20 Best Email Marketing Software Solutions of 2018

HubSpot: No. 1 Marketing Tool


Depending on how you’ve chosen to look at technology developments, you may find reaching out to customers way easier than before. And you’d be right too, as helpful tools alike email and social media are used in conjunction to spread messages across all geographies. Nonetheless, with email marketing no longer being done by the book, marketers are becoming more challenged to wrap up a working strategy.

What fuels the success of mobile marketing?

Social media platforms have a dozen distinctive advantages in the marketing world, and enjoy an overwhelming gratitude for having substituted dysfunctional traditional campaigns. Still, email marketing remains the method that produces the highest return of investment (122%) in this sector, and the one that generates the most confidence and reliability among customers. If you still don’t have an effective email marketing software by hand, 2017 is the right time to look for it.

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According to a study on the benefits of email marketing, promotional emails are preferred by more than 90% off US adults. The same study concluded that email marketing strategies are approximately 40% more effective than promoting on Facebook and Twitter, and that despite of social platforms being the masters of non-formal approach, emailing clients does make marketing as personal as you need it.

The preferred tools of B2B marketers in 2017

What are the reasons to use email marketing software?

These tools build and enhance credibility, and make people like you, trust you, and check your services even when they don’t need them. They expand your reach on multiple geographies and demographics at a time, and help sell to audiences who may as well never have heard of your product, even on a mobile device. They are your safe two-way street for learning what customers need, and for strengthening relationships with them, as well as a chance to present yourself in a professional light regardless of how well you’re doing. That’d be a bit tougher to achieve on a social platform.

Email reading statistics

Besides, today’s best email marketing tools are the only products that allow bulk distribution of personalized content, and are thus a powerful arm to reengage existing customers. To help you find one that works for you, we’ve listed the 20 best email marketing tools for small, medium, and large businesses, with a detailed overview of how they can be helpful to you.

Top Email Marketing Software

1. HubSpot Marketing

What HubSpot has to offer it’s an all-in-one, first-in-class marketing suite for inbound marketers and teams, where email marketing features tell only a part of the story. Behind the scenes, HotSpot will automate most of your vital marketing operations, put in place adept social media management, and make sure you generate as much demand for your products as you need. This makes it the leader of our Marketing Software category, with a score of 9.0/10, and a user satisfaction rate of incredible 99%.

To start with, HubSpot will help you prepare and optimize promotional content, and place it in front of the right audiences. Meanwhile, you will find it much easier to engage those audiences given that your messages are highly personalized, and adjusted to the persona and expectations of the future consumer. It is at this point that HubSpot Marketing takes over the entire purchase journey, allowing you to organize drip campaigns and queue up a series of emails that keep your leads engaged until they buy. Due to its integration with HubSpot CRM, the platform will also record valuable customer information, and pull out stats you can use to report on your impact. To make the entire process even more interesting for your team, HubSpot Marketing will allow you to design your own web pages and attract targeted traffic towards them, optimize content for search engines, and turn your sales management into a hands-off operation.

What is unique about HubSpot Marketing?

  1. End-to-end control over your campaigns and workflows. HubSpot Marketing is a compact solution that will let you design your own workflows, prepare, format, and publish content, and seamlessly integrate contact profiles and information to make the most of your campaigns.
  2. Powerful lead evaluation. In its role of a robust marketing funnel, HubSpot Marketing collects and imports valuable contacts from a variety of sources, and lets you move them to the appropriate stage. At the same time, it evaluates them based on demographics and behavior, scores and nurtures them, and packs all important traffic data in understandable visuals.
  3. Versatile email marketing. With HubSpot Marketing, you can create both static and dynamic HTML messages, customize them in accordance with your customers’ persona and behavior factors you believe could give you the response you want.
  4. Social intelligence. Rather than focusing solely on email marketing, HubSpot Marketing governs and tracks activities on social media, and provides valuable intelligence on your most qualified leads. Instead of preparing content and posting it separately on each platform, you can now manage all of them from a single dashboard.
  5. Easy landing page builder. HubSpot Marketing has one of the easiest and most intuitive landing page builders, and requires no coding skills at all. You can use any of the system’s beautiful and ready-to-use templates, or draft one of your own.
  6. SEO optimized content. HubSpot Marketing does not only help post and distribute content, but also prepares it to make it more accessible to interested audiences. For the purpose, it will let you work with a keyword filter and other modern SEO tools, and ensure you’re one step ahead of your competitors.
  7. Integration with other HubSpot products. The ideal target team for HubSpor Marketing is one that already employs the platform’s CRM or Sales services, as the three products are completely synchronized, and let data flow seamlessly from one to the other.

