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Pros and Cons of Avochato: Analysis of a Mobile Marketing Software

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What are the pros and cons of Avochato?
The pros and cons of Avochato are determined by how it seamlessly integrates SMS, web, and landline communication via a mobile platform. It is a comprehensive mobile marketing platform that is relatively easy-to-use. It comes with important integrations but lacks a vibrant user community and knowledge base for tutorials.

Let’s face it. How many times do we really read all the e-newsletters that we ourselves signed up for? This goes the same with your target customers and your colleagues. Most of them do not have the time to read every email. Most of us, though, can manage to read most text messages coming our way. This is why marketers use mobile marketing software to round out their marketing campaigns and, even, internal support. 

One of such mobile marketing platforms is Avochato. In this article, you will be able to know if the tools provided by Avochato can round out your marketing and support operations. We will look into key features of mobile marketing software in general like contact management, team management, and useful integrations among others to determine how Avochato stacks up in these areas.

Having done this, we will be able to distinguish between the pros and cons of Avochato. With this quick read, we hope that you will be better equipped to answer the question of whether Avochato is right for you. 

Avochato pros and cons

According to a report by Mill for Business, smartphone website visits increased by 89% in the US. In contrast, desktop and tablet visits declined 17% and 30% respectively since 2015. Around half of business queries, 43% of product research, and more than 40% of total transactions are done via mobile in 2019. We have become increasingly attached to our smartphones and away from bulkier devices. The reason for this is not just because we can access the internet now with smaller machines. We stuck with them mostly because we still like to make calls and send SMS. This is why smart marketers don’t forget about mobile marketing (and millennials when applicable).

Mobile Advertising in the US (2019)


of people want to receive calls rather than texts


of people want text conversations with businesses, not only information


is the average SMS campaign conversion rate

Source: Chattanooga Trend

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Many smartphone users, especially millennials, prefer to receive texts over calls. Businesses can capitalize on this by having their official contact numbers text-ready. This seems far fetched more than a decade ago but now it is possible. Thoughtful mobile marketing companies like Avochato will allow you to do this. Also, 79% of millennials prefer SMS communications with businesses. This is for surveys, promotions, and, of course, deliveries. Businesses need to leverage this trend and make it work for them. Mobile marketing is an important thing to consider.

You seem to understand this well and that is the reason why you are here scouting for the best mobile marketing software for you, and Avochato is on your radar. But before discussing the pros and cons of Avochato, allow us to introduce you to this particular mobile marketing software.

What is Avochato?

Avochato dashboard example

Avochato is a mobile marketing platform where you can broadcast personalized text messages to your target audience. You can engage easily with them in one easy-to-understand dashboard may they be your target customers, loyal clientele, or internal teams. Of course, you can embed links and advertisements organically into your texts so you can funnel traffic to other promotions on your website or other digital, even brick-and-mortar, touchpoints. The platform is complete with analytics so you can measure customer engagement and your team’s use.

What’s nice about Avochato is that it offers a free trial period for all three of its plans. You can see firsthand whether its features and user interface will fit your needs, liking, and, arguably more important, your company culture.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for Avochato free trial here.


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Avochato won our Expert's Choice Award for 2019

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You can use Avochato for primarily two things: external communications and internal communications. External communications include marketing, CRM, surveys, and other promotions. This, maybe, the most popular use of mobile marketing software. The latter, internal communications, includes sales support, company announcements, sitreps, task notifications, and scheduling among others. When organizations use digital tools for internal communications well, they can have an easier time optimizing their processes by having information flow efficiently and in real-time. Everybody will be on the same page. Happy customers using this for their operations teams include Intuit, of QuickBooks fame, and Johns Hopkins University. 

Avochato has different multichannel tools for both of these operations. It comes with a chat widget for your website. Also, it has a customizable survey tool ready. Furthermore, it has a feature that makes your landlines text-able as mentioned. It also has a free downloadable app available for Android and iOS to you on top of everything whenever, wherever.

Avochato provides the following key features:

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Chat Widget
  3. Chat Widget
  4. Text-able Landlines
  5. Unique Localized Phone Numbers
  1. Caller ID and Call Forwarding
  2. Conversations and Status Tracking
  3. Admin Controls and Security
  4. Mobile ready
  5. Integration with productivity apps

Advantages & Disadvantages of Avochato

Comprehensive Multichannel Tools

Businesses tend to use mobile marketing software to round out their marketing campaigns. It is not the only thing being used. It is being used in tandem with general marketing software and project management software among others. Let’s face it, you don’t want two things to happen: have marketing operations without mobile and having just a mobile marketing software for your entire marketing operations. This is especially when many of your target customers (and personnel) have their mobile devices handy most of the time. What you want is a comprehensive marketing approach that takes care of all digital touchpoints available via mobile devices. Avochato may just help you with that.

Now that smartphones are being used to surf and even purchase on the internet, Avochato leverages this behavior unlike more traditional mobile marketing platforms. Avochato does not just enable you to have SMS communications, two-way calls, and MMS. It also has a Chat Widget on your website interfacing your online and SMS marketing together. When a website visitors enter their names and numbers, an SMS can be automatically sent to their phones so you can start a conversation there. 

With millennials preferring SMS communications over calls today, you can work with this trend by text-enabling your office phones. Yes, you can send and receive texts via your official landline numbers. Text messages from there appear on Avochato and on the Avochato Apps for iPhone and Android devices. You can carry on the conversations from there. You won’t need any new devices or numbers. Plus, you can use your office or personal devices without exposing your own personal number.  

Avocato web dashboard on the right and Avocado mobile dashboard on the left.

