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Pros and Cons of Time Doctor: Analysis of a Leading Time Tracking App

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What are the pros and cons of Time Doctor?
The pros and cons of Time Doctor lie in its ability to boost productivity by providing real-time tracking of users’ working hours and activity monitoring. Managers get insights on workflow issues through detailed reports on hours worked, website and app usage, and task breakdowns. The user interface is a little clunky, but Time Doctor makes up for it with robust time-tracking features and powerful reporting tools.

How much time do your employees spend on actual work while they’re sitting at their desks? Are they managing their work hours properly? How can you improve your workflow so that every employee performs efficiently and contributes to the business’ profitability? All these are questions that plague the minds of managers and business owners everywhere. 

This is where time tracking software like Time Doctor comes in handy. Time Doctor can help you resolve weak points in employee productivity by giving you insights on how your team members spend their work hours. The app has a rich feature set, but a question surfaces: are all these bells and whistles worth the investment? 

We can help you figure that out. We’ve prepared this informative guide on Time Doctor pros and cons so you can decide if the software is the right fit for your organization. We’ll also mention some weaknesses of the software to help you make an informed decision. 

time doctor advantages and disadvantages

The use of time tracking software can be a prickly issue for managers and teams. While a time-monitoring software that takes into account every minute of the workday has some Big Brother connotations, the use of such software makes perfect business sense. 

According to the 2018 Workplace Distraction Report by Udemy Research, nearly 3 out of 4 workers feel distracted while they’re at the office. These distractions – which can come from handling incoming emails to going to frequent meetings to checking social media – understandably result in the loss of productivity. And you already know what low employee productivity does to your business’ bottom line. 

Source: Udemy, 2018

With proper time tracking processes in place, business managers and owners can help reduce these distractions to help boost productivity. The transparency provided by time tracking software gives managers valuable insights into the work cycle in general, making it easier to identify bottlenecks or weak points that reduce an employee’s efficiency.  

Another important benefit of using time tracking software is that it helps your team members be more conscious of how they’re spending their work hours, giving them a sense of accountability and allowing them to self-correct if they’re wasting time. Tracking time at a per-task level also improves focus, as the human brain is wired to work best when it’s paying attention to only one thing at a time. According to research, the mental blocks caused by switching between tasks can result in a 40% loss of productive time.

Will Time Doctor give you that boost in employee productivity? We’ll tell you a bit more about Time Doctor pros and cons so you can find out. 

What is Time Doctor?

time doctor dashboard example

Time Doctor is a fully customizable employee management application with an extensive list of capabilities, including live time and activity tracking and web and app usage monitoring. More importantly, the software generates detailed reports and timesheets so managers can see exactly how their team members are spending their working hours. 

To further empower employee productivity, Time Doctor offers hassle-free integration with over 30 project management and CRM applications, including Asana, Basecamp, Github, Google Apps, JIRA, Salesforce, Trello, and Zapier. The application’s versatility makes it easier for employees to track time right from where they’re working. A mobile app with GPS tracking also gives employees more options when it comes to tracking their time. 

Time Doctor was developed by a team that works fully remotely, and the company’s goal from the start has been to enable productivity no matter where people are working. With the company’s belief that remote business is the future, Time Doctor was designed to be a feature-rich employee management application that helps business owners build teams that can work anywhere and anytime so office maintenance costs can be minimized without sacrificing productivity and profitability.

The following are key features of Time Doctor:

  • Automated and manual time tracking
  • Task segmentation and management
  • Website and application usage monitoring
  • Mobile time tracking with GPS
  • Automated screenshot and webcam capture
  • Daily and weekly detailed reports
  • Seamless integration and API
  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • Client login
  • Optional payroll dashboard
  • Extensive customization options
  • World-class data encryption
  • Top-tier support

Time Doctor Advantages and Disadvantages

Track work hours in real-time.

There are various Time Doctor pros and cons for you to consider, but the application’s time tracking feature is nothing but advantageous. With Time Doctor, employees can track time more accurately by clicking a ‘Start’ button on the app right before they get to work on a task. Once the task is finished, a ‘Stop’ button can be clicked. This automated, live time tracking ensures that the information reflected on reports is as accurate as possible. It’s also more convenient than having to remember exactly how much time is spent on each task. 

The Time Doctor app also continues to track time even if a user’s Internet connection is interrupted. The data from the app is synced and uploaded to the server once the Internet connection is restored. 

Monitor detailed usage of websites and apps.

Time Doctor doesn’t just track the time your team is logging. More specifically, the software records website and application usage for all users. As long as the timer is activated, Time Doctor will log all the websites and applications used, including the duration spent on each of these. 

Both managers and users will have access to this detailed time usage report. Managers can use the report to identify productivity issues, while team members can use the data to study their working habits and self-correct if needed. 

You can further use one of these best reporting tools if you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis of your team’s performance.

time doctor productivity dashboard

The Time Doctor dashboard, with data on top tasks and top websites and apps used.

Silent mode or interactive mode?

Managers can have their team members use a silent or interactive version of the Time Doctor desktop app. If you want a no-frills app on company-owned computers, you can go for the silent version. As its name implies, the silent version is unobtrusive, and it runs purely in the background. Users won’t even be able to see the application. 

The interactive version of the Time Doctor application allows some input from the user. Users can start or stop the timer when needed; this comes in handy for tracking time on multiple tasks during the workday. The interface on the interactive Time Doctor app is not as sleek or pretty as what you’d expect a desktop app to be in 2020, but it certainly gets the job done. 

