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20 Best Marketing Analytics Software for 2020

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What is the best marketing analytics software for 2020?
The best marketing analytics software for 2020 is Looker. Looker is a data discovery platform that makes it easier for users to build customized reports and drill down into specific data points without complicated coding. The platform also comes with data visualization features for easier analysis.

Marketing analytics software consists of tools and processes that allow you to analyze, measure, and maximize marketing performance to make it more effective and ensure you get the desired ROI. Specifically, it helps you determine and understand how your marketing programs are doing.

In this article on the 20 best marketing analytics software, we present some of the leading products in this software niche. The tools for marketing analytics are an amalgam of business intelligence, marketing automation, social media marketing, and mobile marketing solutions, each one with its strength in a specific scenario. However, they all have robust analytics components and functionality to help you gauge your marketing performance. These we will explore below.

marketing analytics software

Features & Capabilities

Marketing analytics software optimizes and simplifies your marketing campaign management and strategies. It can gather information and look into all your marketing activities across all your audiences and channels. Data on customer preference, patterns, behavior, history, and more are analyzed to give you insights so you can tweak your campaigns, pinpoint effective marketing methods, and make information-driven decisions.

In line with its function, marketing analytics solutions provide these features and capabilities:

  1. Predictive analytics & optimization – Marketers use predictive analytics tools to optimize marketing activities and learn the ROI on their campaigns.
  2. Customer analytics & segmentation – Customer data, segmentation, and web analytics are harnessed to assess the customer journey and build campaigns around it.
  3. Attribution modeling – This is a statistical process anchored on regression techniques to find out which element in a previous campaign or channel successfully resulted in customer conversion in the past. It is a functional component also often included in web analytics and BI software.
  4. Data visualization – This BI tool is heavily applied in marketing analytics to provide a visualized way to interpret and present data, making it easy to understand insights and other important information that are revealed by analysis.
  5. Competitive analysis – While most marketing analytics solutions are focused on internal marketing activities, some vendors include this to let you know how your competitors are doing vis-à-vis your marketing performance.

Other features that you may find in marketing analytics software include data collection, integrations, collaboration, multi-channel tracking, campaign insights, reports and dashboards, SEO tools, personalization, and brand optimization.

Marketing Analytics vs. Web Analytics

You may ask – what’s the difference between web analytics and marketing analytics? Both are digital analytics platforms that marketers can use. They differ in their specialized function.

Web analytics zooms in on the elements in the customer journey, such as how potential customers or site visitors interact with particular elements in your marketing campaign or website. Interactions can be in the form of page views, time spent on a page, or click-through rate, which give you an idea of customer/visitor behavior.

On the other hand, marketing analytics takes on a wider perspective. It focuses on your marketing campaigns and activities, multichannel attribution, marketing mix modeling, distribution of marketing efforts, and the like, all within the context of discovering ROI and how effective your marketing tactics and strategies are.

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
CRM: 48


How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
Real-time analytics data: 40

Real-time analytics data

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
Analytics integration across channels: 38

Analytics integration across channels

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
Data visualization: 38

Data visualization

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
Automated personalization: 36

Automated personalization

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
Predictive analytics: 34

Predictive analytics

How Marketers are Augmenting Data-Driven Marketing
Audience definition: 33

Audience definition



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Benefits of Marketing Analytics Software

The ability to gain a 360-degree view of customers has long been a challenge to marketers, partly because of the problem of integrating data from different sources. As a matter of fact, only 17% of companies report having achieved a single view of their customers. Having various, disparate data sources make it difficult to implement data-driven marketing.

While CRM is still the go-to tool for marketers to get that encompassing customer view, many are increasingly turning to predictive analytics. In fact, the top three data-driven marketing tactics now are CRM data use, predictive analytics, and audience definition.

Analytics has become such a crucial component of business that 90% of sales and marketing teams see analytics as essential to getting their work done.

