20 Best LMS Solutions for Small Business for 2018

Litmos: No. 1 LMS Tool


Small business owners like you know more than anyone else how important your staff’s continuous learning is so they remain competitive, and your business, too. This is actually a growing trend in the business landscape. In fact, in the 2017 Global Human Capital Trends, corporate learning has emerged as the second most important issue in different industries.

So, you might have organized seminars and similar activities in the past that they could choose to sign up for. The problem was, the hectic working conditions of the 21st century gave them little time and energy to attend such events, leaving you with empty training rooms and untouched learning modules.

However, as mentioned earlier, the companies’ ability to keep up with this demand for lifelong learning and career growth has dropped by 5%. That being said, how can you as an employer make sure that you can meet these demands? A simple answer to that would be to utilize learning management systems.

The modern workplace requires dynamic training tactics, and over the years, LMS software providers have catered to that need. It has been serving as a repository of educational materials for learners, a handy course management tool for educators, and a convenient training platform for companies. So, it comes as no surprise that the researchers at MarketsandMarkets™ predicted the growth of the LMS market from $5.22 billion to $15.72 billion by 2021. With this software’s modern approach to traditional learning and teaching techniques, it is surely a great investment for educational institutions and corporations alike.

No doubt, there are many benefits to LMS acquisition. Among them are blended learning (53%) and easier progress tracking (41%). It is also used to centralize training-related information and streamline progress reporting. So, whether you are a school administrator looking for a good way to optimize your institution’s operations or a company CEO interested in improving your staff’s performance, you can be sure that LMS can provide you with the tools you require.


Are you ready to invest in an LMS program? To determine the ideal software solution for your company, we have ranked some of the best learning management and online education platforms available on the market. These are selected based on their interface usability, overall configuration, comprehensiveness of included tools, as well as accessibility on different devices.

20 Best LMS Solutions for Small Business for 2018

1. Litmos LMS

Having served over 4,000,000 users worldwide, Litmos LMS has become the world’s most easy-to-use cloud-based learning management system. Trusted by businesses of all sizes in accelerating internal and external learning, it unifies classroom, mobile, social, and eCommerce capabilities in one secure, scalable platform. Offering annual payment plans, Litmos LMS offers learning management system packages that range from $3.00 to $9.00 monthly depending on the number of active users that will be using the portal at a given time. They also offer a training operations software solution starting at $2500.

You can check its features at no cost when you sign up for Litmos LMS here.

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Litmos LMS won our Best LMS Software Award Q2 2018

What is unique about Litmos LMS?

  1. Optimized Learning Management. Do you need to implement a complete eLearning program, but don’t want to jump from software to software in order to do so? Then, Litmos LMS may be the solution to your problem. This software  provides a range of tools that include complete course builders, comprehensive performance review dashboards, effective gamification tactics, built-in survey tools, real-time notifications, and customizable learning paths. It is also equipped with eCommerce features to help you monetize your courses with ease.
  2. Automated Training Operations. There are many things to consider when it comes to preparing and selling training modules. Among them are certification management, tax processing, and expense management. With Litmos LMS, you can automate and optimize this depending on your company’s requirements. Catering to a global audience? Worry not as this software supports 100 currencies and 24 languages, creates country-based pricing, and has features that enable localized branding and communications.
  3. Extensive Course Collection. Apart from its bulletproof security features, robust reporting tools, and award-winning customer support, Litmos LMS also has a massive off-the-shelf content library where you can get new training resources for free. This helps you save time in sifting through the internet to find course materials.

2. TalentLMS

Ranking the highest on our 20 best LMS solutions for small business is TalentLMS, a software designed to help companies train employees and partners online. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, this software also offers enterprise-friendly features for different industries. Known for its easy-to-use interface, it also prides itself on providing secure data communication and servers that enable fast file deliveries. For its agile infrastructure supporting a wide range of learning enviornments, TalentLMS merited our review team’s Best LMS Software for 2017. You can check its features at no cost when you sign up for TalentLMS here.

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
TalentLMS won our Best LMS Software Award for 2017

Supporting multiple languages, this software is also available for both iOS and Android. Offering free subscription options, they also provide competitive pricing for their standard plans. Their monthly subscription rates are as follows: Small for $39.00, Basic for $129.00, Plus for $259.00, and Premium for $459.00 monthly. For discounted rates, you may even opt for their annual billing option. Should you prefer a learning management system that can host an unlimited number of users, they also have plans for that. 