You can also have fully-functional phone numbers with country codes and area codes that you prefer. Also, you can start with one phone number and scale up as you go. Moreover, you can have one per department or even one per person. Each of these numbers can handle outgoing, incoming, and even conference phone calls. These are accessible via the web dashboard and mobile apps. In this way, you can jump right into calls should your customer or team member want to communicate faster and in a more personal manner. Done well, conversions can be made easier. 

There is also another neat feature allowing you to embed your Avochato phone number into Google Adwords. Doing this can turn ad clicks into text message conversations. Now, your Adword Campaigns are able to deliver good leads right to your inbox so your team can engage with them quickly. There is also a survey module that allows you to collect information automatically. 

You can interface your web, SMS, and landline touchpoints seamlessly with Avochato. Managing them under one interface will make you more agile than ever before. However, Avochato does not provide you with social media engagement features. Nowadays, people complain about products and services on social networks. As a result, you might want to round out your technology stack with the capabilities of a full-on social media monitoring software to track audience sentiments and interact with them directly. 

Another apparent downside to Avochato is that you get these rich features with subscriptions starting from the Core Plan worth $99 per month billed annually. This plan has its limitations with one unique phone number and with only 2,500 messages included. The full-blown Pro version will set you back for $399 per month for yearly payments including 10 unique phone numbers and 10,000 messages. Many may consider the top plan to be a little pricey but the Pro version includes a very important Salesforce integration and a Full API Access. More established firms and organizations tend to go with this plan. 

Call management

Avochato allows your unique phone numbers to send and receive messages plus make and receive calls right in the dashboard or your mobile app. But there are other features available as well that make voice calls communication management a breeze. One of these is the Avochato Caller ID that allows you to join in calls using your personal phone but with your Avochato numbers. This is useful when paired with the routing feature that forwards incoming calls to IVR, personal phones, and other services intelligently.

Moreover, Avochato has a voicemail inbox that allows you to never lose a voicemail again. All incoming voicemails are stored in the cloud. All recordings for quality control or for any other purposes are stored and will never be misplaced in some folder. Furthermore, your subscription includes a Robo-Call Protection. This optional feature detects and screens auto-dialers from reaching your system. In this way, your inbox will stay clean and uncluttered.

There is also a spam and mute protection feature. If you receive malicious texts or prank calls, you can block or mute them with just one click.

Contact management

You can upload your existing contacts to Avochato easily. With just a few clicks, you can add the necessary contact information right on your dashboard. Furthermore, you can organize them in categories through tags. This is useful when you want to broadcast texts to certain subsets of your list. You do not have to do it manually all the time. This feature allows you to save time making your use of the platform more efficient.

Also, contact information is stored securely and Avochato is smart enough to get rid of duplicates. It also helps you track TCPA opt-out data easily as well.

Team management

You can invite multiple team members on Avochato. With the admin controls, you can set what you and your teammates can do and access. Also, Avochato helps you keep your team on the same page with its notification feature. This can be set up to appear in various ways. Notifications and alerts can come in the form of browser alerts, email triggers, push notifications, and others.

You can also set limits as to when you and your team can receive calls and notifications. You can base this on your office hours. When a call comes in and you are out of the office, Avochato doesn’t just give customers an annoying busy tone. You can customize automated replies to keep people well informed of your status and schedule in a warm personal manner. It can work a bit like an enterprise social networking software although it lacks advanced features.

One downside with Avochato for team members is that there is no proper knowledge base or tutorials available. This means that some people may experience a steeper learning curve than others especially if they are not used to SaaS. But the user interface seems to be intuitive enough for most people that this may not cause adoption-related problems to most teams. Hopefully, this will be addressed sooner than later.

Mobile Ready and Integrations

As mentioned, Avochato as native iPhone and Android apps available for free. They are relatively easy to use and have an intuitive design. Most people can browse through them and figure them all out for themselves. What these bring to the table is that you and your personnel do not need to get new hardware or phone numbers. Everything is on the cloud and everything that can be done on the cloud-based dashboard can be done on its mobile apps. This means you can be on top of your mobile marketing or operations support whenever and wherever you have an internet connection.

Avochato has Slack integration in its Core Plan and additional integrations for its higher-tiered plans.

There are three tiers of Avochato subscription. The basic or Core Plan, worth $99, comes integrated with Slack and this is a plus. The Standard Plan, for $199, includes, Office 365, and Zapier integration. The Pro Plan, worth $399, includes full API access plus Salesforce integration. So, the higher you go the more integrations that come with the subscription. This is helpful as mobile marketing tools are often a part of other productivity systems. Also, different plans get you different amounts of messages and unique phone numbers per month. All of them though, even the Core Plan, support unlimited contacts and keywords.

Avochato Plans, Which One Suits You?

So, after discussing some pros and cons of Avochato, let us delve more into vital points to consider. The main barrier against subscribing to Avochato is the price point. But subscribing or not ultimately depends upon the extent of what you need it for.

If you are in a big organization that desperately needs smoother communication with customers and with personnel, the Pro Plan is almost a steal. For most though, the Standard Plan is already enough. For smaller organizations, the Core plan may or may not be enough depending on your budget. The Slack integration that comes with it is good in itself but 2,500 messages per month may not be enough if you plan to have an SMS-heavy operation.

But this all depends on your overall marketing plan and execution. Avochato is a very comprehensive platform that consolidates different channels under one dashboard. The only thing it lacks is a comprehensive social media management feature set. You can round out your stack with a social CRM platform.

If you feel that you have the budget for this, Avochato is something that should be in your shortlist. It has so many capabilities that when used well will land you a higher conversion rate and increase your sales. It can be a perfect companion for your sales and marketing platforms plus your overall marketing mix. But don’t take our word for it. The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for Avochato free trial here.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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