20 Best Sales Analytics Software Solutions of 2018

Looker: Top Sales Analytics Tool


As an entrepreneur, you should know that the sales process is both an art and a science. It requires passion and great attention to detail to be able to pull it off. However, it also requires the use of more technical approaches to ensure a positive impact, and these approaches are what make sales tricky. To help make these approaches simpler, you might need to use a sales analytics software.

Since there are different kinds of sales analytics tools available out there, it poses an important question: how do you know which one is right for your business? In this article, we have compared the 20 best sales analytics software applications based on their usability, range of features, and scalability. With this as your guide, you can easily gauge what type of software is compatible with your operations.

Top 20 Sales Analytics Software Solutions

Sales management is probably one of the most complicated aspects of running a business. Aside from being able to market your product or service, you also need to have a deep understanding of what your customers want and how to best catch their attention. While many sales personnel and entrepreneurs have a knack for predicting these factors, it may not come as easy to others. Moreover, relying purely on instinct might lead you to make some risky business decisions that cost a lot of time, effort, and money.

This is why many businesses choose to use sales analytics software to reinforce their operations. These platforms simplifies the many processes that come with sales analysis and forecasting. From studying customer habits and gauging market trends to tracking deals and accelerating the movement of your sales pipeline, these tools can be of help.

Sales analytics has been proven to drive profitability (29%), increase operational effectiveness (29%), and fuel innovation (42%). By using software that perform this, it is easier for businesses to execute targeted sales strategies that yield measurable results. It also empowers your workforce to make more profitable decisions, lets you dissect every aspect of your sales process, and helps you identify opportunities that are worth pursuing. With this at your disposal, you will surely be able interact with your clients more effectively.


However, despite the numerous benefits of sales analytics, there are still plenty of companies that opt not to utilize it for their operations. In fact, according to Business Wire, 43% of businesses do not leverage analytics to drive decision making in the workplace. Ensure that you are not making the same mistake by investing in a good sales analytics software today.

Our list of 20 best analytics software solutions should be able to shed some light on what to expect when you purchase one. To help you determine which solution may work best for your business model, we have noted each software’s notable features, deployment details, as well as integration options.

1. Looker

Looker is a business intelligence software and data analytics platform that gives you a 360-degree view of your sales and customer data. Used by over 700 companies worldwide, this premier web-based software can analyze both web-hosted and SQL information and can allow you to explore, analyze, and share data in real-time. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the Looker demo here.

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Looker won our Expert's Choice Award for 2017

Looker has open API capabilities and is equipped with an easy-to-learn LookML language so that you can customize your data exploration efforts. You may also choose to deploy this software via cloud or on-premise for your convenience. If you are interested in investing in this software, be sure to get in touch with the vendor for a quote as they do not provide pricing information publicly.

Why Choose Looker?

  1. Great Visualization Options. Aside from having an easy-to-use interface, Looker also offers data visualization options. With its drag-and-drop interface, it makes it6 easier for you to add whatever elements you wish to see on your reports. It even has a mapping feature for users who have little to no programming experience. This will allow you to administer your own settings and develop personalized workspaces regardless of technical know-how.  
  2. Flexible Document Sharing. Keeping your team apprised of anything that happens to your reports can be difficult. With Looker, you can streamline collaboration by sharing your data online. Aside from being accessible on any browser and device, you may even integrate the platform into Excel or Google Docs to make file sharing easier. User permission options are also offered to prevent unauthorized staff members from toggling your data.
  3. Comprehensive Learning Database. Have no SQL knowledge? To help you get the most out of their product, Looker offers a database of learning materials ranging from videos and documents to live recordings and screen cast lectures. This way, you can choose to learn the whole program at your own pace.

2. Sisense

Sisense is an all-around business intelligence software created for different companies. This platform is known for its easy implementation thanks to the full range of business analytics features it offers to help you beat the competition. Engineered to simplify complex data preparation and visualizations, Sisense allows users to make better business decisions and intelligent strategies in less time. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a Sisense free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our BI Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Sisense won our Best Business Intelligence Software Award for 2017

Coding, clusters, and other IT-related work is minimal, making this platform easy to use for those with no background in programming. Should you be interested in utilizing Sisense for your business needs, simply get in touch with the vendor to get a quote. 

Why Choose Sisense?