What is unique about TalentLMS?

  1. Highly Customizable Interface. While TalentLMS is built for convention over configuration, the software can support content interoperability, including SCORM & Tin Can (xAPI), notifications, video-conferencing, and other tools. It also allows you to integrate over 200 services and customize your learning portal by adding your own CSS or JavaScript. This way, you can create courses according to your preferences as well as make it look the way you want with ease.
  2. Fully Equipped Program. Building eLearning courses can be time-consuming. To make the process simpler, TalentLMS provides a complete suite of tools for building, selling, and monitoring an online course. Its features include certification design, mass action automation, file organization and sharing, analytics, in-portal communications, and eCommerce support among others. On top of that, the program has a courses marketplace where you can buy premade courses on a plethora of topics.
  3. Strategic Course Implementation Made Easy. The creation of a course is merely the beginning of the eLearning process. If you want to ensure the effectivity of your online course, you must also plan its implementation. Through TalentLMS, you can segment the learning environment into branches, set up learning paths according to the pace they should be taken, as well as make use of an assessments engine that supports multiple test types. This software also helps you in tracking the progress of participants through extensive reporting on test results.

3. Docebo

Created to incorporate formal and informal learning, Docebo promotes proactive learning and personable coaching for medium-sized and large companies. It is a mobile-ready, intuitive learning management system that helps drive improvement through gamification, streamlined course implementations, and effective performance tracking. Offering a modern and easy-to-navigate user interface that supports numerous integrations, this software allows you to customize your brand, learning portal, and courses to your heart’s content. For your convenience, Docebo offers various quote-based subscription plans, including a starter package with unlimited admins, storage, courses, and bandwidth that you can try free of charge for 14 days. You can also easily sign up for a Docebo free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our LMS Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
Docebo won our Best Corporate LMS Award for 2016

What is unique about Docebo?

  1. Unlimited Storage and Courses. Many firms facilitate multiple online courses at a time to orient new recruits and retrain existing employees. However, these eLearning courses are comprised of different study tools that may take up a lot of storage space. By using Docebo, you no longer have to worry about this as they offer unlimited storage for all the learning materials that you need to upload and the courses you want to preserve.
  2. Premium Integrations. Setting up an online course is easy once you have the teaching materials you need. The challenge is in the implementation and monitoring of the eLearning process. To help you optimize your courses, Docebo supports integrations such as, SSO with SAML, OKTA, and Webex. You may even seamlessly merge it with your CRM tools, HR software, web conferencing programs, and social media.
  3. Fuss-Free Performance Monitoring. Make sure your eLearning efforts are as effective as they can be through Docebo. With this software’s course tracking features, performance monitoring tools, and custom reporting capabilities, you can determine whether your online course is yielding the results that you are aiming for as well as help you in improving your future eLearning programs.

4. eFront

eFront is a powerful and fully adaptable learning management platform for businesses of different sizes. Offering on-premise and cloud-based options, this mobile-optimized, eCommerce-ready software is equipped with flexible deployment solutions, advanced security tools, and fully customizable features. It also supports open API and over 32 native integrations to help you build your eLearning portal the way you prefer. To utilize eFront, you choose from three monthly subscription plans, namely Business, Enterprise, and Large Enterprise that costs $750, $1000, and $2000 respectively or opt for a quote-based payment. The vendor offers a great demo if you want to check the features without cost. You can sign up for an eFront free demo here.

What is unique about eFront?

  1. Streamlined Course Building. Like other LMS solutions, eFront allows content importing, advanced assessments, blended learning, and gamification. It also supports content interoperability standards, communication channels, video-conferencing tools, and mobile learning options. What sets this platform apart is that it allows you to streamline course building by defining lesson orders and completion conditions. On top of that, you can diversify training by bringing users together in groups as well as creating interactive content using the software’s HTML5 editor.
  2. Administrative Duties Simplified. Other than the implementation of well-crafted teaching strategies, eLearning programs also involve a number of back office responsibilities that take a lot of time to accomplish. Through this platform, you can automate reporting, auditing, skill gap testing, archiving, and payment handling. To add to that, you may choose from hundreds of additional third-party applications to simplify other administrative duties using tools you are already familiar with.
  3. Advanced Interface. Scalable and adaptable to all workforce sizes, eFront is ready for installation on most Linux and Windows distributions. It is also compatible with all modern browsers, so you won’t have to worry about investing in a software that won’t run through your existing equipment.

