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Top 10 Alternatives to One Hour Translation: Popular Translation Software Solutions

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Language barriers can be a challenge to millions of internet users around the world. Over the years, more and more people are using the internet, with Asia representing the largest internet audience. Most of these users prefer seeking information in their native language. This results in an increase in demand for multilingual content. Hence, employing a translation software for your organization is crucial to make your content accessible to more people and expand its reach.

Translation solutions have become an essential system for different companies, especially content management and localization websites, to meet the increasing demands of customers and to stay competitive in the fast-paced global marketplace nowadays. In fact, the translation services industry is expected to grow up to 42% between 2010 and 2020. This isn’t surprising as it’s a cost-efficient investment that ensures the accuracy and quality of your content’s translations are accomplished in a timely manner.

Since there are various types of software and products available, understanding your own business needs is crucial to find the best solution catered to what you’re specifically looking for. In this article, we have compiled the leading language translation and localization solutions to help you streamline your searching process.

What is One Hour Translation?

One Hour Translation is a human translation service with very concise, industry-standard translations and a fast turnaround time. Requesting for a translation of your content using this service is simple. All you have to do is send the material to be translated and fill in the 1-2-3 Wizard homepage. You will get a quote of how much your project costs and if you approve it, you can immediately pay it and wait for the translated material in your inbox. Throughout the process, you can even communicate with your translator.

The service is available in 75 languages and their translators specialize in various fields including technical, legal, software, and more. Most of their 15,000 translators are native speakers to ensure the quality of their translated work is perfect. Additionally, they offer services in various file formats, proofreading, transcription, desktop publishing, website translation, Translation Memory Cloud (TMC), glossary management, and translation API.

Benefits of One Hour Translation

  1. Quality Assurance. They screen and rate their translators and review all projects both manually and automatically before turning it over.
  2. Fast turnover. Human translation is done quickly with a speed of 200 words per hour and 2000 words a day for a single translator.
  3. MyTeam. You can pick a team of translators to work specifically on your project for consistency and quality.
  4. Translator communications. Selecting and getting to know your translator’s credentials and work background is possible. They are also “in country” and native speakers.
  5. 75 languages. It supports 75 languages with more than 2,500 pairs which cover over 95% of languages used by Internet users globally.
  6. File format availability. It is available for mobile platforms, software programs, document files, graphics formats, and more.
  7. Translation Memory Cloud. This saves previously translated and common phrases and sentences to speed up the translation work and lower your costs.
  8. Countdown Timer. A special countdown timer shows you the project’s expected delivery time.
  9. Split Projects. Projects can be split between several translators who will work in parallel to expedite project delivery.
  10. Translation API. This integrates with your CMS seamlessly to automatically translate any new material posted.

If One Hour Translation doesn’t match with the translation work you need, there are a lot of other options available to check out. Here are top 10 alternatives to One Hour Translation that specialize in various types of translation services with robust and dynamic features.

Top 10 One Hour Translation Alternatives

1. Babylon Translator

Babylon Translator is an online translation product. Its automatic translator can transcribe a single word or phrases and full texts in 77 languages. The software lets you translate text without copy-pasting or changing screens and applications because it can be activated in just a single click. It also preserves the original format of your content so you can ensure your translated material is in line with your original document. Aside from translation, it has a human voice feature that can read any text so you’ll know how the words or phrases are pronounced correctly. It also has a human translation service with a turnaround time of one page per hour in competitive rates. Field-specific translation experts in medical, business, legal, and technical fields are available. If you’re looking for other options, you may also check Babylon Translator alternatives.

Why use Babylon Translator instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. It has a free translation option as well as premium plans at reasonable rates.
  2. Translating text in a single click can be done on the same page without changing screens and copy-pasting.
  3. It translates a single page in an hour.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of Babylon Translator?

  1. You get an instant quote and fixed pricing packages so you can quickly calculate and estimate the costs.
  2. You have your own group of translators with MyTeam.
  3. Translation speed is 200 words per hour or 2000 words a day per translator.

2. Transifex

Transifex is a cloud-based localization software designed to translate digital content. It works with any type of projects such as translating a website, desktop or mobile app, and video subtitles. Developers, marketers, product managers, and localization managers can use the tool for translation and localization efficiency and productivity. Various pricing plans are also available for different types of users from start-ups to large enterprises. Its features include online translation editor, translation memory, access to translation partners, email support, advanced API, data migration, translation reports, and more. A global content repository syncs instantly with translations and source contents so the data is available anytime and the team can collaborate easily. For similar products, here are Transifex alternatives.