2. RedCappi

RedCappi is another of our leading email marketing apps, and the role model of successful new comers in the productivity software industry. With its functionality packed in a cute interface you’d certainly remember,  RedCappi attracted the attention of numerous small and medium agencies, but also sole marketers looking to manage a larger database of customers and contacts. What they all liked about the app is its unparalleled simplicity. There is also a great free trial available if you want to try out the key features of the software first. You can easily sign up for RedCappi free trial here.

What makes RedCappi truly valuable is not only how it manages the contacts you have, but rather its role in enlarging that list. The tool lets you create catchy web signup forms with only few clicks, and imposes no restrictions to as where you can embed those. You can drag-and-drop images, icons, coupons, and even videos to make your emails more attractive, and track with ease who opened them or who subscribed/unsubscribed from using your services. In such way, RedCappi exposes the reasons for risky bounce rates, and does so much cheaper than acquiring a business intelligence service to complete the task. As expected, the platform will deliver just enough stats and analytic capacity to measure the progress of each campaign.

What is unique about RedCappi?

  1. Launching creative campaigns. RedCappi offers one of the easiest campaign creators on the market, where you can either prepare your own content, or modify any of its beautiful templates. For the purpose, you will only need to drag-and-drop the desired elements on the template, including text, images, social media icons, and coupons.
  2. One-to-one contact management. RedCappi won’t only collect your contacts, but also keeping them interested and engaged. With a variety of modern tools, RedCappi helps marketers personalize communication with their leads, and segment those lists in a way they deem appropriate.
  3. Lead capturing. Using RedCappi, you can create forms and embed them on your website to get new leads, including both the mandatory and the custom fields you need to familiarize with your customers. The tool will also allow you to confirm submissions with emails and thank-you pages, or by simply adding subscribers to your conversion lists.
  4. Management of social interactions. RedCappi plays an important role in enlarging your customer list, and generates new ones from the social networks where you’ve posted your email  campaigns. In this way, you can raise brand awareness, boost customer loyalty, and share content with wide audiences before they’ve even visited your store.
  5. Real-time insights. RedCappi provides insights that help understand which practices work the best, and which customers are more likely to buy. You can use the same system to compare the progress of different campaigns, and make smarter decisions.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is probably the world’s best known email marketing service, and for a good reason. Rather than helping you keep the pile of contacts and partners organized, MailChimp makes sure that you will shed some professional light on your brand, and sell more regardless of how far your marketing career has progressed. It ease of use is easily comparable to the one of RedCappi, and the functions of the two systems are quite similar as well. The plus-factor on MailChimp’s side would be its robust experience in the area, and the number of satisfied users who believe they’d perform much weaker without it.

What is it that makes MailChimp special? Explained in the simplest way, MailChimp let’s you prepare email campaigns that look just the way you’ve imagined. There is little you can’t tweak to convey the exact message you have in mind, which consequently dictates how viewers interact with your news, services, and products. The same as with RedCappi, you can drag-and-drop items to design suitable signup forms, and embed those on different locations.

What is unique about MailChimp?

  1. A faithful campaign building assistant. MailChimp is the tool that collates all necessary tools and sources for you  to build campaigns that genuinely convey your messages. Next to the fully featured content editor and endless choice of suitable templates, MailChimp will also provide you with learning materials, tests, and experts’ assistance.
  2. End-to-end automation for online sellers. MailChimp’s main role is to ensure that you will reach the right audiences at the right time, and in line with their needs, preferences, and expectations. With this system, you will only need a single API request to segment contacts and trigger a custom series of emails, and report separately on each of them.
  3. Advanced analytics. MailChimp keeps an eye on your website and sales activity, and drafts all types of standard reports that can help you refine your future campaigns.
  4. Ad campaigns on social media. Using MailChimp, you will be able to organize ad campaigns on social media (Facebook and Instagram), and simplify sales processes for your customers.
  5. Mobile apps. MailChimp comes with specially adjusted mobile apps for different devices, where users can prepare and send campaigns, check on their reports, or add notes as they usually do when in the office. This way, MailChimp helps enhance the productivity of decentralized and remote.

4. AWeber

AWeber is one of the top performing enterprise-friendly email management solutions trusted and relied on by over 100,000 users worldwide. It provides an array of interaction management functions packed in a well-structured marketing story that simply takes you from introduction to purchase with minimal effort. It starts by preparing highly personalized and engaging emails on plain-text and HTML editors, and setting up automated series so that you will keep customers interested regardless of their current status. Its industry-leading deliverability is a guarantee that you can reach the audiences that matter, be those local buyers or international customers. Another thing to appreciate about AWeber are its streamlined integrations with leading productivity systems, including names such as PayPal, WordPress, Facebook, and many more.

What is unique about AWeber?

