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CRM software in retail can help you increase customer satisfaction, improve your company’s performance in the marketplace and reduce your costs. CRM software lets you analyze and improve your relationships with individual customers to create advantages for both parties.

Here at FinancesOnline, we always remind potential software purchasers to select the appropriate software and ensure it includes the features you need. To accomplish that, you have to know how CRM providers work and what effects they will have on your retail operations.

Among many things,  you can focus on how CRM can improve your customer segmentation. CRM can easily help you gather information about each of your customers, including preferences and demographic data. With such information, you can segment your market and customize your approach to each group of customers. For example, if you find you have a large number of sports-minded teenagers in a segment, you can create a youthful sports retail environment. Most CRM vendors offer these capabilities and more, making customer relationships better than ever.

The next area you should be looking at is how the CRM can help your promotions. The data that the CRM collects for you lets you not only to target a market segment with promotions that appeal to its members, but also to target individual customers. For example, you could be seeing a customer has visited your website and looked at particular products. The next straightforward step is to simply include promotions of those products in his mailings. In one quick step you are benefiting from how CRM reduces promotions that are of no interest to the recipient and increases the relevance of material you send out. There are also a number of best practices in CRM inbound marketing that you can adapt to further improve your campaigns.

You should also be looking at how the CRM could impact your retention rates. Of course it could improve your help desk personnel too. The whole point of a CRM is to increase the retention of customers, which easily translates to revenue expansion. By serving them in a more focused and convenient way, you can further increase this effect by letting the CRM help you implement customer loyalty programs.

Since it already tracks purchases, you can issue reward points and bonuses to your valuable customers accordingly. This helps you further reduce costs because sales to long term customers are less expensive than sales to new customers. Although sharing some features with sales automation software, CRMs have far more functionalities that can benefit retailers.

CRM is also instrumental in how to generate 6x sales revenues with a simple change in mindset. When you realize that you can earn more from loyal customers than new ones, building long-term customer relationships should be part of this strategy.

CRM for retailers

1. Salesforce CRM

Heading our best 15 CRM software for retailers is Salesforce CRM, which gives you Salesforce Einstein, a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine that allows you to intelligently match shopper preferences with a suitable incentive for optimal conversions. The advanced technology lets you do retail like never before, with all the solid ecosystem the vendor is known for at your back any time.

A treasure trove of Salesforce CRM features has enabled the application to consistently garner awards. With this innovative CRM for your retail, you are getting a great platform from an extensive sales and marketing solutions under the Salesforce brand, including separate systems for: analytics, marketing, service, and community cloud.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for a Salesforce CRM free trial here.

Why choose Salesforce CRM for your retail business:

  1. Retail reinvented. A digital makeover lets you create immersive and personalized experiences to the delight of shoppers. Drive effectiveness, increase conversion, and innovate faster via powerful tools like customer intelligence, analytics, IoT tracking, and connected data into every business decision.
  2. Speedy conversion. Unify commerce everywhere and improve conversion rates with powerful omni-channel capabilities. Boost sales by serving up personalized offers across web, mobile, social, and stores. And extend inventory with endless aisle functionality.
  3. Make every interaction matter. Collect and integrate data from every touchpoint to provide a 360-degree view of the shopper that informs each marketing decision. And build 1-to-1 journeys at scale across any channel including email, mobile, social, digital advertising, online, and in-store.
  4. Pave employee road to success. Empower associates with innovative solutions so they can get smarter and more predictive with their shoppers. And accelerate productivity with real-time product and customer insights, task management, social collaboration, and training tools to cultivate retail talent.

2. HubSpot CRM

Easy and free to use, cloud-based HubSpot CRM enables retail teams to be off and running quickly without having to commit substantial changes in their existing workflow. It helps retailers of all sizes track and nurture leads and analyze business metrics. The smart and easy-to-use CRM solutions showcases all the necessary basic features while doing away with the often confusing complexity seen in other CRM platforms.

