15 Best Sales Software Systems For Your Business

ssSales software helps users to automate sales tasks and processes, and also provides performance tracking and reporting tools. These solutions can collect vital sales data in minutes and you don’t have to spend hours doing things manually in a spreadsheet. The system helps you measure important indicators such as lead time, gain and loss ratios, and conversion rates.

What’s more, you can get a clear picture of you sales reps’ achievements for various clients, territories, products and more. If you are looking to invest in a quality sales software for your company, we can help you. This article lists the top sales software systems in our database as selected by our B2B software review team. We take a good look at each platform’s main features and benefits to help you select the best sales software for your company’s needs.

1. Pipedrive – Score 9.8/10

Pipedrive won our Best CRM Software Award for 2016

Pipedrive is the current leader in the sales software category as our review team has given it the highest SmartScore of 9.8/10 based on its key functionalities, quality of customer support and other factors. The app has been well received by users as indicated by its perfect customer satisfaction rating of 100%. We have recognized the system’s high quality by giving it the Best CRM Software Award for 2015 and the Supreme Software Award for 2016. The vendor offers flexible pricing packages for companies of any size. There is also a handy free trial you can use to check if the software suits your needs. You can easily sign up for Pipedrive free trial here.

What makes Pipedrive one of the best sales software solutions in the market? To start, it offers a user-friendly and efficient overview of the sales pipeline. Your company’s sales professionals are sure to love the system because it has sales pipeline methodology built into it.  The platform shows your deals in their different stages which helps you to track your team’s progress and identify the deals that need to be pushed. You can also track each individual rep’s progress as well as deals offered to leads.

Pipedrive stands out from other sales software because you can use it as your personal sales manager to select the right deals and activities to concentrate on. For this reason, the tool is a big boon for sales managers and business owners. You can use the system’s Timeline View to identify promising leads and close more deals. Plus, the app is highly secure and is used by thousands of customers around the world. The vendor offers nightly backups in multiple secure locations as well as solid hosting infrastructure.

2. TradeGecko – Score 9.8/10

TradeGecko gets a SmartScore of 9.8/10 and its user satisfaction rating is 96%. This app is an ideal choice for those who want to perform efficient inventory management. It is a cloud-based system that offers an elegant interface and automated delivery of asset management services.

Why should you try out TradeGecko? It helps multi-channel wholesalers and distributors to easily manage their inventory, supply and sales chains, and customer relationships in a single platform. Plus, the app seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce, accounting, and POS systems, and supports mobile users on iOS and Android devices.

3. Brightpearl – Score 9.7/10

Brightpearl has been given a SmartScore of 9.7/10 and user satisfaction rating of 98%. It is a multi-channel retail management solution that helps companies to manage core tasks such as managing orders, inventory, accounting, reporting, and customer data in a single location. The system offers real-time reports on cash flow, inventory, customer buying behavior, profitability by channel and stock keeping unit (SKU) and more.

What makes Brighpearl stand out among the crowd of sales software apps? You can use it as a single central hub to manage orders across your sales channels. The platform seamlessly integrates with your warehouses and shipping solutions enabling you to deliver orders to your customers more quickly. Another advantage is the software automatically updates reorder statuses and inventory levels which eliminates double selling, minimizes stockouts, and improves cash flow.

4. Unomy – Score 9.6/10

Unomy gets a SmartScore of 9.6/10 and its user satisfaction rating is currently a perfect 100%. It is a widely used sales and intelligence application. The system helps web-based companies to collect, process, and analyze relevant data. It quickly improves B2B deals because of its sourcing, prioritizing, and organizing ability. Plus, the software offers detailed company/employee profiles that concentrate on real-time performance to enable you to compare contact information.

Unomy is an intuitive and simple app that is used by more than seven million businesses and 70 million employees. One of the reasons for its popularity is it allows users to list and structure info in the way they wish to see it. Another key feature is the application works with Chrome extensions which benefits users in two ways: You can open the system’s database to filter names out, or you can use it for drilling details once info is laid on the table.