  1. Scheduled and automated emailing. With AWeber, users can automate all of their campaigns and send emails to tagged and targeted subscribers. Emails can be scheduled and bulk-sent automatically, and customers can be reengaged with drip campaigns.
  2. Subscriber segmentation. AWeber targets your subscribers depending on their behavior and actions, and uses this info to segment them in suitable categories.
  3. Autorepsonder follow up. AWeber helps you turn casual subscribers into paying customers, by setting a simple sequence of emails and keeping the audience engaged with welcome series, product launch series, and customer onboarding sequences.
  4. First-in-class customer support. The company deploys a team of email marketing professionals who are highly knowledgeable, responsive, and effective. For those who are new to email marketing, AWeber offers regular live webinars for added instruction and training.
  5. All of your favorite integrations. AWeber connects seamlessly with more than 100 third-party applications and services, which means you can use it in conjunction with the rest of your ecosystem. The list of integrations includes OptinMonster, Interact, Unbounce, and many others.

5. GetResponse

For many experts in the niche, GetResponse defines in both form and function how a truly successful email marketing software should look like. From our perspective, it may as well be qualified as the most visual tool of its breed, and one that offers premium quality on a price even SMBs can afford. GetResponse is most recommended for the neat combination of different marketing functionalities, as the same platform can be put in action to create and deliver compelling emails, organize marketing webinars, publish highly-converting landing pages, and automate your customers’ journey depending on what they need and how they behave. This makes AWeber a very compact and intelligent solution for all industries, especially those depending on direct communication with end customers. Hosted in cloud, AWeber won’t be a burden to set up and maintain, and results will be visible almost immediately.

What is unique about GetResponse?

  1. Powerful content design. Regardless of how much your email strategy has improved, GetResponse will help reinvent it in only few steps. For starters, you have unlimited design possibilities to produce engaging content, 500 ready-to-use templates, and 1,000 free stock images. Dynamic ads that include contact info and custom details can be controlled with the mobile preview function, and distributed among users in the right time.
  2. Autopilot marketing communication. What users appreciate the most about GetResponse is the possibility to schedule emails, and trigger autoresponders for their client messages. They can use a handy drag-and-drop organizer to manage also their e-courses, customer tips, and other educational cycles.
  3. Advanced segmentation features. Regardless of how many contacts you need to manage, GetResponse builds lists and promotes engagement with ease. You can group similar contacts in lists and categories, and send relevant and highly personalized messages.
  4. Perfect timing. Perfect timing is a dedicated delivery optimization feature you can use to send messages when customers are most active, and prepare only content you know they’d be interested in. The Time Travel feature, on the other hand, tracks delivery, and makes sure that messages are promptly distributed with time zones considered.
  5. Real-time activity tracking. GetResponse is also an excellent alternative for analytics, given that it provides you with a bird-eye-watch on all contacts and interactions, and compares the success of your campaigns completely independently.

6. SendGrid

SendGrid is another system that specializes in streamlined email deliverability. With an absolutely free signup, 40k  free emails per month, a 5-minute process of setup and integration, and reliable support, SendGrid represents a moneyworth investment in the definite sense of that phrase.

At first sight, SendGrid reminds of a fully featured digital asset designer, as it offers a large suite of content modification tools that give it a competitive edge in this industry. Basically, SendGrid is the way to go for all creative marketers who’d like to offer users modern and unique content. Yet, this is not where SendGrid ceases its mission – The suite consists of quality IP streams governed by 30+ deliverability experts, which makes it possible to reach and engage the right customers at any point of time. It also offers one of the best analytic kits you can use to create email success reports, IPS, device, and geography summaries.

What is unique about SendGrid?

  1. Transactional email management. SendGrid provides cloud-based email delivery services that assist companies with transactional email management while at the same time abiding by anti-spam regulations. The tool manages various types of email such as friend requests, shipping notifications, email newsletters, and sign-up confirmations.
  2. Master of scalability and deliverability. Known as the most scalable and restrictions-free email management system, SendGrid has proven being able to deliver a huge volume of email effectively. Currently, the app sends 4,190 emails per second.
  3. Security and monitoring. Committed to anti-spam laws and regulations, SendGrid will support the professionalism and good reputation of your service with tools such as Internet service provider (ISP) monitoring, sender policy framework (SPF), domain keys, and feedback loops.
  4. Integrations with leading mailbox providers. SendGrid’s development team has fostered close relationships with all leading mailbox providers – Gmail, Yahoo and Together they work with SendGrid via an industry association called MAAWG – the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group to fight spam, phishing, denial of service attacks, mobile spam and other forms of email abuse.
  5. Dedicated customer support. SendGrid offers 24/7 customer support and a dedicated team of customer success managers who deliver personalized support and guidance to its customers. Available via phone, chat, and email, SendGrid’s team of 25 technically trained.