Among other HubSpot CRM details, it offers a visual dashboard with a real-time view of the entire sales funnel. You can then track customer interactions automatically through email, social media or phone calls, with each interaction stored in a timeline organized by lead. With all these benefits, one might ask the question–are there any limitations to  Hubspot?

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features. You can sign up for the HubSpot CRM free trial here.

Why choose HubSpot CRM for your retail business:

  1. Work with a transparent pipeline. Enjoy the convenience of an elegant dashboard that visually presents the whole of your sales funnel in real time.  This allows you to filter deals as you fit, look over important appointments, measure performance based on set quotas. For insights that you can act on, simply filter deals by amount, stage, or owner.
  2. Automate recording of interactions that matter. Log crucial interactions no matter the channel. Captured details may be synced with Outlook or Gmail for easy retrieval.
  3. One place to see it all. Timelines of important meetings, calls, emails and just about any interaction make it easier to engage effectively with customers and prospects sans the confusion and inefficiencies of spreadsheets. A little link up with HubSpot’s marketing will inform you on the content that the lead is most interested in for creating a more personalized campaign.
  4. Real time communication to nurture relationships. Conduct live chat or converse via team email for more engaging communications. And HubSpot CRM is agnostic to any messaging channel, which should give you wider access options to your leads.
  5. Optimize your contact records right from the beginning. The availability of over 20 million businesses via HubSpot’s database, you may start with leads and insights your sales team will actually use.

3. Freshsales

With Freshsales for retail, you have the option to automatically tag your website visitors as sales leads and group them based on how they interact with your website. All that information then lets you commit the right salespeople on your team to engage with each lead using the appropriate context from which to launch an informed campaign.

To be a retailer usually means to be constantly on the watch out to anticipate the needs of your diverse clients better, ensuring consistency in maintaining your relationship with them and delivering speedily.

Standout Freshsales CRM benefits include ensuring the loyalty of your customers by providing them with a seamless experience while dealing with your business. A unified system lets you handle leads and communication with them, automate workflows, glean insights from your data, all designed to expand your clients and keep them on your side.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the PRODUCT free trial here.

Why choose Freshsales CRM for your retail business:

  1. Informed lead management. From capturing leads, scoring their reaction to your site, to matching them with the right members of your team, is the backdrop of information that is essential to productive engagements.
  2. Start from a 360° customer view. Develop efficiency starting with essential social profiles, relevant touchpoints (website, product, interactions, appointments) from an intuitive, all-powerful screen.
  3. Territory insights for efficient campaigns. Qualify territories so you can focus on areas where you are seeing more results while never losing sight on those that offer potential expansion routes for your business.
  4. Hyper-powered profiles. Manual entry is so yesterday: with HubSpot CRM, each lead addition entails social profile information and photo automatically updated in their profile.

4. Pipedrive

An ardent advocate of the virtue of total visibility in business operations, Pipedrive CRM applies the same as it lets you record and monitor sales information, manage your sales pipeline, and generate sales analysis for reporting and forecasting. For optimization, you simply customize the pipeline at all levels to match your unique retailer business daily monitoring. Flexible and easily integrated with many third-party applications, Pipedrive removes all usage restrictions so you get the most out of the application. Full email integration is already included.

Pipedrive features are built around activity-based selling, giving users the ability to control the actions that drive deals towards completion and maximize results. By walking you through the essential steps for each action, while activating notifications to alert users, Pipedrive puts you in a position to  improve productivity and ensure you don’t miss on sales opportunities again.

If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for a Pipedrive free trial here.

Why choose Pipedrive for your retail business:

  1. Eliminate admin inefficiency. Pipedrive lets you track campaign progress automatically, clearing your schedule so you can concentrate on areas where you excel.
  2. Unparalleled clarity. From start to finish, Pipedrive shows you a streamlined view of your sales process. Persistent clarity ensures you and your team remain on the same page throughout.
  3. Clarity in the workplace. Pipedrive helps you fix your sight on the pipeline so your next steps are clearly defined for you.
  4. Keep on step with your sales progress. Keeping abreast of your pipeline developments limits your goals and actions to realistically achievable levels.
  5. Setup simplicity. You have enough in your hands attending to your pipeline without having to deal with an unwieldy user interface that keeps eating up your precious time.

