Customer Support Software Reviews: 15 Most Popular Systems

Freshdesk: No. 1 In Customer Support


csCustomer support software is used by many companies who want to provide effective customer service. Apps in this category will usually offer points-of-contact and ticketing, as well as CRM functions such as account and contact management and lead extraction. Advanced customer support software systems can also provide specialized features such as case managing, statistics, metrics, client self-service, registration mechanisms, and tutorial builders. Companies can use these solutions to effectively resolve customer queries and issues, to boost their brand reputation, and to promote client relationships. Because there are so many solutions of this type in this article, we take a look at the top customer support software services selected by our review team to help you choose the right solution for your business needs.

1. Freshdesk – Our Score: 9.8/10 

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2015

Freshdesk won our Best Help Desk Software Award for 2015

Freshdesk is a very popular cloud-hosted help desk system that offers effective features and is definitely one of the top picks in our customer support software reviews. Our expert team closely analyzed the features and benefits offered by this system and found it to be the best software in its category. We have recognized this achievement by awarding it our Best Help Desk Software 2015 Award as well as the Great User Experience 2016 Award. The vendor offers a handy free trial that allows you to check out the main features free of cost. You can easily get Freshdesk free trial here.

Freshdesk is designed to meet the needs of both small businesses as well as large corporations. Its top features include: self-service portals, smart automation, multiple SLA policies, integrated game mechanics to boost agent productivity, and multichannel capability.

The system also offers standard features such as help desk ticketing, community platform, and knowledge base. After setup, Freshdesk converts your support emails into tickets that you can track for quick and accurate response. Another great feature is the solution allows you to link forum questions to a ticket and vice-versa, which helps to prepare a more streamlined set of replies and answers.

Freshdesk has integrated phone support, live chat, and game mechanics. It also works smoothly with CRM and productivity tools to help you easily extract customer information. The system also works seamlessly with widely used multimedia apps such as Slideshare, YouTube, Google Apps and other widgets to help you boost your knowledge base.

2. LiveAgent – Our Score: 9.7/10

LiveAgent got a SmartScore of 9.7/10 and user satisfaction rating of 99%. It is a leading help desk support system that unifies multiple channels into a single and compact package. The system includes live chat, email support, and social media integration (Twitter and Facebook). It is a robust helpdesk app filled to the brim with the vital helpdesk features such as file sharing, contact forms, gamification, statuses, POP3 accounts and others.

Why have we included LiveAgent in our customer support software reviews? Unlike many other systems, LiveAgent is designed to be intuitive and simple, which makes it easy to learn and use the product. All the interface elements are well planned out and easily accessible which helps users master the solution in a short time. Help desk users appreciate this program as it enables them to effectively handle a large number of customer queries every day.

3. Samanage – Our Score: 9.6/10 

Samanage has been given a SmartScore of 9.6/10 and its user satisfaction rating is 98%. It is a leading IT service desk and asset management system. The software can be instantly deployed via a true cloud, SaaS-based model. There is no need for hardware or software installation or maintenance. Samanage is also multi-tenant which means a single, always new instance of software is available to users.

Samanage automatically collects all IT asset configuration data, and gives your IT staff comprehensive alerts and reporting in a simple interface. This integrated service desk solution permits users to submit online requests and gives the IT support desk immediate access to related asset configuration, which helps to speed up resolution time and boosts productivity.

4. Salesforce Service Cloud – Our Score: 9.5/10

Salesforce Service Cloud earned a SmartScore of 9.5/10 and user satisfaction rating of 97%. It allows companies to engage and interact with their customers using popular channels including video and social media. This tool helps companies manage customer issues from a single, unified interface that can be accessed via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Customers can dig into tap into the solution’s knowledge base for self-help and also contact community members to get solutions to their queries. This kind of setup can be used by companies to boost customer loyalty and retention.

Businesses can use this single platform to deliver prompt and reliable customer support via multiple platforms. You can provide personalized service to give your customers an excellent experience that is not offered by your competitors. Predictive support assists the solution to resolve issues even before they happen. Plus, mobile connectivity enables you to access the app from anywhere, anytime.

5. Freshservice – Our Score: 9.4/10 

Freshservice gets a SmartScore of 9.4/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 97%. It is a leading cloud-based customer support solution that enables companies of all sizes to offer great customer service. The system presents plug and play ITIL that complies with best practices without the need for expensive expert opinions or consultations.

Main features include a strong ticketing system, CMDB, asset discovery, and accessible knowledge. Plus, the system is equipped with capabilities such as release management, change management, problem management, incident management, and vendor management.

Freshservice is cloud hosted which means it does not need maintenance, while fully automating the system and keeping your data secure. The vendor offers flexible pricing packages that are easily scalable to your company’s needs and growth.

6. Zendesk – Our Score: 9.4/10 

Our experts gave Zendesk a SmartScore of 9.4/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 94%. It is an ideal software for both small businesses as well as large multinational corporations and is used by more than 40,000 companies around the world including top brands like Zappos and Groupon.

This help desk system is easy to deploy and implement and helps businesses to reduce costs, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. It can be used by five to 500 agents, and can manage thousands of tickets every day. A notable feature is it integrates your support channels such as live chat, web, email, and social media. You can access Zendesk from your desktop or mobile device, making it an ideal application for small businesses that use a home-based, freelance support setup.

