20 Best POS Systems for Restaurants: Comparison of 2019 Solutions

Toast POS No. 1 Alternative


There are more Americans eating out than cooking at home today. And the trend isn’t slacking off for the next few years, or so it seems based on the US Census Bureau Data. That’s good news for restaurant owners. Technology can further fuel this growth by improving how things are run behind the counter.

In this article, you’ll read about what we think are the 20 best POS systems for restaurants in the market today based on core features, restaurant management tools, ease of use and more. Specifically, here’s what you’re getting:

Source: US Census Bureau Data

Many of the leading POS-based restaurant management systems have a combination of these functions. It’s best to choose a solution with solid POS and back-office and front-end features, then work your way to adding more functions, where necessary.

Best POS restaurant management solutions

1. Toast POS

Toast POS is one of the few providers of an Android POS system, which is said to be more suitable for restaurants due to the flexibility and affordability of the Android infrastructure. Android devices offer more options, provide faster software updates and have more customization options than iPad. The software caters to quick service and full service with a configurable toolset for nightclubs, pizzerias, bars, and chains.  Users can turn to the huge Toast community to share or receive best practice tips. The vendor offers a comprehensive look at its features. You can easily sign up for a Toast free demo here.

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Toast POS won our Expert's Choice Award for 2018

More than a POS system, Toast POS provides a comprehensive restaurant management system that streamlines front-end and back-office processes. It also integrates CRM to help you nurture customer loyalty. Overall, Toast POS can enhance staff efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service.

For one, servers can split menu items and bills among customers. The system can also send alerts to service when the order is ready. Likewise, servers can take orders on the fly. Using a system-enabled Android tablet, servers can process payments, print receipt or send it via email at tableside.

Customizing the menu is also easy. You can set time-specific menu pricing, for instance, during happy hours, or configure different menu sets for online and offline customers. You can also set up menus for different subgroups.

Other main functions include customer management, staff performance tracking, product mix reports to identify your best-sellers and a kiosk system for digital ordering at restaurants

What makes Toast POS unique?

  1. Among a few end-to-end restaurant management systems that support Android for tableside management
  2. Provides a subscription-based pricing model based on the core software and also offers add-on modules such as loyalty programs, online ordering, and physical and digital gift cards
  3. Offers bundled hardware with a one-time pricing option.
  4. Provides options to automate loyalty and discount program process flows
  5. Allows sending of daily email digests on key performance indicators to help owners and managers track staff performance and kitchen efficiency
  6. Supports multiple check options

2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is one of the most used and popular iPad-based POS systems, which caters to both quick service and full-service business of any size. It fits the processes and dynamics of restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs, as well as food trucks, bakeries and fast casual. The tableside POS enables staff to serve customers efficiently from showcasing the menu to order taking and to checkout and payment. The vendor offers a great free trial plan for those who’d like to try out the key features of the product first. You can easily sign up for TouchBistro free trial here.

This award is given to the best product in our Restaurant Management Software category. It highlights its superior quality and underlines the fact that it's a leader on the market.
TouchBistro won our Best Restaurant Management Software Award for 2017

After testing dozens of POS systems we found TouchBistro a top-of-the-line EMV-compliant system that also integrates an end-to-end restaurant management system. We highly recommend TouchBistro as a key tool to grow your business by improving service, providing insights for better business decisions and, overall, increasing sales. Aside from tableside service efficiency, the system helps you with staff management and scheduling, menu management and inventory management using iPad-accessible tools.

Its POS features help you transact faster while reducing manual error and increasing dining-counter-kitchen coordination with in-app communications. The software integrates various payment options for efficient receipt and expense management. It’s also quick to generate transactional reports like payment and refund totals, detailed credit card refund and detailed credit card reporting. The system also accommodates gift cards and loyalty deals.