5. eCoach

eCoach is a flexible LMS and authoring tool in one platform. It is easy to use with an uncluttered and intuitive design reminiscent of an Apple product rather than an LMS.

The LMS allows you to convert the platform into an extensive yet organized content library by making use of the unlimited storage and simple search and filter features. You can brand your eCoach campus with your logo, customize its fonts and colors, and even alter the wording of feedback that is displayed in the campus.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial option. You can easily sign up for an eCoach free trial here.

What is unique about eCoach?

  1. Fully SCORM/LTI compliant. eCoach is fully SCORM/LTI compliant, allowing you to bring in your existing e-learning resources or export the content you’ve created to third-party solutions. You can import LTI or SCORM files to transfer existing e-learning materials to eCoach. Plus, you can export your training to third-party LMSs via LTI and SCORM.
  2. Content authoring. eCoach was initially designed as an easy-to-use content authoring application before it became a full-featured LMS. It is still utilized by industry experts and e-learning designers to create white label training content.
  3. Affordability. eCoach offers affordable pricing packages and there are high active user limits for each plan. In addition, there are no setup or implementation charges.
  4. Automation and integrations. Third-party integration access allows you to automate actions between eCoach and other platforms such as Gmail, Salesforce, Shopify, and more. You can generate certifications when learners finish courses, subscribe new enrolments to mailing lists, or create your own automated actions based on learner behavior. Full API access allows you to customize your automations.

6. WorkWize

WorkWize is a fully automated, multilingual learning management system where businesses can add users, send reminders, create and modify courses quickly, and much more. Trusted by over 500 companies worldwide, it caters to firms with 100 employees to over 100,000 staff members. Some of its key features include non-compliance reporting, automated user enrollment, risk assessment, and email and HR system integration. If you are experiencing any issues with setup or would like to address some concerns, this platform has a dedicated support team ready to provide assistance. WorkWize comes in annual pricing plans: Professional starting at £4200 and Enterprise starting at £6700. Companies can opt for free trials and demos before choosing a plan. You can easily sign up for a WorkWize free trial here.

What is unique about WorkWize?

  1. Quality Closed Loop Compliance. With regulations changing from time to time, policy compliance can become cumbersome. To help you stay up-to-date, WorkWize allows businesses to identify non-compliant teams, offices, or individuals; implements out policies as needed; and prove that users have read, signed, and understood the terms and guidelines.
  2. Reliable Learning Management Automation. Creating and editing courses has never been easier with WorkWize. To help you optimize your training operations, this platform offers a robust rapid course authoring feature partnered with custom branding, certificate generation, and SCORM uploading tools. On top of that, you can automate many back-office tasks like risk assessments, data transfers, reporting, and emailing by integrating your HR systems with the platform.
  3. Granular Administrator Privileges. Accessible on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and internet browsers, this compliance-driven LMS platform has six levels of administrator access. This will allow you to secure accountability and privacy for educators and learners alike and make sure that only authorized personnel can toggle with certain aspects of your eLearning portal.

7. Schoology

Schoology is a learning management system that aims to build a culture of continuous improvement by connecting the people, content, and systems that fuel education. Adopted by 20,000,000 people across 50 states and 130 countries, this platform offers LMS packages for K-12 and higher education as well as corporate learning software solutions for SMBs. Accessible from any device, Schoology has a Basic package that may be used by students, parents, instructors, and advisors for free as well as an Enterprise plan that is quote-based. If you would like a better grasp on this software’s features, you may request a demo to test it out.

What is unique about Schoology?

  1. Centralized Curriculum Management. From informed instruction to high-level assessment, Schoology is your all-in-one solution for centralizing your eLearning process. With its comprehensive suite of tools, it can help you simplify communication between educators and learners, encourage collaboration, make data-informed decisions, as well as increase engagement among participants.
  2. Advanced Analytics. Measure the effectivity of your eLearning efforts with ease through the use of Schoology. With its advanced analytics and automated grading system, you can easily monitor the progress of your learners as well as determine how you can improve lesson plans and assessment processes.
  3. Open-Access Integration. If you want to create flexible, self-paced courses within a short period of time, Schoology has a selection of instruction tools for building and managing eLearning processes. To further optimize your operations, this software is an open-access integration platform that can support multiple third-party programs and custom application creation.