Why use Transifex instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. The platform is open and it integrates with CMS and development service providers, apps, and process.
  2. Localization is agile with translators working on a live content.
  3. Synchronization is fast and automated.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of Transifex?

  1. A project can be split into parallel-working translators for a faster delivery.
  2. Human translation immediately starts within one business hour based on where the translator resides.
  3. It has a countdown timer with an estimate of when your requested translation will be delivered.

3. Smartling

Smartling is a data-driven content translation and localization platform solution. Its approach focuses on providing a cloud-based system that uses automation and intelligent collaboration to eradicate the errors of a manual process like inconsistent translations, high cost, and long turnaround time. Their plans are catered to businesses of every size and scale with a tiered pricing. Some of its features include translation management tools, multiple file type compatibility, certified professional translator access, comprehensive reporting, out-of-the-box integrations, and smart automation and collaboration tools. Its translation management platform consists of document portal, analytics engine, workflow engine, visual context and more. It’s equipped with various tools to translate content so your customers get a localized experience in their native language. You may also look at these Smartling alternatives for more options.

Why use Smartling instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. Global Translator Networks gives you access to certified language service professionals around the world on demand.
  2. Translation Management Platform is a centralized solution to internationalize all your digital content.
  3. It uses smart technology for streamlining collaboration and translation processes.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of Smartling?

  1. Fixed pricing plans for easy and quick costs estimate and calculation.
  2. Translators are “in country” and native speakers.
  3. It offers a choice on one platform to integrate for localization.

4. OneSky

OneSky, a translation service and localization solution, centralizes over 1,000 translators and more than 50 languages on one platform. The end-to-end solution is also compatible with 19 file formats which ensure all your content type can be localized.  Their pricing is on a per-word basis with an additional fee for a reviewer for Quality Assurance. They also offer complex game translations which are specialized such as culturally-based games that require transcreation and RPG games with extended backstories. On-device testing ensures the language works well with your user interface (UI). They offer domain expertise, workflow automation, direct communication with translators, technical validation, and file formats support. Check out these OneSky alternatives for similar options.

Why use OneSky instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. They are expert in technical app localization.
  2. Localization solutions for games are done by translators who are also gamers.
  3. It is equipped with technical validation to protect the integrity of your code and ensure your translated text has no missing placeholders.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of OneSky?

  1. It provides a website source translation on file types like PO, CSV, XML, and HTML, to name a few.
  2. Translators ensure the localization process of the translation conveys your material’s actual intent and reads like it’s originally written in your target language.
  3. It has instant quote availability with fixed pricing.

5. Systran

Systran joins the top 10 alternatives to One Hour Translation because of its advanced tools and solutions for providing a quality translation for all your content. It is one of the pioneering translation solutions in the industry. The services they offer caters to various industries like language service providers, e-commerce, public sector, technology and software, defense and security, and industry and services companies. A host of powerful products is available for specific translation needs of server products, real-time multilingual information for online services, developer products, and desktop and mobile platforms. It also has integrations connectors for bulk-translating documents and translation-process protection. You may also look at these Systran alternatives.

Why use Systran instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. A secure Machine Translation solution can be utilized by your team for a centralized and protected translation server.
  2. Governance and regulatory compliance ensure your online translation tools don’t violate data compliance laws.
  3. Customer service and support centers are catered for customer inquiries in their native language.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of Systran?

  1. MyTeam lets you choose individual translators to join your team and work on your project for faster delivery.
  2. Quick turnaround time of 200 words per hour and 2,000 words per translator in a day.
  3. Industry expertise in patents, CV, legal, business, finance, and more.

6. SDL BeGlobal

SDL BeGlobal is a language translation platform that offers effective and versatile translating solutions. The Enterprise Machine Translation automatically translates a large volume of content in various formats. This is needed for making business decisions by providing reliable and accurate data regarding your content. It also offers language services for optimizing your global content. Transcreation is vital so your material is translated into a message that is understood and reverberates with the local audience of your target language. Hence, SDL BeGlobal engages “in country” translators. They also take care of document, software, and website localization. For similar options, try these SDL BeGlobal alternatives.

Why use SDL instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. Machine Translation translates a large volume of content quickly and accurately.
  2. The existing applications you use can easily be integrated with the language technology.
  3. Solution offerings to industries like financial services, life sciences, travel, leisure and hospitality, and aerospace and defense.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of SDL BeGlobal?