 7. – Our Score: 9.2/10 (formerly Assistly) received a SmartScore of 9.2/10 and customer satisfaction rating of
90%. It offers businesses a fast and easy way to deliver efficient and reliable customer support. It is designed for small and medium-sized companies, but is also robust enough for large corporations.

The system gathers customer conversations in a single channel where your team can prioritize, manage, and personalize responses via phone, email, chat, and social media. You can add or remove part-time associates as needed, and track and engage customer sentiments using integrated social media features. The vendor offers a mobile browser version as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

8. Freshdesk Arcade – Our Score: 9.2/10

Freshdesk Arcade was given a SmartScore of 9.2/10, while its current user satisfaction rating is 99%. It is a game mechanics application designed to support Freshdesk help desk software. The solution utilizes gamification technology to motivate agents to perform better by rewarding them with points based on factors such as the time taken to handle and close a ticket, how many calls were needed to resolve an issue, and the satisfaction level of the customer, to name a few.

Agents can track their reward points using internal leaderboards. Agents who take part in the program are given ranks and promoted based on their performance, starting with “Support Newbie” and rising to “Support Guru.”

9. TeamSupport – Our Score: 9.1/10  

TeamSupport got a SmartScore of 9.1/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is exactly 99%. It is a complete customer support suite that enables users to communicate and collaborate more effectively with business units and clients for a fast and accurate customer support response. The system helps your company to work as a single unit when resolving customer issues. Your support team can work together with finance, technical, and sales teams to get better customer feedback.

This cloud-hosted help desk software offers scalable features for the needs of both small companies as well as large corporations. Top features include: ticket automation, ticket management, live chat, screen recordings, sophisticated customer self-service portals, and best-in-class reporting. The application’s internal chat system enables real-time conversations with your support agents wherever they may be based. Another notable aspect is the vendor offers a mobile version that is compatible with major platforms such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS, and Android.

10. Zoho SalesIQ – Our Score: 9.0/10

Zoho SalesIQ‘s SmartScore is currently 9.0/10, while its user satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. It is a sophisticated tool that helps companies to track website visitors and offer live chat support to them. It is ideal for both small and large businesses that can use the app to extract valuable stats to discover opportunities and boost their performance. The system displays many types of useful visitor information such as location, visiting frequency, site behavior etc.

Zoho SalesIQ integrates smoothly with other Zoho productivity apps and third party solutions which helps users to extract and import useful information and to understand the potential of every visitor action. This information is stored and categorized for reporting and further use.

11. Intercom – Our Score: 9.0/10

Intercom is another popular behavior targeting and user intelligence platform which not only improves customer service, but also helps companies understand their users, and benefit from the quality communication with them. The system can also be used to obtain valuable insights on who is using the product, and to prepare and distribute personalized, targeted, and behavior-driven in-app emails.

With Intercom, users will have a live database of their customers that is regularly and automatically updated. The numerous powerful features will also make it possible to gather reliable feedback, send invitations, and maintain constant communication. Intercom also monitors a number of real-time metrics, and will enable users to see how their campaigns are progressing in real time, and access data such as click-troughs, open rates, active and inactive users, and much more.

12. JIRA Service Desk – Our Score: 8.8/10 

JIRA Service Desk received a SmartScore of 8.8/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 98%. It is a hosted service desk solution produced by Atlassian. The system is widely used by many popular open source projects. It is also used as a software development issue tracking tool by many software firms as it helps to identify and track software bugs and their location. Customers can submit their queries using tickets or resolve their issues on their own using the customer self-service portal.

Features of JIRA Service Desk include: ITIL ready, configurable dashboards with a wide selection of supported widgets, connects IT and development teams, user-friendly solution with quick and simple installation, and fully functional free trial.

13. Work[etc] CRM – Our Score: 8.8/10

Work[etc] CRM has been given a SmartScore of 8.8/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 93%. It helps the company’s employees to collaborate and work effectively with each other. The system offers more than CRM functionality and its features include social media, customer portal, project management, help desk, billing and more.

You can use this integrated cloud-hosted solution to manage leads, deliver projects, issue quotes, ship products, bill customers, and resolve issues. The platform combines the best features of CRM, project management, and billing to make it easy to run a small business. It makes it simple for you to structure, automate, and integrate daily business tasks.

14. HelpWire– Our Score: 8.4/10


HelpWire is a remote support and maintenance solution developed by Eltime and is designed to enable specialists or tech support agents to remotely connect to a damaged or malfunctioning device owned by the company or by their end users, perform remote diagnostics, and do the necessary repairs or adjustments to get the device functioning properly again.

The software speeds up the diagnostics and repair process by eliminating the need to have the technician or specialist come to the site or have the equipment or device sent to the service center for diagnostics and repairs. HelpWire saves businesses time and money while greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity of their support teams and meeting customer needs and demands.

15. Yoummday – Our Score 8.0/10



Yoummday is the world’s first online marketplace of professionals for virtual contact support. It is based in Germany with offices in South Africa and various European countries, and has talents who can speak several languages from all over the world.

Yoummday has many use cases and is being utilized extensively in telesales, market research, translation services, language schools, and more. This means the company covers a wide range of needs no matter which niche a client is in.

Though Yoummday is a global service with a global team of highly-trained professionals, it is an affordable solution. It utilizes the pay-as-you-go model, enabling companies to save financial resources since they pay only for what they use.

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