5. Zoho CRM

The latest Zoho CRM review reveals Zia, Zoho’s artificial intelligence (AI) implementation. Zia goes about understanding your business and the people involved, then presents connections and patterns to help you work out the decisive steps to close deals. It takes care of redundant tasks so teams can focus on what they do best speeding up the sales cycle.

Meanwhile, there’s Zia Voice to mind the line or get online for you. You can have her record contact information, store reports, or input new data to your CRM. By analyzing the behavior of each record, Zia can tell you if the lead is worth pursuing or not, increasing the efficiency of your activities. Zia probes deep into your data to draw up trends and anomalies to help you chart your future activities without the heavy risks that typically accompany uninformed decisions.

You can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Zoho CRM free trial here.

Why choose Zoho CRM for your retail business:

  1. Extend presence everywhere. Zoho CRM lets you engage with leads across all channels. A feature called SalesSignals prompts you when a hot prospect is reading your email, browsing your site, or interacting with your brand on social media.
  2. Apply intelligence in automation. Zia assesses your automated workflows, pointing out areas where improvements can be implemented.
  3. Best time to contact. Take charge of time by configuring Zia to work out the best time to email or call customers and get meaningful response from them.
  4. Create useful data. Set Zia to include lead demographics and other crucial information along with social media accounts and contact numbers for a richer, more useful database.
  5. Mind and manage territories. Segment customers based on territorial boundaries and match them with the right reps, draw insights on territory performance and set them up to exceed sales forecast.

6. bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online CRM solution offers comprehensive capabilities to help you effectively automate even your most complex retail loyalty programs. Its advanced marketing tools let you conduct strong campaigns to establish lasting relationships with your customers.

Powerful dashboards give you a unified view of your customers across channels and their purchase history, allowing you to manage your reward and processing system, fine-tune your marketing campaigns and determine how they perform over time.

Why choose bpm’online CRM for your retail business:

  1. Expand your marketing automation. Bpm’online CRM makes it easy to monitor and find pattern from customer behavior. It lets you segment customers depending on their social demographics, geography and interests to inform your interactions with them.
  2. Seamless loyalty and reward programs. Manage various types of loyalty/reward campaigns: spend programs, point programs, discount programs, coupons, tiered, gift programs, etc. Ensure a successful loyalty program by carefully defining processing rules, cards, bonuses, fraud control.
  3. Create rich, meaningful data. Build comprehensive consumer information from which to draw decisive engagement strategies certain to match their needs.
  4. Smart automation tools convert to excellent service. With its contact center automation, the application lets you handle all customer requests from disparate sources. Automating end-to-end business processes enables you to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Your retail business gains more possibilities with bpm’online CRM. If you need more insight about this solution, you can check out this resource on bpm’online CRM pros and cons. If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a bpm’online CRM free trial here.

7. Copper CRM

Copper CRM, formerly known as ProsperWorks, is designed to work seamlessly with your Gmail inbox. If your retail business is heavily reliant on Gmail communications and you’re tired of switching multiple windows, Copper makes it conveniently easy to work with your leads right inside your active Gmail tab.

Completely cloud-based, Copper CRM eliminates any need to deploy or maintain hardware and software installation. As it is optimized for mobile usage, the Copper working suite is available on all devices.  Copper CRM, however, is connected not only to Google’s products, but also Ring, Slack, MailChimp, and Dropbox. Companies with large software ecosystem can also make use of dozens of Zapier integrations or simply check the tool’s RESTful API to connect it to virtually any system.

