15 Popular Survey Software Solutions: Which One Is The Best?

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Survey software is utilized to collect comments and feedback from respondents. Companies use this solution to get feedback and reviews from their customers as well as employees. The data thus obtained can be used to analyze customer satisfaction, employee morale, etc. So, it is essential that you use a good quality survey software for your needs. However, how do you select a suitable application given the large number of systems available? To help you, we have prepared this list of the top survey software solutions in our database. Read on to learn about their main features and benefits, and make the right selection.

1. SurveyMonkey – Our Score: 9.2/10

Our review team of SaaS experts has given SurveyMonkey the highest SmartScore of 9.2/10 based on its top quality features, customization, integration and other important aspects.  The app has also received a satisfactory user satisfaction rating of 91% which shows that most users are satisfied with this product.

What makes SurveyMonkey top of the pops? To start, you can use the software to launch a variety of online survey projects for purposes such as market research, quick poll, competitive analysis, customer or employee feedback, and others. The platform is easy to use and you can customize your surveys for the needs of your target audience.

SurveyMonkey offers advanced and automated features to help you reach millions of respondents through various types of online surveys and get real-time data and results. Then, you can use the reporting and data analysis features to analyze the large amount of collected data. You can then export the analysis reports into different formats and share them with your team for collaboration. This will help you to make smart business decisions to improve your company’s operations.

The highlight of SurveyMonkey is the extensive question bank that offers specific customizable questions on a range of topics such as employee feedback, customer satisfaction, community, demographics, market research, healthcare, events, human resources, non-profit, political and more. Plus, you can add more questions to the survey as needed for your purposes.

2. SurveyGizmo – Our Score: 9.1/10

Businesses of all types can use SurveyGizmo to create and conduct questionnaires, quizzes, polls, and surveys. This app makes it easy to reach out to customers, manage employee and organizational relationships, and conduct academic research.

Why is SurveyGizmo in second place? For one, it offers a customizable interface that users can utilize to provide an interactive experience to their audience. You can pipe data, create charts, and loop pages with sophisticated features and options to create an enriching and dynamic survey experience.

SurveyGizmo allows you to not only collect data but also analyze it using the evaluation tools provided through the interface. You get the advantage of real-time data processing to collect and analyze data easily and quickly.

3. QuestionPro – Our Score: 8.9/10

QuestionPro is a web-based survey software solution that can be used by small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises. You can use it to easily create online surveys and polls, and share them with other users in order to make intelligent business decisions based on the responses gathered. The app is a product of QuestionPro Inc. whose online workflow and survey software is used by millions of customers across the world.

The best part of QuestionPro is it offers multiple pre-built survey templates and greater than 30 question types that you can use to create personalized surveys and questionnaires. It also provides tools to reach respondents through integrated pop-ups, email, and survey posting on social channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

4. Getfeedback – Our Score 8.8/10

Companies that want continuous growth need to make use of useful feedback from all their stakeholders. This will enable them to utilize their strengths and improve their weaknesses to boost their competitive edge.

For this purpose, businesses can use Getfeedback to connect with their customers, employees, business partners and other stakeholders to get their comments and feedback on various important issues. The app is designed to enable users to utilize different mediums of communication such as writing and speech to give their views.

Getfeedback stands out because it can be used for almost all feedback scenarios. It provides a responsive design that can be utilized for a range of surveys including pre-event surveys, post-event surveys, employee feedback, customer feedback, and business partner surveys. Thus, you can use this platform to get accurate feedback data.

5. Qualtrics – Our Score: 8.8/10

Qualtrics enables you to collect online data for a range of purposes such as product/concept testing, website feedback, employee evaluation, detailed market research, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. The platform is used by a host of prominent companies that appreciate its interface, functionality, and affordable pricing packages.

Why have we selected Qualtrics in fifth place? One of the reasons is it offers three useful products: Employee Insights, Market Research, and Customer Experience that can be used by businesses of any size and in any industry. You can use its open API for smooth CRM integration, and the software also provides pre-built Tableau, Salesforce, and Marketo connectons. Important features include: net promoter scores, website feedback, employee engagement surveys, ad testing, market research, and employee 360s. Finally, you can make use of the range of training materials and reliable online support to use the application effectively.

6. SurveyAnalytics – Our Score: 8.7/10

SurveyAnalytics offers a suite of easy-to-use and interconnected data collection and analysis tools. You can make use of its features such as online surveys, mobile data collection, and sophisticated data visualization and analysis features to collect and act on information to make smarter decisions.

One of the highlights of SurveyAnalytics is it offers robust DIY tools to help you take control of feedback in real time. Plus, you can make use of SDK and API options to integrate the solution with your existing applications. A big advantage is the system offers an enterprise-grade research platform that provides listening and feedback capabilities for companies in more than 30 industries. You can use all this functionality to collect feedback and analyze data through online, mobile, community, and custom channels.

7. Wufoo – Our Score: 8.7/10

Wufoo offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and useful tools to help you easily design and build online forms. You can create attractive and customizable web forms using the solution’s theme designer, add your own logo and colors, and select from the professionally-designed color palette. The best part is you can use the system’s rule builder to create dynamic forms that follow the logic you have defined to perform actions such as emailing specific individuals, showing and hiding fields, and skipping certain pages.

Wufoo stands out because it makes it simple to host online forms – the vendor offers a number of copy-and-paste code snippets to assist you to embed your forms into your website, Facebook page, blog post, and email newsletter. Plus, the app offers form analytics and customizable performance reports to measure important metrics such as submissions, time spent on submissions, bounce rate and more. Finally, you can get form notifications in the form of emails, text messages, and a secure RSS feed so that you can stay updated on your form submissions and online payments.