  1. Real-Time Data Monitoring Made Easy. The data in your input changes constantly, which might lead to inaccuracies in the final result. Through the machine learning feature of Sisense, you always get the right information even as your data is modified. You just need to set the rules by which you want to monitor their data, making the process effortless.
  2. Centralized Sales Data Management. Being able to process more data means gaining better insight into your work, but this often slows down your system. Sisense uses a core in-chip technology to keep this from happening while boosting data processing. This feature also allows the platform to have a memory-optimized and columnar database that lets joining data from multiple sources take up less time. It also maximizes your existing devices’ capacity to store, compress, and access data.
  3. Open API Framework. The requirements of every company when it comes to analytics differs, so a platform with all-around tools would be useful. And that is exactly what this end-to end business intelligence software is. Other than its powerful databases, ETL, analytics, and visualization, Sisense also has a robust open API framework that lets you modify it according to your needs.

3. QlikView

QlikView is a guided analytics platform built to uncover data insights and relationships across various sources. Equipped with tools for collaborative analytics, insight sharing, and data visualization, this software can provide you with whatever you need to improve your business decisions and optimize your operations. It also has a dynamic business intelligence ecosystem that does not require extensive technical skills to deploy, making it ideal for businesses who have no in-house data analysts and IT professionals.  

QlikView offers two pricing options: the Personal edition and the Enterprise edition. The former is great for small teams and for independent entrepreneurs as it is completely free to use. For bigger companies, you may opt for the latter which is available on a by-quote basis.

Why Choose QlikView?

  1. Seamless Data Flow. Consolidating information from different databases or varying platforms can be a handful. It requires a lot of time and it is difficult to ensure that you are getting only the data that you need. With QlikView, you no longer need to worry about this. The platform has default and custom data connectors to help you ensure seamless flow of data between systems.
  2. Highly Configurable Interface. QlikView has an open API infrastructure that lets the software work effortlessly with every software ecosystem you want. By using integrations, you won’t need to use different platforms for data processing. This platform also has scripts that allow you to extend the capabilities of its interface or build custom apps within it.
  3. Natural Search Solution. Are you looking to navigate complex information and accelerate discovery? Aside from having the capability to import data from Salesforce, Hive, Teradata, and other popular systems, QlikView also has a natural search tool that simplifies finding particular codes or information from your pool of data.  

4. SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira is an on-premise business intelligence solution built specifically for large enterprises. It offers self-service business data visualization and has the capability to connect and analyze large amounts of information in one convenient platform. Integrated well with the rest of the SAP productivity and BI tools, this platform eliminates the need for third-party applications.

For pricing, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira has a single standard plan that costs $185/user, This includes access to all of the features that the software has to offer plus a 1GB cloud storage. Free trial is available, so you can get a better feel of its features before purchasing.

Why Choose SAP BusinessObjects Lumira?

  1. Simplified Data Analysis Automation. Automating calculations and transformations need not be complicated. SAP BusinessObjects Lumira offers tools that simplifies data analysis so that you can perform these actions even without any coding knowledge. On top of that, the platform has no predefined  functions for data discovery which you must follow.
  2. Extensive Selection of Visualizations. Whether you prefer using tree maps and bubble charts or radars and pie charts to present your data, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira has you covered. It has an extensive selection of visualization options to help you identify trends the way you want.
  3. Easy Data Coordination. Large enterprises often deal with big data sets, making it difficult to consolidate all information in one place. With SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, you can compile data from several databases into a single module, reducing the need for source manipulation.

5. Tableau

A leading business intelligence system, Tableau is built to help companies connect, visualize, and share data as quickly as possible. It is equipped with patented technology from Stanford University and offers a plethora of tools for data exploration and investigation. The platform also has collaboration features and can be accessed on all desktop and mobile devices, making it great for users who are always on-the-go.

For pricing, Tableau offers different pricing plans depending on which set of solutions you will be needing. Tableau Desktop is priced ranging from $35/user/month to $70/user/month, Tableau Server is available at $35/user/month for both on-premise and cloud-hosted options, and Tableau Online is available at $42/user/month.

Why Choose Tableau?