Why choose Copper CRM for your retail business:

  1. Acquire your own email assistant. The application serves as your sidekick, promptly notifying you when contacts open your emails so you are ready to follow up in an instant.
  2. Open availability. Automatic syncing allows your contacts to see your availability, informing them when to schedule meeting with you.
  3. Secure way to store files. Move Docs, Sheets, and Slides in a secure place where you can easily find them.
  4. Easily communicate with your team. Secure video meetings right in your CRM lets you discuss changes crucial to your projects.
  5. Work on multiple pipelines. From visualizing your pipelines, to tracking and updating each deal, Copper provides the essential tools to attend to your pipeline. And updating is a simple drag-and-drop affair.

You may learn more about this CRM solution in this expert Copper overview resource, or, you can check the solution closely when you sign up for a Copper free trial here.

8. amoCRM

Next on our best 15 CRM software for retailers is amoCRM for retail, which has developed an all-new functionality in the digital customer pipeline. The new technology, called Dynamic Segmentation, makes it easy to move your leads along different stages based on carefully predetermined triggers.

Among amoCRM details is an interesting way the application helps you move the big spenders from the penny-pinchers along different pathways. It also gives you the option to configure to which stages to send buyers based on their responses to a form. These multiple options give you a means to always segment your customers, leaving you with essential information from which to design campaigns that have better chances of success.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a amoCRM free trial here.

Why choose amoCRM for your retail business:

  1. A snapshot of your sales. amoCRM’s new regular report feature gives you a full view of your department’s sales performance. Want to know how many leads were won this month or how much money you pulled in at the end of each week? All this and more is at your fingertips. You decide which data to receive and when to get it. And if you don’t want to wait, request a report right now via email or even Telegram.
  2. Auto-fill leads. Email is a powerful way to generate leads, but manually entering data from messages into the CRM is a nightmare. Not anymore. The new version of amoCRM can transform emails into templates that extract vital info and fill in the lead card automatically. The built-in email parser is easy to use too — just create a template once, and watch fully-filled lead cards roll in.
  3. Real-time interface gives you visible changes. No more refreshing the page to see your changes — now amoCRM is automatically updated in real-time. You can see the results of your actions before your very eyes: create new leads, progress them through the pipeline and more instantaneously.
  4. Measure satisfaction. amoCRM’s new tool for handling client requests, the Net Promoter Score feature, gives you a transparent way of measuring the happiness and loyalty of your customers. Now whenever an issue is marked resolved, the customer is invited to evaluate the service they received. Negative ratings automatically notify the user of your choice, so you have a clear way of tracking employee effectiveness. Even better, with custom answer templates, your team can swiftly process requests the moment they come in.
  5. Custom-build your CRM. amoCRM’s new super widgets have expanded the possibilities for improving your system. Add your own settings, partitions, lists, directories and even interfaces. You’ve got complete and total access to your data.

9. OnContact

For as much as $65 per user per month for OnContact pricing, you get an all-in-one customer relationship management solution that gives you 6 suites and over 30 applications to grow your retail business to new levels of success

The tenth edition of this flagship customer relationship product by WorkWise provides compact sales, marketing automation, customer service, and robust contact center. Functionalities are conveniently presented on a single dashboard, eliminating the need to master complex navigation rules.

You can easily sign up for a OnContract free trial here and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.

Why choose OnContact for your retail business:

  1. Automate your sales workflow. From lead generation to pipeline management, OnContact CRM software makes it possible to automate every essential phase of your sales cycle.
  2. Automate marketing processes. At no extra cost to you, OnContact CRM will automate your marketing workflow, from campaign management to tracking website visitors.
  3. Outstanding customer support. OnContact’s customer service software lets you track incidents and defects, reference knowledge base articles, assign and escalate cases, manage service agreements, and more.
  4. Smart mapping to make the most of trips. Powered by Google Maps, OnContact’s mapping functionality allows you to see other companies and prospects to better plan your trips and schedules.
  5. Deep insight to inform management OnContact CRM software includes all the tools managers need to drive results and make data-driven decisions.
  6. Useful integration and customization tools. From QuickBooks integration to do-it-yourself customizations, the software delivers the tools you need to thrive.