7. Mailjet

Mailjet is Europe’s favorite email marketing tool that offers solutions for both marketers and developers, as well as enterprise-grade teams. Its highlight is, as the company likes to put it, business class & transactional email sending, namely the preparation and distribution of personalized and optimized emails that help sell more. Wiith Mailjet, you will receive a dedicated IP address to stay in full control of your sender reputation, an intuitive and comprehensive editor (Passport) for your emails, A/B tests on calls-to-action and comparison of the performance of your campaign, and SMTP Relay to send transaction emails and track customers with ease. During the process, you will have the peace of mind that Mailjet has handled all contact management operations, and that there is always a marketing expert on the other side of the line ready to assist you.

What is unique about Mailjet?

  1. Customer-oriented dynamic messaging. Mailjet allows you to customize dynamic content, blending the variables different for every user such as location, surfing habits or name etc. That’s how you attract every customer’s attention towards your marketing campaign.
  2. No-spam guarantees. Mailjet enhances deliverability, and ensures that no message you send will end up lost or stuck inside the Spam folder. The reason for that is that your correspondence and customer relationships are managed by a team of experts and marketing professionals.
  3. MJLM and Passport Responsive email builder. Mailjet helps you create beautiful and fully optimized content, and hand it out to particular groups of users. The systems’s Send APIs are quick and reliable, and make it possible to automate welcome messages, account notifications, and shipping confirmations.
  4. Newsletter templates. Mailjet comes with a unique library of pre-made newsletter templates which you can edit and personalize using the Passport content builder.
  5. SMTP Servers & REST API. You can use Mailjet’s SMTP Service and REST API to import contacts, and communicate with clients on as many platforms as you need. The company offers comprehensive documentation to help you connect the system independently.

8. Campaign Monitor

Another brand in the industry that you should definitely consider is Campaign Monitor, a powerful email marketing and automation system designed for personalized campaigns. The system is robust, yet instantly understandable, and easy to tailor so that you can achieve the exact business results you need. Inside, you will find a number of beautiful and fully-functional templates you can easily edit and repurpose, and track the success of your campaigns regardless of the device you’re using. Campaign Monitor lets you organize email data and use its list management tools to create segments and target the audiences you need, as well as to test and optimize those segments until you’ve created the pitch perfect material for your customers. To make matters even better, Campaign Monitor will report in real time how customers are interacting with your email, and be of great help to decide which part of your campaign is not progressing well.

What is unique about Campaign Monitor?

  1. An effective DIY email builder & optimizer. Campaign Monitor’s drag-and-drop email builder offers a range of professionally-designed templates that you can use to create your own branded and unique emails that will look wonderful on any device. The app’s DIY email builder optimizes personalized emails for every inbox, and the reader can use a desktop or mobile device to read the messages.
  2. Accurate segmentation. Campaign Monitor’s advanced segmentation features enable you to send relevant messages to the most promising prospects who look like they are likely to convert. These features are: subscriber segmentation, message triggers, content personalization, webhooks, and many more.
  3. Effortless campaign automation. You can set campaigns up and import your subscriber and customer information into Campaign Monitor. Then, sit back and relax as this cloud-based app sends pre-designed messages at the right times.
  4. Campaign analytics. Campaign Monitor offers interactive analytics that provides insights on how your emails are performing in real time. You can see how your readers are engaging with and sharing your content, and how effective your call to actions are. Campaign Monitor also offers robust analytics and reporting components that allow you to see who opened your emails and what aspects of your content are most interesting to readers. You can even see with whom the emails are shared with.
  5. Social sharing. You can use Campaign Monitor to share and promote your posts on social media platforms, among which Facebook and Twitter.

9. ActiveCampaign

If looking to automate vital marketing operations and optimize the success of your email activities, look no further than ActiveCampaign. The platform will not only help you deliver the right message in the right time, but also be of great use to research on your audience, and create that message in the first place. For the purpose, ActiveCampaign delivers detailed market insights, pull out valuable customer data, and makes sure that all your contacts and partners are managed from the same location. It will be your marketing, sales, and CRM bundle that consolidates communication and moves it ahead, as you will conclude from the instant improvement of your team’s collaboration. Next to email marketing, this platform offers also site messaging, SMS, event tracking, and a fully integrated form builder.

What is unique about Active Campaign?