5. Infusionsoft – Score 9.4/10

Infusionsoft has been awarded an impressive SmartScore of 9.4/10 and its user satisfaction rating is a healthy 97%. It is used by more 23,000 small businesses to organize their work, save time, and boost sales. This app is designed mainly for small businesses. It is an ideal system whether your business is online, on a physical street, or an on-the-go service.

You can use Infusionsoft to clearly map your sales and marketing strategies and to automate repetitive work such as follow-ups. The software can help you to nurture and enrich leads, improve personal relationships with your customers and more. A big advantage is you can centralize all daily activities and customer interactions in this one system. It helps you to turn new leads into customers, sell your products online, collect payments quickly and easily, and boost your company’s productivity.

6. Freshsales – Score 9.3/10

Freshsales gets a SmartScore of 9.3/10 and user satisfaction rating of 95%. It is a product from the popular Freshdesk stable. The system was created by Freshdesk to help users easily manage the multiple elements of the sales process. Freshdesk found that its employees had to use multiple apps for the sales process. Therefore, it created Freshsales so that they wouldn’t need to wander around multiple programs to get their work done.

Freshsales is an outstanding platform because it not only offers the best features of legacy CRM systems, but also provides its own unique tools to prioritize pipeline opportunities and boost sales. The solution is designed to provide deep sales insights and it also gives hints to companies on how to use them to their benefit. Other advantages are simple setup procedures, cloud-based storage for easy access, and multiple seamless integrations with popular business applications.

7. KiteDesk – Score 9.3/10


KiteDesk has been given a SmartScore of 9.3/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is currently a perfect 100%. It is a sales prospecting solution that helps sales reps generate more leads. You can use the app to generate lead information via phone, email, and social profiles. With this system, you can have more effective meetings with your leads and customers, and close more deals. The platform targets your ideal customer profiles which boosts the chances of conversion and successful deal closure.

KiteDesk can be used in multiple places such as email addresses, social media search toolbar on LinkedIn, Chrome extension and others. It offers the ability to auto-discover leads from websites. You can use these tools to build lists of promising leads and prospects from the system’s database of millions of contacts and companies. Another benefit is sales teams can use the platform to boost outbound lead generation.

8. XSellco Price Manager – Score 9.2/10


XSellco Price Manager gets a SmartScore of 9.2/10 and its user satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. It is one of the three widely used business apps offered by XSellco. This application helps with real-time repricing as well as margin and competitor pricing which assists businesses to boost their profits. It works with a set of smart pricing rules and helps you craft a separate strategy for each of your competitors.

The best thing about XSellco Price Manager is it reveals an alternative method to winning the Buy Box other than simply offering the lowest price. It also keeps track of minimal price changes to help you adjust your own pricing scheme and maximize profits if there is a chance to do so. Many customers of this solution have reported significant increase in sales after placing their products on Amazon. For this reason, this platform is used by leading retailers in many nations.

9. InfoFlo – Score 9.1/10

InfoFlo has been awarded a SmartScore of 9.1/10 and its user satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. It is an affordable CRM solution that offers free upgrades for life. You can use this app to easily manage your contacts and business relationships from a single platform.

You can use InfoFlo to manage your tasks, sales, documents, calendars, emails, and contacts. It is a complete contact management platform as it tracks, manages, and automatically links relevant info about your business contacts. You can access all needed info with just a single click. Another advantage is you can look back at your business relationships with your customers by viewing your previous deals and exchanges. Finally, the system offers a robust Outlook sync and integrates smoothly with Google Sync and QuickBooks.

10. Pipeliner – Score 9.1/10

Pipeliner gets a SmartScore of 9.1/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is 93%. It is a sales automation solution that offers robust CRM features to help users track their company’s sales process. You can use it to run your sales process on autopilot. The app organizes sales data to qualify promising leads and uses interactive reporting tools to help you track your company’ sales activities. It is used by numerous small and medium-sized companies to manage their complex sales activities.