10. InfoFlo

A contact management and customer relationship management system, InfoFlo automatically tracks all important information about your contacts and manage customer data. A single link then gives you access to the resulting database.

Along with other outstanding InfoFlo features is a powerful way to sync with Outlook. Contact, relationship, email, calendar, document, sales and task management are all bundled in a powerful solution to help you expand your retail possibilities.

If you want to know more about the features you can easily sign up for a InfoFlo free trial here.

Why choose InfoFlo for your retail business:

  1. Spend more time on business, not on your CRM. Managing operations shouldn’t mean spending more time with your CRM. An intuitive interface allows InfoFlo to dispense with time-consuming software implementation and lets you tackle what’s truly relevant to growing your business.
  2. Reasonable pricing. For just $99 (= $1.50 per month over 5 years) you will receive a feature-packed contact management system with over 20 built-in components and includes free upgrades for life. InfoFlo is focused on managing your customer records to give you timely access to critical data and actionable business insights. This means less time wasted trying to find your data and more time doing business.
  3. Own your own data. InfoFlo will run the same high-level security on your local network or in your private cloud. You can give InfoFlo a try with absolutely no commitments and credit card information required.
  4. Total office solution. Acquire all the capabilities critical to running your business, from project management to phone system integration.
  5. Custom fields. InfoFlo makes it conveniently simple to set up custom fields, whether in the form of drop-down menus, check boxes, text fields, etc.

11. vCita

While not a fully-featured CRM too, vCita is powerful enough to bridge the distance between you and your customers, from anywhere and any time. The application serves as your foundation to stronger customer relationships, with lead generation and organizational tools that are ideal if you are just starting to grow your retail business.

Key vCita benefits include tools to organize your leads and store your clients’ information all in one place. It’s designed to make your business accessible to clients 24/7,  allowing you to streamline your workflow from storing contact details to processing invoices and beyond.

An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for a vCita free trial here.

Why choose vCita for your retail business:

  1. Convenient online payments. Fast, convenient payment is just a click away via credit card or PayPal.
  2. Provide client portal. Do business like the big guys with a portal for each client. The portal enables clients to access their activity history, request services, reschedule appointments and more.
  3. Persistence that pays. Cut on the time chasing after client payments by implementing automated payment reminders.
  4. Ensure clients and staff are up to task. A shared team calendar eliminates second-guessing and establishes the next agenda clearly.
  5. Mix and match perfectly. Match leads with the right agent so no opportunity slips away, with monitoring tools to allow you to intervene as necessary.

12. Scoro

A cloud-based business management software that doubles as CRM, Scoro serves as your single source of knowledge to manage your customers effectively. Instant visibility makes it easy to determine where to move leads along your sales funnel, with rich information about contact details, invoices, meetings, linked projects, etc., to inform your actions.

Our Scoro overview highlights core features including collaboration, work scheduling and tracking, project management, customer relations management, quoting and billing and advanced reporting and dashboards. A friendly user interface simplifies operations, eliminating the need to switch between solutions and email clients.

You can use all the features for free for a period of time to see if the software matches your needs. Simply sign up for a Scoro free trial here.

Why choose Scoro for your retail business:

  1. Ge the most of 360-degree view of deal or client. An organization-wide contact database lets you conduct meaningful communication and efficient billing.
  2. Track lead movement. The visual presentation of your sales funnel lets you see how leads move from one stage to another.
  3. Eliminate unknowns about your customer. Comprehensive details about a customer’s linked projects, invoices or meetings, help you act with support from information that you can depend upon.
  4. Analyze performance. Visualize your revenue growth, best performers to inform your next commitments.
  5. Intelligent selling. Review your Pipeline Report and generate weighted averages for future months by stage.

13. RevampCRM

RevampCRM for retailers lets you connect your store with the CRM platform, its descriptive analytics setting the way for your store progress by managing your revenue and the performance of your team.

RevampCRM analyzes your pipeline to reveal the salespeople who are working on the most leads, with the relevant figures presented.  The powerful sales funnel tool shows you where a lead stands at any given time, helping you decide the next step to take to close the deal.