  1. Built in CRM and sales automation features. Active Campaign ties its email and messaging features to a user-friendly and robust marketing automation platform, along with built-in CRM and sales automation functionalities. In such way, it enables businesses to create special marketing workflows as well as automated follow-up sequences, tracking at the same time the behavior multiple marketing channels.
  2. Conditional content. With Conditional Content you are able to dynamically alter content on a per contact basis. For instance, you could display entirely different images or blocks of text in an email based on how a contact is tagged or what web pages they have viewed on your website.
  3. Site tracking. Site Tracking connects your marketing to a contact’s behavior allowing you to respond to what they are doing on your website and adapt your marketing to their interests. This feature allows ActiveCampaign to “see” what a contact is doing on your website. Their entire page view history is attached to their contact record so you know what they have and haven’t done on your website.
  4. Event tracking. You could use Event Tracking to notify ActiveCampaign when a user logs into your website, or when they make a transaction, and then trigger a follow up campaign.
  5. Unlimited integrations. With an open API infrastructure, ActiveCampaign will blend seamlessly in any software environment. Plus, you will get access to 150+ native integrations, among which leading accounting, CMS applications, and analytics.

10. Elastic Email

We recommend Elastic Email as a highly configurable solution that meets the needs of businesses of all scales, and packs all essential deliverability tools modern marketers to monetize their communication with customers. With Elastic Email, it takes literally few clicks to prepare attractive emails (HTML editor), or even less had you decided to transform any of the platform’s ready-to-use templates. Meanwhile, Elastic Email will keep an eye on your campaigns and measure their impact, so that you can make more informed decisions in future. Their reports are easy to use, and contain platy of visual charts and graphs that make it possible to compare campaigns, while the suite of highly adaptive API helps blend Elastic Email inside virtually any software ecosystem.

What is unique about Elastic Email?

  1. Drag-and-drop & HTML editor. You can either choose a suitable pre-built template from Elastic Email’s library, or code one that will convey your message.
  2. Autoresponders and drip campaigns. Elastic Email focuses on helping you reaching clients even when you’re not behind the screen, and uses drip campaigns and autoresponders to make that happen.
  3. Merge tags. Elastic Email’s merge tags help you personalize communication with clients in all occasions and for any type of content you wish to distribute. They also ensure that your dynamic content will attract immediate attention, and inspire leads to learn more about your service.
  4. A/X Campaign testing. Elastic Email enables you to perform A/X tests on your campaigns in order to determine which one can reach your engagement goals. You can also test separate elements such as layouts, templates, subject lines, or posts.
  5. Tracking, monitoring, and sharing performance insights. Elastic Email gives you an array of smart analytic tools to examine your delivery results. All stats and reports can be exported to a different system, or shared among the team with a single email login.

11. Marketo

A list like this would not be complete without Marketo, one of the community’s most preferred end-to-end marketing automation systems. The experienced, well-reputed, and universally applied system has much at stake for concerned marketers, including lead management, consumer marketing, mobile marketing, the unique customer base marketing, and of course – email marketing. In this regard, Marketo gives you a single, unified view of each customer, and allows you to respond to him based on what he did or didn’t do. The highly personalized contact methodology is further enhanced with rich on-scale segments, drag-and-drop maneuvers for absolute conversation control, interaction triggers, and automated A/B testing for each of your campaigns.

What is unique about Marketo?

  1. Forward-to-Friend functionality. The Forward-to-Friend functionality is a unique set of social components you can use to install and distribute Marketo emails on different platforms. This means that you will be able to maintain contact with customers regardless of where they’re trying to reach you.
  2. Email testing. In order to determine which content works the best for your needs, Marketo lets you perform email testing, and points out quick and dynamic changes you should consider.
  3. Instant creation of landing pages. Creating landing pages with Marketo is a breeze, thanks to its drag and drop interface and its massive collection of pre-designed templates. Data capture forms can help users to aggressively profile potential contacts, which can result to more lead data over time. Landing pages can also be converted into Facebook pages, which can be tweaked and customized using Marketo’s dynamic content capabilities. 
  4. Professional lead management. Lead management is also a strong suit for Marketo, which offers users the capability to gather strong leads based on pre-determined parameters and criteria such as demographics, input from sales reports, product scores, and prospect behavior.
  5. Social marketing. From a social marketing point of view, Marketo will be useful in three different areas: social sharing, social engagement, and social promotion. This means that you can engage users on various leading media, including Facebook and Twitter.

12. Autopilot

Autopilot‘s developers like to describe their app as the one that makes customer journey management as simple as drawing on a whiteboard. This is because they believe being able to target the right customers in the right time and with the right message, and clients are more than happy to confirm that. For them, Autopilot has been the system that generates a doubled number of leads after only 2 weeks of on-point contact, and that genuinely transforms the generic and dull content people are usually frustrated by. At the same time, Autopilot offers several unique features in this industry, including offline and online messaging, automated lead capture across social media and CRM system, and automated data syncing on your analytic/BI dashboard.

What is unique about Autopilot?