Furthermore, TouchBistro provides versatile admin controls and customization tools. Menu items can be assigned to multiple ticket printers. You can also hide menu categories for breakfast, lunch and dinner or remove instantly unavailable items.

Similarly, you have full security control of the system. Manage role and permissions, for instance, to restrict access to transactions or set alerts for reopened bill history or unsent items.

Aside from POS features, TouchBistro has robust reporting and remote management. You can save a lot of time from report preparation via CSV export or by using the custom templates for weekly, monthly or annual reporting. Reporting features include sales snapshots, void reports by employee, detailed credit card payment reports and detailed shift reports. The system is also integrated with accounting functions, such as CFDI support, tax reports, and Bevintel reports.

What makes TouchBistro unique?

  1. iPad POS system allows your staff to manage orders, accept payments and split bills at tableside, greatly increasing service efficiency
  2. Wide range of POS tools specific to the unique needs of quick service and full-service businesses
  3. Wide array of payment partners including PayPal, Square, Apple, and Xero
  4. Comprehensive feature set beyond POS system, including sales reports, accounting, staff management, and inventory management
  5. Rich customization toolset for menu management, security control, floorplan, taxation, cashier workflows, payments
  6. Sales features provide an overview of a detailed look on your restaurant’s operations
  7. Staff management features cover various aspects of daily employee workflows such as clock-in/clock-out, section assignments and hourly wage calculations
  8. Flexible menu display: hide items or categories; add/edit items with full descriptions; remove out-of-stock items; and different menu views (images, color-coded and list)

3. Lavu

Lavu is a popular mobile point-of-sale system that is designed to cater to bars and restaurants. This solution runs on iPad devices and eliminates issues associated with vague sales data, order confusion, and lagging service, among others. If you want to try its features at no cost the vendor has an appealing offer when you sign up for Lavu free trial here.

Lavu empowers restaurant owners with full control over their operations and enables staff to maintain top-notch customer support standards. The platform makes this possible with its simple-to-use interface, central data hubs, and ability to streamline processes.

Lavu offers a number of features that allow customization of menu layouts, easier staff training, and quicker order taking. Apart from benefitting restaurant operations, the software enables a range of HR functions including the optimization of onboarding processes and employee training.

What makes Lavu unique?

  1. Lavu utilizes advanced restaurant hardware and technology that include self-serve kiosks and digital menu boards, which make transacting and order taking quicker and more convenient.
  2. The software streamlines the process of ordering and payment as well as back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house communications to help businesses save costs and boost earnings.
  3. Lavu offers an open API that companies can use to customize the platform to their needs and integrate with leading third-party applications.
  4. The product enables establishments to speed up their processes and reduce waiting times. This improves the customer experience and satisfaction, creating loyalty and leading to repeat customers.
  5. Lavu improves employee onboarding and training processes, allowing enterprises to quickly boost their workforce if needed.
  6. The software processes payments in multiple ways including accepting magnetic stripe cards and chip cards as well as contactless payment methods like Apple Pay-all from a single device. This simplifies the payment process for both customers and establishments.

4. Sapaad

Sapaad is cloud-based, easy to set up and easy to use point-of-sale software that accommodates multiple franchises and branches.

It provides recipe management and food costing, purchase management, stock management and inventory along with powerful reporting capability. With its recipe management, you can set ingredients as you see fit and instantly see the effects of each change on the cost of your menu items.

Its purchase management feature lets you tweak purchase orders and receive goods against invoices conveniently. You may also manage supplier database, generate conversion measurement units across ingredients, track ingredient and finished good costs.

The vendor has an appealing free trial where you can tinker with the features at no cost. You can sign up for the Sapaad free trial here.

What makes Sapaad unique?

