12 Best BPM Software for Small Business

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What is the best BPM software for small business?
The best BPM software for small business is bpm’online studio. Its powerful BPM engine allows companies to plan, model and deploy simple to complex processes in record time. It provides the monitoring and analytical tools so businesses can continuously improve on established processes, enabling them to meet any future demands head on.

If the best brands in your industry are producing fives times more than you are while using basically similar materials, that enormous difference in numbers could be pinned to your use of processes that have long run their useful course. Scattered databases and long email exchanges alone could mean hundreds of lost productive hours. You could be using a BPM software that last updated 5 years ago. If any of these scenarios apply to you, it is time to consider migrating to a new BPM solution.

The effect alone on reducing the need for tens of emails flying about with BPM system-generated alerts and tightly integrated data control should be immediately apparent. BPM solutions are not only getting more powerful, but they are also offered at very reasonable and flexible prices, giving you more options without compromising other projects on the pipeline.

In this article, we present twelve of the best BPM software for small business. Our experts surveyed the field and compiled the leading names based on strength of features, company reputation, affordability and readiness to integrate cutting edge technology in their solutions. The result is a healthy mix of strong brands and players with proven commitment to help small businesses with competitive pricing and advanced features to make their business future-proofed. No matter if you are looking for the most stable vendors for safe purchase or the most daring ones with solutions fixed on the future, you will find them here.

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Hailed by some as the second coming of BPM, robotic process automation with its army of bots has already shown some landmark results. For example, a bank successfully handled 1.5 million claims requests a year using just 85 bots. Such an outcome is not going to stay under the radar for long, and now companies are scrambling to look at how RPA could be incorporated in their operations.

In more concrete terms, that knowledge translates to 53% of companies paving the way for their own RPA journey.

More interestingly, these companies are looking to increase their RPA investment by 78% in the next 3 years.

While there are concerns that RPA could usurp the entire territory of BPM, more analysts take the view that RPA should properly be viewed as a complement to BPM instead. Humans will remain crucial to any automation scenario. With less mundane tasks to bog them down any given day, they should have more time engaging with clients and prospects, giving a continued human touch to businesses. Which leads us back to the first step, choosing the right business process management software.

12 Best BPM Software for Small Business

1. bpm’online studio

bpm’online studio dashboard example

Leading our 12 best BPM software for small business is bpm’online studio, an old name in the BPM industry. Leveraging seventeen years of vast experience in the field, bpm’online studio has created powerful tools that allow businesses to effectively automate and manage their internal processes using industry best practices. The tools cover functions for process modeling, implementation, monitoring and analysis.

For process modeling, an intelligent process designer equipped with preconfigured elements makes it easy to model process flows for typical workplace activities like emails and tasks, document handling and project collaboration. Elements search and validation tools allow for quickly building any process model, analyzing it and fine-tuning for best results.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for bpm’online studio free trial here.

Under the hood of the intelligent process designer is a BPM workhorse engine that lets users execute multiple processes simultaneously with no noticeable lag in performance. For optimized effect, the BPM engine can walk the users through the best options at maximum efficiency. A vast library of processes that comes with the solution ensures that you will never run out of select processes that adhere to the latest industry standards.

Recognizing the needs of modern businesses, bpm’online studio provides both cloud and on-premise deployment options. The cloud-based solution comes at USD 25 per user per month, making it an accessible and affordable BPM platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Wrike

Wrike dashboard example

Another familiar name in business process management software is Wrike, which helps businesses eliminate efficiencies by systematically mapping and automating internal processes. It works with businesses to set up the right workspaces and speed up optimization by using pre-packaged templates for any process modeling needs. The BPM solution can be set up to measure and analyze each process modeling and adjust accordingly.

Wrike identifies and eliminates workflow bottlenecks and silos, allowing for transparent processes all around and making it easy for teams to work together on finishing projects and accomplishing business objectives. It starts by implementing standard request forms tied to real customer requirements, which allows for clear creation of process flows and workstreams.

If these sound like appealing features for you, you can see it happen in real time when you sign up for Wrike free trial here.

Easily integrated with your existing applications, the comprehensive BPM solution offers 4 pricing bundles: the Professional plan at USD 9.80 per user per month, the Business plan at USD 24.80 per user per month and the Marketers and Enterprise plans that require interested parties to contact the vendor for a quote.