Marketing analytics software will give you the tools to optimize and maximize your marketing efforts by leveraging customer data to your advantage. Among its benefits are:

  1. Get a complete view of customers across channels. Marketers have to deal and contend with lots of channels nowadays, both in the digital and physical world – on-site and online stores, call centers, kiosks, help desks, mobile, social media, partners, ecommerce, and more. Marketing analytics solutions allow you to access, integrate, and analyze customer data from all these multiple sources. This is especially important as digital marketing trends indicate the growing benefits of omnichannel marketing.
  2. Personalize marketing and customer engagements. You get to discover how customers behave differently in defined segments and predict their likelihood to respond to various offers. This lets you tailor fit the content, delivery, and timing of your campaigns to the taste and preferences of customers.
  3. Enhance social media strategies. By using marketing analytics, you can identify influencers, get a unique perspective, and fit the pieces to have a complete picture of customer value to sharpen your social media engagement.
  4. Real-time customer engagement. It gives you a platform that combines speed with intelligence to give you an edge, whether dealing with customers online, in person, or on the phone. Having all channels on an equal playing field affords you real-time decision-making.
  5. Visualize data across the organization. Marketing analytics offers data visualization, allowing everyone in the organization to collaborate, share, and collectively decide on data and insights, which spurs productivity and efficiency.
  6. Anticipate customer and market behavior. You’ll be able to get one step ahead of your customers and proactively respond to their needs and preferences. You’ll have at your disposal tools to perform statistical or data mining methods and come up with predictive models based on a set or combination of variables.
  7. Recognize data as a strategic asset. The solution lets you balance governance and privacy with data access for analytics to protect the interests of both your organization and your customers.

In this guide on the 20 best marketing analytics software, we’ll go through the tools, capabilities, and features offered by some of the leading products out there, with which you can try to optimize and boost your marketing activities.

20 Best Marketing Analytics Software

1. Looker

Looker dashboard

Looker comes with business intelligence software features that enable easier data discovery.  As a data discovery platform, the software helps companies make better business decisions through real-time access to data. It can meet the requirements of startups, mid-sized businesses and enterprises, providing capabilities to analyze data of all sizes with its 100% in-database and 100% browser-based platform. Additionally, Looker can integrate with any SQL database or data warehouse using an intuitive approach to data exploration.

The software lets you build and share reports on the fly, so other functional groups can benefit from the questions they’re asking and the knowledge they’ve created. You can drill into the data across interactive and accurate charts and tables with ease and without complicated coding. The platform also includes self-service features such as filtering, pivoting, and the creation of visualizations and dashboards. You can gain deeper insight into your customers and their entire journey by combining multiple data sets, cross-channel customer behavior, and customer segmentation by attributes.



Try out Looker with their free trial


  • Centralize your data sources.
  • Get a single source of truth for all your marketing data.
  • Get the entire view of a user’s experience on your website from every click to conversion.
  • Define metrics once, and build and share custom dashboards.
  • Analyze campaigns to track KPIs like CPC, CTR, and CPA.
  • Analyze ROI and understand spend and revenue generated by every campaign and medium.
  • Set up custom rules to receive email alerts when any tactic or ad goes wrong.
  • Monitor and optimize conversion rates by channel, content, and audiences.
  • Acquisition channels to track where new leads and customers are coming from.
  • Quickly segment data and analyze how different segments behave over time.

Detailed Looker Review

2. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing dashboard

HubSpot Marketing is an advanced all-in-one marketing system that brings all of your marketing efforts together to help your team grow traffic and increase conversions. It comes with drag-and-drop functionality that lets you design engaging websites with responsive pages regardless of the device they are viewed on.

Likewise, you can build highly personalized landing pages for your campaigns, distribute both static and dynamic HTML messages, prepare and format content for publishing, and integrate information from other systems. All these can be done without any coding experience.