  1. A fully-featured, integrated call center module allows you to set up a central call center and have agents take orders for all your locations.
  2. Boost customer engagement by building a comprehensive customer database with customer insights including contact information, order history, preferences, and more. This empowers your order-taking staff, boosting the quality of your customer engagement.
  3. Tracking home deliveries in real time allows you to monitor every stage of your home delivery process and optimize overall efficiency.
  4. A Delivery Assistant mobile app synchronizes your POS with your driver’s mobile phone. This gives you effective communication with your delivery drivers even during the busiest of hours.

5. A&B POS

A&B POS is a full-featured point-of-sale solution that provides simple but powerful functionalities in terms of taking orders, providing discounts and tips, managing inventory, and generating daily reports for insights on your business.

A&B POS gives you detailed reports on sales and transaction trends along with enhanced sales, financial, employee and reports all via the cloud on any web-browser and devices.

The solution helps you free up staff so they can focus on providing quality service to your customers. Aside from streamlining your operations and providing excellent guest experience, A&B POS lets you train new employees easily via easy-to-grasp ordering and payment procedures.

What makes A&B POS unique?

  1. Its built-in technologies and features are not only simple and flexible but also powerful; for example, clickable tickets that you can transfer, split or combine.
  2. Its interactive dashboard easily allows you to schedule employee tasks and assignments, keep tab of sales and orders.
  3. Simplified and secure payments support Europay, Mastercard and Visa via EMV.
  4. Its Quick Card program gives you a one-stop “starter” gift card solution to reinforce customer loyalty. The card can be used as a promotional card, prepaid card, rewards card for employees, or as an incentive for customers.
  5. On cloud business intelligence.

6. Square POS

With support for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, Square POS handles and manages payments, issues digital receipts, provides inventory status updates reports—all essential and outstanding POS capabilities in an easy-to-use interface accessible through multiple devices. You can try its features even if you’re not yet ready to commit to a plan. Simply sign up for a Square POS free trial here.

Upon receiving a Square Chip Card Reader free of charge, customers are charged with flat rates. For keyed-in transactions, customers pay 3.5% transaction cost plus $0.15. Customers who personally use their card to dip, tap, and swipe, they pay slightly lower transaction fees (2.75%). Over the phone and online transactions are charged higher because of the higher risk of fraud.

Square POS features printable sales reports, receipt printer support, barcode scanner support, digital receipts via SMS or email, adjustable taxes, tipping by percentage or custom amount, full and partial refunds and customer signature capture among others.

Square POS also sells Square Stand, an iPad contactless and chip stand that allows contactless payments as well as chip cards, NFC and magstripe. Vendors can update over the air to make sure it stays current with the latest version of Apple Pay or Google Pay for hassle-free payments.

What makes Square POS unique?

  1. Transparency through flat rates. Square POS charges the same rates for each transaction, so customers know what they are getting from the start.
  2. All Square POS customers are covered by chargeback protection for up to $250 per month. They only have to provide documentation and respond within seven days of alert.
  3. Square POS provides an ecommerce API that allows developers to integrate Square POS with other systems like Zen POS or TouchBistro.
  4. Reporting capabilities are conveniently easy to navigate, especially useful when filing for taxes.
  5. Cash management works seamlessly, allowing fast turnaround with deposits even for offsite payments.
  6. Small businesses will appreciate the savings from turning mobile devices into a POS without the need for extra hardware.

7. Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant is another reliable POS system that streamlines the hospitality experience for both venue managers and their clients. The cloud-based POS solution helps manage your stuff, serve customers accurately and in time, and monitor performance to depict trends and opportunities.

To start with, Lightspeed Restaurant will simplify the process of menu creation, as you can upload any image you want, and customize and organize products to your needs. Your staff will find the product very intuitive and easy to use, which means you can put the POS in action since day one. All data will be gathered and organized in a centralized hub, so that you can access it any time, and from any device. Lightspeed Restaurant is also equipped with order and payment management features, and offers 24/7 premium support and access to training materials.

The company has also developed a dedicated accounting, retail, on-site POS and eCommerce solution as parts of its end-to-end productivity suite. To learn more, visit their official website.

