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Shipmonk: Top Order Fulfillment


In our ShipMonk reviews we examine the following key points to help you gauge if this provider is a good match to your needs. As one of the leading order fulfillment services, ShipMonk has plenty of strengths, as well as a few limitations that you need to know before you enter into a plan:

  1. What is ShipMonk?
  2. Who uses ShipMonk?
  3. How does ShipMonk work?
  4. Benefits of ShipMonk
  5. Integrations of ShipMonk
  6. Pricing of ShipMonk
  7. Alternatives to ShipMonk

Essentially third-party vendors, order fulfillment services like ShipMonk fulfill orders for businesses who require them, most of which are online sellers. These businesses turn to order fulfillment services as they do not have the needed warehouse and distribution capabilities to satisfy their logistics requirements. These services can greatly reduce costs associated with logistics not to mention boost operational efficiency by enlisting the help of order fulfillment services.

What is ShipMonk?

ShipMonk is one of the leading order fulfillment services in the United States. The service was established with one goal in mind–enable online businesses to take a proactive approach to shipping and fulfillment, which can foster growth. It gives special attention to startups and small businesses, providing them with dedicated personnel to assist clients with any concerns.

The company provides a wide array of logistics services, including shipping, warehousing, kitting and eCommerce fulfillment. It offers no nonsense, stress free logistics for businesses who need them. ShipMonk prides itself on being a highly-dependable order fulfillment and shipping service for startups, small businesses, subscription box companies and crowdfunding campaigns. The company’s fulfillment centers use only top-of-the-line order, inventory, shipping and warehouse management solutions.

ShipMonk’s onboarding process is quite swift, enabling customers to create and receive products, track customers worldwide and map SKUs in a matter of days. Users also receive daily reports for products that are out of stock, invalid shipping methods and addresses, among other vital updates.

Who Uses ShipMonk?

  1. Wholesalers. Businesses who sell wholesale require highly-experienced order fulfillment services. ShipMonk has this capability under its belt and can provide sellers with valuable help in planning, strategizing and execution of their retail fulfillment goals. The software can seamlessly integrate with both B2C and B2B solutions, enabling clients to directly sell to retailers when needed.
  2. Subscription box businesses. With the boom in subscription boxes, more and more companies offering the service are enjoying significantly improved bottom lines from enlisting ShipMonk’s services. Such is achieved through savings made from lower shipping, packaging and kitting costs. The service has worked with numerous such companies and knows the business inside and out.
  3. Retailers. ShipMonk’s order tracking and inventory management capabilities make it an ideal order fulfillment service for retailers. It allows users to forecast inventory levels at any given time, from anywhere in the world. In addition, the service’s numerous third-party app and marketplace integrations allows businesses to sell single products to those who want them in neat packaging.

How Does ShipMonk Work?

  1. The company begins all transactions by conducting in-depth consultations with prospective clients, the purpose of which is to provide prospects with a bird’s eye view of the nature of the service. Such are accomplished either through phone calls or face-to-face interviews.
  2. Shipmonk creates an account for the customer.
  3. The service provides a free product demonstration and user guide.
  4. Shipmonk starts to receive and store customer’s products starting at $1 per box.
  5. Product assembly (repacking, labeling, fragile item preparation, etc.) is carried out and the shipment is verified.
  6. Shipment is commenced, along with the provision of reports.

Benefits of ShipMonk

ShipMonk offers an end-to-end framework for your logistics needs, plus the fact that it has been in the industry for years now, lending to you order fulfillment discounts and expertise. Here are its main benefits:

  1. Powerful Solution. ShipMonk is capable of mapping SKUs across multiple sales channels and allows users to bundle virtually endless numbers of product combinations, enabling them to make changes to their product offerings without being concerned about inventory levels, tracking or fulfillment. These are made possible with the service’s API integrations, which performs automated mapping and bundling. The software integrates with marketplaces and over 150 shopping carts, making customer system transition as smooth as possible.
  2. Custom Packing. Unlike other fulfillment services, ShipMonk focuses on turnaround without sacrificing the needed flexibility required by budding eCommerce companies. The service can provide clients with label removal and custom packaging services. This flexibility allows ShipMonk to cater to customer needs at any time.
  3. Impeccable Storage. ShipMonk’s storage and inventory system assign customers’ products to specific areas. This allows the service to reduce client fulfillment costs while getting the most out of its storage locations. What’s even better is that the service charges clients only for the days that their products are stored in its warehouse. The company uses only the most advanced warehouse automation systems and processes in streamlining its pick and packing operations. This enables ShipMonk to guarantee same day shipping for all orders before 1 pm. Security should also be of no concern as the company’s warehouse uses top-of-the-line security equipment, ensuring product safety.
  4. Bulk Processing and Returns Management. With ShipMonk, customers get to take advantage of bulk processing. This, so they can fulfill both B2B and B2C orders easily. Inventory, on the other hand, is easily managed. Users can easily control inventory and its associated processes through the system’s dashboard. The company keeps its customers totally satisfied by efficiently managing returns. It has a number of processes for returns management that do not take too much of its customers’ time and is budget-friendly. Multiple product returns categories such as in the case of exchanges for a variety of colors, sizes, product testing and assessment, colors and sorting are also available.
  5. Shipping Discount. Because ShipMonk gets great shipping rates discounts from large carriers, the company thought it best to pass them on to its clients. Prior to shipping products, the service provides customers with a comprehensive list of these options. Clients are presented with a variety of discount options, including the slowest and cheapest shippers and the fastest and most dependable ones available, among others.

