
  3. In-cloud or on-premise deployment. You may opt to download eFileCabinet and configure it to your needs, or simply use it in-cloud and preserve the same functionality without going through any updates and maintenance. For either option, companies would have to consider pricing—companies with fixed number of document management users would probably benefit from a moderately priced license, while remote and growing teams would be better off paying per month, incrementally adding as many people as necessary.
  4. Flexibility of Open API. eFileCabinet has made its APIs publicly accessible, empowering users to connect the application to other programs they’re already using. This is of course on top of integrations readily available, including for the following platforms:  DocuSign, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Sage, Citrix ShareFile, among others.
  5. Intuitive Interface. eFileCabinet is easy to use, doing away with steep learning curves in order to have it running in a short time. The cloud version requires just enough configuration to ensure tight security, while skipping all technical difficulties that burdens most IT personnel.
  6. Outstanding Support. eFileCabinet is backed by teams of document management experts whom you can contact either by phone, email, ticket, or use the live chat support option on the product’s website. These support teams are recognized in the industry for being highly responsive, always available to assist you whatever you need. Moreover eFileCabinet also provides live training, on-demand training webinars, live onboarding, in-software support, forums and online documentation.

Notwithstanding eFileCabinet’s rich features and multiple benefits, we recognize that any one application does not always cover varying business requirements. With this in mind, we proceed to look at comparatively featured and priced alternatives to eFileCabinet. What follow are our top ten picks.

Top 10 Alternatives to eFileCabinet

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc integrated with Salesforce

First in our top 10 alternatives to eFileCabinet document management software is PandaDoc. Established in 2013, PandaDoc is known for its impressive array of features that, among others, allow users to easily create, track and execute proposals, quotes, contracts, esignatures, and other business-critical transaction documents. PandaDoc makes it easy to enable robust team management, content management, workflow, branding, productivity, tracking, securing higher close rates, and many more. For collaboration and integration, PandaDoc works seamlessly with the world’s leading ERP, CRMs, cloud storage, payment and other mission-critical systems.

The vendor offers a great free trial that allows you to try out all key features of the software. You can easily sign up for PandaDoc free trial here.


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And while we have suggested PandaDoc as a viable alternative to eFileCabinet, nothing stops us from also suggesting other PandaDoc alternatives.

Why use PandaDoc instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. Its payment structure is useful for fast transactions.
  2. It is easy to configure, along with elements like price and quote.
  3. It provides calculation of cost and margin.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of PandaDoc?

  1. Open API feature allows users to connect to any software architecture of their choice.
  2. If offers both in-cloud and on-premise deployment.
  3. It is highly optimized for mobile platforms.

2. Samepage

Samepage is a comprehensive collaboration solution that promotes collaboration by keeping a record of relevant information. You can share pages in Samepage with anyone, which means they can be kept up to date and in sync. The vendor offers native mobile apps to help your team members access the service from anywhere, on any device. Files can be stored in popular file-sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive can all be incorporated in the platform’s page. If Samepage does not cut it to your priorities, you can check out these other Samepage alternatives instead.

The vendor offers a great free trial that allows you to try out all key features of the software. You can easily sign up for Samepage free trial here.

Why use Samepage instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. Samepage offers more sophisticated collaboration tools for companies that really need them.
  2. It allows extra functions like collaborative workspace and file synchronization.
  3. Samepage gathers project content, tasks, and team conversation so everyone always has context and is up to speed.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Samepage?

  1. It offers seamless, simplified data migration.
  2. It is capable of extremely fast uploading, up to 50 files at once.
  3. It allows for digital signature integration.

3. Alfresco One

Number three in our top 10 alternatives to eFileCabinet document management software is Alfresco One, whose Enterprise Content Management, Process Management, Web Content Management, Digital Image Management, Records Management, Information Governance and Case Management systems are lauded by businesses and government institutions for removing the burden of volumes of information by effectively streamlining document editing, collaboration and sharing. Alfresco One is noted for its capability to sift through valuable information in the emails of employees whose separate tasks mean scattered information that need to be collected, managed, and safely stored in conveniently secured repository. If its features fall short or prove to be excess to your requirements, fret not and check out other Alfresco One alternatives.

Why use Alfresco One instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It features cade and records management.
  2. It offers extended enterprise collaborations.
  3. It allows for process management and information governance.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Alfresco One?

  1. It offers comprehensive, equally usable document management software delivery models.
  2. It allows role-based user permissions.
  3. It allows for audit trails and vile versioning.

4. Dokmee

Dokmee is an adaptive and mobile-ready document management solution for enterprises that allow organizations to securely file and organize electronic documents in a centralized management system. It allows businesses to manage and organize documents according to unique requirements, including for education, healthcare, legal, accounting and real-estate. The platform is available as desktop software, cloud and web based solution as well as a mobile apps. You many also check out other Dokmee alternatives.

Why use Dokmee instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It allows for document scanning and extraction.
  2. It has a strong HIPAA-compliant audit log.
  3. It allows file and folder indexing, quick merge and split, while giving the option for file and project notes.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Dokmee?