What makes Lightspeed Restaurant unique?

  1. Adjustable menu and floorplan with photos, descriptions, and prices
  2. Flexible pricing options, and mistake-free order management
  3. Unlimited data accessibility
  4. Generating end-of-day reports
  5. Multiple useful integrations, including synchronized performance with Lightspeed Accounting

8. Revel Systems POS

Revel Systems POS is a scalable POS system that enables you to right size the tools you just need. It covers quick service, full service and retail for both their front-end and back-office processes. Notably, its POS system is integrated with finance and accounting tools. It’s targeted at restaurants, bars, breweries, cinemas, salons and grocery stores.

Revel Systems POS is actually a full-scale restaurant management system. The POS features include cash management, table management and delivery management. It’s built on a hybrid architecture featuring an offline mode that keeps the POS running during an internet outage.

Likewise, Revel Systems POS gives staff mobility for a more efficient table service; servers can take orders and process payments off-counter. The system can also set up self-checkout channels to keep queues short.

Beyond POS, the software features a Customer Display System, which can be utilized for promotions or showcase menu items in multiple places within your premises. Similarly, the system offers delivery monitoring to manage numerous deliveries at once and furnishes field status updates and smart delivery time calculations. Revel Systems POS also features a rewards system placement.

What makes Revel System POS unique?

  1. Robust features beyond POS, such as CRM, employee management, accounting and inventory control
  2. Ingredient-level inventory gives you real-time insights and alerts on diminishing stocks
  3. Options for menu creation include spreadsheet upload or manually entering items into the console or POS app
  4. Menu updates are auto-synced with POS
  5. Can handle enterprise needs of franchise and chains
  6. Provides customer self-service
  7. Features built-in CRM for customer profiles
  8. Also meets POS requirements of fuel pump-convenience store setup

9. NCR Silver

NCR Silver is another comprehensive POS-integrated restaurant management software, which offers the system bundled with hardware and service. Total by NCR is a complete package that includes the POS and management tools for iOS- or Android. Hardware includes a console, chip reader, wireless printer, card reader, cash drawer, USB scanner and register.

Aside from POS, NCR Silver offers employee management, inventory control, sales reporting and scheduling using both counter and mobile platforms. It is ideal also used for retail and service industries.

The system connects to your online channels and provides a way for customers to pay over the cloud. Meanwhile, its inventory tools help you to track product movement and monitor stocks closely. It’s also easy to manage and schedule staff via the system. Likewise, you can send custom emails to push deals, promotions and special events to your mailing list.

What makes NCR Silver unique?

  1. Offers a bundled system and hardware with options for iOS- or Android-based infrastructure. Bundle includes a console, card reader, wireless printer and other counter and tableside tools
  2. Has unique specs for various food service setups, such as single location, multi-location and franchise
  3. One of the more reliable 24/7 customer support with phone, text, chat and email options
  4. Email marketing and loyalty programs help you gain repeat customers

10. Zomato Base

Zomato Base is the cloud POS system of the popular restaurant review platform, Zomato. It is compatible with KOT printers, cash drawers and kitchen displays and its functionalities can be expanded via an integrated app marketplace. The system also offers restaurant management tools to help you run the main aspects of your operations from a single platform. Food establishments of any type and size will find Zomato Base a big help to organize and centralize their daily activities and process flows.

Aside from the POS system, it features a customizable menu management. It also allows you to monitor inventory and get alerts for resupply. Likewise, it accounts for the use of raw materials based on sales to help you cut loss.

Meantime, the Smart Table Management gives you real-time status of your tables, so you can keep a close tab on orders and payments. For customer convenience, you can send receipts via email and SMS and offer them online payments via a payment gateway integration.

Zomato Base also provides CRM to help you tailor service based on customer preferences, order history or birthdays. It also features real-time analytics for sales tracking and other key performance indicators with actionable insights.

What makes Zomato Base unique?

