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Top 3 Mobile Marketing Software: Comparison of SharpSpring, ActiveTrail & Textedly

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What is the best mobile marketing software?
The best mobile marketing software is SharpSpring. It lets you create mobile-responsive emails, forms, and landing pages. It also has robust automation capabilities that let you create complex automation workflows. On top of that, it can track your campaigns’ performance. It has more to offer, too, and for rational prices that support large volumes of contacts.

Mobile use has increased and it has become imperative for companies to revise existing marketing strategies. This means crafting ones that not only target users who started their search on mobile but also the ones who switch between platforms. There is also the ever-present problem of building emails, forms, and landing pages that look good on computer and mobile screens alike.

Mobile marketing software has risen to answer the need for better mobile strategies. They cover different bases from email and ecommerce to text marketing. They also help you generate leads with their forms and landing pages. What’s more, they provide insights about your audience by tracking their behavior. Thus, you can respond accordingly with your set triggers.

The leading software in this arena are SharpSpring, ActiveTrail, and Textedly. In this article, you can discover their unique features and how they can revolutionize your mobile marketing with their advanced workflow automation. By the end, you should be able to select the application that has the best set of tools for your needs.

top 3 mobile marketing software

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A large majority of Americans now use mobile phones, either cellular or a smartphone. In fact, only 4% do not have a mobile device of any kind. And among the 96% who possess a phone, 81% got a smartphone, in stark contrast to just 35% in 2011. The number steadily rose and up until early in 2016, smartphone ownership was 70%.

Smartphone Ownership 2011-2019

Source: Pew Research

These numbers make mobile devices a prime target for marketing by advertising agencies, big enterprises, small and medium business ventures, startups, and even freelancers. After all, according to mobile marketing trends, 43% of consumers research products on their mobile phones and 40% complete their transactions on the same device. That is why mobile advertising expenditure in the US continues to rise. Indeed, experts believe that mobile marketing spending will reach $113.21 billion by 2020. This number will surpass the advertising investments on traditional media like TV, radio, and print.

Brands spend most of their advertising dollars on video, followed by native ads and in-app advertising. Indeed, video ads revenue reached $16.3 billion in 2018, a 37% increase from $11.9 billion in 2017. With this, it has become apparent that brands and agencies need reliable tools to help them their mobile marketing strategies. And that is why the global mobile marketing software market size continues to expand. Regardless, there are only a few that are truly capable and we look at three of them below.

1. SharpSpring

SharpSpring dashboard

SharpSpring is a powerful marketing platform. It can track leads across different platforms, including mobile devices. This lets you identify your customers and know how they discovered your website. Because of this, you gain important information that can help you convert leads.

Since it is also designed for mobile marketing, it helps you target users on mobile devices. That is why it helps you create responsive emails. You can build them from scratch yourself or work with a template from the library. 

What’s more, it gets information from and about your leads through forms and landing pages. The builders have a WYSIWYG approach. Therefore, you can just drag and drop elements across the surface. As a result, creating a design is a seamless process. And like the emails, both forms and landing pages adapt to mobile. You can make sure of this by previewing their tablet and mobile presentations. This way, you can be confident that leads will find it easy to fill up forms before you publish them.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for SharpSpring free trial here.


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Try out SharpSpring with their free trial

SharpSpring assists you in guiding customers throughout their journey with your brand as well. To that end, it offers a marketing automation builder. It is visual so you do not have to worry about tinkering with codes. With this, you can nurture leads and distribute targeted and personalized email campaigns.

Moreover, the system has an analytics module. This tracks the success of every email and campaign as well as forms and landing pages. 

Key Features of SharpSpring:

  • Multi-platform Lead Tracking
  • Email Builder
  • Responsive Emails and Forms
  • Customer Journey Automation
  • Marketing Analytics

2. ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail dashboard

ActiveTrail helps you manage your email marketing efforts. Using this, you can launch email marketing campaigns quickly with its intuitive email builder. You can design your own emails or you can work with visually-appealing templates. Whichever the case, you can be sure that they are responsive to mobile screens. 

Beyond emails, ActiveTrail assists you with your text marketing. Its SMS marketing software lets you send text messages from a computer. It also helps you add a sender ID for recipients to recognize you. And if you need to manage contacts, you can do that within the interface. 