HubSpot Marketing enables you to prepare and optimize attractive content, and distribute it among the right audiences. It comes with SEO and social suggestions to drive traffic and tools to personalize messages for specific visitors. It also offers contact forms and A/B tests to develop successful lead generation strategies, a ready-to-use marketing funnel, scheduling, contact database, mobile marketing, and much more. Harnessing all your marketing data, it lets you measure your entire marketing funnel from acquisition to close with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards, enabling you to make smarter, data-driven marketing decisions.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing

Try out HubSpot Marketing with their free trial


  • Analytics built into everything you do, right out of the box.
  • Track the complete customer lifecycle, from anonymous visitor to closed customer.
  • Break down any report by contact or company-level properties in your database or CRM.
  • Add event tracking to links, buttons, and purchases to understand visitors’ behavior and trigger automation workflows.
  • Analyze your site’s performance with key website metrics.
  • Measure the quantity and quality of traffic to your website as a whole or page-by-page.
  • Drill down into each source to see individual contacts and companies it’s generating so you can focus marketing campaigns on ones that matter.
  • Gain insight into your entire funnel to see which marketing assets are working best and show how marketing impacts the bottom line.

Detailed HubSpot Marketing Review

3. Marketo

Marketo dashboard

Marketo is a comprehensive cloud platform that specializes in customer engagement marketing and marketing management. It has tools for marketing automation, account-based marketing, content marketing, email, mobile, social, digital ads, web, and marketing analytics.

Marketo comes with a visual drag-and-drop interface for ease of use and does not require users to possess HTML skills to create professional email templates and landing pages. Email testing is also offered so you can try out different content and dynamically change them to fit specific situations.

Marketo provides native integrations with leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to help sync marketing teams and sales teams for better collaboration and awareness. Its lead management capability lets you gather strong leads based on pre-determined parameters and criteria, such as demographics, input from sales reports, product scores, and prospect behavior. Reporting and analytics are standard features that enable you to gather reports based on various customizable metrics such as email and landing page, lead, and campaign performance, among others.

Detailed Marketo Review


  • Use machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically put the most relevant content in front of each person across your web, mobile, and email channels.
  • Understand your customer journey and measure key performance metrics across each stage.
  • Identify channels and campaigns that deliver the most revenue and highest marketing ROI.
  • Discover how your marketing campaigns influence sales.
  • Measure and optimize ad spend.
  • Easily create visual reports and dashboards.
  • Take your marketing analytics on the go with Marketo Moments mobile app.

4. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein dashboard

Salesforce Einstein is an AI application for sales data processing. It gathers and processes information to deliver accurate predictions, provides suggestions tailored to unique business needs, and allows for a deeper understanding of customers. The software comes with “myEinstein,” a platform where you can design and publish your own intelligent and predictive applications to further customize the solution for specific business requirements.

Salesforce Einstein is equipped with automation capability to empower your sales agents to become more productive. It analyzes information to provide data that allows agents to arrange their priorities and identify the most beneficial opportunities. Salesforce Einstein acts as your sales team’s personal data scientist that assists in identifying new contacts and staying updated on business news while enhancing productivity by connecting emails and calendars to the platform.

Detailed Salesforce Einstein Review


  • Predictive marketing that uses sales marketing data to provide accurate predictions, letting you offer smart recommendations to customers.
  • Client engagement analysis to fully understand customer behavior.
  • Insights discovery for a deeper understanding of sales operations.
  • See every interaction that prospects and customers have with your business.
  • Reach customers at any stage of the customer lifecycle, including awareness, acquisition, onboarding, engagement, advocacy, and retention.
  • Connect across every channel, on any device.
  • Engage customers with one integrated platform to unify sales, service, and marketing.

5. Percolate

Percolate dashboard

Percolate is an all-in-one marketing software that lets you plan, create, execute, and manage your marketing activities across all channels, markets, and teams. Its content marketing and asset management features provide a robust platform for content inspiration, distribution, management, analysis, and more. It allows you to publish content to different marketing channels from a single hub, including social, digital and traditional marketing channels. You get to measure marketing from idea generation to execution, allowing you to track team productivity and cross-channel visibility.