  1. Connects to other Zomato apps, such as Order, Trace and Book for a 360-degree control of your restaurant operations
  2. Features electronic invoicing; receipts can be sent via email or text
  3. Native integration with Zomato for Business app, the review and listing management platform
  4. Insightful CRM platform helps you tailor dining experience based on customer likes and preferences based on their past engagement and profiles
  5. Provides multi-channel bookings including on your Zomato review page and own website

11. Clover

Clover bundles its POS system with hardware with set options for EMV/NFC swipes, portable POS, countertop setup and smartphone-ready, contactless payment device. Specifically, it banners an ultra-portable POS device called Clover Flex, which allows you to transact where your customers are, including in the aisle, at tableside or counter.

Bundles are packaged as Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station and Clover Go for various POS setups, whether mobile or fixed. Likewise, Clover features other restaurant management tools for inventory management, real-time reporting, loyalty programs, staff management and accounting. All bundles help you oversee inventory, edit menus and monitor staff activities and performance.

What makes Clover unique?

  1. Offers bundled system and hardware for mobile and fixed POS setup
  2. Accepts multi-payment channels such as EMV chip, NFC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, gift card and cash
  3. Clover Flexi with built-in receipt printer and scanner provides an ultra-portable POS device that’s convenient for both servers and customers for checking out
  4. Clover Online –  build your online presence with this pre-built website that connects with Clover POS, giving you a single platform of sales

12. ShopKeep

ShopKeep is another iPad POS system with an intuitive touchscreen interface and can be deployed in minutes. It also helps retail, quick service, restaurants and bars and franchises to manage reservations, inventory, staff and marketing in one platform. Specifically, it has tailored solutions for food trucks, coffee shops and convenience stores. ShopKeep also offers a countertop POS hardware for the register, card reader and receipt printer.

The POS-integrated restaurant management system provides all the tools to run your frontend and backend operations. Aside from the POS software and hardware that handle transactions, payment processing and inventory, other main features include: staff management, CRM, reporting and analytics and integrations. It also provides an offline mode for internet interruptions.

What makes ShopKeep unique?

  1. Intuitive touchscreen display is one of the easiest to use
  2. Inventory management tools allow for easy configuration of  layout, product details and reports
  3. Has bundle option for a countertop POS hardware that includes the register, card reader and receipt printer, but also works with a third-party card processor integration
  4. Features email marketing tools to capture new customers and nurture old clientele
  5. Built-in time clock monitors employee activities and aids in performance evaluation
  6. Robust analytics provide real-time sales data that is useful for strategic decisions

13. eZee BurrP!

eZee BurrP! is a feature-rich restaurant POS system with an integrated feedback system. It also provides digital menu and caters to myriad food establishments, such as fine dining, fast food chain, cafe, member’s club and bar & lounges. It is most suitable for multi-location restaurants looking for standard POS features including self-service kiosk, kitchen display and dashboard. eZee BurrP! Also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Furthermore, it features a head office module that lets you centralize menu display and pricing across your branch network. The centralized system also allows partial control of stock and inventory in each branch. Other restaurant management tools include the inventory management module, which helps you cut wastage. It also gives real-time data on stocks to prevent discrepancies.

A customer feedback system, meanwhile, features customizable surveys, reports & analytics, multilingual feedback, email and SMS instant alerts and social media integration. This tool can also be branded and allows data backup.

What makes eZee BurrP! unique?

  1. Customer feedback system helps you create customizable surveys and generate insights to build your loyalty programs around
  2. Has POS mobile apps for Android and iOS, greatly expanding your mobile device options
  3. Digital menu is flexible, can be accessed offline and displayed in different view modes such as view-only, guest-ordering and waiter mode
  4. Dashboard gives owners and managers quick lookups for key performance indicators
  5. Real-time inventory alerts you of impending low stocks
  6. Social media integration and marketing tools provide upselling and promotion

14. AccuPOS

AccuPOS is a POS system with inventory management that integrates with major accounting systems. It’s designed especially for QuickBooks and Sage accounting platforms, but is highly versatile, to make restaurant operations and bookkeeping efficient and integrated. The system is adaptive to touchscreen PC POS, Android tablet, customer displays and handheld POS. Bars, restaurants, counter services and retail will find AccuPOS able to match their process flows.