  1. Complete control over the customer’s journey. What Autopilot is best known for is the creation of exciting marketing journeys which help acquire new customers and improving your service. Various features are in place to help you show customers how to get started, subscribe, and find what they need.
  2. Personalized communication. Autopilot gathers the necessary customer information to help you target leads on the right channels. Hence, you will not only be able to distribute personalized emails, but also send in-app messages, SMSs, and postcards.
  3. Automated lead capturing. Autopilot will automatically turn random visitors into subscribers, and capture forms with data directly on your website, blog, and app. Consequently, each visitor will receive a tracking code, and get listed in your customer database.
  4. A richer view on your customers. Autopilot integrates with tools such as Zapier, Segment, Slack, Salesforce, and more to help you build rich and robust contact visuals. It also organizes and centralizes and organizes all contact portfolios so that you won’t have to spend hours building a recipient list for your emails.
  5. Smart segmenting. Unlike traditional marketing tools and widgets, Autopilot will automatically look for audiences that match a particular combination of factors, behavior, field values, URLs, and lists. In such way, it will engage them and trigger their values without you being involved in the process.

13. Zoho Campaigns

If looking to streamline and optimize your email and social media campaigns, you should give Zoho Campaigns a detailed look. Small and medium business are captivated by the tool’s effortless email marketing, automated responders, and professional email newsletters, as well as the possibility to track and report on their email activity, and promote pretty much the same attractive designs on social media. Working in synergy with other Zoho products, Campaigns soon becomes a centralized hub for all contact information which is both able to guarantee deliverability, and very well priced to meet the needs of all businesses. You should also consider it because of the free starter plan that allows you to manage even 2,000 contacts, and send over 12,000 emails per month. Awesome, isn’t it?

What is unique about Zoho Campaigns?

  1. Email marketing + Social media monitoring. With Zoho Campaigns, you will get a single, affordable tool that combines email and social marketing features, and get to manage your contact engagement from a single platform.
  2. Professional email newsletters. Zoho Campaigns offers you a list of beautiful default email newsletters to choose from, but also allows you to design ones of your own to engage customers in a more personalized manner.
  3. Facebook-friendly system. You can simultaneously share all your campaigns on social sites, set up follow-ups and chain campaigns, and even design landing pages for your Facebook audiences.
  4. Free starter package. Small and medium businesses and sole marketers will be pleased to learn that Zoho Campaigns offers a free starter plan. With this plan, you can manage even 2,000 contacts, and distribute 12,000 emails and messages at absolutely no cost.
  5. Integrations with other Zoho products. The Zoho software company offers a pretty large and compact productivity suite, where all systems work in synergy to save time and optimize results. Zoho Campaigns is one of these products, and it functions seamlessly with all leading Zoho solutions.

14. Benchmark

Benchmark is another email marketing system that leverages the power of simplified technology to gain on today’s minimalist and nitpicky market. Wherever your business may be situated, you can use Benchmark email to engage audiences, collect filled signup forms, and make sure that your content is captivating and well-displayed on any device. Basically, Benchmark adjusts your promotional tools to the needs of various users, and takes into consideration all possible circumstances that may affect their quality. It also reports in real time how each of your campaigns is progressing (who opened, missed, or bounced on your emails), and lets you pull out summaries in all desired formats. The same as Zoho Campaigns, Benchmark offers a free starter plan for managing up to 2,000 contacts. Subscriptions and credit card data is not required.

What is unique about Benchmark?

  1. Great Signup forms. With Benchmark’s out-of-the-box signup forms and follow up responders, you will soon build a large database of loyal customers.
  2. Responsive emails for all devices. Benchmark offers a very flexible and well-equipped email designer you can use to create all sorts of messages. The designs are mobile friendly, and display perfectly on all devices. Premade templates are also available.
  3. Availability in different languages. Other than English, you can use Benchmark Email in a variety of European and non-European languages, including German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.
  4. Multiple useful integrations. In order to keep all of your contacts engaged and well-managed, Benchmark offers seamless integrations with third-party software and social networks. On this list, you will find Shopify, PayPal, Flickr, Twitter, Magento, Zapier, and many other tools.
  5. A free plan. With less than 2,000 subscribers, you will get to use Benchmark Email absolutely for free, and be able to distribute as many emails as you need. The transition to a paid plan is also made painless, as the company offers a variety of SMB-friendly plans.

15. Robly

Robly is an email marketing system that uses OpenGen technology to provide as much as 50% more opens upon application, and which is suitable both for corporate and nonprofit environments. The tool doesn’t only help you create captivating campaigns, but it also resends them with a different subject line, giving the customer a second chance to examine your product/service. The persistence and time effectiveness of this system has pleased satisfied customers with 5x larger lead lists, working around simple tactics such as replacing traditional signup widgets with fully automated popup forms. In such way, Robly introduces you to the market you’re about to serve, making it possible to share your emails on social media platforms.