ActiveTrail also has ecommerce capabilities. It can integrate with popular ecommerce solutions like Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Shopify. By connecting your online shop with the platform, you can boost sales by sending abandoned cart reminders via email and SMS to shoppers.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for ActiveTrail free trial here.

There is more to ActiveTrail though. It also aids you in generating leads with its landing pages and forms. You can come up with these easily since there are templates ready for your use. On top of that, you can integrate PayPal for a quick and convenient payment. You can connect Facebook, too, to get information from leads who signed up through Facebook Lead Ads.

Additionally, you can automate your campaigns with ActiveTrail. You can even set up cross-channel marketing and put it on autopilot. Because of this, you do not have to miss a moment of engagement with your audience anymore.

Key Features of ActiveTrail:

  • Email Builder and Templates
  • SMS Software
  • eCommerce Tools
  • Cross-channel Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

3. Textedly

Textedly dashboard

Textedly simplifies text marketing. It lets you communicate with your entire audience list simultaneously with its bulk messaging capability. You can also schedule text messages to ensure optimal open rates. 

You can send texts regularly to your contacts, too, as long as they are subscribed. They can enable this by sending a keyword to your respective shortcode. You can use as many keywords as you want for customers to activate their subscriptions. Thus, you can keep them up to date about your brand’s activities, including sales and promotions and community events.

Also, Textedly keeps customer engagement always on. This is possible with its automatic text replies functionality. This is triggered when customers send your keyword to your assigned shortcode. You have the option to customize the auto-replies and you can change them as often as you want.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for Textedly free trial here.

Furthermore, the text marketing application provides a channel for one-on-one interaction with each of your customers and leads. This lets you answer any questions they may have regarding a product, service, promotion, or event. And for you to reply to them promptly, Textedly sends notifications as soon as you receive a message from a customer.

What’s more, as you go about your text marketing, you do not have to worry about compliance. That is because Textedly takes care of complying with CTIA and mobile carrier regulations. This means that recipients get the proper opt-in to and opt-out from your text marketing.

Key Features of Textedly:

  • Bulk Text Messaging
  • Text Subscription
  • Automatic Replies
  • One-on-one Messaging
  • CTIA and Mobile Carrier Compliance

Comparison of Key Features

Email marketing

Of the top 3 mobile marketing software, only Textedly does not have the tools for email marketing. Rather, it focuses on SMS marketing.Meanwhile, both SharpSpring and ActiveTrail have email marketing features. They have email builders that let you create newsletters from scratch. And if ever you are in a hurry, you can use their provided templates. Additionally, both ensure that your emails adapt to smaller screens.

But there are differences in the two application’s email marketing tools. For one, SharpSpring lets you send test emails. This allows you to double-check the content and design of your emails. You can do this by yourself or with the help of your colleagues. What’s more, SharpSpring has a native integration with Litmus. This enables you to inspect emails further on different platforms and devices. On top of it all, you can add attachments to your emails. This way, you can design newsletters that convert.

On the other hand, ActiveTrail leverages Big Data. This helps discover the optimal time to send your emails to every recipient. As a result, you can increase your open rates and, ultimately, your sales. Apart from that, the marketing automation solution includes an A/B testing module. With this, you can measure the success of either approach, letting you discover the optimal strategies for your list.

Verdict: It is a close fight between SharpSpring and ActiveTrail in this round, but we will give the win to the former. That is because it lets you make certain that your emails do not have embarrassing errors, broken images, and links that do not work. It even has an after-the-click behavioral-based tracking that can support your marketing automation process. Plus, you can create your own email templates and organize them in the library.

SharpSpring email marketing

SharpSpring helps you get started with email marketing with its designer templates.

SMS campaigns

SMS is an immediate channel of communication between a brand and its audience. This is backed by numbers: 97% of text messages are read by recipients within 15 minutes. SMS marketing campaigns have a high ROI, too, at 45%.But texting a long list of recipients every time you have an announcement or promotion can be tiring. It is also time-consuming and you could miss a name or several. Fortunately, there are tools to help you. Specifically, ActiveTrail and Textedly have SMS marketing features that can aid you in your SMS campaigns.