Core POS tools include mobile POS, barcode scanning, receipt printing and credit card processing. AccuPOS also features time clock solutions, CRM and staff management modules.

What makes AccuPOS unique?

  1. Android compatibility makes card processing and order taking highly mobile and convenient for both servers and customers
  2. Customizable interface lets you color code and tab menus for structures that’s more meaningful to you
  3. Quick login gives you full access to all features even when you’re on the go
  4. Lets you email receipts to customers and build your customer database

15. Epos Now

Epos Now features a complete POS system integrated with back office management and countertop and tableside hardware system. It is designed for the broader market of retail and hospitality, which includes restaurants. The whole system also covers reporting, inventory control, staff management and CRM. It is compatible with Android, iPad, PC and Mac.

Likewise, the vendor provides two pay options for the system-hardware bundle: pay upfront for $1,799 or a monthly fee of $25 per week. The bundled hardware includes: a 2017 dual-core Pro-C15 touch screen terminal, all-metal cash drawer, 80mm thermal receipt printer, and an EMV credit and debit card reader. Installation and configuration are inclusive.

The POS system features a customizable dashboard that provides a quick lookup of your business in different locations. Its integrated payment accepts credit and debit cards across the vendor’s global merchant network. Likewise, you can expand payments via the open API.

Epos Now also has good rights and permissions to restrict till activities such as refunds or discounts. You can also extend your reach via its online booking system, which can also be used to manage appointments and schedule staff rotation.

Moreover, you can connect Epos Now tills with ecommerce platforms like Nettl to expand your online reach. The restaurant management system also features loyalty program tools to help you upsell or encourage repeat visits.

What makes Epos Now unique?

  1. Offers flexible pricing for a system-hardware bundle, either a one-time payment or via a monthly installment
  2. Provides full installation support, including migrating your data , such as products, stocks and customer data, from your current system to ePos Now
  3. Receipts are customizable with images and special offers and can be tracked for past transactions or sent via email
  4. Robust app store allows integration for key third-party systems like accounting, booking engine, mailers, employee schedulers, ecommerce tools, delivery management systems and EMV payments
  5. They manufacture the hardware themselves so a next day replacement warranty on all items is offered and the software runs through a secure and reliable Amazon EC2 server.
  6. They boast the highest customer support ratings which ensures all your problems and questions will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

16. RanceLab FusionResto

RanceLab FusionResto provides a comprehensive restaurant management system featuring a single platform to run the myriad aspects of your operations, including POS. It offers a seamless alternative to keeping separate software for POS, inventory, back office and website. It’s suited for a wide range of food establishments, such as food court, quick service, take away counter, bakery, nightclub, bar, canteen and fine dining.

The system is easy to set up and has a low learning curve. Key features include the inventory and recipe management module, which tracks the ingredients of your menu items for consistency. You also get actionable reports via Android or iOS devices, as well as, payroll management and customer management tools.

What makes RanceLab FusionResto unique?

  1. Can match a wide range of restaurant types from bars and nightclubs to take out counters and food court
  2. Features an integrated payroll management
  3. Integrated email and text tools help you engage customers off-site
  4. Loyalty program features a rebate system to encourage repeat visits
  5. Multi BOT and KOT print channels increase checkout efficiency

Breadcrumb is designed by restaurateurs and is suitable for different restaurant types. It provides check management, real-time data and customization tools. It also features other key functionalities including a guestbook system for VIPs, bill splitting, discount and void management and tip adjustments.

