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Comparison of 15 Leading Business Process Management Software Products

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Business Process Management (BPM) is the systematic and efficient implementation of the company’s workflows and processes to achieve an organizational goal. With the advent of SaaS BPM solutions, achieving consolidated, coordinated, and seamless workflows and processes is now easy and accessible even to small businesses.

However, BPM solutions are a dime and dozen and process automation can be applied to fields as varied as project management, time tracking, HR processes, billing and collection, inventory, and CRM.

Our top business process management software solutions list should give you a solid idea of what your best options are. Some BPM software is focused on a niche (industry, function, user type), while others offer an enterprise suite. Then you also have BPM solutions that are a mix of both ends.

After reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the fifteen top BPM solutions in the market today, we weighed them for agility, functionality, and overall value. Our comparison of business process management software showed that Studio Creatio Enterprise is a solution that currently is a leader in this category and is capable of meeting the needs of companies across all sizes and types. We highly recommend it for businesses that are looking for a tried-and-tested BPM solution. It is still best, though, to explore all options first so we encourage you to take a look at other apps available and to see how they stack up against each other.

1. Studio Creatio Enterprise

creatio studio enterprise dashboard

Studio Creatio Enterprise tops our list of best BPM solutions because of its robust functionalities for effectively managing business processes. The software is equipped with process modeling, execution, monitoring, and analysis features, ensuring an efficient BPM solution for your company. Studio Creatio Enterprise applies industry best practices in its system and automates internal practices like modeling process flows and document approval processes.

The software allows teams to collaborate on complex projects as it enables the simultaneous execution of multiple processes at the same level of system performance. Also, Studio Creatio Enterprise boosts operational efficiency with tools to help you monitor process execution and analyze its outcomes. In addition, the platform’s custom dashboards allow you to visualize the process data better.

The user-friendly interface of the process log also comes handy in identifying and eliminating bottlenecks in your system. Together with the platform’s system designer tools, you can configure the system’s section structure and business logics. On top of that, Studio Creatio Enterprise supports customizable features so the system’s look and feel can match with your company branding. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for Studio Creatio Enterprise free trial here.

Studio Creatio Enterprise

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Try out Studio Creatio Enterprise with their free trial

Furthermore, Studio Creatio Enterprise provides analytics tools, such as real-time diagrams and reports that are exceptional in tracking current KPIs and other performance metrics. The dashboards provided by the software make it quick and easy to create reports, helping you gain new analytical insights into your team’s entire performance.

In terms of security, you will not have to worry over having unsecured data because Studio Creatio Enterprise applies multilevel security from unauthorized access. It also lets you have total control of granting or denying someone the access to individual or groups of records, or you can choose specific sections to be made available to any user.

2. Nintex

Nintex is an ideal BPM solution for both small business and large enterprise. But since pricing is on quote-basis, it suits large organizations better. The software focuses on work automation for more efficient team collaboration. But it also features business insights, document management, and IT service management.

Nintex gives you the value of reducing steps in your workflows, not reducing your choices. That gives you agility on how to streamline processes in different scenarios and with different aspects. You can link team members, units, and departments, so you fill in the communication gaps across the organization.

Moreover, Nintex has point-and-click features that make every one–from the millennials to the old school–comfortable working in its environment. It is also compatible with popular and standard business apps and integrates well with social media and instant messaging apps to extend teamwork beyond organizational boundaries. If you have teams in different locations, you will find the likes of Nintex indispensable.


The next popular business process management solution is TIBCO BPM. Developed by one of the established software companies in the world, TIBCO BPM has the agility to match your unique sales, marketing, and service scenarios. However, its pricing is on quote-basis, making it less scalable than our topnotcher, which offers more flexible price points for different business sizes.

The software is geared towards helping your processes to adapt to the digital ecosystem. In fact, if you need a solution to transition your analog processes to digital, TIBCO BPM is one of the best options. It helps to consolidate these processes with your people, scenarios, and activities to generate insights critical to your business routes. With real-time data analytics churned out by the software, you can deliver more accurate answers to suppliers and clients, make timely decisions, and perform smarter actions.

Among its best features you can find Intelligent Work and Resource Management which allow you to see the overall progressat once  and drill down to data details in areas such as: key performance indicators (KPIs), campaign metrics, project milestones, and service-level agreements (SLAs). Likewise, you will find its business reporting feature adaptable to your organization’s decision-making logic; thus, it is helpful in planning your company’s best strategies or tactics.


Completing our top ten BPM solutions, KiSSFLOW is a user-friendly workflow automation software designed for lightweight processes. It claims to be used by over 10,000 companies, and these are likely small to medium businesses. The software appeals to organizations that want to build their own automation apps but lack a technical team or whose owners or leaders have no programming skills.