Percolate provides rich insights into content performance, highlighting areas that require improvement. It comes in four core modules – planning and campaign management, content marketing and asset management, distribution and social relationship management, and marketing analytics. All these are combined in a single platform to help you manage and make visible every marketing activity, whether it is a global initiative or an individual piece of content.

Detailed Percolate Review


  • Rich insights on content performance, team productivity, and areas of improvement.
  • Complete visibility across all marketing activities.
  • The content metadata model unlocks the value of marketing attribution and analytics systems by creating consistency across all channels.
  • Encode strategic and tactical information into structured metadata and apply it to campaigns, content, and assets.
  • Leverage process analytics into workflow execution data to identify bottlenecks in marketing processes and optimize the marketing supply chain.
  • Apply operational analytics to get an unparalleled view of the marketing mix across all channels.
  • Produce summary reports based on all marketing activities.

6. Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Neilsen Marketing Cloud dashboard

Nielsen Marketing Cloud is designed to empower brands, agencies, and media companies to connect more deeply with customers by combining Nielsen’s world-class data, analytics, media planning, marketing activation, and data management platform capabilities in a single cloud platform. It facilitates a greater understanding of consumers and audiences, more effective one-to-one messaging, and superior ROI analysis and campaign optimization. It gives you capabilities to seamlessly move data between apps to increase learning and fuel a 360-degree view of your customers.

The software offers a central hub that manages and activates first-, second- and third-party consumer data. It provides a powerful analytics solution that powers side-by-side ROI metrics for all digital media channels to inform media spend and optimize marketing tactics. It is able to track consideration and purchase-intent metrics in real-time to enable in-flight campaign optimization, from media allocation to creative versioning.

Detailed Nielsen Marketing Cloud Review


  • Houses one of the world’s largest collections of third-party data for use across digital media.
  • Scale data across CPG, retail, purchase, behavioral, television, lifestyle, etc.
  • Media planning, consumer insight, and audience segmentation.
  • Cross-platform targeting, programmatic buying, and sequential messaging.
  • Marketing ROI, real-time intent, and creative and channel effectiveness.

7. Visual IQ

Visual IQ dashboard

Visual IQ is a marketing intelligence solution intended to help you understand marketing performance in combination with the unique profiles of your customers and prospects. It lets you analyze audience attributes and behaviors, optimize budgets, and improve the overall customer experience. The software delivers actionable, audience-driven marketing intelligence you need to deliver meaningful business results in today’s consumer-led, multi-screen world. You’ll be able to measure all types of marketing and media, analyze the unique profiles of your audience, and take immediate action on insights.

The software can transform your disparate data into audience-driven intelligence with multi-touch attribution to bring transparency to your marketing and advertising efforts. It can collect and duplicate performance, cost, and audience attribute data from your marketing channels and devices in real-time. Once collected, you have the flexibility to define your own rules-based attribution model (First-Touch, Even-Weighting, Position-Based, etc.) or use a more sophisticated, algorithmic model (Enhanced, TrueAttribution) to measure the influence by audiences of every channel and campaign tactic.

Detailed Visual IQ Review


  • TV Attribution to determine which elements of your TV buys (network, program, daypart, etc.) will drive the greatest digital response.
  • Marketing Mix Models (MMM) to understand past trends and predict the future effect of marketing tactics on sales, and optimize budget allocation across channels, brands, and regions.
  • Demographic segmentation lets you know who your customers and prospects are, what they like, and how they behave.
  • Predictive analytics to test multiple scenarios and forecast performance against different marketing objectives before you execute.
  • Optimize paid search campaigns based on multi-touch attribution insights.

8. LinkedIn Website Demographics

LinkedIn Website Demographics dashboard

LinkedIn Website Demographics lets you discover the professional traits of your website visitors and understand your audience better. It gives you valuable audience insights—like job titles, company names, and industries—using the most accurate professional data by LinkedIn. You’ll be able to create tailored content to your strongest prospects and compare different pages to learn which kinds of content resonate with different audiences. With its reporting and analytics tools, you’ll learn about your website visitors and target those who are most likely to become qualified leads and customers.