3. Zoho One

Zoho One dashboard example

From the megahouse of Zoho business solutions, Zoho One packs together a mammoth collection of up 50 business applications that should cover any business need from start to finish. One of these tools applies to managing business processes, with a process modeling module, analytics engine to measure and finetune workflows and multiple processes, and an integration platform that lets businesses link Zoho One with other applications that they are using.

To provide convenient access to the platform, Zoho One provides a secure single sign-on account that is available from any desktop, laptop or mobile devices ensuring that users do not miss on critical work from any location and at any time.

To catch a glimpse of these multiple tools and how they could impact your business, you can sign up for Zoho One free trial here.

Small businesses on tight budget need not fear being priced out of Zoho One’s head-turning offering, with a Basic plan that comes at an easily workable USD 10 per user per month rate for 3 apps and 2,500 records. If that appears underwhelming for you after that much talk about 50 apps, then fret not: with USD 20 per user per month, you can get your hands on the full 50 apps and an unlimited number of records that you can work with the platform.

4. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator dashboard example

Zoho Creator is a capable application builder you can use to automate simple to complex tasks and run them on any operating platform. If templates are more your thing, the tool comes with a library of them to let you select the ones that agree with how you want to lay out your work.

Plug your database into Zoho Creator and it sets to work without need of further input from you. If you need further resources, the application is supported by a large community who are only too willing to help other users finding their footing with the software. The cloud-based solution is updated regularly, covered by some of the strongest security protocols in the industry.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for Zoho Creator free trial here.

Eschewing long-term contracts and offered as a pay-as-you-go service, Zoho Creator is an accessible solution for businesses of any size. Prices range from USD 5 to USD 15 per month. It’s accessible via mobile devices, ensuring that even remote teams will be on the line for any task wherever they are.


KiSSFLOW dashboard example

Cloud-hosted KiSSFLOW offers more than 45 pre-installed applications that users can drag and drop, mix and match to create complete workflows from onboarding employees, submitting budget request, forwarding sales invoice and many more. It comes with over 14 field types that you can accomplish with any number of sections and tables to produce a flawless form.

A diagram tool lets you create systematic workflows populated by conditions and triggers to eliminate redundant steps once you execute your process model. You can integrate security features in your workflows by configuring them to be hidden, read-only or fully editable.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for KiSSFLOW free trial here.

Request and approval workflows can be submitted at the click of a button, with provision for asking questions or clarifications. Since the application works on any device, you can be anywhere at any time without missing crucial events at your workplace.

For a minimum of ten users, you can start the application’s Standard Edition for just USD 9 per user per month subscription. If you want it for more than 100 users or you are from a non-profit organization, you need to contact the vendor for a quote.

6. Promapp

Promapp dashboard example

Web-based process management software Promapp is your gateway to a suite of process mapping tools that let you develop easy-to-follow internal processes to improve workflows. Since the processes are stored online, teams can easily access, share and apply them as they see fit.

With Promapp, you get an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easy to navigate through software operations. You can use filters to head straight to those processes you were last involved or own. Collaborative tools let you forward suggestions to improve processes, edit or approve changes and receive notifications.

One of the most important uses of Promapp BPM software is eliminating inefficient process variations. Process silos serve as business bottlenecks that easily reflects on the ROI. By pulling all these multiple processes, reviewing them and designating one as standard makes for teams with aligned goals and full accountability.

Promapp pricing starts at USD 900 per month based on the number of processes and add-ons you want to be included. You need to contact the vendor if you need a quote for your specific business needs.

7. Nintex

Nintex dashboard example

Cloud-based Nintex provides comprehensive digital solutions for process management and automation. Its recent acquisition of Foxtrot RPA (robotic process automation) and e-signature capability from Adobe allows it to handle simple to complex workflow and content automation coupled with secure digital transaction handling and management.

The use of bots by RPA should allow even non-technical users to generate processes that resolve problematic transactions in record time, a remarkable feat that has worked to great effect even in regulated industries like the financial services.

A robust collaboration tool allows businesses to deploy standard processes spanning multiple branches and locations, enforcing accountability and enhancing productivity at workplaces. Accurate and easily customizable forms, RPA bots and eSign technologies allow companies to breeze through process automation.

While it encourages interested parties to contact the vendor for a precise quote, Nintex indicates a Standard Edition at USD 650 that allows for unlimited users and five workflows per month.

8. Pipefy

pipefy dashboard example

Representing any process as a “pipe” with a distinct set of phases patterned after the kanban card method, Pipefy makes it easy for organizations to visually create, deploy and manage simple or complex internal processes and workflows without coding expertise. An analytic tool helps them measure the outcome of the processes and refine accordingly.