  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface. Sales analysis is important for all types of businesses, however, not all entrepreneurs have the time to study how the programming behind it works. This is why Tableau made sure that their product is intuitive enough even for non-savvy users. It has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you utilize the platform even without programming knowledge or an extensive technical know-how.
  2. Various Data Investigation Tools. There is no one way to process data. Rather than making you use a single method, Tableau allows users to combine approaches and data views to make insights richer. You may also showcase these in comprehensive data visualizations according to your liking.
  3. Reliable Customer Support. Other than having a 24/7 technical team ready to assist you, Tableau also offers a database of manuals and FAQs that you can refer to in case you have problems with the platform. They also provide classroom learning, online training, and consulting services to help you learn the ins and outs software faster.

6. InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a business analytics suite for small to medium-sized businesses. Built to accommodate any data source, this software solution can measure information on different aspects of your business, including marketing, sales, customer service, financials, and staffing. It is known for its rapid reporting capabilities, automated analysis options, as well as decision-quality data processing solutions. InsightSquared offers custom plans that are priced depending on the type of platform you choose, the packages you need, and the slates you want. These are all highly scalable for your convenience. To get a quote, contact the vendor.

Why Choose InsightSquared?

  1. Powerful Sales Analytics Tools. Gaining a deeper insight into your company’s sales pipeline is easy with InsightSquared. This platform offers a wide selection of powerful yet easy-to-use tools that cover everything from sales forecasting to retrospective trend identification.
  2. Customizable Dashboards. Data analysis is easier when you can view the information the way you prefer. With InsightSquared, you can get a personalized user experience using their six customizable dashboards. These can provide you with a near real-time view of all your important metrics and latest trends such as new pipeline opportunities, sales cycle warnings, employee activities, flagged data, and more.
  3. Seamless Integrations. To make it even easier to navigate through the InsightSquared platform, it can seamlessly integrate with a number of third-party applications such as Salesforce and Quickbooks. This also makes it simpler for you to complete your pipeline analysis.

7. IBM Sales Performance Management

IBM Sales Performance Management is a platform built around the needs of your business. It allows users to align resources, improve sales performance, and boost operational efficiencies using analytics. The platform provides tools that ensures accuracy so you can let managers take complete control of operations and help sales representatives make better strategic choices. With it, you can manage incentive compensation plans, sales territories, and quotas to make your workload much more optimized and streamlined.

For pricing, IBM currently doesn’t provide their subscription plans publicly, so be sure to contact them for inquiries.

Why Choose IBM Sales Performance Management ?

  1. Automated Incentive Calculations. Your sales personnel work hard day in and day out, so it’s important to make sure that they are compensated accordingly and given a reasonable workload. With IBM Sales Performance Management, you can manage assignments and rules for your staff, plan detailed quotas, and compute incentives automatically. It even monitors key performance indicators in real time to help you make accurate calculations.
  2. Sales Territory Management. Establishing a collaborative environment among sales teams can be difficult, especially when they have quotas to meet. This is why IBM Sales Performance Management allows you to clearly define your territories, so that your employees assignments won’t overlap. With this, you can further expand your reach and monitor quotas more accurately which can eventually increase revenue and sales margins.
  3. Quality Analytical Tools. Similar to the other products on this list, IBM Sales Performance Management has top-of-the-line analytical tools engineered to boost your operations. It offers reporting options, data visualization solutions, and scenario modeling features to help your operations evolve as market conditions and requirements change.

8. SAS

SAS is a business intelligence tool from the SAS Enterprise Solutions. Designed to discover, collect, and analyze enterprise-level data, this platform offers modules for visual analytics, statistics, and office analytics. These allow users to find metrics for predicting and forecasting trends as well as optimize data monitoring for business managers and entrepreneurs. Available on-premise or via cloud, this scalable software is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

However, it may not be advisable for small companies with limited financial resources as subscription prices start from $9,000.00/year/user. Should you be interested, contact the vendor for more detailed pricing information.

Why Choose SAS?

  1. Real-Time Analytics. Make sure you are able to keep up the pace of the business landscape and remain ahead of your competition using SAS’ real-time analytics. This allows decision makers to quickly view their business metrics and get quality, actionable insights as soon as trend changes happen in the market.
  2. Top-of-the-Line Modules. The SAS business intelligence software has six modules that you can utilize for your data analysis efforts. These include the SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Office Analytics, SAS Enterprise Guide, and SAS Enterprise BI Server. By having these top-of-the-line systems at your disposal, you can have all the robust business intelligence tools and features you could possibly need for your operations.
  3. Powerful Data Support. No matter where you source your data from or the other business intelligence applications you need, you can count on the SAS platform to be of help. It offers powerful data support for Oracle, SAP HANA, Greenplum, Teradata, Hadoop databases, and others.

9. Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Business Intelligence is a top-rated system known for its powerful sales analytics tools.  The platform simplifies data analysis strategies by standardizing processes on one integrated platform.  It allows you to explore new insights, deliver clarity through visual analytics, get a comprehensive view of your business, and make informed business decisions. This also gives your business a secure place where you can explore your data quickly and easily. For your convenience, Oracle Business Intelligence may be used via cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid software.

To take advantage of the Oracle Business Intelligence system and its sales analytics application, be sure to speak with their representatives to get a quote.

Why Choose Oracle Business Intelligence?

  1. Robust Sales Analytics Features. One of the main selling points of this platform is its robust sales analytics features. Among the many capabilities it can provide are pipeline management, proactive intelligence, and pre-built data models and metrics. These can help you get actionable insights into your pipeline, helping you compete more effectively on the market. Moreover, this particular application is exalytics-ready.
  2. In-Memory Enhancements. Your sales information will only keep on growing, so it is crucial for you to have a system that will be able to support it. This is why Oracle Business Intelligence has in-memory enhancements. With this feature, you can enjoy faster query performance, improve the efficiency of your sales analysis efforts, as well as increase memory storage with ease.  
  3. Intuitive, Visual Workflows. Shed light on your operations using visually stunning analytics and intuitive workflows. Oracle Business Intelligence has great tools to help you present your data in a more comprehensible manner. Other than its easy-to-use interface, you can also make use of their extensive library of visual components.

10. Microsoft Power BI

Initially planned as an add-in for the Microsoft ecosystem, Microsoft Power BI is a suite of analytics tools. It is created to systematically scrutinize data and convert them into comprehensible reports based on your preferences. The platform also identifies trends to keep you up-to-date as you gather information and devise business strategies. To make data consolidation easier for you, this software also allows importation from Marketo, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more.

Microsoft Power BI is available for free. However, this is only inclusive of a 1GB data capacity and only offers the basic features of the platform. If you would like a more advanced version, Power BI Pro is available at $9.99/user/month. This is one of the most affordable options on this list.

Why Choose Microsoft Power BI?

  1. Mobile-Ready Dashboards. If your business requires you or your employees to be on-the-go all the time, then Microsoft Power BI is a boon for you. Aside from storing all of your on-premise and cloud information in a centralized database, this platform also offers mobile-ready dashboards that you can access practically anywhere. This way, you don’t need to be in your office to be able to monitor your sales data.
  2. Interactive Visualizations. Microsoft Power BI allows users to disseminate information in the easiest way possible. They do this through interactive dashboards. These provide a consolidated live view of your enterprise and its performance, so you don’t have to jump from report to report in order to see how your company is doing. It even has a free-form canvas and drag-and-drop data navigation for your convenience.
  3. Learning Materials Available. Not everyone wants to rely on customer support in order to understand the inner workings of a software. With Microsoft Power BI’s extensive selection of learning materials, you might not even need to contact technical support at all. Just access their database for tip posts, video tutorials, presentations, and blogs. You may even log on to their forum where millions of fellow users can answer your questions.

11. GoodData

GoodData is a comprehensive analytics platform created for professionals that combines marketing analytics, social analytics, and predictive analytics in one system. With these newly gained operational insights, customers make smarter business choices. Additionally, this platform can easily be combined with other applications so you may streamline your workflow more efficiently.

Subscription options are available, and if you require specific pricing information, just get in touch with them.

Why Choose GoodData?

  1. Agile Data Warehousing. GoodData is equipped with agile data warehousing options to accommodate your large datasets. Built to boost productivity in the workplace and the predictability of information, it provides users with central repositories of integrated data from multiple sources at their disposal; they can clean and consolidate data for faster reporting and analysis.
  2. Comprehensive Data Overview. Your business houses different sources of information, and GoodData can provide a means for you to consolidate everything you learn. The platform can connect multiple data sources to keep your information and reports organized. By doing so, this software will keep you from opening multiple reports at once.
  3. Completely Mobile-Ready. Being on-the-go or required to travel for work leaves you little time to run your business from your office. This is where GoodData can be beneficial, as the platform is completely mobile-ready. You get to perform, view, or share data analyses whenever you want, wherever they you may be.

12. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is an analytics platform created for medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Completely cloud-based and accessible on all types of devices, this software allows rapid exploration of data, dynamic visualization, and optimized presentation. It reveals trends as well as provides the why and the how of every event and activity that it detects.

It is available in three enterprise plans that are priced depending on the number of features you’ll be using as well as the amount of data you need to process on a monthly basis. You may opt for their Sales Analytics or Service Analytics plans which cost $50/user/month and $75/user/month respectively. They also have an Einstein Analytics Platform which is quote-based.

Why Choose Salesforce Analytics Cloud ?

  1. Lightning Fast Data Processing. One of the major highlights of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud platform is its ability to process large volumes of complex numerical data. The engine is built to perform multiple computations and visualizations as swiftly as possible, making it ideal for those dealing with time-sensitive information.
  2. Quality Data Security. Make sure that your confidential data is protected from external threats. With Salesforce Analytics Cloud, you can get access to advanced security precautions. It has encryption tools that are built in accordance with the highest industry standards and the platform is equipped with 2-factor authentication solutions.
  3. Hassle-Free System Setup. Salesforce Analytics Cloud has no complex setup related to it. This way, you won’t be wasting time on long installation processes. The platform also requires no training to process data the right way, making implementation a breeze for you.

13. Alteryx

Alteryx is an advanced self-service data analytics platform for business analysts. Offering gallery, designer, and server solutions, this platform can collect data externally and generate comprehensive reports. It is well-integrated, easy-to-use, and can be deployed via cloud or on-premise depending on your needs.

Alteryx is priced according to the annual licenses of its modules. You may choose among their Analytics Gallery plan, Designer, plan, and Server plan which costs $1.950/year, $5.194/year, and $58.500/year respectively.

Why Choose Alteryx?

  1. Consolidated Workflows. Oftentimes, you need to use multiple platforms in order to manage your operations.However, this shouldn’t be the case when it comes to your data, as it makes your reports prone to duplicates and incorrect information. To help you summarize your data in a more reliable manner, Alteryx can prepare and blend data into repetitive workflows.
  2. Private Data Storage. Whether your sales data are strictly confidential or you have customers who entrust you with their personal information, you need to keep your database safe. This is why Alteryx has a private, secure, and encrypted data haven controlled by chosen users. You may also reinforce your database with integrations to further extend its security capabilities.
  3. Multi-Format Support. Handling data from different sources can be a hassle because they have different formats. To simplify the compilation process, Alteryx supports the format of diffetent external databases. You may even use scripting tools to blend the information manually.

14. TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a leading business intelligence solution that offers top-of-the-line data analysis systems for small and medium-sized businesses. Equipped with scalable dashboards, data analytics tools, and visualization options, it is designed to be used on both desktop and mobile devices for a more convenient deployment.

This software costs $200/month (Spotfire Cloud edition) or $0.99/hour (Spotfire for Amazon Cloud Services); you can also opt for TIBCO Spotfire Platform or Cloud Enterprise edition, both if which are quote-based.

Why Choose TIBCO Spotfire?

  1. Reliable Reporting Database. Reading a report overview is faster and easier to do than reading the entire thing, so you might have to refer back to certain complete data analyses in the near future. TIBCO Spotfire preserves a project’s complete analyses and stores them within the system.
  2. Completely Compatible With Other Systems. TIBCO Spotfire connects to existing data functions written in R, SAS, MATLAB formats. Unlike other predictive analysis platforms, this does not require you to spend on new devices or auxiliary platforms just so you can use assets that you may have stored in your existing systems.
  3. Simplified Data Analysis. With a few one-click statistics, users of TIBCO Spotfire get in-depth reports exactly when they need it. You can also run contextual calculations via descriptive statistics, similarity clustering, correlations, fitting, and forecasting tools. The important decision you then have to make is how your data should be processed.