The multi-purpose marketing platform

ActiveTrail lets you manage your SMS marketing on your computer. This means that you can do everything from crafting messages and sending them to managing contacts on a single platform. It also lets you automate your marketing so you do not have to worry about sending messages at the right time. Also, the multi-marketing software helps you identify your brand with a sender ID. Through this feature, you can increase your open rates, as recipients know are most likely to read messages from senders they recognize.

The text marketing-focused tool

Textedly has those features, too. What makes it different from ActiveTrail, though, is that it is purely an SMS marketing platform. It has a mobile subscription component that lets you assign keywords, which interested customers can send to a shortcode. Once they do, they opt-in to receiving regular text messages from you.

Furthermore, Textedly lets you communicate with members of your audience on-one-one. This is possible with its two-way chat so that you can nurture your relationship with every lead and customer. Incoming messages are also free, so there is no capping on how many texts you can receive from consumers.

It is also noteworthy that Textedly takes care of complying with regulations set by the CTIA and mobile carriers. Thus, you can focus all your efforts on your text marketing.

Verdict: If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing tool, ActiveTrail is a great choice. But if you want robust text marketing functions, you may want to consider Textedly. It covers all the bases: bulk and individual messaging, automatic replies, text scheduling, and even compliance.

textedly templates

Textedly enables smart SMS marketing by letting you create and store templates.

Lead generation

Among the top 3 mobile marketing software examined, Textedly is the only one without a lead generation component. SharpSpring and ActiveTrail have robust toolsets in this regard and they have some similarities in terms of forms and landing pages:

  • Dynamic form builders
  • Form templates
  • Fields customization
  • Landing pages creator
  • Landing pages templates
  • Mobile-responsive designs


SharpSpring and ActiveTrail have their unique features as well. For example, the former helps you access live leads via Webex and GoToWebinar while the former lacks this capability.

SharpSpring also has autocompletion for forms, making it easier for leads to submit them. Because of this, they are more likely to convert. Apart from that, the software can integrate with your CRM, thereby making it easier to manage leads. Additionally, it lets you assign buyer personas at form submission for the automatic categorization and accurate segmentation of leads.

In the case of ActiveTrail, it does not have the bells and whistles of SharpSpring. What it does have is a double opt-in option. This means that every subscriber receives an email to confirm their subscription. With this, you can build trust between you and your prospective buyers.

Landing pages

Aside from the creator and the responsive designs for landing pages, SharpSpring offers visitor tracking. This helps you understand the potential customers who found their way to your landing pages. You do not even need coding knowledge for this. That is because the software automatically embeds its tracking code into the landing pages.  Thus, you can trigger workflows that keep them engaged.

On the other hand, ActiveTrail has integration with PayPal. With this, payment for products, services, and subscriptions is more convenient for customers. It can integrate with Facebook, too. What this does is extract information gathered through your Facebook sign-up form. After that, the application sends the data to your ActiveTrail account.

Verdict: SharpSpring has the most to offer for forms and landing pages. It has advanced features that let you generate more leads. Plus, it is active in nurturing relationships with would-be buyers.

sharpspring form builder

SharpSpring has an intuitive form builder.

Marketing automation

Timesaving is a huge benefit you can gain from automation. But marketers and brands also point to higher revenues due to automation. SharpSpring, ActiveTrail, and Textedly help you in this arena. These three mobile marketing software offer automation capabilities. SharpSpring and ActiveTrail, in particular, help you create complex workflows. Meanwhile, Textedly offers automatic replies to subscription texts.

Visual marketing automation

Building workflows with SharpSpring and ActiveTrail are relatively easy tasks. They have intuitive visual creators that let you construct automation logic with point-and-click actions. With this feature, you can personalize every customer’s journey. This helps you nurture relationships with them as well for them to convert sooner or later.

Automatic responses

SharpSpring, ActiveTrail, and Textedly enable you to send automatic replies. Textedly, for example, engages new subscribers to your text messages. It makes sure to send responses within 3 to 5 seconds.

ActiveTrail has autoresponders for SMS, too, as well as for emails. These react to customers’ behaviors such as purchasing items from your website. This allows you to confirm that buyers are happy with their purchase and the process.

SharpSpring has a similar approach to automation. It responds to behavioral triggers and sends the appropriate emails to buyers. For example, it can send confirmation messages for subscription or purchase.

