10 Best Business Process Management Tools

Bpm'Online: No. 1 BPM Tool


Business Process Management (or BPM) is a method that looks at a business as a collection of practices or workflows. BPM software helps companies to create, track, and optimize their business processes. You can use the solution to get full visibility into your organization. It helps you to discover, automate, and improve your business processes continuously to reduce costs and boost efficiency and productivity.

There are scores of good quality BPM tools available in the market. This makes it hard to choose a suitable one for your special needs. We help you out by listing the best business process management software tools as selected by our review team based on their main features, benefits and other key elements. We are sure you can find the right platform among them for your business.

1. bpm’online studio

Our B2B software review team is highly impressed with bpm’online studio functionality and has awarded it the highest score among all the apps in the BPM software category. The vendor offers a convenient free trial that lets you check whether the app is fit for your requirements. You can easily sign up for bpm’online studio free trial here.

What makes bpm’online studio the undisputed leader in the BPM software category? To start, it is a complete BPM suite that allows users to test, improve, and manage their operations, and adjust them to the changing business environment. The package is cloud hosted and compatible with mobile devices which makes it easy to track changes and adjust to them even on the go. The features are process driven which gives users access to industry best practices and enables them to apply the practices to enhance operational management. The best part is the system is user-friendly, and even lay users can get the hang of it in quick time.

You can use bpm’online studio’s extensive and configurable APIs to integrate it with the business apps you already use. The platform integrates seamlessly with a range of email, CRM, ecommerce, ERP and social networking solutions including leading providers such as Twitter, Microsoft, Google and more. Another great feature is the excellent customer support offered by the vendor whose friendly and knowledgeable agents are available on multiple channels to resolve your queries promptly. Finally, you can make use of the well-stocked knowledge base that hosts hundreds of training materials and resources to help all users.

2. Nintex

Nintex is an online provider of workflow automation solutions for leading companies. In fact, Nintex is regarded by many industry watchers as the world’s leading workflow company. It automates processes between widely used enterprise collaboration platforms and content management systems, connecting cloud as well as on-premise workflows and mobile users. In short, the application helps companies to automate their business processes easily and quickly.

We are impressed that Nintex helps to streamlines processes in a simple and fast manner. You can integrate content and empower your employees regardless of their location. The design is people-driven and the app improves business processes – from simple to elaborate ones. To sum up, the app helps you to use content effectively by routing it in the best way to appropriate recipients.


TIBCO BPM is a popular BPM platform that enables digital businesses to coordinate their processes, context, people, and actions to improve business results. Companies can make their processes flexible to react to changing business events in real time. The app meets all the BPM needs of enterprises and helps them to go beyond automation to digitalize their processes and operations.

We are impressed that TIBCO BPM offers full visibility into your business processes. It provides smart work and resource management dashboards that let you track work, resource, and process details which can help you to find answers to pressing issues and problems to improve your planning. Plus, you can use the dashboards to track the success metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) of your processes to monitor service level agreements (SLAs), follow progress towards business objectives, and ensure the processes are effective and efficient.


KiSSFlow is a solution that helps users to easily design, create, and customize business apps. The vendor offers a lightweight approach to BPM and users can allot the task of creating workflows to those who understand the issues well.

The best part about KiSSFlow is it comes with a range of pre-installed business apps such as vendor payment, mileage reimbursement, purchase orders, employee onboarding and more. You can either install these apps and edit them according to your needs, or you can build your own from scratch. Each business app includes a form to capture data, a workflow with a sequence of human and system tasks, notifications, and reports.

5. Intuit QuickBase

Intuit QuickBase is a user-friendly app that is designed to help businesses create an efficient and organized database for improved collaboration and output. The application is very flexible and can be easily adapted to any work atmosphere.

QuickBase offers more than 700 productivity applications that can be customized to boost business workflow and processes. The best part is you don’t have to be a coding expert to create apps for your business needs. Plus, you can share data and create interactive reports with just a few clicks.

You can get more things done with your team members as you collaborate in the cloud. On top of that, you can accelerate work processes by automating essential operations. Finally, the vendor offers flexible pricing packages and you are charged only for what you use.

6. aMember

aMember is specifically designed for companies that sell digital downloads and products such as images, audio files, software, and eBooks. The system offers a range of capabilities and features to help these businesses handle their subscriptions, accept payments, and deliver their products easily to customers.

aMember is a simple yet flexible membership management app that enables straightforward web-based administration and offers easy access to users. The system integrates seamlessly with shipping apps (ShippingCart), content management solutions (WordPress), and popular payment gateways (Stripe, 2CheckOut, Paypal). Finally, aMember also comes with a full-featured affiliate module and an integrated helpdesk.

 7. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is an online builder that enables users to easily develop apps. The system comes with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and a range of customization tools. You can use these features to create custom apps and workflows for your data collection, and set up effective rules to expand your business. The best part is this feature-rich solution is easy to use even if you don’t have any technical skills.

What are the benefits of Zoho Creator? To start, it is a product from the Zoho stable which means the infrastructure is in place and you don’t need to worry about upgrades, backups, uptime, or security. Second, it is a pay-as-you-go service and there are no long-term contracts. Plus, you can access the app from anywhere, anytime. It is a flexible platform you can use to build databases over the web. Finally, the hosting infrastructure is secure, scalable, and highly available.

8. CommandHound

CommandHound is a BPM solution that can streamline and automate workflows, compliance processes and projects and tasks to help you run the business more efficiently and bring down operational costs. It can help managers and team leaders keep track of team activities and, conversely, hold employees to be more accountable of their outputs and deadlines.

For example, it enables the IT team to implement a security management system by making all stakeholders responsible for their tasks to meet auditing and certification protocols. Likewise, HR is kept in the loop of new regulatory policies and comply with new rules using a process-driven approach aided by a BPM system like CommandHound. The software is also used by project managers to monitor tasks and deadlines and anticipate bottlenecks before they obstruct the road to the goal.

The BPM/task management system also features business intelligence that helps you analyze the best routes for processes with granular visibility on how things move at the ground level.

9. Infince

Infince is designed for enterprises and organizations that desire total control over their operations and processes. This cloud-based business process management software simplifies one’s technology needs by providing users with the capability to handle their operations, define workflows, access all essential applications, store and share files, and others from within a single virtual environment. Basically, the software has all the essentials to help small businesses handle its daily operations while keeping costs minimal. It also features chat, video meetings, calendar management, email, collaboration and sharing tools, and application administration, among others.

Infince provides users with their very own cloud infrastructure and equips employees with a feature-packed virtual desktop. This software can run on any device, making it a perfect solution for virtual employees who need to communicate and access crucial information on the go.


QUALITYWEB 360 offers a number of modules designed for managing specific document processes. It has modules for complete document management for staff recruitment, improvement projects, customer complaints, training requests, staff evaluation, KPIs, and others. All modules are quite user-friendly, making it simple for all employees to take advantage of all capabilities of QUALITYWEB 360.

QUALITYWEB 360 bundles its modules in various pricing packages. The basic monthly package includes 3 modules, while the premium option has all 15 modules. It supports an unlimited amount of users regardless of the plan you choose, making it a great choice for companies that have a sizable workforce.

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