Top 10 Marketing Software Systems

Marketing software is used by the marketing departments of companies to market actively on various web channels including email, websites, social networks, etc., and to automate daily tasks. The main benefit here is this type of software allows you to personalize diverse marketing campaigns. There are three main types of marketing software: advanced workflow automation, marketing intelligence, and marketing automation. The essential features of marketing software are: analytics, team collaboration, phone call tracking, social media marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, and email marketing. Marketing solutions can be used by companies of all sizes and in all sectors, and they are most welcome in small-scale teams that wish to simplify the process of running challenging marketing campaigns. We created this article to help you choose the most suitable marketing solution for your company, which may not always be an easy choice considering how many different products are out there. Read on and check out the top marketing software systems selected by our SaaS experts.

1. Infusionsoft – Score 9.4/10

After a lot of scrutinizing tests of the top marketing software systems, our B2B software experts have chosen Infusionsoft as the leading product in this category. Our final test evaluated it with the highest SmartScore of 9.4/10 based on its main features. The product also got an impressive user satisfaction rating of 97% clearly showing that most users are very positive about their experience with Infusionsoft. Our review team was in fact so much impressed with the software that we have decided to give it two of our industry awards which are the Expert’s Choice Award for 2015 and the Great User Experience Award. In addition to the excellent features, the vendor also offers flexible pricing plans and a convenient free trial to help you try out the system’s features at no cost.

Currently more than 23,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft to save time, get organized, and improve sales. The app is designed exclusively for small business. Whether your store is internet-based, on a physical street, or a service that’s on the go, the software can help. You can use the solution to automate repetitive tasks and to map out the steps of your marketing and sales strategy. The system can help you to enrich leads, build lasting personal relationships with customers, and more. Infusionsoft also enables you to centralize all daily activities and customer interactions in a single place. You can gain new leads and convert them into customers, sell more on the internet and collect payment using a single centralized system, and boost your productivity.

In terms of benefits, there is a lot to say about Infusionsoft that can’t, nevertheless, be said about that many marketing systems. The distinctive advantage that has to be praised first is that it brings together opportunity, order, inventory, and marketing management in a single system, one that the user could even put in action for publishing content and automating successful campaigns. Satisfied users have shared in numerous occasions that Infusionsoft is a most-reliable choice for scoring and distributing leads, and reporting on them on top of that. Our experts couldn’t agree more, being aware of the power of Infusionsoft’s unique scoring tool.

2. HasOffers – Score 9.3/10

HasOffers got a total SmartScore of 9.3/10 in our test and its user satisfaction rating is currently at 96%. HasOffers by TUNE is a performance marketing system designed for creating your own mobile and/or desktop ad network. It supports networks, agencies, and advertisers in need of a customizable solution to manage their direct publisher relationships. The software enables users to manage campaigns, creatives, and publishers, produce invoices, calculate payouts and more in real time.

It takes less than a minute to set up and start your custom performance advertising system. Top desktop and mobile networks use HasOffers to measure, track, and manage thousands of publishers. You can seamlessly integrate desktop and mobile data. Plus, you can track devices, platforms, metrics and more. Users can get insight into the purchase process. To top it all, the vendor guarantees 99.9999% tracking uptime.

Compared to our current frontrunner Infusionsoft, HasOffers does more than what is usually perceived as ‘holding a candle to the leader’ in the software industries. There are many hints that confirm HasOffers needs to be given a chance, and tracking is only one of them. Our experts, for instance, recommend interested users to pay attention to the Ad Manager in charge of optimizing campaigns, the Offer Exchange feature for promotions and special offers, Fraud Score for detection of irregularities, and many similar features. They warn, however, the HasOffer is more suitable for midmarket businesses and enterprise-grade users than it is for small startups.

3. Moz – Score 9.3/10

Moz has been given a total SmartScore of 9.3/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is currently at 97%. Moz is a popular SEO app provider that uses both basic and advanced research tools to improve your search engine optimization. The software offers link analysis, a SEO keyword generator, and keyword research tools to provide detailed data on your link quality and inbound links.

Moz offers a vast range of research tools. The vendor provides tutorials to help you enhance your SEO program and understand more about SEO strategies. Moz also offers top SEO tools under one roof and provides the knowledge and resources needed to use them effectively. Small businesses can use this app to efficiently attract traffic to their website. 

The shining moment of this app is in fact competitive analysis, which is sometimes overlooked even by leading marketing systems. In the Moz case, users can keep a close eye on the most prominent competitors in their industry with a specifically developed Open Site Explorer web crawler. What the system does here is to collect relevant information, monitor competitor’s rankings, and link whatever metrics to them in order to get an edge on the search result page. Considering its price, and taking a look on its integrations, Moz is a great choice for smart marketing featured by smart analytics.