Likewise, it works on offline mode to help you send orders, create checks and read credit cards even with poor internet connection. You can also create shift notes to alert employees right inside the POS system. Moreover, tracking sales, guest count, menu items and consumption trends is easy via your iPhone. Breadcrumb also allows tab configuration for tab labeling, filtering of open and closed tabs or card swiping from the check screen.

What makes Breadcrumb unique?

  1. Designed by restaurateurs, so expect firsthand insights on matching your workflows
  2. Easy search tool for menu surfing
  3. Compatible with iPad and iPhone for tableside order taking and checkouts
  4. Breadcrumb Live gives you mobile and real-time access to sales, customer traffic and other key performance indicators

18. Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS offers a free basic POS system for small stores including coffee shops, pizzerias, bakeries and bars, enabling the smartphone or tablet to act as a mobile console. The system also offers fully featured small business and enterprise packages.

You can quickly install Loyverse POS on any Android or iOS device and start managing sales, customer loyalty programs and build a mailing list. It also features a separate free app for remote access to your sales analytics and inventory metrics. Through cloud access, you can manage multiple stores wherever you have internet.

Using sales analytics, you can identify the best-sellers and low performers on your menu list. Meanwhile, its built-in CRM acts as a feedback mechanism to aid your business decisions. Loyverse POS also features kitchen display system to help the cooking staff coordinate preparations.

What makes Loyverse POS unique?

  1. Free POS system with essential restaurant management tools for inventory, staff management and sales analytics, among others
  2. Has full range of POS options including Android, iPad, till, cashier register, web front
  3. Offers a wide array of POS hardware including printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and tablet stands
  4. Adaptive to a wide range of food establishments, from bars to cafes to pizzerias

19. LimeTray

Geared primarily to restaurants, LimeTray provides restaurant managers with a robust set of intuitive and user-friendly tools to stay on top of their operations and provide exceptional services to their diners. Because this cloud-based POS is easy to set up and use on any system, restaurant managers can focus on delivering exceptional food and services at every turn.

LimeTray features an offline capability to ensure continuous operations at all times. Receiving orders, check-in on your inventory, generating reports and other functionalities remain functional even when offline. It also features an online ordering portal, loyalty system, advanced analytics, CRM integration, and much more.

What makes LimeTray unique?

  1. Intuitive and clutter-free design
  2. Offline capability ensures unimpeded business operations.
  3. CRM integration allows restaurant managers to deliver personalized services to their diners.
  4. Highly actionable insights with its advanced reports and analytics.

20. SlickPOS

SlickPOS is designed to centralize all restaurant operations to increase one’s overall productivity and efficiency while maintaining consistent quality services to customers. Aside from featuring tools for managing one’s tables, bookings, kitchen orders, inventory and recipe, receipts, and customer feedback, SlickPOS also smoothly integrates with food delivery apps for a unified platform for receiving and dispatching orders.

With SlickPOS, users can avoid pilferage and maintain product consistency by monitoring their inventory and consumption reports. With this functionality, you can rest assured that customers get the best possible experience at all times. This cloud-based software also allows for remote management through a custom user management portal where you can keep an eye on employee attendance, schedule, restaurant inventory, and other information in real-time.

What makes SlickPOS unique?

  1. It seamlessly integrations with a number of food delivery apps.
  2. It is compatible with all types of hardware and device.
  3. It features remote management.

Benefits of POS and restaurant management tools

Running a restaurant, whether a quick service or fine dining, involves a lot of moving parts and cooking (the first thing that pops into your mind when it comes to managing restaurants) is only a part of the entire performance. POS software systems for restaurants streamline these various tasks and keep things organized and your head above the clutter with tools for

  1. Mobile POS enables staff to transact at tableside for more efficient service
  2. Self-service kiosks keep queues short
  3. Sales and marketing tools like CRM and email marketing help you generate repeat visits and grow your customer base
  4. Inventory controls and alerts keep you aware of supply levels and prevent discrepancies
  5. Integrated accounting monitors closely sales and costs
  6. Staff management enables you to track employee activities and performance

What are the features of POS systems?