KiSSFLOW walks you through an easy 5-step process to build automation: (1) decide a process, (2) build the form, (3) design the workflow, (4) set permissions, (5) then go live. With a user-friendly UI and tools, the software gives you the power to match automation with your exact process scenario. In short, people who understand the process best can build the app for themselves instead of depending on an I.T. team.

The software guides you with an app wizard. Aside from building from scratch, you can either install pre-built apps or edit them to your preferences. There are around 50 pre-built apps for HR, suppliers, finance, and billing, among others.

5. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator stands out in our top BPM list for one thing: it lets you build your own app to automate or manage your business workflows. Hands down it beats a highly customizable solution, but what of technical skill requirements? This is where Zoho Creator weaves magic–its drag-and-drop tools and visual interface allow even non-technical users to create business process solutions. However, it still requires more brain power to use this solution than relying on an out-of-the-box BPM. If you love the challenge of building your own app to exactly match your automation process, Zoho Creator is worth the look.

You can create custom apps to manage data, streamline workflows, and even create online collaboration corners for teams. You can also add or modify logic to your app to adjust to current or specific situations. And because it is a cloud-based platform, Zoho Creator frees you from worrying about downtime, security, backups, and upgrades.

Some of the great features of Zoho Creator include: user-friendly UI dashboards; custom report templates; host of rich tools like Workflow Builder, Tasks, Reminders, and Notifications.

6. ConceptDraw PRO

ConceptDraw PRO is an on-premise BPM solution that suits the needs of small business and enterprise. Specifically, IT service specialists and field operations managers will find it useful to design and calendar their workflows and processes.
The system has a powerful drawing and diagramming platform that allows you to create volumes of graphic documents and charts to visualize processes. You can create network diagrams, for example, share them with your team or clients with regular frequency.
You can also use the app as instructional platform for trainings and orientations on project workflows. This ensures the whole team understands the project’s dynamics from start to finish and keep everyone on the same page.
Likewise, as an on-premise system, ConceptDraw can function online or offline. Your team remains productive even during internet connectivity loss. The software is compatible with Mac and Windows but no mobile support.

7. Mindbody

Mindbody is a practical business process management platform for professionals and small businesses. It is ranked among the top BPM solutions on our list because it has the right tools in place for the right target users. What it lacks in agility to scale, it makes up for sticking to its core value proposition: helping the small businesses in the health and wellness industry develop corporate-level strategies with marketing insights and tactics. Gyms, spas, yoga centers, hair salons–small players can now have big-player tools to gain more customers and track success milestones.

Why have we included Mindbody in our comparison of business process management software? To start, the platform features process automations, such as, payments, bookings, and schedule management. It also includes payroll processing, making Mindbody, arguably, the only accounting tool a small operation needs. Small businesses will also benefit from the bpm software’s marketing tools, including: custom gift cards, promotions, and loyalty programs. As for booking and rescheduling, it can be set for automatic notifications, confirmation alerts, and reminders. Another useful feature is its reporting, which lets you track trends, revenues, sales, attendance, and inventory.

8. Laserfiche

Laserfiche easily found its way to our top five BPM solutions. Had it not been limited to content management, the software would have been a top contender. But if your BPM needs are mainly to manage content and documents, Laserfiche is an excellent fit.

It captures, processes, and secures company documents, whether for record-keeping, collaboration, or individual use. It can route and track digital documents with ease, so you don’t lose important data. Plus, archiving and retrieving important documents is as easy as searching for specific keywords. When your company is overwhelmed by thousands of critical documents and they keep piling up every day, Laserfiche puts order in the chaos.

It has a range of useful benefits, but the most important ones include: data visibility, document management, team collaboration, secure archiving, paperless work environment, and business insight reporting. Laserfiche is used by large enterprises in myriad fields as healthcare, education, government, and financial services.

9. Replicon

Replicon is a SaaS workforce and resource management solution that primarily aims to solve time tracking issues. It targets both enterprise and small business. The software won a few accolades including “Best Customer Satisfaction of the Year Program” and “Bronze Stevie Award for Customer.”

Replicon can eliminate discrepancies in overtime and pay, a nagging issue that hounds HR managers. It is noticeably strong in four key areas that make it a top 10 BPM contender: configuration, integration, implementation, and compliance. You can track projects and clients based on your parameters and access real-time data for better transparency and accuracy. You also get to see the big picture using centralized dashboards, while keeping tab on the details by billing/tracking projects at different levels, and keeping records with ease for various project or client portfolios.