8. Blackboard

Serving educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses Blackboard is an LMS solution that combines the power of course management, scalable design, and intuitive online learning together in one convenient platform. Equipped with comprehensive learning management tools, registration and reporting capabilities, as well as mass notification solutions, this program is also accessible on different platforms for barrier-free learning. Just contact one of their representatives to ask for a quote on subscriptions.

What is unique about Blackboard?

  1. Specialized Collaboration Tools. The demands of everyday work can make in-person training difficult. Make sure all your employees can still actively engage in these development programs through Blackboard’s web-conferencing and collaboration tools. Their browser-based, download-free, one-click virtual classrooms support HD audio and video and fast application sharing to help employees fulfill training requirements anywhere and anytime.
  2. Hands-On Technical Services. Customizing an eLearning portal may be difficult if you’re new to implementing one. This is why Blackboard reinforces their learning management solutions with hands-on platform training and technical services. Through their implementation consulting and technology training, it is easier to maximize the software according to your needs.
  3. All-Inclusive Business Training Solution. Professional development for all employees is one of the most effective ways to stay competitive in any industry. Make sure you stay on top of your game through Blackboard’s all-inclusive business training solutions. From compliance and certification training to leadership development, this platform can easily help you facilitate programs that will engage and improve your employees.

9. Moodle

Moodle is a no-expense, on-premise, open-source learning management platform where educators can create dynamic courses accessible to learners globally. Equipped with convenient file management tools, custom site design solutions, multilingual capabilities, and secure authentication options, this software also allows users to perform bulk course creation and simple plugin management. Designed for businesses of different sizes, Moodle can be accessed worldwide for free.

What is unique about Moodle?

  1. Personalized Dashboard for Easier Monitoring. Are you particular about deadlines and timing of lessons? If so, Moodle offers an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard that organizes and displays all courses and tasks at a glance. Accessible on desktop and mobile devices, it features an all-in-one calendar, text editor, auto alert tools, progress tracking solutions, and collaborative tools.
  2. Smooth Creation of Well-Rounded Courses. eLearning courses differ greatly from classroom training in the sense that online programs often do not facilitate face-to-face mentoring as well as allow different modes of teaching. With Moodle, you can utilize multimedia integration and web-conferencing solutions to help your learners enjoy well-rounded and interactive courses.
  3. Extensive Learning Resources. Whether you are a teacher, an adviser, or a student, finding references is easy with Moodle. It facilitates user forums in multiple languages, offers free courses, and preserves content shared by other users across the world. This way, getting hold of new information within your industry is easier than ever.

10. Firmwater LMS

Firmwater LMS is a hosted learning management system built for training companies. Helping businesses of different sizes in creating new revenue streams and simplifying content delivery, this platform can support B2C and B2B transactions with ease. Whether you are aiming to implement an eLearning program within your organization or wish to create courses for other firms, this is the ideal platform for you. To benefit from its many LMS creation and monitoring features, Firmwater LMS offers monthly payment plans starting at $295. If you wish to test it out before investing in the software, they also offer a free 14-day trial.

What is unique about Firmwater LMS?

  1. Straightforward Content Delivery. While the effectivity of eLearning courses is dependent on the delivery of your lessons, it is more important to exert effort into creating good content for the course. To help you focus on creating your courses, Firmwater LMS offers simplified content delivery that lets you update content across clients using one dashboard. It also lowers administration overhead as it doesn’t require specialized training or extra manpower to operate.
  2. Launch Courses Accessible on Different Platforms. Did you create a course for a client using Firmwater LMS only to find out that your client uses a different LMS platform? No worries. Through this software, you can launch users into your content from their system while maintaining control of your intellectual property.
  3. Automated Training Program. SCORM compliant and equipped with complete learning management tools, Firmwater LMS helps companies cater to a wider audience and supplement face-to-face training through automation. This way, you no longer have to worry about the delivery of your content. For a better user experience, the software is also backed by quality technical support.

11. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning community where students can learn from real-world experts and instructors can share paid courses to help learners worldwide. It serves as a compendium of various eLearning materials on a variety of topics. Mobile-ready and accessible on internet browsers, Udemy boasts an array of features that optimize analytics and reporting as well as support multiple integrations. Reap the benefits that this platform has to offer starting at $240 annually. With Team and Enterprise plans available, you may choose one that suits your company size and requirements.