Why choose RevampCRM for your retail business:

  1. One secure place from which to manage everything. All contact information are safely tucked in one place, with secure, easy access every time you need it.
  2. Flexible custom fields. Match data with your business requirements, fill up additional contact details and map expanded fields from web forms or CSV files.
  3. Smart filters. Bring out only the right data that requires extra attention and efforts from your team.
  4. Leverage Revamp inside Gmail. Revamp CRM’s Gmail extension fully updates customer information from inside your Gmail inbox while conveniently allowing you to attach emails to customer accounts inside your CRM.

You may head to this RevampCRM pros and cons for more insight on the software. Or, sign up for a RevampCRM free trial here to get a closer look at the features.

14. CRM CRM for retailers is a powerful solution that takes away the complexity of a CRM by way of a powerful visual tool. By treating the tracking of prospects and clients as a simple to-do list, the platform lets you manage your pipeline from lead to post-project without missing a step. consolidates all information and communication in one place while speeding up your sales process. Its filter and expansive customization tools let you manage deals in a way that suits exactly how you want to work.

At 16 cents per user a day, CRM’s Basic plan sets you back less than a pencil per person. Considering that this pricing gives you powerful searching capabilities and unlimited storage alone makes the offer a compelling one for your retail business.

You can try all its premium features at no cost when you sign up for a free trial here.

Why choose CRM for your retail business:

  1. Simplify your deal workflow. From managing customer interactions, faster communication to consolidated customer database and easy-to-understand layout, provides all the tools so workflows give you the results you need while dealing with your leads.
  2. Strike it right with opportunities and leads. From juggling listings to handling negotiations and transactions, has all the tools to make the most of window of opportunities provided by your leads.
  3. Information that gives you the edge. reminds you of anniversary or birthday dates to set you up one step ahead of your competition.
  4. Dispense with routine work quickly. Use your board to quickly match requests with listings or access important documents.

15. Salpo CRM

Rounding up our best 15 CRM software for retailers is Salpo CRM, which gives you a comprehensive set of tools to help you improve your customer relationship management efforts. Accessible via desktop and mobile devices, it comes with powerful sales automation tools, opportunity tracking features, and a customer data collection functionalities. What’s more is Salpo CRM has a built-in customer support center, web chat, and email support. This way, you can reach your clients without having to rely on a third-party communication platform.

Another great thing about using Salpo CRM is that it doesn’t simply collect data to help you learn more about your clients. This comprehensive solution also has the capacity to provide you with critical insights on your available data through analytics. With this at your disposal, you’ll have all the information you need to make smarter business decisions.

Lastly, Salpo CRM provides its users with manual GDPR tools as well as access to the GDPR CAT module for easier compliance management.

Why choose Salpo CRM for your retail business:

  1. Strong Sales Automation. Salpo CRM comes with robust sales automation features that let you track opportunities for conversion. With this feature, you can easily zero in on hot leads and approach them at the most opportune time
  2. Unified Customer Database. It comes with a unified database that automatically collects your important emails, calls, and notes. This way, your sales and marketing personnel have easy access to the customer information they need at all times.
  3. Instant Insights. The platform comes equipped with dynamic filtering and custom reporting tools. This will allow you to get real-time insights on your CRM efforts and get a better understanding of how you can further improve your strategies.
  4. Code-Free Interface. Aside from having a modular architecture, this platform also comes with a code-free interface so that you can fully configure the system without the need for extensive technical expertise.
  5. Seamless Integrations. This software solution is built to play well with any kind of software ecosystem. It can seamlessly integrate with solutions such as DEAR Inventory, RingCentral, GSuite, and Office 365 to name a few.

By Louie Andre

B2B & SaaS market analyst and senior writer for FinancesOnline. He is most interested in project management solutions, believing all businesses are a work in progress. No stranger to small business hiccups and drama, having been involved in a few internet startups. Prior to his for-profit ventures, he has had managed corporate communications for a Kansas City-based Children International unit.

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