Track time at the task level.

Another great feature of the Time Doctor app is that it lets users track time according to specific tasks instead of on general project terms. This level of granularity can give managers more insights into how total time on the project was spent. With this specific data, managers can ensure that time spent and recorded on individual tasks is properly utilized. 

Time Doctor also allows tracking of only one task at a time, improving focus and reducing the likelihood of multitasking, which makes workers more prone to making mistakes and reduces overall efficiency. 

For simple projects, the app’s time-tracking tool is good enough. However, don’t expect it to perform as robustly as the best project management software for small business, after all, Time Doctor is primarily a time tracker.

Get tracking reminders and time use alerts.

Even with the best intentions, employees will stray from the straight and narrow. Time Doctor can give users a gentle nudge once in a while to check if they’re on track to productivity. If a user strays onto a non-work website or uses a non-work application for too long, a pop-up alert confirms if he’s still working on his tasks. The same thing happens if the app doesn’t detect mouse or keyboard activity for a set amount of time. These reminders help team members self-correct and be more conscious of how they’re spending their workday. 

Some users, particularly those working with social media, have reported these pop-up alerts to be annoying and disruptive. We have to admit, though, that the alerts are effective at reminding users to spend their work hours productively. 

Mobile-friendly time tracking.

Aside from the Time Doctor desktop app, users also have the option to download a Time Doctor mobile app. This way, your team members can track hours even when they’re out of the office. You can find a Time Doctor app on the Apple App Store and Google Play, but there’s currently no supported Time Doctor app for devices running Windows mobile. 

If your team is using the Time Doctor mobile app for tracking their time, you also have the option to activate GPS tracking. This way, you’ll also see exactly where your team members are when they’re working out of the office. 

time doctor work schedules

Time Doctor dashboard can be accessed on any device wherever you are internet-connected.

Screenshots and webcam snapshots for remote teams.

It’s easy to keep an eye on your employees when you’re in the same office. If you manage a team that works remotely, you can enjoy that convenience by activating Time Doctor’s screenshot monitoring feature. Time Doctor can take screenshots of users’ computer screens at set intervals while the timer is active. Privacy issues are minimized since the app takes screenshots only while the timer is running and never during breaks. 

You can keep a closer watch on your team by using the optional Webcam Shots feature. This feature takes a picture from the computer’s connected webcam every 10 minutes and keeps a record of these snapshots alongside the screenshots. Both of these features can be activated on a per-user basis. 

time doctor screen capture

User screenshots captured by Time Doctor.

Robust Payroll Dashboard.

Time Doctor saves you from more stress through a built-in system for paying your employees, whether they’re paid by the hour or a fixed rate. With the payroll option activated, the app will automatically calculate payroll for each user currently in your account. You can customize payroll setup, so you can choose the payment method, payroll period, and rate type for each user. Time Doctor can be integrated with PayPal, Payoneer, and other top online payment solutions to make payouts faster and more convenient.

At the end of a pay period, you’ll receive an email where you can review the amounts due to your employees and approve the payments. For easier accounting and payroll management, Time Doctor keeps a record of past payouts and can generate customized payroll reports if needed. 

Client access at no additional cost.

If you’re managing multiple clients, you’ll appreciate that Time Doctor lets you provide client access at no additional cost. You can have clients log into your Time Doctor account so he can check and oversee progress on his project, including task reports and user screenshots. This level of transparency can help improve overall trust between clients and teams. 

You don’t have to worry about the security of data for other projects. You can rest assured that the client will be able to access only the data that’s relevant to his project.  

time doctor client access

Client access for Time Doctor reports

Seamless integration with key tools.

Time Doctor is designed to seamlessly fit into the app ecosystem your workplace uses. The application works flawlessly with project management, CRM, and leading communication software, including Asana, Basecamp, Citrix, Evernote, JIRA, Slack, and Trello. These integration capabilities make Time Doctor an even more powerful tool for improving productivity. 

Use API to integrate your own app.

Time Doctor offers hassle-free integration with over 30 of the most popular project management tools, CRM software, help desk applications, and communication platforms today. However, if your organization uses its homegrown applications, you can still integrate with Time Doctor through its API. Through API integration, you can use Time Doctor to add or edit tasks and projects and assign them to users in your organization. You’ll also be able to pull the data you need from Time Doctor. 

Get support when you need it.

It’s easy to get Time Doctor up and running, but you’ll be glad to know that the software also has plenty of support options in case you have questions or run into issues with the application. You won’t be able to get support via phone, but you can always submit questions through a support ticket system. Time Doctor also has an extensive Help Center, complete with video tutorials, to help you with troubleshooting minor problems with the application. 

Is Time Doctor worth the investment?

Time Doctor is a robust time tracking and employee management software that can help you ensure maximum productivity levels from your team. If focus and productivity are pain points for your organization, this application has various activity-monitoring features that can help you identify specific roadblocks and get your workers over them.

While their appearance leaves something to be desired, Time Doctor’s desktop app and web-based dashboards are reliable at tracking exact working hours on individual tasks and giving managers detailed insights into how an employee’s workday goes. The data tracked and collected by Time Doctor will go a long way in helping you make sure that each team member is as productive as possible.  

If you’re looking for software with more capabilities to boost productivity for virtual teams, check out our list of the best project management tools for virtual teams.

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