What is unique about Udemy?

  1. Course Marketing Functionality. Udemy serves as a marketplace of great content ranging from programming and drawing to public speaking and financing. If you are a seller looking for ways to better promote your courses, then, this software will be a boon for you. It streamlines the selling process by providing you with tools for retargeting ads, search and discovery, email campaigns, as well as external partner promotions.
  2. Clear-Cut Quality Assurance System. All eLearning courses on Udemy are meant to help students and professionals in honing their skills. To ensure that the content you have created are marketable and capable of providing supplemental and innovative learning, the software offers a built-in quality assurance system. This eliminates risks of human error within your content.
  3. Elevate Company Operations Through eLearning. Offering over 2400 professional courses, Udemy also allows businesses to create custom courses that you can share within your company. This way, you can train new hires, develop existing employees, and ultimately boost your company operations without having to take time from their daily work schedules. All you have to do is set up the course and monitor the user activity through your dashboard.

12. iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS is a robust learning management software that supports cloud-based and on-premise deployments. Dedicated to facilitating learning that goes beyond the classroom, this platform allows users to access courses on all desktop and mobile devices. Whether you plan on using this software solution for retraining purposes or introducing new techniques to your employees, it surely has plenty of options that you can customize depending on what the course requires. iSpring Learn LMS offers monthly and yearly subscriptions depending on the number of active users you plan to host using the software. For your convenience, they also offer quote-based payments as well as offer free trial plans.

What is unique about iSpring Learn LMS?

  1. Fully Integrated Authoring. Developing courses, quizzes, video lectures, and simulations is a breeze with iSpring Learn LMS. Not only does it allow easy content building and convenient uploading options, it also supports live webinars, implements gamification, and performs advanced reporting and assessments. On top of that, the platform is equipped with a number of management tools to help you keep track of deadlines, active courses, and course impact.
  2. Data Security Guarantee. With your busy schedule, you won’t always have time to compile and import all the content and progress reports from your online courses. To resolve this, iSpring Learn LMS provides an unlimited storage space as well as automatic backups at several data centers. This way, your intellectual property is securely stored and ready for your perusal at all times.
  3. Technical Support You Can Count On. While LMS software solutions are designed to simplify eLearning, it is not free from occasional technical glitches and bugs. This is why iSpring Learn LMS has professional support engineers working round-the-clock to help you resolve these issues. They even host webinars through the software to help you with other product-related concerns.

13. Skillshare

An online learning community designed for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses, Skillshare is designed to empower professionals in improving their careers and pursuing their passions. This platform serves as an avenue for those who want to learn new skills, gain new insights, as well as get feedback on their work. Skillshare is accessible across different devices for free, so you can take courses whenever it is convenient for you. You may also opt for their premium plans that can be billed monthly or annually for unlimited access to all content within the software. For businesses, Skillshare also offers quote-based team enterprise pricing plans.

What is unique about Skillshare?

  1. Shared Learning Experience. Building a more productive organization may sound tedious, but sometimes, it’s only as easy as giving your employees access to good learning materials. Through Skillshare, you can access more than 16,000 classes on different disciplines, so you can be sure you’ll find courses that are aligned with your company’s industry and training goals. The software even allows you to track the progress of your team members with ease.
  2. Step-by-Step Course Publication. Do you want to share your skills with people across the globe, but don’t know how or where to start? Skillshare provides step-by-step guidelines for creating classes, publishing lessons, as well as promoting courses. This way, you will be able to help professionals who are looking for new information to learn as well as earn extra income.
  3. Project-Based Learning Programs. Skillshare was created in an effort to connect experts with students in a secure platform. It offers lectures that help professionals stay ahead of the curve by keeping them up-to-date on emerging trends and topics. On top of that, they offer project-based learning programs that allow the participants to put their skills to the test.

14. McGraw-Hill Connect

A digital teaching and learning system, McGraw-Hill Connect was developed with teachers and students in mind. It helps K-12 and higher education students improve their grades and assists professionals in honing their skills through learning materials that meet the highest academic standards. With its multitude of educational content, you will surely be able to find courses that work best for you. Compatible with different platforms, this software solution can be accessed via quote-based enterprise payment plans.

What is unique about McGraw-Hill Connect?