As for features, Replicon is notable for its agile client management and billing tools. Likewise, the Professional Service Automation lets you customize time-tracking options. Its payroll management also helps you manage employee attendance and pay calculations easily.

10. Cleverbridge

It doesn’t have the robust BPM features or agility of other solutions, that is because Cleverbridge is focused on a niche: the subscription business. In this area, the software is a top bet to manage billing and optimize monetization.

Cleverbridge can help startups and growing subscription businesses to expand their subscriber list by enhancing customer relations. This includes visibility to track down individual details for opportunities or resolving issues. Likewise, it lets you to customize messages for specific customers or events to keep your subscription base updated. The software’s billing options also lets you offer different payment methods depending on customer types and tax rules for a worldwide audience.

Among others, Cleverbridge is notable for its Reporting and Analytics that allows you to generate insights, apply them, and track them against your goals. The software also has web-based affiliate management to further expand your subscription reach.

11. Oracle BPM

Considered the most complete BPM solution, Oracle BPM is backed by one of the world’s leading software companies. But complete doesn’t necessarily mean the best for businesses with scaled-down workflow automation needs; hence, this software is best suited for large corporations with complex BPM scenarios.

As an enterprise solution, the software features comprehensive BPM suite. The suite consolidates the design-time and automation of all processes, cases, rules, manual tasks, analytics, forms, and integrations. An organization with complex workflows can achieve greater process efficiency by increasing visibility, accessing real-time data, and simplifying user compliance. The result is better management agility throughout the organization.

Oracle BPM is noted for its out-of-the-box modeling and optimization tools, system integration, comprehensive dashboards, and robust task and case management features. Some of its best features are: process simulation and analysis, business rules, and business architecture reports.

12. Process Street

We’re also including five more BPM solutions in our list that may merit your attention for the specific value they offer. For instance, Process Street offers a workflow and process management to organize and automate your repetitive checklists and processes for free. It is a gem if you are on the budget or you simply want to get into the habit of process automation without the cost.

Process Street is simple to use. You can create process template, run it as recurring checklists, and use the checklists as part of collaborative workflows. This allows you to scale projects, reduce errors, and open clear communication lines among members and between staff and leaders. The software is limited to basic workflow automation, but you can integrate via Zapier over 500 productivity apps to scale automation. Other things you will like about Process Street include: intuitive keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop tools, forms, and user permissions.

13. OptimumHQ

OptimumHQ is a business management solution designed to help enterprises and organizations create custom workflows that suit their unique processes and requirements. Mundane tasks can be automated based on your predetermined processes, thus, it can effectively eliminate time-consuming activities and greatly boost productivity. OptimumHQ is easy-to-use and does not require any programming know-hows, enabling users to quickly perform their intended activities and generate detailed reports without wrestling with the software or experiencing a steep learning curve. This also empowers teams to make updates to the platform themselves without relying on IT assistance.

With OptimumHQ, you can manage your business operations without being physically present at the workplace. This platform is accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing you to check on your team’s schedules, deadlines, and responsibilities on any device.

14. Process Bliss

Process Bliss is a suitable suitable choice if you’re looking to ensure that everyone in your team or organization conforms with your work processes standards. For easy monitoring whether everyone has complied with your standard procedures, the process management solution displays a clear audit trail of all user activities and interactions. This makes it easy for managers to spot if a specific task or project was handled accordingly.

Having up to date information is crucial for any endeavor. To solve this problem, Process Bliss automatically synchs information on your project deadlines, milestones or other goals in order to ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page. Process Bliss also helps with the onboarding process by showing them your work procedures and approach, thus, they can easily get acquainted with how you want to get things done.

15. Wooqer

Wooqer is a good choice for companies and organizations that wish to standardize their operational content and procedures. The software serves as a central repository of information for all employees that are looking to educate themselves with certain processes, or learn new information on how to effectively execute their responsibilities. This makes Wooqer a great knowledge hub for dispersing product launch information, training new employees during the onboarding processes, storing sales reports, and more.

Wooqer can solve interdepartmental challenges by ensuring that each team can access crucial information with ease. This eliminates the need for time consuming back-and-forth interactions between departments to access certain reports or business knowledge. Wooqer is also easy to use, making it easy for employees to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the platform.

Choosing the best BPM solution

In this article, we listed the 15 best BPM software solutions that you can choose from. Through a series of tests and system scoring, our team of SaaS experts ranked the above BPM solutions according to their overall value and functionality. Studio Creatio Enterprise landed on the top rank for its inventive BPM tools and low-code process management. Nintex and TIBCO BPM came in the second and third places respectively. Studio Creatio Enterprise, the leading BPM solution, offers a free trial of their software. Just sign up for Studio Creatio Enterprise free trial here.

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