The solution is powered by a LinkedIn Insight Tag that you can add to your site. Together with a Campaign Manager tool, you can create an “audience” and apply audience insights to your marketing strategies. You’ll get professional demographic data about your website visitors and which content they engage with the most. Website Demographics will help you measure the impact, so you can keep learning and optimizing ROI of your LinkedIn ads.

Detailed LinkedIn Website Demographics Review


  • Get real-time data on your campaign performance and demographic insights from the world’s largest professional network.
  • Measure and track conversions to understand how your ads are driving business results like generating leads, purchases, and event registrations.
  • Analyze performance by comparing engagement metrics like clicks, impressions, and social actions.
  • Discover the professional traits and content preferences of your website visitors.

9. Mixpanel

Mixpanel dashboard

Mixpanel is an advanced analytics solution built for marketers and deployable on web and mobile. While most analytics solutions assess performance by page views, Mixpanel takes a different approach to analyzing and measuring actions or steps taken by people who enter your system or application. It provides you with tools and answers to essential questions – what are users doing? (engagement), are users coming back? (retention), where do users drop off? (funnels), and who are your users? (people).

With Mixpanel, an action can be anything – someone uploading an image, streaming a video, or sharing a post. You get a simple and straightforward interface that allows you to drill in and discover how people behave within your app, giving you a closer look at how people use it while providing you with insights on how to further improve your product. In other words, the software is an event-centric platform where tracking does not involve recording and assessing page views and clicks but rather gauges your app based on events from where you can make sales funnels, spot trends, and make enhancements.

Detailed Mixpanel Review


  • More targeted compared to other analytics and offers lots of possibilities for data that is delivered.
  • Make intelligent marketing and product decisions with a deep understanding of each interaction.
  • Monitor executive-level KPIs and the metrics that impact them.
  • Notifications, A/B testing, bookmarks, and annotations.
  • Data visualization, visual coding, and point-and-click analysis.
  • Mobile surveys, autotrack, retention, and customer engagement features.
  • iOS and Android compatibility.

10. Birst

Birst dashboard

Birst is a cloud-hosted BI and marketing analytics solution designed to unify all your marketing data into a single and trusted view and make marketing decisions with confidence. It offers a data management architecture platform that handles the requirements of both production-oriented BI and end-user data visualization and querying. The software is applicable to all business users from IT to marketing, to executive management, as it offers features, such as responsive and integrated HTML5 dashboards and visual discovery interfaces, automated data refinement, infinite connectivity framework, and many more.

Considered as one of the best data analytics software today, Birst can extract your raw data and run it through an extract, transform, load (ETL) process and then create a data warehouse automatically, making your data ripe for analysis. It allows access to data via visual analytics and reporting tools, providing users with quick and detailed answers even to the most complicated queries. It boasts of being the only enterprise BI solution that links together the entire organization via a system of interwoven virtualized BI instances on-top of a shared common analytical fabric that offers speed, self-service, agility, security, and control.

Detailed Birst Review


  • Standardized predictions for the entire team.
  • Intelligent data functions, automated data refinement, drag-and-drop data projections, and unique levels of data management.
  • Predictive models embeddable into dashboards and charts.
  • User-friendly interface for data exploration, discovery, and visualization.
  • Create charts, dashboards, and high definition reports.
  • Diverse connectivity options for a wide variety of databases, flat and structured files, analytic databases, and popular cloud and on-premises applications.

11. Adjust

Adjust dashboard

Adjust is a mobile marketing and attribution modeling solution designed for marketing agencies and mobile app marketers.  It gives you the ability to track marketing channels and attribute customers to the sources they come from. It provides tools to help you understand and analyze what customers are doing, and optimize your marketing campaigns to target the right customers, it lets you group or segment customers based on the criteria and goals you set. As a mobile app attribution software, Adjust assists in tracking and understanding the customer journey.

