10 Great Personal Finance Apps For The Thrifty Techie

2012 may go down in history as the year of the tablets. Not only has tablet popularity skyrocketed—today more than 30% of internet users in the US occupy one for browsing—but more and more tech companies came out with their own version of tablets this year. Smartphones also saw great success in 2012, and almost 50% of cellphone users in the US have a smartphone and they are only getting more popular.

More than anything, what these devices have done for users is to help us get more organized. We used to have a computer to surf the internet, a checkbook to keep track of expenses, a wallet to carry our money, and a bulky flip-phone to talk to our friends. Now we can keep all of those things and more in one place.

One great way to use your smartphone or tablet to keep organized and improve your life is to use it for financial planning. The following apps are great for keeping your personal finances organized:

Mobile Banking Apps

citibank appOne of the greatest ways to keep track of your finances is to look into whether or not your bank has a mobile banking app that you can download. All of the major banks have one, and most likely your small hometown bank has one as well. They are definitely worth looking into, especially if you are like me and have trouble with overdraft fees. You can whip out your phone at the checkout line before making a purchase just to double check the balance in your bank account. These apps also allow you to transfer money between your accounts and mobile deposit.

Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citibank, Chase, and Bank of America all have mobile apps available for Apple and Android devices.

Mint.com App

mint.com appMint is a banking management service that specializes in mobile devices. Mint organizes and presents your spending in comprehensive graphs and charts to help you visualize your finances by category and help you accomplish any financial goals. If you want the app will keep track of your stocks and investments, help you find credit cards or insurance appropriate for your lifestyle and finances, or send you reminders for bill payments. Downloading the Mint app can help you get almost every aspect of your personal finances more organized in a way that is secure from fraud.

Click here if you’re ready for the Mint experience! Download is free and it is available for any Apple or Android device.

Grocery Gadgets App

grocery gadgets appThere’s nothing worse than going to the grocery store when you are hungry and buying absolutely everything that makes you drool but nothing that you meant to buy when you were planning from home. Grocery Gadgets can help! With this app you can plan your grocery list at home, compare prices in different stores for the best deals, sync your list with your families so that you do not buy the same items as your spouse, and it even lets you search recipes on the internet for necessary ingredients. My favorite thing about this app is that as you stroll the aisles and check items off your list it remembers the order, so that next time you go to the grocery store the items are in the proper order and you don’t have to run up and down every aisle looking for something—you’ll already know where it will be!

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Grocery Gadgets has a number of different apps suited for different smartphones and tablets including Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows devices. Download is free.

Clear Checkbook App

clearcheckbook appCheckbooks are bulky and a hassle to carry around when you are shopping; they are a thing of the past. The benefits of having a checkbook to balance your expenses though are definitely still important to balancing finances. Clear Checkbook can help keep track of your spending habits in the same way that checkbooks used to in your phone. You can add and view transactions, view running balances, manage accounts and categories, and view reports on spending and saving. This app is far simpler than some of the others, but it helps you keep organized in the old fashioned way on your new age device.

Clear Checkbook is free for Apple devices.

Google Wallet

google wallet appAre you worried about having your identity stolen when you are out and about? Google Wallet is an excellent way to both ensure the safety of your credit cards and pay for items at the checkout quickly. The app syncs your credit cards into your phone and using Near Field Communication (NFC) Google Wallet allows you to pay for items by simply holding your phone up to NFC compatible devices. It is password protected and can be cancelled remotely if your phone is lost or stolen, making it far safer than carrying around a wallet. It’s also great for online shopping.

Google Wallet is the way of the future when it comes to transactions. It is currently only available on some Android devices and is free for download.

Since iQuit

since iquit appNeed some incentive to both quit smoking and save money? Since iQuit is perfect for you! This app is designed to encourage you to quit smoking by keeping track of the time that you have been cigarette free and updating you about how much money you have saved since you quit. Sometimes one of the best ways to save money is to cut out an expensive habit and Since iQuit is a great way to keep motivated if you’re looking to quit smoking and save money.

Since iQuit is available for free download on Apple and Android devices.

Splashmoney App

splahmoney appSplashmoney is an app that lets you connect to your online banking accounts from your handheld devices. It is great if you have multiple bank accounts or credit cards that you have trouble keeping track of because everything is in one place. The app also creates colorful comprehensive pie charts so that you can visualize where your money is going. It is simple to use and a great way to get all of your finances organized in one location.

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Splashmoney is available for download for $4.99 on iPhones.

Shoeboxed App

shoeboxed appAre you used to rummaging through a shoebox full of receipts when it comes time to organize your finances? Save yourself the time, the mess, and the paper cuts by downloading Shoeboxed. Instead of keeping all of your receipts Shoeboxed allows you to organize all of your expenses on your device so that you can just toss the paper copies out. Shoeboxed also allows you to send your online receipts directly to the app. It’s great for organizing all of your expenses come tax season.

If you’re ready to cut out unnecessary paper out of your life download Shoeboxed for free on Apple and Android devices.

Simple Loan Calculator App

simpleloancalculator appThis app is designed to help you out with calculating loans. Simple Loan Calculator is especially great if you are looking to buy a car and you need to figure out what your monthly payments will be right at the dealership. It’s great for protection against sleazy car salesmen who are trying to rip you off or to compare loan options.

Quick Loan Calculator is available for free download on Apple and Android devices.

Snip Snap Coupon App

snip snap the coupon appTired of carrying your binder full of coupons around when you go out shopping? Snip Snap Coupon App allows you to take pictures of your coupons at home and save it on your mobile device, search for coupons online, and it even alerts you when coupons are about to expire. My favorite thing about Snip Snap Coupon app is that it pings at you when you walk into a store that you have a coupon for to remind you to use it. Nothing is worse than forgetting that you have a great coupon, and now you’ll never have to forget again.

Snip Snap Coupon App is available for free download on Apple devices.

Do you think that smartphone and tablet apps will help you with your finances? Let us know how you can use these apps in your daily life to keep organized.


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  • Kirby says:

    Great post! We will have to check out the Grocery Gadget. Sounds like an interesting app.

    We really enjoy using Mint.com (not only because it’s free), but it has so many great tools to manage your cash flow from month-to-month.

  • Sammy says:

    This is a nice collection of useful financial tools. Some of these apps are new to me (like the Grocery Gadgets app), and I’m definitely going to check them out. As to money management and budgeting, my husband and I have been using InEx Finance for a while now and we really like it. It also has a neat calendar of events, that helps me stay up-to-date and receive reminders about future bills and other financial commitments.

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