An Introduction Into Basic Sales Know-how

There’s a wide misconception about doing sales online. The problem comes from marketers not knowing the difference between sales and marketing. The lack of understanding here could be attributed to the onset of marketers flooding the market. The Internet proposes opportunities that have attracted many.

The result is a large population of people committed to success online but without the knowhow. They then overlook the necessary separation between marketing and sales. The inefficiency in that understanding disables new marketers from entering a competitive level within the online marketing industry.

The solution to a problem like this is simple. Marketers have to define the difference between marketing and sales to compete at a pro level. More importantly, they have to take their notion of sales and begin defining it with interactivity. Though automation shortens the sales process, it does not disregard a bond with people.

Where Does Sales Fall In The Business Process

What most business students at college and university levels learn about businesses is that they consist of parts or departments. These are roles that must be adopted to keep a business afloat and to function competitively. The only way to optimize your knowledge of these is by knowing what the parts are.

Below is an outline of a few important parts that a successful business likely has. Understanding these pieces helps you to better gauge the role of sales and how it would fit in any particular business.


Development can be looked at as the point of starting with a business idea. Development consist of research to see what potential markets are and who the ideal people are. This point is also about verifying the importance of a certain solution. The best business ideas provide solutions for the world as a whole.

If a business can provide such, it has a strong potential of eventually using sales to keep its operation afloat. All of these answers come during development. It’s when businesses ask themselves about their relevance and the need they provide for. Testing often occurs also and to perfect ideas or philosophies.


Production is when the actual creative process occurs. If the solution a business offers is a service, then here is when that service gets created and fine tuned. This is the point where businesses want to create a large stock of inventory. That means that each service a business has must be backed with the right resources.

Accumulating all of these is done during production, so that a business can supply for the demand of any specific solution. When that solution is a physical product, the idea is roughly the same. The business produces it at this point and makes sure to create enough inventory to satisfy a market or to test it out on consumers.


Marketing happens as a way of preparing for the sales force. Before a professional sales campaign gets started, a bit more research takes place to better understand the environment that a product or service sells in. The research starts with finding the ideal person for the solution a business has created.

The more marketers understand about the people the better. Speaking and targeting advertisement to the right person is the difference between success and failure. Marketing should be seen as what the root word suggests: that is to bring something to market or to actually create the market a product will sell in.


It’s important to look at accounting because it covers for the expenses incurred throughout the entire business process. The cost of developing, producing marketing and even selling a solution to the world has its costs. The ideal objective of any business is to reduce cost in every area of the business cycle.

Doing this enables a business to ensure that they’re actually profiting once sells are made.


This is the point every business should study in detail. Millionaires and successful people of all walks of life agree that sales can build a fortune instantly and can pull anyone out of a financial world of trouble. Sales is the exact point where a company attempts to take what they have in stock and in turn get revenue from it.

The fact is, if all of the steps from development, to production, to marketing and accounting have been done properly, then there’s a solid chance of successful business. What new marketers are unaware of is that the prior steps in the business cycle only ensure the production of a great service or product.

When these hit the world markets, only great things happen, and money is made.

How The Internet Put Sales In Every Person’s Hands

Among the great things to happen with a tremendous solution into the market, the world of technology makes it easier to bring solutions to the world at large. There’s no better time to have entrepreneurial aspirations than now. Doing so lets any business grab hold of resources that weren’t available only 10 years ago.

By getting involved now, businesses stand to benefit from the youth in our new world economy and to solidify their place within it. All it takes to do this is to understand what sales can do for a business. Knowing that means to also know the business cycle a brand has to undergo for their best chance possible.

What The New Sales Force Looks Like Ten Years From Now

Speculation can only tell us what business will look like 10 years from now. That’s why the sense of urgency should be imminent for marketers and businesses. The opportunity is today for striking while the iron is hot. The only way to integrate into the growing economy ten years from now is to get involved today.

The more a person learns today, in marketing, gives them a shorter learning curve as technology changes again. Don’t be misguided. Technology will change again in the same manner that clothing styles and ways of speaking changed throughout the years. Being a part of the market now gives an advantage to a marketer’s career.

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