The platform also comes with a fraud prevention suite to help you avoid attributing fake traffic to paid marketing channels, as well as paying for fake installs. It gives you the opportunity to use personalized deep links so you can offer a seamless download experience to customers before they go straight into the app. You’ll be able to attribute customers or app users to the specific advertisements and contents that lead to their conversion, and the marketing channels they come from.

Detailed Adjust Review


  • Integration with over 1,000 ad networks to get four levels deep of granular insights into campaigns across web, mobile, and even TV.
  • Automatically filter out click spamming, SDK spoofing, hyper engagement, suspicious IPs and click injection
  • Create and control detailed audience segments so that campaigns are launched to the right customers at the right time.
  • Measure campaigns and track every marketing channel.
  • Comprehensive in-app analytics, customizable event tracking, and adjustable dashboard.

12. TrackMaven

TrackMaven dashboard

TrackMaven is a digital marketing application with features to help you manage content, social media, ads, influencer marketing, website analytics, and more. It empowers marketers to make and implement sound digital marketing strategies and get things done through competitive intelligence. You’ll be able to get the best out of your content and see how it fares against your competition. With TrackMaven, you can implement smart marketing campaigns across all digital fronts,, including social media, blogs, email, news, digital advertising, and SEO.

The software allows you to come up with optimized content strategies, more thorough and effective campaign analyses, and produce comprehensive reports that you can share with your stakeholders. Designed specifically for big brands and enterprise marketers, the solution lets you collect data from a variety of sources and get actionable information, particularly on how your competitors are doing on an average basis and what is working for them. You get intelligent insights derived from a thorough analysis of your content and that of your competition across many key channels.

Detailed TrackMaven Review


  • Data-backed perspective on marketing performance with executive-friendly dashboards and reports.
  • Enhance intelligence gathering capabilities on competitors.
  • Information filtering so you get data based on your informational needs.
  • Detailed data presentation and custom views.
  • Real-time benchmarking, side-by-side comparisons and channel-specific metrics
  • Real-time visibility, custom insights, and robust search feature.

13. CleverTap

CleverTap dashboard

CleverTap is an integrated mobile marketing platform that provides real-time behavioral analytics and user engagement features. It helps you better understand and engage customers by giving you highly actionable insights into your customers’ behaviors and actions based on your optimal KPIs, business objectives, and individual user preferences. With analytics at its core, CleverTap’s marketing engagement suite facilitates influencing user behavior and encouraging them to perform your desired actions.

CleverTap offers pre-built clever campaigns to improve user retention and app engagement. You can schedule your campaigns when specific triggers are activated, ensuring that your customers are provided value when the opportunity arises. From a unified platform, you can derive deep user insights, implement powerful segmentation, and deliver personalized messages to improve customer engagement. It allows you to monitor your users and identify where they drop off from your app, how they interact within your app, and how many of your new users return to your app and perform the actions you want them to.

Detailed CleverTap Review


  • Understand users’ demographics and motivations to engage with your brand.
  • Fully optimize your campaign expenses across every channel.
  • Follow users you acquired from your paid campaigns and gauge how effective your strategies are.
  • Spot which campaign platforms are effective and which ones yield poor results.
  • Apply machine learning and build personalized experiences across all marketing channels to deliver a seamless brand experience.
  • Design automated marketing campaigns across the entire user lifecycle, from acquisition and activation to retention and revenue.

14. TapClicks

TapClicks dashboard

TapClicks is a cloud marketing software equipped with analytics, reporting, and management features. It is designed to help companies and organizations automate their marketing efforts and monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns with the help of a unified marketing dashboard, analytics engine, and automated marketing reports. This platform integrates with over 200 third-party apps to extend its capabilities. Likewise, the solution allows easy data import and export from and into any data source.