Pipeliner organizes your sales data in real-time to produce actionable insights for urgent opportunities. It helps you view hidden gems such upsell, customer inquiries, and repeat buys across your sales pipeline. A big advantage is the app is easy to implement and use which makes it simple for users to do their tasks efficiently. Plus, you can access customer data in a single place, and share, update, or add the info to reports as per your needs.

11. BigContacts – Score 9.1/10

BigContacts gets a SmartScore of 9.1/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. We have placed this app in the 11th place because it is an easy to use web-based solution that stores notes, contact data, and history in a single location. Users can access this data easily and quickly from anywhere, anytime. You can also effortlessly distribute contacts, share calendars, and assign tasks. The dashboard is user-friendly which makes it to simple to navigate, read, and edit it. Another big advantage is users can customize the dashboard to add specific details about their contacts to boost work output.

Benefits of BigContacts are: You can view all contact history from a single screen, easily manage your opportunities, tasks, and calendar, and finally, you can capture and store all email communication.

12. Zoho SalesIQ – Score 9.0/10

Zoho SalesIQ has been awarded a SmartScore of 9.0/10 and its customer satisfaction rating is a perfect 100%. We have placed this app in the 12th place because it is an advanced platform that enables users to track website visitors and offer live chat support to them. Another feature we found impressive is the solution evaluates customer behavior and actions and uses them to boost a company’s marketing strategy and sales. You can use this platform to answer the queries of potential customers which can boost the conversion rate.

Zoho SalesIQ’s communication module helps to generate leads and score them too, and to make business more predictable. With this tool, you are empowered to focus on promising visitors. Regardless of the traffic on your website you will be able to provide prompt responses, since your agents will get immediate notification when there is a customer request or query.

13. Sailthru – Score 9.0/10

Sailthru receives a SmartScore of 9.0/10 and user satisfaction rating of 87%. This app deserves the 13th place on our list because it is a cloud-based customer retention platform that helps marketers at media and retail companies build profitable relationships with their customers. The solution personalizes customer experiences across digital communication channels such as a brand’s website, email, and mobile apps, and offers one-on-one marketing.

Sailthru helps digital publishers and retailers boost their reliability and trust among their current and prospective customers. The app offers excellent web, email, and mobile experiences to help enterprises boost their revenue, eliminate churn, and enhance customer lifetime value.

14. Pocket Sales 71 – Our Score: 8.0/10

Pocket Sales 71 is a sales automation software solution that you can use to track your sales force out in the field. The application can help to upgrade and modernize your sales processes, and make them more efficient and effective. Growing organizations can find it difficult to respond in real time to one-off requests. This platform has been created to facilitate the process.

Pocket Sales 71 helps you understand and resolve common problems related to sales management. You can automate the sales process and track whether your reps are doing their tasks efficiently. Plus, the app generates detailed reports that give deep insights on key metrics. Though there are many sales automation systems available in the market, Pocket Sales 71 stands out among out the crowd because it offers a unique set of tools to help managers track the performance of their reps in the field.

15. SalesIn – Our Score: 8.0/10

SalesIn is a powerful sales management application designed and developed to help salespeople in the field graduate from the old practice of getting orders and invoices using pen and paper or calling orders through to the office. This software is built to greatly improve the sway business take control over their sales orders and invoicing workflows, streamlining these processes so that your sales teams are able to improve their efficiency and productivity and accomplish more.

With SalesIn, sales representatives can leverage the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, turning these devices into powerful tools for creating sales orders and invoices on site while in front of your customers. Reps also have access to real-time information like customer details, account history, product images, catalogs, stock levels, and more. This enables them to provide top class service to their customers by creating a more unique approach that their clients can easily relate with and in turn, encourage them to make and close more sales.

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