POS systems for restaurants are often integrated into a larger restaurant management system to help owners and managers streamline the many aspects of restaurant operations. When getting a POS system, consider the following features:

  • Cash management. Accepts payments from multiple channels like countertop, mobile or online. It also keeps you on top of your cash flow and associate end-of-day totals to staff. Consider getting an EMV compliant system. EMV refers to chip-enabled credit cards pushed by EuroPay, Mastercard and Visa. The POS system should accept EMV cards, especially because plenty of governments have started to phase out magnetic stripe cards which are prone to fraud.
  • Table management. Tableside POS like tablets and handheld devices increase server efficiency and provide visual table layout. Features include bill splitting, color-coded timers to track the status of table service and wait-list management.
  • Send receipts via text or email. Enables print-free receipts and allows you to build a mailing list.
  • Inventory management. Keeps you on top of stock levels down to each ingredient and allows for quick manual entries or automation control.
  • Back-office reporting and analytics. Data is processed into actionable insights to reflect accurate key performance indicators, such as sales, food costs, labor costs, on-site and off-site traffic, stocks and supplies and kitchen processes. This function also enables you to perform sales forecasting.
  • Order management. Offers multiple channels like online, mobile and off-counter menu kiosks.
  • Delivery management. Features integrated field service tools including GPS tracking and dispatch status. Some vendors enable this module to link to a larger delivery service network to reach a wider audience
  • Marketing and loyalty rewards. Tools like CRM and email marketing enable restaurants to nurture a loyal clientele, create an online community or push deals and promos. This module also handles gift cards, discounts, and other loyalty programs.
  • Hardware. Some vendors bundle their system with countertop setup, mobile devices, POS for iPad systems, customer display system, digital menu boards, and self-service kiosks.
  • Planning and scheduling. Some POS systems include tools for buffet planning or shift rotation scheduler.

Factors to consider when looking for a POS system for restaurants

Cash management is a major feature of POS systems, but there are other key functions. In fact, many systems run the gamut of streamlining a typical corporation’s processes and subscribe to the same factors to make the system fully adaptive to your business.

  1. Ease of use, speed. The POS system should be intuitive to your processes. It should offer an open API key to customize some of the features to your processes. Likewise, it should scale smoothly to your customer volume and provide an offline option to keep things running even on internet outages.
  2. Technical support. Support should be 24/7 with quick response time. Each second counts in your restaurant’s business hours. Training should also be provided for the setup, software upgrades, and credit card payment integration.
  3. Target users. Different restaurant types have different POS needs. Some POS system focused on quick service, while others on full service. Others are enterprise management for chains, still others are quite specific, say, for pizza and gas stations and convenience stores. Many vendors provide an all-in-one solution, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is: go for the POS system tools and processes fit into your workflows and requirements, not just today, but in 3-5 years.
  4. Power backup. Consider hybrid architecture that enables the POS system to run offline or via a local network.
  5. Data security. Go for EMV-compliant POS (see above explanation) to protect customers and yourself from credit card fraud. System security should be PCI-compliant, too, and allows point-to-point encrypted payments.
  6. Integration. As your business grows, you need to grow also the POS ecosystem through third-party integration or an open API.

There are a dime and dozen of POS and restaurant management solutions out there, and cherry picking the best isn’t that simple. For starters, the choice is a cornucopia of functions aside from core POS features. You got staffing, financial management, reservation platforms, digital displays, smartphone payments, delivery management, wait-list management… some are stand-alone, others are bundled, and others still are add-ons. CBInsights mapped the landscape and gave us a crowded outlook:

Source: CBInsights, “The Future of Dining: 89+ Startups Reinventing The Restaurant In One Infographic.”

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