  1. The human translation service is available 24/7.
  2. Requesting for a quote is instantaneous with a fixed per-word pricing.
  3. There is a direct communication between you and the translator.

7. Memsource

Memsource is a translation and localization software that offers solutions for various purposes. It has a translation management product to streamline and expedite your translation processes. You have options between a web-based editor or a downloadable editor depending on your preferences for seamlessly connecting your translation projects, memories, and term bases. Its pricing packages are available for translators for free while translation agencies and enterprises have to pay a reasonable fee. It has a free translator’s workbench, project management, more than 50 file type support, translation memory, terminology management, and workflow automation. It is also fully API-enabled with CMS connectors and it integrates machine and human translation engines. For more solutions, you may view Memsource alternatives.

Why use Memsource instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. Quality Assurance checks for spelling errors, missing terminologies, and number inconsistencies.
  2. Public APIs are available in most features.
  3. It is designed for translators, translator buyers, and translation agencies.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of Memsource?

  1. A countdown timer shows you when you will receive the translated material.
  2. It has a unique email translation platform for email support of customers who don’t correspond in English.
  3. The Translation API translates a large volume of materials in CMS.

8. PhraseApp

PhraseApp is a translation management software to help you quickly translate your files through collaborating with translators. Its pricing plans come in three packages where you can build a plan that works for you and add features or upgrade it along the way. You can start with the basic essentials such as unlimited words, online support, translation ordering, and API. You can then improve the consistency and quality of your localization process, even in complex ones. This is done by adding features like translation memory, glossary, in-context editor, verification system, advanced workflows and reporting, and more. You can also view any missing translations and proofread your content in your dashboard where you can see real-time updates of the entire translation process. Check out these PhraseApp alternatives for similar products.

Why use PhraseApp instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. Its plans are buildable based on your translation needs.
  2. A translation control center streamlines your translation project where you can edit and convert localization files online without software updates and installations.
  3. Directly translating your website is possible with its In-Context Editor.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of PhraseApp?

  1. Pricing options have fixed rates based on your material’s number of words.
  2. The turnaround time is set clearly with a countdown timer so you’ll know when the project is going to be delivered.
  3. Desktop Publishing Services gives your company materials and documents a professional and inviting revamp.

GlobalLink is a translation software for managing multilingual content across various platforms including websites, mobile apps, documents, content management, and more. It suits different types of users like marketers who are looking for a user-friendly solution, IT specialists looking for a software to integrate with their existing systems, content authors who want to make their content available across multiple platforms, or business leaders who want a product to help boost their international ROI. GlobalLink identifies what many businesses are looking for and finds a specific solution for them which make their products and features more effective. For instance,  users who want to know all translation processes and efforts in the company can do so by monitoring real-time reports on translation spend, budget allocation, vendor performance, and more. You may also try these GlobalLink alternatives.

Why use GlobalLink instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. Multiple linguistic resources are easily managed both internally and externally.
  2. Existing database workflows and CMS can be powered up with the system.
  3. The localization process can be streamlined for various types of organizations.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of GlobalLink?

  1. Fast turnaround around time for 200 words per hour and 2,000 words per day by a single translator.
  2. Instant quote is available so you can immediately calculate how much your project will cost you.
  3. Its cloud-based transcription services transcribe any type of audio material in any language.

10. locize

locize is an ideal translation software for businesses aiming to reach a wider audience. This cost-effective platform allows users to make their business more vibrant and engaging despite having a widely dispersed audience base due to its hassle-free translation capabilities. locize eliminates the need to manually input translations on one’s website. Adding a single line of code applies all translations on your website, thus ensuring every single content is localized instantaneously. With this capability, your development team can simply focus on adding new content and information on your website without bothering with localization duties. This benefits your audiences as well, as they can understand the latest information on your website in their desired language. If you’re looking for other suitable translation software for your business, make sure to check our locize alternatives

Why use locize instead of One Hour Translation?

  1. It automatically translates all content on your website. Simply apply a line of code to your website to apply all changes on your various website pages.
  2. It is cost-effective, with an enterprise pricing plan costing $5 per month.
  3. Efficiently manage your workflow with tools such as multiple file management and project versioning capability.

Why use One Hour Translation instead of locize?

  1. It is a human translation service that offers a fast turnaround time for translating all your materials.
  2. If you’re looking to accelerate the translation process, files can be split into multiple projects to allow several translators to work on the project. With this, you can quickly meet your deadline.
  3. Accurately translate your materials. One Hour Translation has a team of expert translators that specialize in various fields.

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