8. TypeForm – Our Score: 8.6/10

Surveys and forms are important for businesses. But many users find them boring. To resolve this issue, TypeForm makes it fun and exciting to design and create forms. It has changed the traditional structure of forms and uses a range of interactive features to make it exciting for respondents to fill forms and air their views.

TypeForm stands out from the pack because it enables you to create forms in simple yet unique ways. The app offers helpful features, responsiveness of forms to popular gadgets, and other advanced functionality. Moreover, the vendor provides a free API for easy deployment and practical application. You can use the API to integrate your forms and surveys with other systems. Finally, the software offers handy data export options to make your job easier.

9. Nicereply – Our Score: 8.5/10

Nicereply enables businesses to turn their email communication into a customer feedback center. In short, it an easy-to-use customer service application that allows your customers to comment on and rate emails from you.

All you need to is simply insert a unique link in all of your emails and the recipient can comment on and rate them. You can log in to the system to check how your employees and support agents rank and get valuable customer feedback about them.

Nicereply is highly useful to businesses because they can use customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction. Your employees can learn how they are rated compared to their colleagues and you can reward your top agents. The rating system is robust and flexible, and you can easily integrate it with other ticketing solutions.

10. Formstack – Our Score: 8.5/10

If you are search for ways to structure and organize information, Formstack offers an online form building application with a range of robust tools.  You can use it to create simple, complex, or short forms according to your needs. The app helps you to collect and store important information. Another benefit is you can perform useful analysis and get insights on your main performance areas.

One of the highlights is Formstack offers greater than 40 integrations to automate the process of data collection. You can integrate the app with other software systems such as CRMs, subscriber lists, security tools, and payment processing systems. Moreover, you don’t need the help of a developer as you can utilize the user-friendly interface and numerous customizable features that can be integrated into forms. In short, this application simplifies and personalizes the processes of data collection and analysis.

11. Zoho Survey – Our Score 8.4/10

Zoho Survey is a simple online survey platform that addresses basic survey needs. The solution offers a range of pre-built and custom templates that you can use to conduct surveys in business areas such as customer satisfaction, market research, marketing, human resources, education and others.

The best part is Zoho Survey offers a wide range of built-in reports and interactive charts to help you understand and analyze the survey results and derive actionable insights. Plus, you can export survey data in standard formats (.xls or .cvs) to view it on traditional spreadsheets. Finally, you can integrate this application with other Zoho solutions as well as with popular business systems including Google Sheets, Google Apps, and MailChimp.

12. Fluid Surveys – Our Score: 8.4/10

Fluid Surveys is an online platform that institutes and businesses can use to create surveys. It is offered as a part of the SurveyMonkey solution. Fluid Surveys provides you a range of versatile options to improve your research.

What is the best thing about Fluid Surveys? To start, both individuals and businesses can use it to design any type of surveys. For this reason, it is used by a host of top brands to address their survey needs. Plus, the system offers relevant metrics and interactive analytics you can use to grow your business.

Fluid Surveys makes it simple to design surveys. It is an intuitive app that makes designing surveys an engaging interactive experience. You can use the drag-and-drop features to complete your designs quickly. Finally, the vendor offers multilingual capability in the form of support for 64 international languages.

13. ProProfs Survey Maker – Our Score: 8.4/10

ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is a powerful and easy to use online survey solution designed for educators, marketers, event planners, and organizations. Built with a drag and drop user interface and mobile-friendly features, the survey tool is used for collecting customer feedback, conducting market research and demographic analysis, evaluating course effectiveness, and other goals or activities. With ProProfs Survey Maker, designing and creating online surveys of any type is a breeze, whether they are simple or sophisticated. The software permits users to choose from a selection of survey templates which they can customize by adding logos, background images, colors, and call-to-action buttons.

The intuitive online survey software, furthermore, helps users easily reach out to people by allowing them to share surveys and questionnaires in various ways – share surveys on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites; send them via email, and publish on websites and blogs. After users deliver their surveys, ProProfs Survey Maker provides them with the ability to track how respondents are answering their surveys. They will be able to obtain information about their respondents instantly and access detailed survey reports in real time. With such excellent survey reporting and analytics, they can gain insights into the responses and choices of survey takers.

14. SurveyAnyplace – Our Score: 8.1/10

SurveyAnyplace is an online application for survey creation that you can use to design engaging surveys that promote user engagement. This app stands out because it enables you to improve the surveys you already have. The system is integrated with Facebook and offers affordable packages that can be used by businesses of any size.

SurveyAnyplace provides modern-looking surveys that are attractive to respondents and they can easily interact with the surveys using the latest mobile features. You can utilize the tool to collect the needed information by creating training campaigns, assessments, contests, surveys, data collection tools, and business quizzes. The main advantage is this application enables you to create a positive and unique respondent experience that produces the required information.

15. Insight Stash – Our Score: 8.0/10

Insight Stash is a user-friendly straightforward feedback form generator that enables companies and organizations to create beautiful, professional looking feedback forms for their websites. This form builder helps users build forms and surveys quickly, from the design stage to actual launching.

With Insight Stash, you can gather high value, very actionable insights from your website visitors in mere minutes. You have total control over the design, choosing to work with Insight Stash’s extensive list of fields or customize your feedback forms and surveys using your own CSS styles. Once you have all their insights, you can then analyze the information and base your subsequent actions to significantly improve your site and its services.

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