Inclusion of notification and other action triggers allows you to move the process phases along the visual boards until the concluding phase. The feature ensures that you are able to enforce compliance and keep up with SLAs. To see how your process or teams perform, you simply generate reports. These are easily customizable, giving you a glimpse of the areas that you need to improve or build on for your next projects.

Pipefy offers a generous free plan that allows up to 10 users, 5 pipes and 1 automation rule. Higher up the pricing ladder is the Professional bundle for USD 9 with allowance for 5 automation rules and advanced reporting.


TIBCO BPM dashboard example

One of the leading names in BPM platforms, TIBCO BPM provides what it calls an ActiveMatrix BPM technology that associates intelligent internal processes with astute resource assignment. It takes into account multiple factors like context and people to determine the best processes and workflow automation that agree with how the users deal with the technology. The integrated approach to BPM results in faster project turnaround and higher ROI for businesses.

To execute its unique BPM vision, TIBCO BPM places a premium on identifying the best sources of information and gathering them around linked documents and process. Visualization tools allow users to connect these multiple factors in an easy to comprehend modeling, further boosting the time to accomplish a process.

TIBCO BPM does provide pricing details outright; instead, interested parties have to contact the vendor for a quote and other details.

10. Minitab

Minitab dashboard example

Minitab leverages powerful statistical capabilities to help companies create, deploy, analyze, improve and enforce internal processes for disparate teams working from different locations. Processes are carefully crafted from a standpoint of excellence and continuous improvement, gathering the wisdom of the best practices upheld by their respective industries.

Minitab empowers businesses to isolate priorities and intelligently allocate resources around them. It streamlines the processes with easily submitted notification and approval processes. Sporting an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard, the platform can easily generate incisive reports to track KPIs and guide future decisions and actions.

Minitab does not indicate any pricing scheme outright; you will need to contact the vendor for information about their pricing.

11. Wooqer

Earning a spot in our list of 12 best BPM software for small business is Wooqer, a business operations software designed to ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page at all times. To unify operational information and processes, Wooqer allows all employees across different departments of your organization to easily access, track and modify your centralized database of business knowledge.

With Wooqer, everyone in your team has easy access to your knowledge repositories, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle all their responsibilities. This platform is also highly useful for onboarding new employees, facilitating product trainings, and more.

Contact Wooqer directly to get their pricing information.

12. DWKit

Last, but not the least, is DWKit. This business process management solution arms businesses with a robust set of tools for developing their very own web applications and custom workflows to unify and accelerate their processes.

With DWKit, you no longer need to be encumbered by development hurdles. The software features an intuitive virtual form builder that employs a visual, drag-and-drop approach for building custom forms and applications. Essentially, the software is easy to use even for novices that lack technical prowess in application development. More importantly, you have full control to the source code, which means you have unrestricted customization to tailor DWKit to meet your specific requirements.

DWKit has a straightforward $11,000 enterprise plan that includes a perpetual license, three months of support, and a whole year of updates. You can also contact the vendor to inquire about their custom enterprise pricing.

BPM works better with other applications

If the list has helped you finalize your purchase decision, be sure to take that one crucial step before you run to the nearest office of your target vendor: take the free trial route, which many if not all of these software developers offer. For bpm’online studio, for example, you can sign up for bpm’online studio free trial here.

Another thing: as a business process solution, BPM naturally works with other applications that you may already be using. If not, why not spend a few moments thinking of other possibilities to help your small business to make the leap ahead of the competition.

For one, the use of BPM solutions could mean a large volume of data. If you are not ready to share your data assets with online criminals, you will do well to look up how the best virtual data room software solutions can give you the best combination of storage capacity, security and speed.

KiSSFLOW, for example, makes it exceedingly easy to connect with Google Drive, one of the biggest storage solutions you will find in the market.

One typical BPM target is looking at how the workforce spends time with email applications, and here you should immediately reap the benefits of BPM once you have the two types of applications work seamlessly with one another.

If your business is more about sales, having your choice of BPM work smoothly with the any of the top sales applications you are already using should empower your sales teams to go beyond little tasks that take a significant amount of their time when they could be nurturing the latest batch of leads instead.

Marketing teams would also find BPM a useful ally of key marketing tools, aligning the works of multiple teams while making sure their latest campaigns deliver the desired effect on various social channels.

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