  1. Its drag-and-drop grade functionality makes handling of document processing a painless affair.
  2. It allows for retrieval of files without time-consuming downloads.
  3. It provides simplified data migration.

5. WebMerge

WebMerge is an open document generation platform capable of integrating with any web service that can send data outside their system. WebMerge can populate PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others from services like Salesforce, Podio, and Formstack. WebMerge customers laud the platform for saving them hundreds of hours accomplishing their jobs. With the click of a button, they can generate documents without having to manually type or copy data. We also came up with other WebMerge alternatives that you might want to see.

Why use WebMerge instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It provides customizable document templates.
  2. It allows for PowerPoint presentations.
  3. It features a robust HTML document builder.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of WebMerge?

  1. It provides recurring 24-hour data redundancy and backup feature.
  2. It provides SecureDrawer, a handy tool for email interchange of sensitive data.
  3. Its SideKick tool easily connects users’ devices with the document management software.

6. OneHub

OneHub is a cloud-based file-sharing system that provides a highly secure environment for storage of valuable business files. Aside from offering high security, OneHub also lets you customize your file storage environment according to your brand. OneHub is consistently trusted by some of the most renowned international brands in the market. If OneHub is not exactly what you need, check out these other OneHub alternatives.

Why use OneHub instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It allows customized branding.
  2. It allows Google Drive file editing.
  3. It is capable of file preview in browser.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of OneHub?

  1. It has built-in security to simplify SEC, FINRA and HIPAA compliance.
  2. It has strong mobile optimization feature.
  3. It allows for either on-premise or cloud deployment.

7. Intranet Connections

Seventh on our list of top 10 alternatives to eFileCabinet is Intranet Connections, a suite of intranet solutions designed to help users simplify and accelerate communications within their organization, improve collaboration, enhance efficiency and control, automate tasks and processes, and create and implement better learning and retention strategies among other things. These solutions are specifically useful for businesses and organizations in the financial, healthcare, and general industries. Don’t fancy this software? You can check these Intranet Connections alternatives.

Why use Intranet Connections instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It allows for eforms and workflows.
  2. It allows for enterprise search and external connections.
  3. It features extensive information sharing company-wide.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Intranet Connections?

  1. It has digital cabinets and allows for file versioning.
  2. It allows for default and favorites content pinning.
  3. It has intuitive software integrations.

8. Folderit

Folderit is a cloud-based document management platform that offers fast and easy solution for storing, sharing, managing, and approving digital documents. As it stores all documents in the cloud, Folderit makes it easy for users to share documents, sections, folders, etc. to just about anyone within the organization provided they have the necessary permissions to view and edit the data. Approving workflows is also a breeze, as Folderit users can easily invite people to approve them as well as enter their commentaries, whether all at once or in a particular order. We have also compiled these Folderit alternatives in case you still need to look further.

Why use Folderit instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It allows for seamless and extensive document sharing.
  2. It features a robust workflow approval.
  3. It allows for metadata, reminders and notifications.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Folderit?

  1. It provides digital signature integration.
  2. It features SSL information transmission and AES for reliable security.
  3. It allows for role-based user permissions.

9. Templafy

Templafy is a document management software that provides a smart way to dynamically update and share document templates and brand assets—from anywhere and from any device. Templafy looks after the integrity of your brand, checking that the whole team follows your company’s strict brand guidelines. The solution is supported by strong communication suites and robust security compliance. Templafy integrates with MS Office, Google Docs, Sharepoint and it allows you to use your company document templates to keep your corporate look and feel consistent across letters, emails, presentations, contracts and other communication materials. Need more help to figure out what you need? No worries, simply look at these other Templafy alternatives.

Why use Templafy instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It allows you to create documents with up-to-date professional and personal information.
  2. It keeps brand assets in one place to ensure employees are using the correct templates.
  3. It features enterprise-scale email solutions.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Templafy?

  1. It offers strong file versioning and audit trails.
  2. It seamlessly provides data migration.
  3. It allows for extensive software integrations.

10. Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN by Dynamsoft allows for fast SDK scanning, editing, and digitization of documents through web applications. Scanned documents of any file format can be stored in a repository or a local file server for safekeeping, and the platform encrypts scanned files to ensure optimal file security. Offering support for multiple browsers, Dynamic Web TWAIN enables businesses to work on their preferred web browser, and thanks to its seamless web app integrations through APIs, users can easily share files via email or web applications without sacrificing image quality. The platform also offers basic editing tools, including image cropping and rotation, among others. If you’re looking for other types of document management software, make sure to check our Dynamic Web TWAIN alternatives.

Why use Dynamic Web TWAIN instead of eFileCabinet?

  1. It allows for cross-browser and cross-platform scanning.
  2. It features basic image editing tools.
  3. It features document tagging and indexing.

Why use eFileCabinet instead of Dynamic Web TWAIN?

  1. It offers rapid uploading of files, capable of digitizing up to 50 files at once.
  2. It provides audit trails and digital cabinets.
  3. It features an encrypted portal for optimal security in sharing documents online.

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