15. Birst

Birst is a cloud-hosted business intelligence system intended for all types of business users. Whether you’re an IT expert, a marketing professional, or an executive manager, this program can provide you with all the tools you need to perform data analysis. With its automated data refinement solutions, integrated HTML 5 dashboards, and infinite connectivity framework, you are sure to enjoy an adaptive user experience that makes exploration and visualization simpler. To top that, Birst also offers reliable customer support, so you don’t have to worry about downtime in case you encounter problems with the platform. Should you be interested in this software, just ask the vendor for a quote.

Why Choose Birst?

  1. Two-Tiered Approach. Unlike other platforms that specialize only in one aspect of data analysis, Birst offers a two-tiered approach. It handles both production-oriented business intelligence as well as end-user data visualization and querying. This way, you can easily manage the different processes involved in analyzing your company’s information without relying on multiple platforms to do the job.
  2. Interwoven BI Processes. Birst is the only enterprise business intelligence solution that offers interwoven virtualized BI instances. This is created on top of a shared common analytical fabric, allowing the platform to connect your entire organization’s systems. Through this feature, you can easily link data from different departments within your company.
  3. Wide Connectivity Framework. When you have different sources for your company information, it can be difficult to extract data efficiently. With Birst, you can leverage a wide variety of connectivity options that allow consolidate these data and make the most out of them using analytic databases. This platform also makes use of numerous cloud and on-premise applications so that you can build your own connections within the system.

16. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is an enterprise solution that combines traditional business intelligence with cutting-edge integrated analytics. Used by leading organizations worldwide such as Campbell’s, Coach, DeRoyal, eBay, and Zurich, this mobile-ready platform is known for its user scalability and ease of use. It has a plethora of features that can analyze both internal and external business data, making it fuss-free to make more comprehensive reports.

MicroStrategy offers different subscription options depending on your deployment preference. The Web Package and Mobile Package are priced at $600/named user while the Server Package costs $1200/named user. They also have an Architect Package available at $5000/named user.

Why Choose MicroStrategy?

  1. Unified Software Architecture. Microstrategy offers a unified software architecture that gives you access to interconnected systems that deal with sales analysis. It also features a variety of integrations from leading technology vendors to allow you to modify it according to your operation’s needs. In case you couldn’t find a third-party application that suits you, the system also has open-source tools so you can enrich your workflow however you like.   
  2. Completely Scalable Features. Whether your company consists of a small number of staff members or thousands of employees, MicroStrategy is a great system to have. It is built to handle large datasets, making it easy for organizations of all sizes to rapidly scale their deployments without compromising performance.
  3. Top-Rated Mobile Analytics Tools. Data analytics is not just about creating reports out of data you collect over time. This is why MicroStrategy has rich mobile apps that use the capabilities of different devices so you can push critical information to the frontlines of your business as quickly as possible.

17. Aviso

Aviso is an artificial intelligence software that combines the power of CRM, big data, and machine learning algorithms in one interface. Focusing specifically on sales forecasting, this platform can help you gather and analyze critical information that may optimize the way your CROs, sales managers, and sales reps work. With its complete data visibility options, forecast management tools, pipeline review solutions, and deal review features, you will surely be able to boost your sales significantly. The platform also has API functionalities that allow you to customize the system according to your needs.

Currently, Aviso doesn’t provide their pricing information in public. To get a quote, get in touch with the vendor.

Why Choose Aviso?

  1. Independent Data Storage. Leveraging data from multiple sources is the best way for you to get a deeper analysis of your sales performance. With Aviso’s independent data storage, you can get real-time as well as historical data from your systems as well as external sources. This way, you can get more granular calculations and accurate sales performance predictions.
  2. Specially Engineered for Sales Forecasting. Other than having robust forecast management tools, Aviso also uses machine learning algorithms that are specially created for sales forecasting. This allows you to uncover and investigate the factors that drive your sales pipeline much more efficiently. The best part about this is that it can analyze data across multiple hierarchies, product lines, and sales structures and the feature can be tuned to your business over time.
  3. CRM Capabilities. Your customer relationship management system is what makes your sales process work. This is why leveraging your CRM data is important in sales forecasting. With Aviso, you can easily extract and analyze this data in real-time. This way, you can expose predictive signals and get actionable insights quickly.