With a highly customizable cloud-based interface, TapClicks helps companies and organizations to automate their marketing efforts and monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns. It offers highly customizable and shareable dashboards. White-labeling allows marketers to brand their dashboard as their own and personalize it according to the needs of their clients. Advanced reporting and analytic tools on the dashboard let you analyze marketing performance and improve marketing efforts. Its data visualization tools such as charts, graphs, and geo-mapping facilitate better presentation of marketing data.

Detailed TapClicks Review


  • All your marketing data in one customizable dashboard.
  • Marketing analytics visibility across your company.
  • Analytics dashboard to enable swift decisions from proactive insights.
  • Tons of data points and native marketing integrations.
  • Loaded with both pre-built analytical visualizations and a library of widgets so you can answer regular or instant business questions.
  • Segment data by business units and groups of clients.
  • Scale to virtually unlimited users with nuances roles and hierarchy.

15. Netcore Smartech

Netcore Smartech dashboard

Netcore Smartech is a cloud marketing automation platform that delivers a singular, unified look of your customers. It specializes in campaign management to help you create and execute personalized campaigns based on the latest accurate and actionable data. The solution enables companies and organizations to implement viable marketing campaigns through the most popular and widely-used channels, including email, mobile, voice calls, and push notifications. It lets you reach out to your target customers and greatly improve your acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Netcore Smartech comes with features, such as customer journey mapping, analytics, and recommendations to help you craft effective marketing strategies and deliver excellent customer experiences across every touchpoint and significantly improve your marketing ROI. It gives your business the capability to provide one-to-one, automated customer experiences with its customer mapping functionality. This allows for the creation of complicated workflows through a WYSIWYG editor that lets you deliver unique and personalized marketing messages that you can change in real-time.

Detailed Netcore Smartech Review


  • Full-stack, omnichannel marketing automation solution.
  • Combines customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, and marketing analytics.
  • Enables smarter marketing in traditional and emerging channels, including social, mobile, and web.
  • Micro-segmentation of customer data to ensure higher relevancy and response.
  • Descriptive analytics for consistent, data-driven decisions.
  • Customized predictive modeling for specific business challenges and goals.

16. Whatagraph

Whatagraph dashboard

Whatagraph leverages the power of business intelligence to give you a complete and detailed picture of your marketing performance. The solution gives you a reporting platform that automatically converts website and social media data into simple and understandable reports. It provides you with a fresh and visual way to present analytics data in various forms that are easy to comprehend. More than just bars, graphs, and charts, it displays analytics data in an infographic style of reporting.

The software features an automated data gathering capability that allows it to automatically collect data from over 10 data sources, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Google Analytics, and more. Once you have the data you need, Whatagraph lets you create custom templates to make sure that your data is visualized exactly the way you want it. On top of that, you can embed branding elements into your reports for added personalization. It supports multiple integrations, grouping reports by clients or departments, and unique branding, among others.

Detailed Whatagraph Review


  • Automatic data gathering from multiple data sources, including popular social media.
  • Over 200 custom templates to visualize and personalize data reports.
  • Generate and schedule weekly, monthly, and custom data reports based on your specifications.
  • Assign different roles and access to individual clients and their reporting.
  • Filter reports by campaigns and segments.

17. SendX

SendX dashboard

SendX is an end-to-end marketing automation software that streamlines marketing your marketing activities, including email and drip marketing, lead capture, webpush notification, workflows, and more. Applicable for B2C, SMBs, elearning, ecommerce, course creators, and professional bloggers to boost growth and conversion, SendX combines individual tools for marketing automation, landing pages, onsite popups, email marketing, and push notification, into a single solution. This eliminates the cost and interoperability problems that businesses face while trying to make different marketing tools work together.

Among its features are email marketing automation, popups, and landing pages, push notifications, email campaigns, email drip sequences, and a WordPress plugin, among others. It provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you design appealing widgets and test how they look on your site, without leaving the platform. It supports custom campaign scheduling, automatic rules to trigger campaigns based on your customer’s behaviors, and push notifications that enable you to generate leads from your mobile website without the need to create a mobile app.