What is unique about Robly?

  1. OpenGen technology. With its OpenGen technology, Robly ensures that your email campaigns are read by your recipients. This functionality has proven to increase open rates to as much as 50%. It initially begins with a typical marketing content sent via email. Subscribers who did not open your first email will automatically get another campaign 1-10 days later, this time with a different subject line.
  2. Robly AI. More than just sending repeat email campaigns, Robly’s patent-pending artificial intelligence innovation called Robly A.I. will analyze all details about your campaigns, history, subscriber interactions, and more. This artificial intelligence determines when is the best time to send your emails, which is when your subscribers will most likely open their inbox and check their messages.
  3. A/B testing. Robly also offers an A/B testing capability that helps you cover all the bases, optimize all elements of your email campaign such as name, subject line, call to action, content, and more.
  4. Exit-Intent Pop Up. Robly doesn’t use traditional sign up widgets, but a one-of-a-kind Exit-Intent technology that motivates leaving users to come back and join your mailing list.
  5. Mobile responsive templates. All templates you will find within Robly’s library are ready to use on mobile devices, and contain call-to-action buttons that increase in size in order to maximize conversion.

16. iContact Pro

iContact Pro is a relatively new player in the email marketing software arena, but one that didn’t take long to impose itself across the business community. Rather than focusing solely on email marketing, iContact Pro combines workflow automation, social media management, and business analytics in a mobile-friendly package you will use on a daily basis. In the role of a loyal marketing assistant, iContact will help you create effective email campaigns, be those modified templates or unique, custom designs. Then, it will test each of the campaigns to enhance your targeting strategy, and segment leads in categories based on how they’re interacting with you. iContact Pro also tracks and records other types of engagement, including social media conversations, landing pages, newsletters and releases, events, and website visits.

What is unique about iContact Pro?

  1. All-in-one marketing kit. iContact Pro is a system that will automate all important marketing functions, manage and score all of your leads through the same platform. You can use it to create stunning landing pages, as well as other HTML-based and template-based pages.
  2. Timely campaign management. With iContact, you can timely and easily manage your email campaigns. It offers tools for segmentation, A/B testing, and a message builder to fulfill email marketing needs of your company. It comes with list management tools for easy management of client IDs which often becomes difficult due to an ever increasing client base.
  3. Social media management features. This cloud-based software also integrates social media management features and robust monitoring and analytic functionalities. The social media management tools let you schedule and post your campaigns all over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  4. Salesforce integration. Contact can be integrated with Salesforce to help you manage the sales process. It also offers analytics which is vital for strategic planning and can be used to access the marketing funnel reports. These analytics play a major role in deciding resource allocation for marketing and sales in long term planning.
  5. SMB-friendly pricing. iContact Pro is made affordable to small and medium businesses, as its prices don’t depend on the features it offers, but on the number of subscribers you wish to manage. Teams with less than 500 subscribers, for instance, can purchase it for only $11.90/month.

17. Adestra

Adestra is an 1 on 1 digital marketing platform for businesses and nonprofits that depicts unique customer patterns and trails, and adjusts accordingly your standard emails to help you make the most of each conversation. It is mostly recognizable by data driven automation (MessageFocus), namely making it possible to distribute relevant content to each and every user. It is also suitable for mobile-first marketing, and it integrates seamlessly within any technology ecosystem. The interface is clutter-free, and a genuine no-brainer for starters, but a knowledgeable and friendly support team is still in place to assist you at any time. Visual reporting is another distinctive advantage of this system.

What is unique about Adestra?

  1. A quick Form Builder tool.  The Form Builder tool which comes with this software allows you to create templates and landing pages with ease to help generate leads using email marketing. The templates are pre-built and easy to embed on different locations.
  2. Email triggers for your customers. The email triggers give your business the needed support regarding recovering customers who are no longer buying from your store. This can help turn abandoned carts into customers, and target inactive customers by sending custom texts or messages to them enticing them to continue buying.
  3. A variety of reporting features. Adestra’s analytic kit lets you report about the activities and performance of individual marketing campaigns. It includes social sharing reporting, client reporting, and geo-tracking that allows you to know which email the client has opened. This form of monitoring ensures that you stay on top of your marketing campaign.
  4. Dynmark integration. Adestra relies on its Dynmark integration to enable SMS marketing activities and distribution of short promotional texts.
  5. Real-time support. Adestra’s friendly and experienced support team is accessible 24/7, and reachable on different channels (email, phone, live chat).