4. Cyfe – Score 9.2/10

Cyfe received a total SmartScore of 9.2/10 and its current user satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. It is an all-in-one dashboard application that helps users analyze and monitor data scattered across all their online services like Google Analytics. You can use the software to provide smart and robust dashboards to your clients and employees while Cyfe dashboards can assist you in keeping your clients in the loop and allow them to view data in real time. This means you can easily reduce the number of reports you send to your clients.

Other benefits of Cyfe include unlimited users, CSV and Excel data dashboards, high quality customization options for dashboards, a good number of data sources, as well as affordable rates and value for investment. You can use the software to monitor all your marketing channels like SEO, SEM, social media, web analytics, email marketing, and more. You can also monitor individual business units, multiple websites, and more using dashboards.

5. KISSmetrics – Score 9.2/10

KISSmetrics has been awarded a total SmartScore of 9.2/10 and customer satisfaction rating is at 93%. It is a robust platform that helps users determine, monitor, and improve the metrics that are important for their business. The software helps you convert the data into actionable insights so that you can create effective marketing strategies and boost existing marketing practices.

KISSmetrics offers highly flexible custom data plus a simple API. It focuses primarily on people, tracks customer trends and shifts, and provides users with useful interpretations. The system also tracks each visitor’s activities and visits before they turn into a customer. It uses deep tracking to give you great insights, enabling you to understand your customers better even before they make the purchase decision.

6. AWeber – Score 9.2/10

AWeber got a SmartScore of 9.2/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is currently a perfect 100%. It is a great platform for email marketing and offers a rich feature set and high quality autoresponders. The software helps companies to automate the process of delivering personalized and professionally designed emails and targeted messages to their clients, and also send follow-up emails based on a schedule. This enables businesses to establish a close relationship with prospects and enhance the bonds with existing clients.

AWeber is popular among email marketers as it offers top rate autoresponders that make customer interaction and engagement easy. The system also integrates smoothly with leading business apps such as WordPress, LeadPages, PayPal, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. The vendor delivers prompt and responsive customer support with knowledgeable and professional agents.

7. Similarweb Pro – Score 9.2/10

Similarweb Pro has been given a SmartScore of 9.2/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 98% at the moment. It is a worldwide leader in the fields of web measurement and online competitive intelligence. The tool uses a big international online panel to develop website analytics features that enable you to view traffic stats for all of your websites. This allows you to look at traffic acquisition strategies for various websites simultaneously.

The app’s insights help analysts, publishers, marketers, and companies review their performance against competitors. By helping them to compare website traffic, SimilarWeb Pro helps organizations find new ways to improve their traffic and new growth opportunities to boost their audience. Top brands that use this software include eBay, PayPal, and Taboola.

8. WebEngage – Our Score: 8.9/10

WebEngage is a cloud-based marketing platform that enables B2C companies to achieve and maximize total cross-channel communication, segmentation, and personalization based on thoroughly threshed real-time data. This marketing automation platform boasts enterprise-grade capabilities and features and helps B2C enterprises improve user retention.

Live segmentation enables WebEngage users to group and target prospects with the highest probability to convert. Cross-channel communication with target messaging capabilities and deep data personalization help deliver coherent and relevant messages for higher and better retention.

WebEngage provides users with a Journey Designer feature that enables them to create visualizations of campaigns, specifically target customers, and put all marketing efforts on autopilot.

9. Aritic PinPoint – Our Score: 8.5/10

Aritic Pinpoint

Aritic PinPoint is comprehensive all-in-one marketing automation designed specifically for digital marketing teams of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). It comes with a powerful, rich set of features that allow users to forge and maintain fruitful relationships with their leads, streamline their marketing campaigns via automation and transform leads into paying customers effortlessly.

Its throng of features includes email marketing automation, lead tracking, lead scoring, marketing campaign builder, social media marketing, A/B testing, and website tracking among others. Integrations with leading business systems, social media channels, and eCommerce platforms like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more, further simplifies and accelerates all processes, helping users achieve their goals, improve business sales, and grow their client base.

10. LeadBI – Our Score: 8.0/10

LeadBI made it to our top ten list for its simple yet important role in helping businesses discover new traffic; thus, generate more leads for conversion. A proprietary algorithm allows you to drill down to details about your anonymous web visitors’ every interaction with your site. This ability helps you sort the most promising leads and boost your lead volume rate in the process.
Your sales team can leverage the data generated by LeadBI to fine tune their pitch and match product with customer needs. They can base customer interest on page visits, other web visits and possible past interactions with your company. Likewise, the solution lets you see web visitors as they come in and even note those who are checking your products. You can instantly engage them with relevant content or buzz them with special deals as you deem fit.
You can also use the software’s Form, anonymous tracking and one-to-one emails to gather information and automatatically send emails, coupons or special rates to high-value visitors.
Other features worth using inclue profile companies, leadscore and detailed reports. The software also features a Wordpress plugin and Chrome extension.

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