Detailed SendX Review


  • Segment emails to specific user groups based on lists, tags, and other conditions.
  • Get deep real-time analytics, and entire activity of users regarding email opens, clicks, and replies.
    Personalize email content using custom information about your audience.
  • Reply automation not only to track users who reply but also start custom communication with them based on replies.
  • Full control of targeting (device level and geo level) and display behavior (web pages to show).


Funnel dashboard is a business intelligence tool that pulls in cost data across all marketing and advertising channels where you spend money and combines it with goals and transactions. It helps you analyze ad spending costs accurately and quickly, all from one place to save time and effort. You can collect data by integrating all marketing and advertising platforms into the system which automatically gathers data for you.

Funnel’s data mapping interface cleans, maps and groups your data, and feeds it directly to your data warehouse, dashboard solution, Google Data Studio or Sheets, or any other tool you are using.  With Funnel, you’ll be able to collect all your marketing data and visualize it anywhere. It allows data-driven companies to work smarter by automating marketing data collection and letting them feed this data into any destination they want. You’ll get data that is always updated; be in control of your budget and targets, and tie marketing costs to results from analytics and backend data.

Detailed Review


  • Scalable platform that feeds data anywhere you want it.
  • Overview & control of ad expenses.
  • Ad account organization & cross-channel analytics.
  • Google Analytics integrated with advertising data.
  • Automatic data synchronization & custom metrics.
  • Insightful reports & customizable dashboards.

19. PushAd

PushAd dashboard

PushAd is an AI-powered tool for creating a database of potential customers who want to be informed on products, promotional campaigns, and updates on your website. It enables you to send push notifications – clickable popups sent in real-time that are displayed on the computer, telephone, or tablet screens of your website’s users even when they have left or closed the browser. It is an ideal push notification delivery platform for content providers and e-commerce.

PushAd lets you send clickable popups in real-time and pinpoint the most effective time of delivering messages to achieve high CTR. Among its key features include notification wizard, clear dashboard, desktop & mobile browsers, A/B tests, and customization. The solution presents an easy view of new subscribers, number of subscribers, and the key efficiency pointers for the delivered notifications.

Detailed PushAd Review


  • Comparative analysis of all campaign results represented in graphs.
  • Big data analysis provides insights on clickability is at its highest point, effectiveness of different campaigns, and the best time of message delivery, etc.
  • Design notifications & instantly see how they look in different notification formats (Android, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).
  • Clear dashboards, desktop & mobile browsers.

20. ThriveHive

ThriveHive dashboard

ThriveHive offers a guided marketing platform developed to help small business owners reach their goals. The data-driven strategy entails the full use of a search-optimized website, marketing software platform, a customized marketing plan, insights derived from real-time analytics, and guidance from experts. It combines effective marketing tools and expert guidance to let you make better marketing strategies and execute them according to plan. With ThriveHive, you can have your websites optimized for search engines and made compatible for mobile devices.

The software helps you increase visibility online while extending your reach to potential customers using multiple channels. It offers features and capabilities such as direct mails, triggered emails, automated campaigns, personalized campaigns, responsive templates, mobile-optimized content, customized forms, content management, and social media management, among others.

Detailed ThriveHive Review


  • See your marketing plan, track leads, organize contacts, update your website, send emails, and post to social media—all in the platform.
  • Analyze each marketing activity to show you what is most effective for your business.
  • A/B testing, website monitoring & web behavior tracking.
  • Behavior scoring, demographic scoring & product-based scoring.
  • Web activity tracking, custom reporting, landing page & email performance reporting.

Why Use Marketing Analytics Software?

The importance of marketing analytics cannot be downplayed. While companies have long been taking advantage of the benefits of marketing software, you need more advanced tools to manage, analyze, and measure your marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize ROI. Marketing analytics software will help you do that.

One study found out that companies that make improvements in measurements and ROI capabilities were more likely to outgrow competitors and have a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency in their marketing. Marketing analytics software will provide that crucial edge to keep you ahead in today’s competitive and data-driven business environment

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