Other Services

Aside from order fulfillment, ShipMonk also provides these case-specific services. They can easily be bundled with the provider’s main service.

  1. In-depth Consultation. The company, in its commitment to customers, sees to it that it gets to have an in-depth phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting with prospects prior to bringing them onboard. This is to ensure that they get to have a pretty good idea of what the service is about. This way, ShipMonk is also able to share ideas that are bound to sit well with its clients. Such topics include but are not limited to surplus inventory management, API integrations and shipping options.
  2. Crowdfunding Fulfillment. ShipMonk is a very reliable provider of backer rewards and order fulfillment services for campaigns that are crowdfunded through Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Its inventory management platform provides customers with absolute control over the fulfillment process, which includes tracking, shipping, missing inventory, notifications, shipping options, address verification and batching, among many others. Set up is a breeze as the solution automatically integrates with crowdfunding websites and popular shopping carts.
  3. FBA Compliance. Any online seller knows that selling through Fulfillment By Amazon is a surefire way of boosting sales and expanding to new markets. This is because of the benefits that FBA offers such as Amazon Prime Memberships and free shipping. However, what FBA lacks is flexibility, requiring customers to have their products ready for shipment when they arrive at its fulfillment facilities. Failure to do such could mean noncompliance charges and even inventory refusal. Good thing ShipMonk provides inventory preparation to clients like opening containers, SKU repackaging and even barcode labeling. This service holds true for all shipments, be they large or small.
  4. Shipping Insurance. The service’s focus on security is reflected in its provision of free insurance for the first $100 worth of products. However, for each additional $100 customers want insured would be subjected to a fee, the details of which will be defined by the customer and the Happiness Engineer. The company recommends purchasing shipping insurance as it further ensures safety of products.
  5. Customer Support. What sets ShipMonk apart from other services of its kind is its focus on customer service. It makes sure that clients get only the best support, providing individual customers with their very own Happiness Engineer. These personnel are tasked with welcoming clients and assisting them in every way possible with their concerns anytime, everytime. Happiness Engineers are highly-trained shipping experts and do not make any distinction between small and large customers.

ShipMonk Integrations

The service integrates seamlessly with many popular shopping carts and other third-party applications. What’s even better is that ShipMonk  helps make these integrations quite easy for clients. These applications include:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Cratejoy
  • MijoShop
  • Ultracart
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Sears
  • Groupon Goods
  • Amazon Fulfillment

Pricing of ShipMonk

Prospects can sign-up for the service on a price-quote basis. The service allows prospects to choose the services they want, giving them the flexibility that they need.

Prices and fees can vary depending on the customer’s service requirements, which may include:

  • eCommerce
  • Subscription box
  • Crowdfunding
  • Retail fulfillment
  • FBA preparation services
  • ShipMonk handling fees*

    *Depending on the cost of product preparation, using the number of SKUs and handling units as basis.

Pricing and fees are also affected by the customer’s storage requirements like:

  • Climate controlled storage
  • Pallet use
  • Shelf space

ShipMonk charges fees only for additional services that the client will use, which include:

  • Special projects
  • Container unloading
  • Packaging materials

So far, the only thing that some users see as a drawback in using the service is its pricing. Despite the fact that ShipMonk claims to offer competitive prices, there are other services out there that offer way cheaper plans. However, if one is to consider the service’s offerings, investing on the service is a sound business decision, taking into account the fact that ShipMonk can handle all your fulfillment needs. This essentially gets the burden of logistics off your shoulders, along with all problems associated with the process.

Is ShipMonk Right for You?

The suitability of ShipMonk to any business depends largely on a prospect’s logistics requirements. If the system proves to be a tad complicated to users, there are always alternatives out in the market. However, the fact that the company offers a total solution to all order fulfillment processes cannot be overstated. The benefits of the service far outweigh the perceived drawbacks that some parties have observed. Besides, the company offers far more benefits than some larger providers do.

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