18. Vecta

While primarily a sales CRM system, Vecta uses a wide array of analytics features. It collects and analyzes contact data and other information from other aspects of your business, so that you can get a more comprehensive view of your operation’s progress. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and managers, this platform drives business growth and profitability through actionable insights. If you think that this system is a good fit for your company, be sure to schedule a demo with their representatives so you can get a better feel of what the software has to offer.

For pricing, get in touch with the vendor.

Why Choose Vecta?

  1. Telesales Assistance Tool. Your telesales staff spend hours upon hours contacting potential customers, but how can you make sure that their efforts will have the effect that you want? Vecta offers telesales assistance tools that analyze your customers’ buying habits. This way, your employees will know exactly who to speak to and what to talk about to get the best possible results after each call.
  2. Simplified CRM. The Vecta system is not only useful for sales personnel. It is also designed to help marketers execute successful campaigns by providing targeted data and contact information. It allows users to pinpoint strong leads by leveraging both CRM sales and marketing data.
  3. Guaranteed ROI Within Three Months. According to the creators of Vecta, the program will be able to give you a full return on investment within just three months of usage. They chalk it up to the product’s ability to reduce planning times, increase selling times, and provide a complete visibility of business responsibilities. In addition to that, they provide reliable technical support to help their clients get the most out of their investment.

19. Clari

Clari is an AI platform created for sales executives, CFOs, managers, and representatives. The platform lets you manage opportunities, inspect faults in your pipeline, track team activity, and create sales forecast reports for a more linear operations. With its cloud-based architecture and enterprise-grade data protection, you can also be sure that you can share pertinent information easily without having to worry about compromising your data.

For subscription details, pricing information is only available upon inquiry.

Why Choose Clari?

  1. Opportunity Management Options. Many opportunities will come your way, but how sure are you that the deal is worth pursuing? This is what Clari aims to address with its opportunity management feature. This consists of live CRM connection, opportunity scoring, deal activity monitoring, and change tracking tools, so that you can accurately gauge which deals you should prioritize over the course of the sales process.
  2. Reliable Pipeline Inspection. Getting instant visibility into each deal you are working on is important when it comes to sales. With the pipeline inspection tool of Clari, you can pinpoint which transactions are moving forward, stalled, or at-risk. This allows users to plan strategies accordingly.
  3. Forecast Analytics You Can Trust. Other than offer sales analysis based on historical data, Clari also provides forecast analytics options. This includes quarter-over-quarter comparison, predictive forecasting, and account heatmapping. With these at your disposal, you can improve sales execution as well as determine possible issues that you may encounter.  

20. Right90

Right90 is an enterprise sales forecasting platform introduced in 2003. Cloud-hosted and completely scalable, this can give users high speed answers and in-depth insights into the dynamics of their sales process. While it is mainly used for sales, this can also be utilized for other aspects of your business such as finance, shipments, global accounts, and more. It is great for large, complex companies that need accurate forecasting and fast reporting without having to deal with tedious manual data entry.

Should you feel like this software is compatible with your operations, feel free to speak with their representatives to request a quote.

Why Choose Right90?

  1. Great Sales Forecast Capture. If you are looking to increase sales participation and drive sales collaboration, Right90 is good option for you. It can serve as a single place where your sales staff can automate the collection and analysis of data. This way, you can greatly reduce the amount of time that your employees spend on data consolidation and computation.
  2. Quality Change Analytics. Your sales data change every day, but it’s hard to tell which changes can have a material impact on your overall performance. To help you, Right90 provides interactive charts with drill-down/drill-up capability and root cause analysis tools. This way, your sales team can quickly determine which changes to focus on.
  3. Extensive CRM Integration Options. Right90 integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM to improve forecasting efficiency. This feature lets users enter, review, and analyze data from their CRM system, so they don’t have to manually import data from the source.


The use of analytics has greatly changed the way sales teams manage their workload and plan their strategies. Software solutions such as those mentioned in this article have allowed them to work more efficiently, make informed decisions, as well as interact with their clients in a more targeted manner. With these as part of their company’s arsenal of business tools, they can identify the trends affecting their operations, making it easier to adjust the way they handle their sales efforts.

Were you able to find a suitable software for your company with our list of top 20 sales analytics software? Be sure to reinforce it with a sales software system as well, so you can not only make data-backed business decisions but also make sure that you can execute your plans seamlessly. To help you get started, check out our compilation of the best sales software systems.

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