Easy to get cash loans online: How to negotiate with your lender

Gary wants to know if it’s easy to get cash loans online now even if you have bad credit.

“To be honest, my credit score is not okay. I lost my job a couple of years ago and defaulted in my mortgage and some of my loans. However, I’ve refinanced it already and paid up my past debts. I’m also enjoying a steady career now as a technologist in one of the more stable medical facilities in Ohio. But occasionally I’d need to take out a loan in case there’s an unforeseen cost like a car accident. I just wonder if it’s easy to get cash loans online now for people like me given that I’m seeing a lot of loan packages being peddled like a commodity today.” – Gary, Columbus, OH

Even people with bad credit are finding it easy to get cash loans online now. A direct lender is more likely today to extend a loan to more people because of the country’s improving employment rate. Just do a quick search and you’ll see hundreds of these lenders offering competitive loans. Just be wary many of these lenders may be based in the UK or Canada; just look for lenders that operate in your state. In fact the challenge now is not where to find a direct lender, but which offers the best package. Here are the main reasons why it’s easy to get cash loans online now.

More lenders giving flexible terms due to competition

Generally, as long as you have a steady income a direct lender will only ask for your personal, work and bank statement to give you an approval. Some lenders even promise to bank transfer the cash on the same day or the next day. As the industry today is crowded with more lenders, whichever can make it easy to get cash loans online almost always wins the borrower’s attention.

Be careful though. Don’t just apply for a loan because it’s easy to secure an approval. Compare the rates and fees and payment terms before you click away. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advises that you check if the lender is licensed to operate in your area to make sure it follows state regulations that protect borrowers from abusive loan practices.

More people now have stable job

As mentioned earlier, more Americans are back in the workforce. This means lenders are more confident today to give an approval. Online loans almost work like a payday loan: you make a loan today and pay it on your next pay check.

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A direct lender may even offer you more loans than what you’ve originally applied for. Be wary of this; just take out the exact amount that you need. Just because it’s easy to get cash loans online doesn’t mean you need one or more of it. The interest and fees are high and if you default even for once, it might send you on a debt spiral.

Newer web technologies mean quick and easy processing

Many websites today also use advanced algorithms and search technologies to match a direct lender with the best package for your situation. Instead of simply matching keywords, these sites put into context the information that you’ve submitted and run it through their database of lenders. With more lenders registering in these sites today, it’s really easy to get cash loans online now.


Taking out a loan is easier and faster now than three years ago. Whether paying back is also easier and faster, that’s the question you should ask yourself first before getting a loan.

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  • Avatar Laz Brooler says:

    Taking out a loan with bad credit doesn’t sound good. Even if you can take out a loan, it doesn’t mean that you need it. There should be a compelling reason why you need to borrow again, for instance, a medical emergency. If you’re just using the new loan to pay rent or meet your daily living costs, I fear you’re just putting your credit score in a worse shape. Even if more lenders are giving better terms, the fact remains these loans have a high interest rate. So take it like only when you would be willing to be wheeled into an emergency room—that is, you don’t have a choice.

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