  1. Adaptive Learning Technology. Identifying new concepts and retaining information can be a taxing task for many. This is why McGraw-Hill Connect uses adaptive learning technology to help learners manage assignments and maximize learning opportunities. It finds courses that suit your interests and needs, prepares you for each class, as well as promotes interactive learning through communication tools.
  2. Flexible eLearning Toolkit. McGraw-Hill Connect helps educators save time by providing a flexible toolkit that lets them build course curricula and understand the learning curve of classes. This eliminates the need for paper-based filing of course materials. To add to that, they can easily share course content with colleagues through the software.
  3. Robust SmartBook Feature. Online learning materials, albeit substantial, often contain information that are not essential to the topics you wish to tackle for your course. To help your students focus on key concepts and important details, McGraw-Hill Connect offers a SmartBook feature that tailors its content to fit the needs of each learner.

15. Alma

Alma is learning management software created to simplify school administration and management tasks. It collates information from different aspects of school management, automates daily operations, and boosts the performance of the teaching staff through advanced tools. Through this platform, you can get access to all the features you require without having to go through complicated installations. Alma offers Basic, Lower School, and Upper School solution bundles that are priced by quote.

What is unique about Alma?

  1. Efficient School Management. Don’t let the burden of non-academic tasks affect the way you teach. Using Alma, you can utilize Student Information System features that streamline school administration, communication, reporting and analytics, as well as admissions. From school event scheduling and bus route management to curriculum design and progress report filing, this software covers it all.  
  2. Progressive Instructional Practices. Like other institutions, schools must keep up with the changing times. To help you merge traditional and progressive instructional practices, Alma is equipped with customizable tools, so you may modify it according to the standards of your organization. I
  3. Seamless Integrations. Looking for ways to centralize lectures or make resources available to your students at all times? Alma integrates with Google Classroom. This way, you can combine the powerful administration and management tools offered by Google with the easy-to-use interface of this LMS solution.

16. LearnUpon

Introduced in 2012, LearnUpon is a learning management system solution created to make eLearning simple and easy to access. Trusted by over 800 customers and partners worldwide, this platform boasts a 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, and all-inclusive eLearning features. To start implementing an LMS through LearnUpon, just pick from their three monthly payment plans that are billed annually or inquire about their quote-based enterprise subscription package.

What is unique about LearnUpon?

  1. Clean, No-Fuss Design. No educator or learner would want to waste time on learning how an LMS platform works. This is one of the main reasons why the creators of LearnUpon designed it in a way that makes it quick to set up, easy to use, scalable, and secure. It has a fast and modern interface that is responsive across different types of devices as well.  
  2. Salesforce Integration. Combine your LMS tasks with your CRM workflow to reduce time spent on administrative duties. LearnUpon seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, so you can give employees direct access to this platform from within your CRM organization.
  3. Global Customer Support. LearnUpon treats all of their customers as partners, hence, they want you to maximize your use of their platform. To do this, they have a global support team on standby for you 24/7. This team is comprised of experienced professionals who are adept in LMS implementation, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

17. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a multi-awarded learning management system built to deliver and monitor self-paced lessons in a singular platform. Offering an HTML5-based user interface and intuitive features, this software is a highly configurable solution to effortlessly assemble and automate training courses. It also enables learners to access content on desktop and mobile devices, making it a convenient option for companies with employees who are always on-the-go. To start customizing your learning portal, request a quote from Absorb LMS’ representatives today.

What is unique about Absorb LMS?

  1. Stellar Platform Interface. Packed with powerful features, Absorb LMS’ multi-purpose platform is one of the reasons why this software was chosen as part of our top 20 LMS solutions for small business list. It offers tools that can create sophisticated online courses, support custom integrations, and allow system configurations. With these as part of your LMS arsenal, you will surely be able to create stellar portals and top-notch courses that your participants will enjoy.
  2. Flexible eCommerce Feature. Does your organization have learning materials from previous courses that may be of value to other professionals? Perhaps you are looking for ways to earn extra money for your company? With Absorb LMS’ flexible eCommerce feature, you can enable learners outside of your company to purchase courses in bundles or individually. To make transactions easy, this feature supports over 70 payment gateways as well as helps with pricing and inventories.
  3. Mercury Module. If you want specialized tools to make your courses more learning-centric, you can also purchase Absorb LMS with an optional add-on called Mercury Module. This integration can help you enrich learning portals with news articles, press releases, and company blogs as well as add social media tiles to your site. You may even encourage friendly competition among participants through their leaderboard features.