Verdict: SharpSpring has plenty of tools for complex automation workflows. However, it may have functions that may be difficult to use. These require deep familiarity not just with marketing but with marketing technologies. ActiveTrail, on the contrary, has multiple automation features but the platform keeps them intuitive. Because of this, it would be easier to use even for those new to marketing technology.

activetrail workflow automation

There are different options for workflow automation available on ActiveTrail.


Integration is the biggest challenge in using marketing technology, according to 31% of marketers that participated in a survey. This is understandable, as it is vital in automation workflows, data distribution, and collaboration.

Collaboration and alerts

The leading mobile marketing solutions we discuss here have integration capabilities. For instance, Textedly integrates with Slack. This lets the text marketing solution send alerts to your team whenever a new message arrives.

ActiveTrail and SharpSpring can also do the same. The catch is you have to integrate with Zapier. Thereon, you have to select your messaging, collaboration, or task management platform from it. Only then can you begin receiving alerts on other interfaces.


SharpSpring and ActiveTrail can integrate with your ecommerce stores. The latter lets you do it directly because it has existing connectors for PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. The former can also connect with Shopify and WooCommerce. For other ecommerce platforms, you can synchronize with them through Zapier, API, or webhooks. By doing so, you can send cart abandonment emails to customers who did not complete their purchases.

Verdict: ActiveTrail has the most integration possibilities because of API and webhooks.

activetrail zapier integration

There are many things you can do just by connecting ActiveTrail with Zapier.


Between the top 3 mobile marketing software, Textedly has the most economical pricing plans. This is because it only offers SMS marketing tools. ActiveTrail is an affordable platform as well. Its pricing tiers are attractive to solo entrepreneurs and medium businesses. The drawback is that its existing packages cannot serve large companies, as the upscale one can support only up to 5,000 contacts. If you want a larger volume, you will have to ask for a custom quote.

That is where it differs from SharpSpring. This platform targets medium to large businesses that have 20,000 contacts or more. It also offers custom plans for agencies and enterprises that have millions of contacts.

Verdict: The answer depends on your needs. If you only want to have a text marketing solution, you can settle for Textedly. But if you are looking for a more rounded platform, you need to choose between ActiveTrail and SharpSpring. In this case, though, you also need to consider how many contacts you need to reach.

textedly sms marketing

Textedly offers plenty of SMS marketing features for its affordable pricing scheme.

Mobile Marketing Brings You Closer to Customers

In 2018, consumers spent 40% of their time online on mobile. And globally, people spent 18 billion hours on mobile shopping apps. The expanding use of mobile devices means that brands, marketers, and agencies have to revise their marketing strategies. That is, it is imperative they include tactics for mobile.

Fortunately, there are software that can help. Specifically, mobile marketing tools like SharpSpring, ActiveTrail, and Textedly. These have email, SMS, and ecommerce marketing features among others. They also help in your customer engagement with their automation capabilities.

SharpSpring, in particular, has the components for complex workflow automation. It can follow leads through different platforms; if they started on their PCs and continued to their mobile devices, it can still track them. And if you have set up the necessary triggers, it can respond to such changes. Because of this, you can nurture leads and see them through the customer journey. What’s more, it has mobile-responsive email, forms, and landing pages designs.

As for ActiveTrail, it has similar features to SharpSpring. However, these two differ when it comes to the advanced capabilities of tools. For example, ActiveTrail lets you create complex workflows, too, but it does not support intricate connections between platforms. Nevertheless, it offers elements like adaptive landing pages and forms with PayPal integration to elevate the customer journey.

Lastly, Textedly is focused on SMS marketing. It may not have a comprehensive system like ActiveTrail or SharpSpring but it lets you focus on your text marketing efforts. And that is only possible with its compliance with the CTIA and mobile carrier regulations.

The Final Verdict

SharpSpring is the best mobile marketing software. It enables you to track leads from one platform to the next such as from desktop to mobile. And it can also respond accordingly, depending on the triggers you configure. While it does not have SMS marketing, it makes up for it with its advanced tools that enhance your email marketing. It also makes sure that your email newsletters, forms, and landing pages render properly on mobile screens. When it comes to price, it may be expensive, but it is rational considering that it is designed to support large volumes of contacts. Should you want to investigate the platform firsthand, you can easily do so when you can sign up for SharpSpring free trial here.

Meantime, if you are interested in the state of marketing today, you can read about marketing statistics here.

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