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Wrike And Trello: Comparison of 2 Project Management Software Leaders

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wriketrelloModern online tools have given a huge number of people the opportunity to start their own business. More than ever, there has been a large and growing number of online entrepreneurs, earning and expanding their companies.

However, many entrepreneurs have realized that discovering the best project management tool to manage their operations is harder than it would seem.

In the market, there are literally hundreds of project solutions that claim to be the “right” tool for entrepreneurs. Therefore, looking for the best solution for your business can be really time-consuming. If you made the decision to invest in a project management solution that turned out to be incompatible with your needs or simply does not simply solve your problems, then it is time and budget well wasted.

However, no two projects are alike and we believe it’s best to compare Wrike with other top-performing project management apps like Trello to give you a wider choice based on what you need.

Wrike and Trello are two of the best project management solutions out there. Both can handle similarly sized companies, too. Before looking at detailed features of the two tools however, you should learn more about the big and small differences between Wrike and Trello. Since Wrike offers a great free plan to its users you should also try it out on your own to see how well it can help your company manage projects. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.


Trello is a collaboration solution that can organize your various projects into boards. At a quick glance, Trello can give you details about which projects are being worked on, which staff is working on which project, as well as where something is in your tasks or projects. We also prepared a detailed review of Trello here.

Trello has reached over five million users all over the world as of 2014. Wired magazine declared the tool in September 2011 to be one of “the 7 coolest startups you haven’t heard of yet”.

Trello gives you the opportunity to drop the long email threads, no-longer-so-sticky notes, outdated spreadsheets, and clunky tools to manage your projects. The tool allows you to see everything about projects and other activities at a single glance. Trello supports Android, iPad, Windows 8, and iPhone mobile platforms as well. Its website has also been designed to be accessible from a variety mobile web browsers.

Trello has a wide range of work and personal uses, such as real estate management, school bulletin boards, software project management, law office case management, and lesson planning. It offers a rich API and email-in capability that enables integration with cloud-based services such as IFTTT and Zapier as well as many enterprise systems.


Wrike is a project management solution that enables users to track projects, monitor deadlines, prioritize tasks, as well as collaborate with other people in multifunctional teams to get work done. The tool has won several awards and gained a positive industry recognition. There’s also a detailed review of Wrike available here.


This award is given to the best product in our project management software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.

Wrike won our Best Project Management Software Award 2018

Our score
User satisfaction

Wrike’s features include filing projects and subprojects in a more flexible hierarchy, creating project tasks from emails, editing work schedules on Gantt charts, file sharing, RSS & iCal feeds, time tracking, task version control, Microsoft Excel import and export, activity stream, Microsoft Project import, API, Google Apps integration, permalinks, tagging, a central dashboard, rich text in descriptions, a three-pane layout, as well as mobile applications for the iPad, iPhone, and Blackberry. The tool has basic CRM functionality as well as custom fields and custom workflows. It also allows company managers to decentralize updating and monitoring of plans.

Wrike’s vision is to streamline work for all workers into a work graph and let various employees collaborate and discuss on shared work-related data, just as anyone shares his or her personal photos, news in social networks, and interests.

Which solution is better? Below is a detailed review of both Trello and Wrike including their good and weak points, analysis of which one works better for different types of businesses, their features, pricing, and other crucial elements.


Advantages and Disadvantages

First or all, both solutions are suitable for any type of business. Whether you are a small startup or head of an enterprise company, you will find both Trello and Wrike fit for your business size. Both tools will help your company in various projects and tasks leading to a better organization of your employees’ work.

Trello’s dashboard enables users to have a clear overview of all the tasks and their completion status. Your managers can use this software solution to monitor employees and they can immediately see who is working on which projects as well as how far they have gone. That is why Trello is a good collaboration solution for any company that has tasks that need to be properly managed. This includes startups, freelancers, small companies, medium businesses, and large companies. Employees are connected across various devices and can work as a team. That’s why any company that has a team of people working on projects and tasks would benefit significantly from this program.

Think of Trello as your virtual “idea board.” With this tool, you can have as many project boards as you needs with cards and lists that can be discussed, collaborated and shared upon, and then manipulated to give you a visual sense of the workflow. You can quickly track the development of a project as your employees can move cards to various lists such as “Working on”, “To-do”, or “Completed.” When you start using Trello in this way, you will also see other possible uses. Your employees can check in with each other with the help of discussions on a particular card, include pictures and files, and assemble all the cards into one big project.

One thing to remember about this project management solution is how you keep everyone in your team up-to-date with the various changes to documents. The tool does not automatically notify everyone on the team. You have to directly “mention” team members in your comments preceded by an @ sign. This will send an email to them notifying them about the changes in Trello.

One advantage of Trello is its creativity. You do not have to use the tool in exactly one specific way. Your imagination and creativity will guide the way you use it. It offers a fun and enjoyable visual way of getting things done as you get to manipulate and collaborate on cards, lists, and boards just like in a real bulletin board.

Overview of Trello interface

Overview of Trello interface

If you are a freelancer, Trello is also a good choice, especially if you handle a number of recurring projects for various clients. You can make different boards for all your clients. Depending on how each of your clients handles submission and payment, Trello can allow you to make individualized lists for every step of the process. Your first list can be, for example, “Pitched,” while the next list can be “Approved,” and so on. Then you can make a list for “Paid.”

Unlike Trello, Wrike offers a more robust project management solution that can help users from various companies with all their project management needs and assure every project or tasks is successful. All team members that have access to information will always be kept up-to-date, enabling them to be aware of work deadlines and to complete tasks more quickly by prioritizing work assignments, tracking work updates in real-time, and getting and receiving timely feedback. Wrike also offers a very useful free plan that will allow you to test all the features yourself. You can read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here.

Wrike is an ideal project management solution for teams and businesses of all sizes: from solopreneurs and small startups to Fortune 500 firms. Social media companies, tech startups, marketing departments, and practically any other business where good project management solutions are needed can subscribe to this software service. Some of Wrike’s biggest clients include Google, PayPal, HTC, Electronic Arts, and Adobe.

Wrike also gives you a Gantt chart that allows you to check out the progress of your various projects in bar graph format.

Compared with Trello, Wrike does not need to access your or your employees’ email addresses. All communication happens within the app itself.

Head to Head Matchup

trello logo wrike logo

$5 per month or $45 per year

$10/month paid annually

Software Type

Standalone, Cloud, SaaS

Standalone, Cloud, SaaS

Typical Customers

Start up, small business, medium business, large business, private use

Start up, small business, medium business, large business, private use

Business Area

Cross Business Areas

Cross Business Areas


Desktop, Cloud, Mobile

Desktop, Cloud




Document Management



Issue Tracking



Project Management



Resource Management






Task Management




Wrike is hands down more powerful than Trello. Its built-in Gantt charts make it a good project management solution for a lot of enterprise companies out there. So when you want more features and you have a budget for a powerful project management solution, get Wrike. It is also very flexible and can be customized according to your needs. You can find that youself and try Wrike for free. Read Wrike detailed review and get a free trial here. As a project management solution, it really shines if you own a company with hundreds or even thousands of employees who are working on tens of thousands of tasks and projects.

However, if you prefer getting a cheaper and simpler solution, pick Trello. Its charm lies in simplicity and elegance of its drag and drop interface. What’s more, if you are also a very visual thinker, Trello would be an interesting choice for you.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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