18. Klaviyo

Klaviyo may not have the decades of worldwide experience leading email marketing tools have, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep it high on your priority list. A good reason to trust Klaviyo is its commitment to web eCommerce businesses, whom it helps boost sales with end-to-end email and social media optimization. More specifically, Klaviyo helps you target the best audience for your product/service, build up a catchy campaign and optimize your efforts on social media, and measure the effects of your work. Designed for automated and powerful segmentation, Klaviyo eliminates all need to hold on to messy spreadsheets, puts in action ready-to-use autoresponders,  and genuinely examines vital sales metrics. On top of it all, Klaviyo works in synergy with all tools modern marketers use, including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and +CustomPlatforms.

What is unique about Klaviyo?

  1. Improved segmentation. Klaviyo allows combining and excluding different segments for even more powerful targeting and lets marketers specify multiple criteria for their segments. For example, marketers can target female customers who bought a purse during the holiday season.
  2. Custom web-tracking system. The custom web-tracking system uses browsing behavior and helps target people who meet specific criteria e.g. male customers who looked at t-shirts 5 times during a week. This means virtually unlimited targeting opportunities, thanks to the variety of available options.
  3. Facilitated tracking of Facebook audiences. Klaviyo makes is easier for marketers to use existing segments to target Facebook Ad campaigns, while events, custom attributes and properties can be used to personalize emails.
  4. WYSIWYG email editor. Klaviyo’s WYSIWYG email editor is particularly useful in creating great emails and makes the whole process significantly easier, while the responsive email templates are optimized for mobile devices and work well on all devices.
  5. Connectivity. Klaviyo can be integrated easily with other popular software, including Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, ZOHO and Zendesk, while the Open API is a big plus for users who want custom integrations. Product recommendations can easily be pulled in and used with email campaigns, while dynamic data blocks are effective in obtaining and pulling in product/order information for more personalized emails.

19. FreshMail

There are many reasons to consider FreshMail as your future marketing assistant: simple, very creative, and with its top features sliced accordingly across affordable plan, FreshMail has something to offer to each and every marketer out there. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting – the tool will be handy to distribute notably personalized mail, draft one-of-a-kind campaigns, and help you build a memorable reputation among your customers. For the purpose, FreshMail uses features such as the intuitive template editor, fast and unrestricted data access, and collaboration widgets for remote teams. Our experts also suggest it because of the largest variety of premade templates that cater to every industry, and which will most certainly save busy marketers a solid amount of time.

What is unique about FreshMail?

  1. Downloads and distributes your HTML newsletters. FreshMail works best for businesses that have a CMS able to create newsletters in HTML as it can download and send them with just a single click. It also allows easy management of promotions with bar codes and can generate promotion & discount barcodes, which the subscribers can use in retail stores. These codes are created automatically, and sent as email attachments.
  2. Editing any HTML file. FreshMail will not only download and save HTML files as such, but also allow you to edit them. Each of the files can then be used as a template for newsletters. In addition, emails can also be created with an image turn-off-state as half of the subscribers keep images turned off.
  3. Code-free template editor. Each of the templates offered in FreshMail’s library can be transformed into an eye-catching newsletter, and won’t require any coding experience for the purpose.
  4. Clever autoresponders. FreshMail can auto-respond to customer’s actions and automate communication with subscribers through its ‘clever autoresponders’. Meanwhile, its real-time email tracking allows easily finding out who is interested in the newsletters and following its links.
  5. Inbox Inspector. The Inbox Inspector allows marketers to see how their marketing messages will look in 24 different email clients, while the Spam Test frees the emails from content which may get treated as spam. Automatic A/B testing works well to test alternatives and helps find out what really works.

20. DeBounce

DeBounce is designed to help businesses achieve maximum email deliverability rates, weeding out all non-functional contacts or duplicate email addresses. This email validation solution is ideal for companies and organizations that are looking to save an inordinate amount of time from manually validating emails, as it competently scans your entire contact list and removes the clutter. With a pristine list of active contacts, you can more effectively gauge your email marketing success. Aside from trimming the clutter from your mailbox, DeBounce also provides you with custom reporting, which is useful for determining the results from each email validation.

What is unique DeBounce?

  1. Scanning of all contacts. It can quickly validate a large list of email addresses. Basically, it does all the heavy lifting so you won’t need to check each contact one by one.
  2. Pay for what you need. With DeBounce, you only pay based on the number of email validations you need. There’s multiple pricing tiers to ensure you only spend for what you need. It’s a fuss-free pricing scheme with no hidden costs or any extra features.
  3. Custom reporting. Generate custom reports to gain a better understanding on the success of your email marketing campaigns.
  4. Email Validation API. It allows you to verify each email address right there on then.
  5. Secure validation. Not a single email address will receive an unsolicited email whenever you validate your contact lists.
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