18. Minitab

Minitab is a statistical software that also provides process improvement solutions and offers quality training courses. Known for providing smart data analysis to resolve different business problems, this application also consists of convenient tools that streamline workflow and boost operations. Among its key features include data importing and manipulation, real-time insights, process mapping, and project roadmap plotting. With their different quote-based enterprise payment plans, you will surely be able to find the module that suits your business best.

What is unique about Minitab?

  1. Dependable Minitab Assistant. Dealing with numbers can be intimidating. To work around this issue, the Minitab software has a built-in Assistant that guides you through the entire data analysis process. From choosing the ideal statistical tool to assessing numerical information to interpreting findings, this Assistant will be by your side every step of the way. It can even provide detailed reports that you may easily understand and export for record-keeping.
  2. Effortless Data Sharing and Presentation. Having comprehensive statistics and detailed reports to analyze is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to any business. It is also important to relay the results of your analysis to partners, employees, and other stakeholders. To do this, Minitab provides effortless data sharing and presentation tools within the software.
  3. Quality Training Courses. This statistical software solution may be integrated with a training module with courses covering different topics. Whether you are conducting eLearning programs on descriptive statistics, ANOVA, statistical inference, hypothesis testing, or process capabilities, you can count on Minitab to have references and training material ready for your perusal.

19. PowerSchool

An online education platform trusted by over 100,000,000 users, PowerSchool has over 20 years of experience in learning innovation. The first web-based student information system, this platform was created to change the way educators and learners interact through intuitive user interface and mobile apps. Built for small, medium-sized, and large businesses, PowerSchool can be accessed via Windows, Mac, or internet browsers. Should you be interested in choosing this platform for your business, just contact their representatives and request for a quote on their enterprise payment plans.

What is unique about PowerSchool?

  1. Unified Classroom Platform. PowerSchool has a history of leading the education technology industry, and their expertise shows in the quality of their product. With their software’s unified classroom platform, you can integrate SIS, LMS, and assessment solutions without fuss so you can get better insight into student data and focus on making better curriculum decisions.
  2. Best-in-Class Analytics Tools. Other than having an intuitive platform, PowerSchool also offers best-in-class analytics tools. The software is equipped with a longitudinal data system that provides comparative analysis on long-term academic performance, attendance, and other factors contributing to a student’s progress. This makes it easier for educators to identify areas of weaknesses and determine when to provide additional support for a student.
  3. Impressive Capabilities and APIs. This platform is a configurable software solution that aims to assist in implementing diverse learning methods. This is why it employs a secure yet open architecture that allows users to merge an extensive set of integrations to their learning portal according to the needs of students, teachers, and administrators.

When it comes to cloud-based school management, Gradelink is one of the best possible software solutions out there. Used by preschools, K-12 schools, districts, and dioceses, this platform provides a suite of comprehensive tools that tackle administrative processes, academic operations, and more. To make this platform even more handy, you may access it on any desktop and mobile device. For subscription packages, they offer monthly payment plans that range from $84 to $526 depending on the number of students you need to enroll into the system. They also have a premium package option that is available by quote.

What is unique about Gradelink?

  1. Student and Parent Access. Transparency is important when it comes to tracking a student’s academic performance. Bridge the gap between parents and educators through Gradelink. The software’s student and parent access feature allows you to kick your progress reports into high gear by giving both students and parents regular updates on homeworks, deadlines, grades, attendance, and more.
  2. School News and Teacher Pages. Communicating important happenings in a class or in a school can be a handful. Simplify this task by utilizing Gradelink’s school news and teacher pages. These features allow you to compose eye-catching and well-constructed announcements as well as have the content embedded on your site for everyone to see. On top of that, you can reinforce this feature using their email blast tool and calendar application.
  3. Aggregate Reporting Option. Are you handling multiple schools within a particular district or diocese? If that’s the case, then you know how complicated and time-consuming it is to collate reports coming from different sources. To help you make the process easier, Gradelink offers on-demand access to aggregate reporting options. Through these tools, you can view, merge, and manage all the data you need from different schools with the click of a button.
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  • Ted says:

    I have been using TalentLMS among with my colleagues and we like it so much because of how dynamic the tool is.

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